Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead And Soulja Boy Date For 20 Minutes! (Pix)

This is a weird one. I don’t know what is going on with Soulja Boy and the fake money. But, I have a clue about the mess that he’s in with Superhead aka Karrine Steffans. It seems like Superhead pissed the boy off so fast, so crazy that he dissed her a quick 20 min after proclaiming his love for her. Apparently, he tweeted that she was his “ride or die” and then said “f**k that b**ch.” LOL!!!!!
She deleted all her pics with SB as well. I smell a book coming!!!!!!

20 min????


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78 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead And Soulja Boy Date For 20 Minutes! (Pix)”

      • Killuminati

        Hell yea they do….lucky if they post one article on the weekend, no wonder they always putting news on here 3 days late lol

      • William Witherz

        People who have been on the site since it was actually good several years ago know that you are not the original illseed. But good job, because a lot of us still come back for illseed 4.0. Why do you guys never respond to the fact that the editing/grammar of the articles and rumors has gotten increasingly worse as you have amassed more popularity and advertising dollars?

      • Killuminati

        Truth hurts! And you and your staff should invest in a computer with spell check so your articles don’t look like a 9 year old typed it up!

    • hoeyuno

      I think chucks made a good living with this and doesn’t have passion for it anymore. .if you read the real hip hop articles though like the ish they did with buckshot that Ish gets like 5 comments. ..these bullshit media take out garbage pays there bills..

  1. soyhiphop

    F#ck religion you sheeps got the mind of a pigeon/
    Talking snakes splitting the sea who the f*ck are you kidding?/you claiming those gods words but by men it was written/look up the crusades and get your mind out of prison/you got blacks loving jesus seems the pain is forgotten/the four fathers rage had whips scarring slaves picking cotton/trace your real roots seek universe is gigantic/your beliefs were forced on you once you crossed the atlantic/is it wrong I write a song about not trusting in jesus?/or Mohamed crazy muslims blowing people to pieces/got priest molesting kids tell me who gives a f*ck/ pastor pass the collections plates to purchase houses and trucks/gaza strip greedy jews you smart? Tell me the answers/ why a crook outlives a little girl whos dying of cancer/ why believers in africa get lead hotter than phoenix/ pray to jesus yet get murdered by some muslim extremist/you play a game of extortion I know this very well/either you believe in my story or you’re going to hell/ where in lakes of fire you dwell and forever you suffer/but guess what? We Are living in hell muthaf*ckas

    Wake up…and f*ck these dumb stories that’s junkfood for your brain word up who care bout a whore and a fraud who makes it rain fake cash? Get food for thought

      • hoeyuno

        Shes got a kid with g rap….g rap was before P by almoat a decade but that ish was late 90s so around no limit time…

      • plsDontreply

        I stand corrected, haha… 300-450 guestimate. She was not just with the rapper but their crew too
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      • The_Good_Life

        I might be able to add to them numbers homie. She was doing porn before g rap…

      • Breeze

        no my nigga. . . the whole entire industry. lmfao this bitch is by far one of the biggest sluts in the world. and im not saying that on no hatin shit. . . shit get it how you live bitch. but thats the gods honest truth.

      • Weedras

        she was dealing with G rap in 97/98 basically thats the no limit era if it was before that then G rap is a cradle robber…

    • game213

      Cause she is a bad chick, she is a beautiful woman. thats the same reason niggas wife strippers and porn stars too, they are pretty women. all that talk about not wifing hoes and strippers is just talk and niggas fronting, in reality if super head was to talk most of you niggas posting on here, you would make her your girl or wifey.
      not saying every nigga would wife her but most niggas would

      • hoeyuno

        The type of kids that get rich and famous then wife strippers and porn stars got no play before they had money..see tyga for reference. .

      • Celz

        I already get baddies that don’t have rap sheets like hers.. If I had a Milli that nasty slut couldn’t even text me.. I’d be all over some single recent college grads.. Google Ludas chick.. That’s a real woman bad as all these sluts about to be a doctor.. Niccas wife hoes because they shallow and couldn’t pull a strong educated black woman.. I can tho lol

      • Dope

        That last line is spot on. Most of these rappers couldn’t get a smart, educated woman who get her own. They would look like kids in front of them, so they go for these easy targets that will do whatever if you throw them a few bucks.

  2. ZUBU

    Word, this chick be putting voodoo on dudes cause the pussy/head cannot be that good. This silly boy was trying to wife her? WTF!


    This Hip-Hop circle must be very small, because all these rappers only have interest for the same group of girls….The Kardashians, Rihanna, Superhead, and Katt Stacks. just the name alone should have these guys running far, but they ALWAYS manage to fall for these thots that’s been sleeping around for years.


        It’s not rumors Soulja Boy stated this stuff on his own using twitter….Just because you have business relationships with people, it doesn’t mean you have to know or care about their personal life.

      • EDOGZ818

        True, but it’s a business opportunity for you that developed out of your business relationsyhip.

    • Immortal

      Every other city we go…..every other video….no matter where I go, I see the same hoes’s…’re a few good years late

      • Immortal

        We can talk about it, but neither of us are…them. Metrics say there are on average two women for each man. IMO what I see is two women for each man, but each man chasing the same woman. So in that sense, it is the same hoes.

  4. ILL Will

    She got that fire cap that’s why these boys be on her…I’d have her on speed dial too but i ain’t doing all the bf gf bullsht….throat her and keep it moving til next episode

  5. ApricotNapalm

    Paper soldiers sold a geisha take notice clowns get down w oes w Soulja paper soul made of paper mache, bones break toss a hay maker like a throw away need a brick mason to sew your face up holes in pavement fake baller i pose as Jason w fckd up props two holes in a sock & a chainsaw waiting for day fall -Apricot Napalm

  6. Markus

    Dudes like this are worse than the women who embarrass themselves. This chick is such a notoriously known cocksucker that she WROTE A DAMN BOOK ABOUT HOW MANY CELEBRITIES SHE’S HAD IN HER MOUTH, that you would think dudes wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire let alone date her. I expect her to try to stay in the spotlight. Soulja boy is indeed a boy for thinking she was different.

  7. Mr. Mike

    is THOT a noun? if it stands for “that hoe over there”, calling a girl a thot is kinda dumb, just call her a hoe, a hoe is a hoe no matter where she is

  8. ApricotNapalm

    Paper soldiers sold a geisha take notice clowns get down w oes w Soulja paper soul made of paper mache, bones break toss a hay maker like a throw away need a brick mason to sew your face up holes in pavement fake baller i pose as Jason w fckd up props two holes in a sock & a chainsaw waiting for day fall….dont get my name wrong -Apricot Napalm

  9. Clondyke Classic

    They doin this shit cuz since he bout to be on love and hiphop Atlanta she prolly gon be on there to. Fucc this nigga and this bitch

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