Smoke Bulga and Turk

EXCLUSIVE: Rappers Turk And Smoke Bulga In Dispute Over Title, Track and Cover Art For Single "Pull Up"

(AllHipHop News) New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Turk has found himself embroiled in controversy, over the release of his new single “Pull Up,” featuring Joe Young and Don Trip.

What was supposed to be a celebratory moment for Turk turned sour yesterday afternoon (August 5), after allegations arose that he stole the concept from Boston, Massachusetts veteran rapper Smoke Bulga.

Not only is the song in question, but the artwork is almost identical as well. Both covers feature an infamous scene from the classic movie “Boyz in the Hood,” where character Ricky is shot in an alleyway.

“I woke up this morning and I seen all these Tweets. Creativity is in my blood, I come from creativity we make words up like ‘bling bling’ and make the world do what we do,” Turk told saying he had never heard of Smoke Bulga.

Both rappers’ singles sound somewhat identical. They both have the same title and same artwork. Turk’s version hit the Internet earlier this week, prompting a backlash from Smoke Bulga’s 58,000-plus Twitter fans.

Smoke Bulga released his version of “Pull Up” featuring Norfsyde Slee and Blockburna Ladin in June and said Turk is definitely aware of him as an artist.

“That s**t been everywhere, and I know for sure that he was following my page at one point when the n***a was locked up he was f**king with this chick from Boston and I spoke to him on three-way. We’ve had conversations before,” Smoke Bulga told in response to Turk’s claim of not knowing who he is.

Turk told that having the same title and artwork is purely coincidental. His version of “Pull Up” was created by producer JoeyDidThis of Atlanta. The rapper called in a favor to German rapper Joe Young and Don Trip who appear on Turk’s song.

As far as the cover, Turk said that he originally released his single with no cover, until his graphic designer presented him with artwork featuring the infamous scene from “Boyz in the Hood.”

Turk pointed to the coincidental timing and similarities between his mixtape “Louisianimalz” and Sheek Louch’s release “Donnie G: Don Gorilla.”

“It don’t mean nobody took nothing from you,” Turk explained to “I didn’t feel like Sheek Louch took anything for me or I took something from him. It be the people who don’t think, who be thinking these things. Shout out to the guy in Boston and the city of Boston, we ‘Pull Up’ everywhere,” Turk said, sounding genuine with the shout out.

Still, Smoke Bulga said The Dukati Gang has been working tirelessly to promote their record “Pull Up” and they had no plans on letting the issue go.

“All of the s**t that we’re doing, every dollar we put in the s**t, food is coming out a n***a’s kids mouths, we aint playing for this s**t at all. Whatever it is, it could be a misunderstanding, but I know somebody stole my s**t and he’s the face of it. He’s the poster child for whoever came and took me and my n***a’s s**t. Not even us, my city ain’t having it.”

Smoke Bulga acknowledged that sometimes artists may use the same titles or have similarities in their songs from time to time. Still, he believes everything about Turk’s release is suspicious.

He even said he is open to reconciliation and acknowledged the possibility that there could be some confusion involved, since Turk didn’t actually produce the record or the artwork in question.

“If there was confusion involved, like the producers did some f**k s**t, the n***as need to pull up on the producers. I’m not out here looking for none of the f**kery. We aint with the Internet bangin’.  But we do stand for something. And at the end of the day, you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. RIP to Roc Dukati.”

You decide if Turk stole his version of “Pull Up” from Boston rapper Smoke Bulga.

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Fighting over something that isn’t going to make them relevent…… Oh what a waste of time!

  • Clondyke Classic

    Do this nigga know Turk got James Prince in his corner? Better squash that shit or else be bout what he talkin bout

    • ZUBU

      Bro, I know you know Turks history huh? BG and Turk those were the Hot Boys who really got down. Allegedly, Turk was bustn at them people when they got him. That take some craziness to bust at them and live to tell about it…

      • Clondyke Classic

        I know all about Turk but that nigga got the mob behind him so all he gotta do is put the word in wit the King Lil J and get a coast to coast green light put on that nigga

  • 313 Intelligence

    Marketing was stolen but the songs are totally different besides using the phrase “pull up”.

  • Dope

    They fight over who’s more creative when they both took the same picture from a movie they had nothing to do with and thus showed no creativity with the artwork at all?

    When you do something original, that’s when you have the right to claim creativity, not when you take a damn picture form a movie. And besides the title there’s nothing in these songs that makes hem more similar than other two songs out there (though they all do sound similar, but that’s another topic).

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  • Markus

    Smoke Bulga? Veteran rapper? In what world?

    • KingChandler

      In Boston, he’s not an international artist or anything but he’s well known and respected in the bean.

      • Whodi

        Smoke is no body in Boston, I been through mattapan, Roxbury and Dorchester never heard his music, the new dunkin donut sandwich got more buzz in the bean then smoke bulga

      • KingChandler

        Just because you never heard of his music doesn’t mean shit, ask other artists in the bean about him, Dre Robinson, Team 220, Triple Threat, Bad Newz, Frankie Wainwright, those are all veteran artists in the Boston hip-hop scene that would vouch for Bulga, might be too underground for you to take notice but for you to say he’s nobody in Boston just isn’t factual,

      • Whodi

        Boston is my home what I said is facts, I use to be on blue hill, heat st and Dudley smoke is not known in the city. You be surprise when you ask around n nigga never heard of him

      • KingChandler

        Ok bruh, well clearly we need to agree to disagree here, there’s no end to this shit, what you should have said was that YOU don’t know anybody who’s heard of him, because I know a lot of people in the bean that have known about Bulga grinding for over 10 years now, he’s done countless shows at the mid east and the crypt and other venues in the city that I’ve been to multiple times that were packed with people that knew his songs, just because you and your circle of people aren’t aware doesn’t speak for a whole city. He’s not an up and comer by any means so it might be an age thing. I don’t know how old you are but I’m 28 and have been heavy into Boston hip-hop since the Bloody Bean compilation mixtapes that were circulating around the city but I’m not gonna go back and forth about who’s more Boston and shit, that’s corny, opinions are opinions but when your saying the word FACTS, that means it’s something that can’t be disputed, which isn’t the case here because I named artists in the city who are local vets that would vouch for dude, you might not have heard of them either but it doesn’t make them irrelevant to the city. Anyway, I didn’t plan on writing this novel so I’m done debating, you don’t know anybody that’s heard of him and I know multiple people who have, the end.

      • Zae

        who in boston never heard of smoke bulga? only niggaz that stay home don’t know who smoke is. You may or may not like him, thats coo,but if u in Boston like u say then u have heard of him.

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  • TruthnoLie

    Smoke Bulga……..Respected

  • Coast2Coast

    Turk trippin. Fk’em,

  • Black Avatars

    They both suck who cares. Nigga from Boston? LMAO!!!

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  • Boston stand up!

  • Can’t swag real talent from Boston get ya own ya own chu heard!!!

  • NorthKilladelphia

    I lived in Boston for 3 years. Its surprisingly official out there but this nigga Smoke Bulga a clown bruh. No one respects this nigga except his lil crew. His brother Roc was the only real nigga in his whole squad (RIP Roc). Aint nobody care about the bul Smoke. Aint nobody like his ass. The nigga damn near 40. Old head needa sit his ass down. Career aint goin nowhere.