Michael Jackson Facing New Sexual Abuse Accusations

(AllHipHop News) Iconic performer Michael Jackson passed away five years ago, but even in death the King of Pop cannot avoid new allegations of sexual abuse. Court papers have been filed against Jackson suggesting the singer engaged in improper activities with a minor back in the 1980’s.

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James Safechuck claims Jackson abused him over 100 times during a four year period starting when he was ten years old. They apparently met filming a Pepsi commercial, and according to Safechuck, the two slept in the same hotel beds during Jackson’s “Bad Tour” in 1988.

In court documents, the now 36-year-old man states Jackson “engaged in a calculated course of conduct to lure both [Safechuck] and his parents into a false sense of security and normalcy.”

The docs also say:

[Jackson] was successful in his efforts to the point that [Safechuck] endured repeated acts of sexual abuse of a heinous nature and was brainwashed by the decedent into believing they were acts of love and instigated by James himself rather than the decedent.

The Jackson estate is asking the lawsuit be dismissed. Attorney Howard Weitzman told E!, “This is a person that made his claim five years after Michael died, more than 20 years after the incidents supposedly happened and has given sworn testimony that Michael never did anything inappropriate to him.”

Michael Jackson had been accused on child sexual abuse in the past. He was acquitted of sex abuse charges in 2005. A hearing for Safechuck’s petition has been scheduled for September 4th.

Jackson died in 2009. His posthumous album Xscape was released earlier this year.

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  • cincytown

    This dude is dead you is a old asss man now let that shit go muhfuckas just be trying to get a paycheck its sad

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  • ursocalledgod

    lmao thirsty mufuckas have no shame! stop this nonsense. smh

    • Garry Rogers

      Am I to deduce from your largely intelligible diatribe that you believe Mr Jackson innocent of the latest charges of child molestation. Is it because you believe that he was to cool to be a paedophile.? Is it because at one time he was black?

      • Savimbi

        No sir, it’s because the alleged victim is now 36 and MJ passed away 5 years ago!!!!!! I mean he’s pushing Mid-Age now, it don’t take a rocket scientist to call bullshit!!!!!

      • Mec-One

        I am categorically certain that it is unequivocally incontrovertible that I recurrently employ gargantuan and multifarious terminology throughout the progression of otherwise ingenuous assertions with the intention of facilitating the manifestation of the opinion that I am of extraordinary and superior astuteness …….. See what I did there?!

      • EL_BARK


      • Celz

        Nicole Brown’s family supported criminal first (in murder there is no choice obviously) then when they lost in criminal court they sued in civil court and won money. Not one MJ accuser has taken that course of action. They all ask for money first. It’s suspect.

      • ursocalledgod

        He’s a weirdo but I do not believe he was a pedophile. He was never convicted all the so called ” victims” were fine when they were receiving gifts and getting help for medical bills and what not. Soon as that stopped the molestation started smh they all got what yet wanted tho. MONEY. no difference here.

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  • Executive

    I never believed any slander against Mike, I was a fan since I was a kid and I still play his music. These fuckin devils want to try to tarnish his name.

    • maya

      They want that $$$$.

    • Godless Heathen

      Maybe thats why your stupid ass doesnt believe the allegations. Youre a stan whlo refuses to see the truth. Way to man y people saying the same shit where theres smoke theres fire.

      • Celz

        If MJ touched my kids I’d get him thrown in jail then get a check. These mfers get the check then swear nothing happened. If catholic priests can get got MJ can too. No one tried to get him locked up. A dude is allegedly a serial predator and you just got let him walk? You still get paid if u get him locked up.. Doesn’t make sense..


        Hater,GTFOH! RIP MJ.

      • Godless Heathen


  • Eli Pinilla

    1988?!?!?! You suing on something you claim happened to you 26 years ago?!?!?!?! I hope Michael Jacksons ghost molest you in your sleep you lien ass muthafucka.

    • The Legendary Troll


    • El Dogga

      LMAO! Take the W young fella!

  • ZUBU

    This dude will not win, he gave sworn testimony that MJ never touched him.
    I always believed in both cases MJ was not guilty, just people trying to get money. What really confirmed it for me was after MJ died, Teddy Rielly was interviewed and he was really emotional about MJ’s death, and Teddy said the things said about MJ were not true. Teddy went on to say that he let his kids stay with MJ all the time and MJ was never like that! Teddy was in a very emotional state and it seemed so pure and honest what he stated he believed in MJ enough to trust him with his kids!

    • MLB44

      Yeah take Teddy Riley’s belief as fact over a prosecutor who needs to see evidence that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt at trial before proceeding, at least 3 kids who testified at criminal and civil trials against MJ, and now several adults who knew MJ when they were kids. I agree this particular suit is suspect, but what “confirmed” MJ was not a pedophile was because Teddy Riley said it…really?

      • ZUBU

        It works for me, not certain if you are in the know but Teddy and MJ had a long history working togehter for years. So yes a man who has worked that close to MJ; a man who has nothing to gain, yes I would trust Teddy before I would trust suspect people who all want or wanted handouts.
        Oh A Prosecutor……. MJ had accusers, but zero convictions.

  • EniggaMA

    Yea all these people can’t be lying about the same thing.

  • kvl

    Classic crAck head move.. File the claim now that you’re out of rocks without even realizing
    Mike is dead now. This guy was Literally living under a rock!

  • Brindle

    gonna sound harsh but I’m not feeling a man saying he thought another man was in love with him when he used to be a boy and now wants to express his emotions about the wrongs of it when it was wrong in the 1st place for a man to be with a man… everybody now a days think their emotions and expressions are so valuable… like I tell my son, its just another part of your body, no more valuable than the tip of your finger nail, get over it… With that being said, nikka, stay in the closet and keep your nasty perverted sex secrets to yourself…

    • Celz

      If he was a kid it’s possible he could have been preyed upon and convinced to do shyt he wouldn’t have normally done, it happens all the time. This dude needing 2 decades to bear the strength to come forward after watching countless accusations come and go sounds suspect.

      I never get why all the MJ accusers settle out of court and drop charges. Do they realize OJ won criminal and lost in civil, so you can still get your check and get the alleged pervert behind bars. It’s not one or the other..

      • Brindle

        I believe its a lot of truth and lies over the years

  • Rico

    these accusations are going to take a toll on Michael

    • Mec-One


  • Killuminati

    Ever heard of a day late and a dollar short? That ship has sailed. No one cares

  • Markus

    Where was this dude when the other cases were being heard in court? Where was this dude when Michael Jackson was alive? This is about getting a piece of his estate. How this goes beyond just hearsay when the accused is dead is beyond me.

  • brotha_man

    let the man rest in peace. getting tired of bum ass people trying to cake up because they failed at life

  • Godless Heathen

    SMH @ mf sayin “let it go” Did you not read what that sh i t said? Thats some sick sh i t….How tf are you supposed to just “let it go”? That sh i t would scar anyone for life but its Michael Jackson and you mf like his music so you know…he didnt do it yall

    • Celz

      Why didn’t dude say anything when he was 18, 21, 24, 29, 30? It sounds suspect. Yea it would scar you but what he was scarred in July 2014? Now bam it’s August he’s 36 and he can tell all? Be real it sounds sus. This ain’t R. Kelly where there is physical evidence..

      • Godless Heathen

        All i know is ive seen plenty of cases where people come out and accuse people long after the fact or even when the accused has passed. Ive never been in this situation but i can imagine it would be some difficult shit to come out and admit to esp as a man. What im sayin and what i constantly see is if its a celeb people were entertained by as a child or growing up and they really enjoyed that persons “art” they tend to refuse to believe the worst about their favorite artist. If his name wasnt michael jackson and he didnt make thriller i think youd be more inclined to believe whats being said.

      • Celz

        Naw not at all.. MJ looks like he might be a pedophile in my opinion.. The only reason I think he’s not is because all of his accuser’s are suspect. For everyone else dudes get locked up then the fam gets paid, for MJ the fam gets paid then says nothing happened. It’s suspect especially to the dudes that grew up, if it happened I know it hurts but just man up for the other kids that may be going through it..

        If MJ did it wouldn’t surprise me but damn his accusers are weak and hard to believe…

    • Brindle

      the minute that sick fck said he thought he was in love, he lost my sympathies

      • I got some stuff off a male off strictly Business’ Four Fifth ( Black jack ) & Gee Man’s Cup Cake, bred to a tight Red Boy Jocko gyp bred down from Gr. Ch. MayMay.

        HMU if you on the East Coast.

        Gee Man’s Cup Cake = Brindle on left, the Black male on the right is Black Jack.

      • PKNY’s Butter is the May Day gyp, from Big Apple’s Ch. Big Buck.

      • Ready in Sept, eyes already open, eating soft food, etc.

      • If i would have known you deal with OFRN, I could have hooked you up with the inbred May Day stuff to cross with, some is available, but not my litter, so I can’t show the love as much, but still a bargain.

  • The Legendary Troll

    hes dead. what more do you people want?

    • Tre C


  • El Dogga

    This ain’t true! Even if it was if you just now saying something at 36 you must’ve liked it! LOL!

    I don’t care how old I was 5….8….15….39…..you ain’t touching me!

  • Clondyke Classic

    Man gotdamn let Mike rest in peace cuhz. It’s fucc’d up anybody in America can file a lawsuit for any reason with no proof and they hafta file it no matter what it says but when tabloids make up all this crazy shit about celebrities it aint nothin they can do about it

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    that pic was mid-80’s, his skin was still brown – last time mike looked good

    • * PAUSES *

      • GQ

        its bitchcraig… wat u expect?

      • LOL~N

    • sal

      I remember when “Bad” came out in 88, I seriously did a double take when I seen the cover of the album…smh. He was so good looking in 1979 on “OTW”.

  • Brainiac1ne

    If a kid come out and say mike was dipping in the honey I might believe he/she.But this a grown ass man,26 years later,and 5 years after his death. This nigga lying

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  • RayStantz

    MJ ain’t facing sh*t… he dead. Move on

  • ‘ole Raz b @$$ Ninja, talking about he was still being molested at age 28 type ‘chet!


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  • Qkirk

    My assumption…MJ’s Neverland Ranch is in the process of being put on the market. Now the wolves are coming out and this guy’s attorney, parents or ill-guided advisor must’ve said…”Do it now fool before you miss out on the money.” All jokes aside, it’s horrible and when I saw the title to the article, I thought it was a mistake.

  • My God! Can’t they let the poor man rest in piece? He’s been through enough! SMH

  • Jan7

    Put robson and safechuck in front of tom mesereau.