Epic Fail Or Epic Win? Thug Dance To Praise God (VIDEO)

I don’t know what to think of this. We definitely need to get our warriors (often called gang bangers) out of the life and into something productive. But at what cost? I was chillin’ on the internet and came across this video of a confused thug. He may not be that confused, but he had on both red and blue. But he had all the guns and all that, but suddenly something changes…HE GOES IN THE THUG PRAISE! Peep it!


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  • Markus

    Gang bangers are not warriors. They’re cowards pussies and punks who can’t hold themselves down on their own like real men.

    • Nervz

      realist quote posted on this site in a very long time.

    • Maybe, but that is also the culture, some gangbangers hold themselves and their hold team down. How is a seperate issue though.

      Hard to criticize a drug dealing gangbanger standing in CVS / Rite Aid next to the security guard.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    lmaooo thanks for this

  • PapaChaz1


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  • Shon Preston

    uhh ok

  • Dope

    You took this video as something serious? Damn.. my cousin’s 4 year old kid saw it was a parody two seconds in the video.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      exactly… red and blue should have been a dead ass giveaway.

  • johnblacksad

    WTF? he ain’t po’ a lil liquor before he started to drink… he ain’t no G!

    @Edogz818 what were the toolies he was carryin… second one looks like a Desert Eagle.. do you confirm?… hey.. tryin to learn the metal chart

    • Nah, it was a plastic 1911 mock up.

      Real steel **doesn’t** click *click*…it click Klankz, etc. even polymer framed 1911 have steel inserts like Glocks that produce a sharper sound than plastic being pushed by springs.

      Also, he took the mag out, checked it, inserted it, then racked the slide, & nothing fell out, so in theory, he was carrying condition 3 ( Hammer down, empty chamber, full mag, no safety ( as he didn’t manipulate it to rack the slide ) but racking the slide would have made it condition 1 (rd in chamber, safety off …since he didn’t put it back on) meaning he is carrying empty, but storing it hot?

      Also, when a round is chambered, it also makes it’s own distict sound which is also missing, and the typical 1911 mag has a BHO feature that holds the bolt open / slide back on an empty mag.

      Lastly, 1911’s aren’t meant to be carried in the small of the back with saggy jeans, the weight necesitates it being in the front, so stomach mucsles can help keep it in place.

      His handling of it suggest it is lightweight, like super light, like he smuggled that ‘chet out the back of DAARPA or some ‘chet.

      He has the smaller gun in front, as the main, and the fullsize, super high tech, 1911 as a back up? Both guns were situated for a right hand draw, which rules out 2 gun boxing, more like give & go, with the big dog in the cage? ( 1911 as back up )

      Philosophy of use comes into play, but even still, in a shoot out, they would take out the other gunman 1st if homey had help, unless that dudes ‘chet had an orange tip on it.


  • Papi Peligro

    Man you doing it om purpose

  • hoeyuno

    Haha no way that shits real…….

    • Hahaha, nah, homey was professionally trained.

  • hoeyuno

    “I was chillin on the internet…” so you were home alone (again) and for some reason you googled “homo thug” (not judging)and this came up…?

  • Ipullcards

    Homosexual thug

  • This would make a dope Sprite commercial, like the one with the baby soft basketball players mean mugging for the camera before the director’s yellig of “CUT!!” sends them to their metrosexual side.

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