Hip-Hop Rumors: Did White People Create An App To Keep Them Away From Black ‘Hoods?

In an era where gentrification is running wild, I don’t know what to think of this one. You know, Whites moving into Black neighborhoods and taking them over is all the rage these days! But, some people created an app to counter this nighty movement. SketchFactor is apparently an app that will appear in the iTunes app store and will help White folk avoid “sketchy” areas. The crazy thing is that the company that created it is located in Manhattan! I’m thinking that this is not going to work since what is going on in NYC is the opposite! I am thinking this is one racist-a$$ app though! I’m not even going to talk about it anymore. I want White people to accidentally move into Lefrack City or QueensBridge on accident so they can really get a taste of the bass! Enoy! Get at me, dun!

Spike Lee ain’t gonna like this one.


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  • EquinsuOcha

    And? Lol even black people dont wanna be in all black hood..why do you think people in the hood say i cant wait to make it out and if they get money move to secluded neighborhoods mainly with all white people lol. Foh

    • This Mudda-Chucka is stupid! ^^

      • Immortal

        Naw he’s not stupid. Look at Jay, 50,Snoop, Ice Cube, Dre, Ross, all those dudes claim to be from the hood one way or the other, but as soon as that money got long, they were long gone from the “hood”. He’s actually right.

      • Nah, because if you put a rich Black person in a white trash trailer park, they will want to move out as well, so his making a link between Blacks wanting to live with whites is inaccurrate & intentionally misleading, because it makes a class issue into a race issue.

        Take a poor Black person, subsidize their housing in an all white, haughty taughty, suburban area, and it will probably be the worst experience of their life, dying to get back to the hood.

        The white man will be the first to suck the Black man’s 4-9-3-11 for the right price.

      • Immortal

        But that’s the thing; no one regardless of race wants to live in a crime ridden neighborhood. If you won the lottery tomorrow, where you live now, will quickly become where you used to live. If I had the cash to live in the Hamptons I would. Why not if I earned it. And you know as well as I do, you get some cash in the hood, someone will find out and take your ass to the cleaners for it. Whether it be black, white, Asian or whatever. I don’t think IMO it’s wanting to live with whites, but IN MY CASE ONLY wanting to live in a better neighborhood with a better quality of life. If my neighbors happen to be white ok, black ok, green then we’re best friends.

      • Agreed, but that’s not what he’s saying, ” …And even the U.N. knows that violence begins with poverty. When you don’t have no money, you quicker to “iLL”, it’s human nature, that’s why the jails are filled.” KRS

        He’s saying that folks want to live with whites, and no poor person wants to live among the rich without being rich as well.

        Infact, the only time the police are needed is when the have’s come into contact with the have nots.

      • Immortal

        True…and Gunny said it best….

      • EquinsuOcha

        Lets stop the bullshit the safest areas are where mainly rich whites live lol im white and wouldnt be csught dead in a trailer park..mattr fact i feel safer in a hood the the tp. Lets stop the shit

      • Ok, let’s stop the BS then, please….whites are mainly rich because of the systematic exploitation of whites and institutional unfairness of America.

        No Black area is safe while America’s Black holocaust continues.

      • EquinsuOcha

        Thats another convo lol typical deflection skills tho good work

      • Not deflection, but str8 to the heart, penetrating your shields of ignorance.

        White folks that be on that boolchet are always trying to scratch the surface and avoid what’s deeper.

      • EquinsuOcha

        Just as blCk folks always deflect their own issues by making everything suddenly a white man does this issue..guess we both have some growing to do

      • Before white folks start pointing the finger and blaming blacks, they should first point their finger at themselves and acknowledge their level of negative contributions that have negatively impacted Black’s condition in order to maintain some semblance of credibility in the Black community.


      • EquinsuOcha

        You assume someone like me cares. Im not in the best conditions and until i am i careless about the conditons of any person of any race but me. Everyones got problems u either sink or swim in life by the decisions you make. True for any race now in 2k14. I know pos whites and i know pos blacks..i know great whites i know great blacks its all how u approach life

        If u gang bang like ppl in chi chances ull end up dead or jailed if u work chances r ull prosper…chances.

      • I’m assuming you care about getting fugged up offline for talking that ‘chet you talking and how you’re talking it!

        That little tip i gave you could put the topic in a 180 degree perspective, so instead of something you said getting miscontrued as being intentionally disrespectful, resulting in you getting stomped so bad you turn to wine, you may be given the benefit of the doubt and a verbal correction instead.

        Although you seem like the type to argue about a correction instead of heading it, resulting in you and the person who cared enough to try and correct you….getting stomped like grapes in a wine vinyard.

      • EquinsuOcha

        And e-thug comment of the day award goes to :drum rolls: edogz, yes ladies and gentlemen with a Z so you can tell hes a real g..come accept your award big guy (golden squirt gun, so you can really wet your enemies up).
        Congrats man.

      • >>Graciously accepts award

        You got it fugged up, it’s not me that’s going to potentially whup your @$$ over your wreckle$$ gum bumping, it’s that person you will offend without even thinking of me….until you wake up from your coma.

        Today’s generation will set it off, just watch the videos of pranks gone wrong featuring Blacks.

        You guys do dumb ‘chet & get fugged up for it.


        I tried to warn you though, so my hands are clean. 🙂

      • EquinsuOcha

        I dont do that dumb ass prank shit and half the time they deserved it and the reason the in the hood pranks started bc black people said bet they womt do it and talked alot of shit..

        Im a person who minds my own, works Nd keeps it moving i dont need to worry about being in a coma and even if it happens i got hands i been tested before and only lost 2.. If the person is rock siZe i ll use a weapon w no hesisitaion lol

      • >>Dapz!

        You seem like a cool dude that knows how to handle himself!


        Welcome to the board!

      • EquinsuOcha

        Sry i didnt cradle your balls in my response but i gave you some real shit to maybe you can learn from. Or not, who cares idk u personally.

      • >> Same applies

        This is AllHIPHOP..where you get the real deal….on the boards anyway.

      • Tanman1

        Rich black people have no problem with living with equally rich black people. Point being people with money tend to neighbor other people with money. White, black, green, purple doesn’t matter. Class not color.

    • EniggaMA

      Would be a fool not to

    • You’re a fag!

  • Immortal

    “I want White people to accidentally move into Lefrack City or QueensBridge on accident so they can really get a taste of the bass! Enoy! Get at me, dun!”….when did Illchump get “gangsta”. I read up on this and while it IS wrong, it’s not going to stop white folks from coming into those same areas they claim as “sketchy” from buying drugs over and over again. So should there be another app that tell you the percentage of white “upper class” folks that come out to the ghetto to buy drugs? That could be useful information for all the hustlers out there. Their claim of using the NYPD crime stats was busted by the NYPD so they’re basing it off what people see on tv, rumors, and what the neighborhood looks like. It’s just another way of promoting segregation through technology used to promote untruths and play on fears.

    • The ” Which rich white people are coming to the ‘Hood to buy drugs?’ actually sounds like a good app!

      • Immortal

        Even Prince wants to know…..

      • Yo! Where do you find the jawnts, on the real, LOL~N

        ** stolen **

      • Immortal

        Usually y’all give me the idea for them. Something gets mentioned and I’ll look up something then go to a meme generator site and make it. I just look for the corniest sh*t then use it as a meme. Just like this one when AHH was talking about two chainz

      • LOL~N

    • walsall

      Rich white people don’t usually go into the hood to buy their drugs. Not these days. Nowadays they have their drugs delivered.
      Like ordering a pizza. Trust me, I’ve seen it done.

      • Immortal

        No doubt, no doubt. My issue is the fact that this app could be used to designate an area as “bad” that actually isn’t bad at all. It’s also after reading some of the articles on this from actual news sites (non AHH), where it seems to be marketed towards whites in general. I could accept this if it was a metric based app, but to be used like it is, doesn’t cut it. It’s like saying there are no “bad” white neighborhoods being that’s where neighborHOOD came from.

  • dghd

    “I want White people to accidentally move into Lefrack City or
    QueensBridge on accident so they can really get a taste of the bass”

    WTF? This fuckin moron is apparently promoting racism. Never seen a “columnist” spew out grimey shit like this before.

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  • Chris

    You sound like an dumb ass nigga. These are bad neighborhoods for a reason. I hate to criticize my own race but these are black neighborhoods that become safe after gentrification. We are the problem.

    • hoeyuno

      There’s more to that though…its the arguement that after a percentage of white people move there the government starts throwing funds around to clean up the neighborhoods when 5 years ago they couldn’t get money to fix school windows…dont get me wrong I come from a bi racial family and could give two shyts about these type of articles but.. .

      • walsall

        It’s not always that the government “throws funds” into the hood after white people have moved in…
        It’s often that there’s more tax revenue being generated FROM that hood once some white people with jobs have moved in. So the local government is then able to put that tax revenue BACK INTO the hood to clean it up.

      • bisolabliss

        Ok, you stick with the ‘official’ story but we know better…to each his own.

      • walsall


      • hoeyuno

        Come on man how much tax revenue would be generated from a few white peoples who work night shift at wal mart…this isnt the trumps moving into these neighborhoods. .

      • walsall

        Whites who work at Wal-Mart wouldn’t move into the hood–they’d move into a trailer park.

        The whites who are moving into places like Brooklyn have cash. They’re the educated, yuppie types with serious jobs. Just ask Spike Lee, he’ll tell you all about it.

      • Chris

        Then we need to do better and stop giving them reasons to push us out. These are cheap neighborhoods. Why are there so many black people living there. They don’t become better until gentrification. We are the issue.

    • El Duderino

      Wrong, there black neighborhoods that become white neighborhoods, because black people are virtually forced out.

      • Chris

        And then they become safer.

      • SBRon

        And why is that, kid? Because all of a sudden the majority white police force actually serves & protects those who look like them, while blacks are suspicious characters when they roll back through their old hood…

      • Chris

        And I completely agree with you. I’m so tired of this race war and hating white people for two hours whenever they do something bad. Then you realize that we are really the problem when you mature. I only get mad when I see a black person getting killed because of race. Like michael brown

      • SBRon

        I see what you’re saying, but I get mad when blacks kill other blacks!! Too many have been conditioned to place little to no value on another black life…These same fools would be too frightened to pull the trigger on a white person!!

  • Dope

    Another one of these stupid articles… damn AHH.. just damn. The amount of stupidity in your articles was already reaching stratosphere before, but now you’re all the way out in the open space.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I’m tired of this glorification of ignorance in our BLACK community, yet it’s “racist” if non-blacks want no part of it. WE need to grow up sometimes.

    I’m not mad at an app. I’m mad that there are people who feel they need it because of what some of us REALLY do.

  • walsall

    If white people move into the hood, you get mad (because they “gentrify” it)…
    But if white people show a desire to STAY AWAY from the hood you get mad and call them racist…

    So…what do you want?

    • Realist4200

      Heh. Exactly.

    • The_Good_Life

      White people don’t gentrify nothing… The government is the sole perpetrators of gentrification. Gentrification takes place in majority impoverished neighborhoods which 99% of the time involves minorities. These are the neighborhoods that are run by minority mayors, minority councilman, Governors and senators. It is minority government officials that are selling the hood to corporation for cheap. Why, so it will attract more affluent people. If this wasn’t the case, white people, even the broke ones, wouldn’t care to walk their dogs on the corners or buy stale bread from the same bodegas blacks been complaining about for years.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    when i move into a hood i make all them niggas bow down to the flex god

    • U flexing hard on this here Internet huh?

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        aye cuzz i be be trying step lightly but you know a giant cant walk without making tremors.

      • E Thugging….cuz doing it offline is dangerous!

  • News flash: Most black people (the smart ones at least) dont want to be in sketchy crime filled “hoods” either. What’s your point?

  • Judah Nazayar

    whites are tryin to create a New World Order= another 1000 or so years of white oppression and slavery over non whites. However.. Russia and Iran are going to put a stop to that..when their troops arrive in America. gentrification will mean gunned down white americans in those nice neighborhoods.. Sumtimes being poor and black..is the advantage

    • walsall

      Why would whites want a new world order? The old order has worked just fine for them.

      • Twonpass

        TRUE!!!!! on so many levels

    • Dope

      And what the hell would that have anything with race? Last time I checked if you put a white american and a russian next to each other their skin color is the same. Same could be sad if you compared a mexican and an iranian.

    • Godless Heathen

      You are possibly one of the most gullible dumbest mf i have come across on the internet.

  • ɐƃƃᴉu ǝloɥʎʇooq ʎɥɔʇI️✔

    I don’t think this is racist. If they don’t feel safe there what is the big deal?

  • walsall

    Blacks could come up with their own app that warns them of racist areas. An app where any town that has a high number of Tea Party types is identified on the map by a little burning cross icon.

    • Twonpass

      hahahahahahahahahaha good one

  • Markus

    This should have never been printed. Free publicity for hate. Way to go, AHH.

  • Papi Peligro

    LOL. You guys dumb. And self racist. Bad neighborhoods doesn’t mean blacks want to live in them either or that they are black or minority owned. Only means its a bad neighborhood. Demographic data is available on a lot of sites. Such as CITY-DATA. Is City-data racist. This is stupid.

    • The_Good_Life

      Come on bra. Keep it 100. Black neighborhood = bad neighborhood. White neighborhood = good neighborhood. Now we both got enough experience to know that’s not true. But its the dominant perception.

      • Dope

        That’s people’s perception and as such it’s further pushed when someone writes a stupid article like the one above. The app just points out what the dangerous areas are from what I get. But the article makes it dangerous=black and thus pushes that perception when it doesn’t have to be true in every single case. I’m sure many of the dangerous parts are predominantly latino, asian or white as well, but the article won’t mention that.

      • Papi Peligro

        Man self hate. So if a white person wrote the same article then that white person would be racist you can’t win.

  • The_Good_Life

    White are not trying to create a new world order. For all those who are not aware, we are living in the NWO. Secondly, the app is small change compared to the prison industrial complex. There is already a system in place to enforce underline segregation. Its called the legal system.

    • Twonpass

      Very good point

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  • walsall

    I’m white trash from rural Alabama…

    Back in 1988 I joined the Marine Corps and eventually got stationed around the DC area. On the weekends I used to go into DC…I was fascinated by a big city and just had to experience it!
    Almost every time I was in DC I would have black people come up to me and warn me that I shouldn’t be in this part of town…or that I should definitely, DEFINITELY not go down such and such street…

    Thing is I HAD to go into these parts of town because that’s where the good clubs were. LOL
    Anyway, I was never actually robbed or harmed in anyway. And this was in the late 80’s when DC was out of control! I had more people looking out for me than trying to do wrong by me.

    I’m not saying hoods aren’t dangerous. I KNOW they are. But when a white person ends up in the hood, the people there usually think one of three things:
    1) He’s a cop out of uniform.
    2) He’s looking for drugs.
    3) Or, most likely, they just look and go, “Look at this crazy motherf*cker right here…he don’t know where’s he at! I better tell him…”

    • U kept it real. ..1 thru 3 is so true.

    • Sounds like when my white father went to NY the first time in the 80s.

      Fact is. Black people only kill black people.
      White people do not need to worry about
      any black people.

      We will sell drugs to our brothers and sisters, but we go to church
      to pray to the white king. We talk about love for Jesus and slap
      our wife silly. When white man comes to our hood we are acting
      as polite as possible to make a good impression. Show up dressed
      expensive and have white mans luxury good on display so we can
      impress. But we have no remorse when we going for a gunfight.

      Prove how much of a man we are until we are in jail or in a coffin.

      It’s 2014 and black America has not evolved yet. Still waiting for
      miracles. Same topics ever since.

      The app is a good idea. So Koreans, Indians and Afghans know
      where they can still set up a grocery stores. To sell expensive rubbish
      to lazy and obese church women.

      • OUCH! Dammit it! OUCH!

        >>Yells to frenzied crowd : “Silence HIM!”
        >> Crowed charges Asher to silence his truth

      • Twonpass

        Claps hands………..

        dammit….. tell em!!!!!

    • It’s because smart people know better than to fugg with a Marine!

      Semper Fi!

      • TheAfroRican

        Agreed, and this is coming from a product of Marine parents!

      • walsall

        Semper Fi!

  • Mr. Mike

    just white people? illseed you are truly a moron, a disgrace to journalism, and should be removed from this site asap

    • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

      man I have been visiting this site forever I used to come just for illseed rumors and articles but over the years hes become a huge racist, I just don’t get it

      • Tanman1

        Whites have set the stage for racism in this country and the world (been to yahoo lately?) so don’t be surprised when it’s reciprocated

      • Chris M

        another republican trying that reverse racism bs. gtfooh

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  • I guess any race in Amerikkka can use this app for the same information huh? Guess ain’t no articles to steal from other sites today….

  • Meanwhile yall posting this bullsht when a 17 yr old unarmed black male with no criminal record was gunned down by police in St. Louis MO..shot 9 times after surrendering and shot a few more while he was on the ground…..fck this app bullsht his story should be on front page of this wackazz site….

    • D_Ably

      illseed thinks the white people and what they’re doin is more important

    • 5% Hov

      Hey racial baiting about new apps is FAR more important to “hiphop”

      thanks illseed (coc* sucker)

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  • Thenatural503

    Lol what? This isn’t racist at all. I’m black and moved the hell out of the ghetto as soon as I could find a way out. why the hell would anyone wanna live in the ghetto? The hood or whatever. The difference between trailer parks and the hood is you don’t have to worry about getting mugged and shot in a damn trailer park. Anyone who has a brain knows the first thing you do if you can is get the hell out of not just the hood but the city period. Find you a place in a rural area of country learn to grow as much of your own food as possible and stop depending on “The Man”.

    • Chris M

      you must not have been to too many trailer parks. they are just as bad as some hoods. You get mugged, shot, cop every kind of drug. Nothing different.

      • Thenatural503

        On a side not a news team used this app and wanted to see if this was just being racist or really was for sketch areas. their news van was broken into and ransacked when they lef tit parked.

  • trvlman

    I don’t give a shit, if you don’t belong don’t come around. Pretty simple.

  • Yeah right……White people will always want to go to the hood to make their money and sell us their drugs. The Hipsters have already taken over Brooklyn.

    • 5% Hov

      And London

      Anywhere where there is a “hood” come the Hipsters and Yuppies…

    • Casor_Greener

      Hipsters didn’t take anything over without us letting them

  • $18916246

    Black people give the “WE N*GGAZ” shit a rest.

  • Killuminati

    I kno black people that would use that app too gtfoh

    • chicagostyl


    • BulldogCG

      I was thinking, I take race out, just an app that tells bad areas (high murder rates, gun violence) would be good. Regardless of color we all got families. If I gotta ride through Detroit, and I aint from there, and Im road tripping with my daughter, I could appreciate an app that tells me where all them shootings be. Same could be said for some white areas in Boston. Throw race out, and its a viable product.

      • Killuminati


  • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

    glad racism is alive and well within the all hip hop community, quit blaming white people for your every problem look at what Obama is doing to your country while you whine about this bs

    • Naw look at the crakkka who left office before him and left the country in ruins…

      • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

        blindy follow your president based on color alone you are def a racist

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so when white men was voting for white men what was that called

      • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

        wow what a joke, keep it up racist see where you end up following Obama bet your ass doesn’t even have a job

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so blacks voting for a black president is racist and white men voting for white men is a joke.
        bet your lame ass D ride black culture……..

      • That ain’t what i said. …..I just said look at what ya boi did before he left office. Str8 facts. I ain’t racist at all…I have an interracial baby. Lol I called ya boi a crakkka cuz that’s what he is.

      • AverageDon

        ILL WILL-did you hear your self, ” I ain’t racist at all…I have an interracial baby. ” LOLLLLLLLLL sound just like a racist. sounds like this, I hate these niggas but I aint no racist cause my baby moma is black. LOL ya killling meeee….

      • Shid whatever homeboi I ain’t got sht to prove to nan Internet cat….I was telling the truth about my child, I been in the trenches wit white bois who I considered my brothers also so I could care less about what u dudes on the Internet think. I got black children and an interracial child holmes…I was just saying crakkka to get a rise out of folks but sum people really are crakkkaz. I ain’t got a racist bone in my body and didn’t start using that word until I moved to Florida….lmao it’s a term used by both black and white folks down here. Fck u and whoever don’t like it too holmes cuz u don’t affect my life in anyway, shape or form. I’m pro black but I have served with all denominations bruh….don’t get this Internet sht twisted. Also if you paid attention to the context of the post I was replying to, you would see that I said crakkka because the guy I was replying to said a crakkka azz comment which justified my use of the word crakkka. ..fight fire wit fire homeboi, but I’m sorry if I offended ur sensitive azz. I really don’t give a fug lmao.

      • Slaughtr

        motherfka your comment spelled hang a nigga on tree so shut the fck up!!

  • AverageDon

    We can’t prevent folks from buying real estate in our communities if you do not own some real estate. The problem with the hood is we don’t own shiiiittt. The grocery stores, your home is all owned by someone else.

    • Slaves can’t own when they are owned.

      • AverageDon

        So very True!

      • Godless Heathen

        Slaves to your own self destructing Mindset

      • True, right along with the physical and economic bondage of the U.S. corporation that enslaves you so well…you think you are free.

    • Slaughtr

      That’s a bunch of bullshyt too, it’s more than just owning real estate do your research average don.

      • AverageDon

        Far from bullshyt, if you are an employee instead of employer or if you are renting and not owning, if your not voting, if you are not aware of the laws that govern your city, states etc…. you are open to Realtor s like myself who will move in buy property in your community, put whom I want in your community, open stores bodegas, grocery etc in your community Selling you inadequate food in your community (quarter waters, fake meat no produce) because folks in your community have chooses to allow others to worry about what you eat etc. in your community. Then You have little say in your own community because you do not own SHYT! One time in the barbershop RavensWood a woman came in to get her son a hair cut complaining about there is no fish market around the projects. We all said in unison Open One!!! She said “I don’t know nothin bout no damn fish market.) But She wanted others to learn about it and open one up between RavensWood and Queensbridge so she could purchase her fish. SMH!

  • Southcidal

    Boy these crackers be on a hip hop site hard. Get your own shiit. You own Wall street and everything else, why try to take over the little that black people do call their own. Yall stole rock, jazz, and now hip hop. Don’t worry though, we’re in the process of creating something new for yall to steal.

    • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

      keep going hard racist,

    • walsall

      We did steal music from you, no doubt.
      But, hey, ya’ll stole basketball from us, so it balances out. LOL! Basketball was created by a white dude in the Midwest.

      Besides, take the white dollars out of hip hop and the industry will lose 90 percent of its profits. I bet the moguls like P Diddy, 50, and Dre don’t want to see the white people go anywhere. They KNOW where the big bucks are coming from. lol

      And we don’t want to see black people leave basketball either. I’m trying to imagine the game with no Dr. J, Jordan, Kobe, Gervin, Tiny Archibald…F*CK THAT! lol.

      • Slaughtr

        For there to be white dollars in hip hop they had to include their corporate ass to pimp artist so don’t try that shyt homie.If it wasn’t for black talent the entertainment biz wouldn’t be shyt.

      • Sean Taylor

        “If it wasn’t for black talent the entertainment biz wouldn’t be shyt.”

        LOL people like the Kartrashians, enough said.
        Talent has has little to do with entertainment industry. It’s all about drama these days and who can be the most ignorant and do the most vile and despicable things.

  • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

    funny part is that illseed is a skinny little bitch keep internet thugging put up your real pic

  • YcantWeBeFriendz

    White people know what QB & Lefrak city is– we drive past it everyday to go to WORK!
    Side note: it’s 2014 not 1964.
    Also they locked up all the blacks in the 90’s those “hoods” are now all Asians.
    Giuliani for Prez!!
    fun fact
    Obama is as much white as he is black.
    The first black president is white.

  • Godless Heathen

    Arent you the racist one implying that all ghettos are black?

  • keith peru

    In my business, sales, I try to avoid all bad areas.

  • Stephanie L.

    um, isn’t it safe to say that it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with police reports and things like that? you can look up which areas have higher crime rates. nothing in it claims that it’s a race thing

    • Slaughtr

      Has a lot to with race take your blinders off.

  • The Magical Negro

    I downloaded this app the day it became available because I read it in an article or some shit at work. For the most part it’s people trolling how stupid the app is.

    I saw one that said “Very aggresive squirrels here, be careful” it was for a buckhead area cul de sac.

    People don’t need a fuckin app to tell them where they should go.

  • $25041764

    im black , where can i download for android shiiittttttt

  • so they made an app to avoid camden NJ… cant blame them. its not about race its about not wanting to go into a plae where people get robbed and shot.. lol..

  • Slaughtr

    Some of you niggaz kill me talking about your not racist know really what the fck you talkin bout and stop the Uncle Rukus shyt!.