Remy Ma

Hip Hop Rumors: Remy Ma Will NOT Be Joining LHHNY

Despite rumors running rampant that Remy Ma and hubby Papoose will be joining next season’s cast of Love and Hip-Hop New York, Papoose took to Instagram to let the world know that they were definitely false.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.17.14 PM


Sighs…sorry to get your hopes up people. Mona, you may need to work on this one though…just saying…

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  • Killuminati

    Lol ill seed you posted 2 different times about this goin down in 2 days and 2 days ago pap posted that lmao, your sources are garbage. Shut this site down you lame

    • MarilynRStroup

      I just got


      • hoeyuno

        Lend me a G and i’ll sign up….

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  • 5% Hov

    AHH using fake headlines again/

    Yall gotta fix ur Remy “source”

  • Cory Evans

    Mona don’t need to work on shit…stop promoting that cornball shit on TV…that’s not Hip Hop at all

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    I like Remy and Papoose even more. Smart move. Kill that fake noise and keep it gully.

    • hoeyuno

      I dont think thats leaving the whole reality show ish out of the question .the only ones I watch is pawn stars and ish like that but Remys gonna be doing some sort of reality show….id be surprised if theres not already a camera following them around for somethin…

  • Yes Remy, not all money is good money.

  • jeezuz_walkz

    lmao pap is a dumbass.. anything to create a minor buzz.. just like most of his projects…. he shoulda just kept it on the low and continued a longer buzz until the season started.. but hey.. who am i to give pap a suggestion… his career is doing just fine.

    • Alyssa Andrews

      most artists whom join LNHH there careers aren’t doing so well, i think that’s why he doesn’t want to take part in it.

      • jeezuz_walkz

        lmao that would be all the reason to join….


    They DEFINITELY should do it…..alot of people don’t know who REMY and PAPOOSE is….this def would have been a good look for them….i hope they have something better planned

  • IROC

    When all else fail they should join up get a pay check

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