Chicago Rapper Ayoo Kd Disses Bobby Shmurda For Using Drill Sound

(AllHipHop News) When Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda’s street single “Hot N***a” started gaining steam, some listeners noticed the song resembled the Drill music sound made popular by Chicago rap artists.

One of those Chitown representatives has now addressed Bobby and his YouTube hit on a new diss track.

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Ayoo Kd released a video of him rapping over the “Hot N***a” beat. On the song Kd accuses Shmurda of stealing Chicago’s “swag.” Fellow Windy City rapper Donyaee later jumps on the track to “shout out New York,” but he continues the verbal assault against the recent Epic Records signee.

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Watch the video for Ayoo Kd featuring Donyaee “Bobby Shmurda Diss” below.

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68 Responses to “Chicago Rapper Ayoo Kd Disses Bobby Shmurda For Using Drill Sound”

      • EDOGZ818

        This track had me feeling suicidal!
        Talk about “ENHANCED INTERROGATION” techniques…if they put this ‘chet on repeat, I probably couldn’t hold out for more than 3 listens…tops.

  1. Fuck boy killer

    The “Hot Nigga” beat was originally Lloyd Bank’s “Jackpot” off a mixtape he put out in 2012… Someone is going to feel real stupid.

  2. Markus

    Sounds like dudes playing the background from both camps should consider taking out life insurance policies. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well.

  3. Killuminati

    I don’t fuk with shmurda at all but I’m thinking that these 2 Chicago cats (who I never even heard of) are just mad that they didn’t get signed cuz they blow dick

  4. I_AM_Houston

    basically they knew theyd have a chance of getting a national look on a blog so they dissed him. nexxxxxt story

  5. NotTomFromMySpace

    That is the Drill sound, you cant even deny it. Keef and them been doing this for over a year mainstream.. These niggas corny, goes back to what O.G said, NY niggas dont act like NY niggas anymore smh

  6. Black Avatars

    Chicago niggas is wack. Their entire sound is from the South so what’s the fuckin difference….That ENTIRE Bop Music as Chicago calls it, sound like Soulja boy old as Kiss me through the phone type shit, the drill shit sound like Atlanta Trap shit. Same RECYCLED ASS BEATS

  7. Seriously

    because Bobby whatever his name is produced the track huh? Man, us folks keep taking 2 steps back…And isn’t he just a kid?

  8. drac215

    This is Meeks producer from Chester/Philly pa. this song(smurda) is a combo of philly music(hard drums but basic),Chiraq origination,New York representation. So many regions of music on one track Peace and Godbless

  9. Sadat

    Come to find out the first dude is dissin him because he didn’t follow him back on twitter. He was a fan. Just seen the evidence. SMH at these lame niggas. Taking a major L for this shit.

  10. Jake Zero

    Let’s just state the obvious… This guy made this song unlistenable. He is so wack is dreadlocks are trying to move over to the next n1ggas head.

    Phuck violence. On this track, Shmurda is a beast.

  11. Nick Westbrooks

    2:25 “Doing that dance, you should be wearin cheetah print nigga”
    Ok…wearing that hat and that extra smedium t-shirt, he actually looks like the type that would wear cheetah print.

    2:28 “Gang bangin leave you hangin Willie Lynch nigga”
    Psychological motha effin slavery man…smh…It’s bad enough to rap about ignorance, but this guy had the audacity to spit a verse about ignorant shit and then reference Willie Lynch in a line. Really though?? Like this dude is dead serious?? Many don’t know any better, but this makes me even more concerned, because he’s giving us some minimal evidence that he knows better, but chooses not to do better.

    By the way, shout out to Lil Wayne and Rest in Power to Emmett Till.

    • LeCore Noah

      Good question. Media trying to create drama. Republicans again on their racist bullshit. Feds are behind this trust and believe that. Checkout LeCore Noah for positive music. A Lupe Fiasco/Nas vibe. Peace.

  12. Suava

    the funny thing about this shit is all them chicago niggas sound like each other …they bite each others adlibs ,rhyme patter etc….plus everyone who gets a beat from chop mind as well be biting the drill sound if thats the case lol this dudes a clown

  13. Boss

    How is he using drill music when it’s a New York nigga beat first they just mad that’s crazy they saying that cause he got all them niggas in the video like chief keefe do that’s the only thing they could be saying that’s no drill sound and drill ain’t got no dances made with there music but drill copies Gucci and waka style I thought

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      ummmmm actually that beat is by a Chester Pa nigga, Jahlil…. the producer, Lloyd never bought the beat… but these dudes are talking about the rnyme style not the beat… totally different

      • Boss

        The ryme style u buggin he not fuming like a Chicago nigga on that song u buggin niggas mad them niggas making music that’s sounding better the chief keefe and them niggas that’s doing the bullshit drill music they came and went now young niggas in New York popping off rap is rap no such thing as copying the whole rap industry copies each other like everybody wearing then Cuban chains with no medallion and niggas dressing alike foh niggas it’s a culture we all do the same shit New York niggas started the true religion shit did they get mad faggits started the tight jeans u niggas are wearing

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        yo nigga direct that anger at somebody else fam, i didnt make the song, im telling you why these nigs is mad!!! and im a grown ass man and never have nor will i ever wear skinny jeans and my son will not either!

  14. water_ur_seeds

    What about when everyone stole The South’s style???

    SMH @ people moaning about rappers stealing a ‘sound’ its music…

  15. 5% Hov

    shout out to grown folk that hope these kids are killed before they ruin more young people lives with they horrible music.

  16. Celz

    So they basically saying Chicago niccas have the terrible rapping market cornered. What’s next they gonna diss niccas from Chicago that rap good.

    • chicagostyl

      yup…terrible go-shoot-a-ni99a music is chicago only. rrbody else listen to rick ross or 36 mafia or something when they comitt crimes. chicago fools listen to drill music as they pop a pill and do dirt.

  17. Arrie Mental Woodard

    yoooooo the beginning of this video is hilarious…. why they beating down the shmurda character hahahahaha….

  18. Desmond Edwards

    got respect for the Chi but i’m east coast and these dudes clowning bobby for nothing Ayoo look like like chief keef and jamie foxx retarded love child.

  19. Chitown School Teacher

    Ignorance is ignorance but don’t speak on my city at all…..everyone has had their time so now its our time….as an older head….I do not condone the violence but this is how our young people feel and are living its reality here…..especially as a youth mentor and advocate….as far as “us” sounding like the South…..this is the middle of America…. and our culture as Black People living in Chicago is South because our forefathers migrated up here from down bottom and we still went South or they came up here to visit…..we have been listening to all of the respective scenes ever since hip hop’s inception…..Bopping dates back to the 1960’s so get that straight, the Poetry Slam started in Chicago, we started House Music….and the South was the only place that showed us love and respect before everyone else started riding our wave…..well really everywhere else but the East showed us love….the young man Bobby Shmurda’s song is cold I rock with it but…just like we didn’t understand the yo, son, b, herb, slang it still translated into good music that made us understand your culture….but we are far from corny and our scene is more diverse than we get credit for….Respect us Or Leave Us Be but do not speak on what you do not know about at all…..Peace and Blessings……to whom ever takes the time to read this……..

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