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EXCLUSIVE: Snootie Wild Says Writing Lyrics Is Like Lying, Recording "Yayo" in 30 Minutes + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) There isn’t a shortage of paper and pens but writing lyrics could be a thing of the past. In our EXCLUSIVE interview, Snootie Wild explains why he does not write lyrics and why he

Jay Z, Common, Lil Wayne and tons of other rappers have admitted to not writing lyrics for a variety of reasons. Some do not write as to save time by freestyling the song, but according to Snootie Wild, he does not write due to him being honest:

My motto is ‘if you got to write it you lying.’ If you ain’t lying then you have to think too hard on something to cover up the truth. What I spit is facts and when you freestyling you can’t hold back truth. It’s going to slip up.

Wild admits that he “freestyled ‘Yayo’ in a car” and recorded the song in 30 minutes.

As a teenager, Snootie Wild played basketball until he was stabbed in the leg at 17 years old. Snootie says the end of his basketball aspirations led to his disinterest in the NBA:

I was young when that happened. About 16, 17. Due to the point I kind of cared about it so much that I kind of made myself not be interested in it. It came to the point now where I don’t watch basketball too much anymore.

Check out PART TWO of Snootie Wild’s EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop below:

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  • Young Lou

    This guy knows nothing about writing lyrics. Lying has nothing to do with it. It’s actually easier to lie while you’re freestyling.

  • LoverOfHipHop


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    Scarface writes his shit!

  • MorganFreemanCousin

    SMMFH! Some of these new rappers keep showing how dumb they really are. To whoever wrote this article Jay, Wayne, Common etc actually do write. The difference is they don’t write on paper but in their head. They may come up with a few bars and go in the booth to spit those bars then rinse and repeat. They may also listen to a beat for a while and write a verse in their head and then go in the booth to spit that verse.

  • Reazonero

    Actually, when u freestyling, ur imagination is going a hundred miles a minute trying to keep up. So in order to give ur mouth a chance to catch up, ur brain puts fillers a.k.a. lies and bullshit in order to keep the freestyle going. Unless ur recording the freestyle, then stop when u get stuck and pick up where u left off.

    If anyone is asking how I know this, I’ve been studying the brainwaves of rappers for years in my basement. Each subject is given a $50 dollar gift card for their participation.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      I would say both cause freestyling you could slip up and say some ish you didn’t mean to say that’s real …. it can def go both ways …

  • $21384666

    God these new niggas are so dumb

  • MIC

    Man these southern rappers are a complete joke

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  • justmathoughts

    his 15 minutes aint up yet?

  • The Magical Negro

    By that logic some of the greatest, truest and most influential hip hop songs are “lies”.

    New ninjas boy….I tell ya.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    you don’t take time to come up with lies … you take time to come up with better words to use … to try and come up with the best cadence and flows … snootie didn’t have to tell us it took virtually no effort to write YAYO …. WE CAN TELL !! its obvious … a lil kid could of wrote that wether he lived it or not … smh @ these new age rappers … talking about dudes be taking long to come up with lies … imo I think hes exposing the drug dealer rappers he works with !! cough cough #yogotti lol

  • Bumpy Johnson

    you lie when you lie….nothin to do with writing or freestyling.

  • Psyer

    One of the dumbest things I’ve heard in while…What he calls “Thinking too hard”, most ppl would call focusing

    • Myleage

      nailed it

  • Judah Nazayar

    hay man.. when is sumbody gonna start up a non fucctard anti wack nigga hiphop site?
    its hard to stay on this shit? this shit is complete garbage.. who are these nobodies?
    I guess they trying anyone at this point. See? this hiphop shit is dead and bloated

  • ApricotNapalm

    Snootie wildin who these guys that gettin airplay get stomped out like a stair case for bs on the air waves i take care of your care taker s&m HellRaiser best man meet his death bed when i empty a shell casing front of his head in front of the feds like i dont care if a cell waiting

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  • Soulrebel1

    Come on ya telling me this song ain’t a classic yayo, yayo did I mention yayo,, run low need extra yayo, balling cause of yayo,, in my Dylan voice “he spit hot fire”…….

  • I ain’t gon hate on dude, I’ve heard a few tracks from him and they weren’t bad, not on no super lyrical sht, just on sum turn the bang up while riding tip. Shid rappers lie on paper and in freestyles.

  • brollya

    he lame as hell …. dats why niggaz shit be the same every track but a different beat cuz they think they biggie and jayz….. underground hip hop is the best, the mainstream shit is turnin into doctor suess

  • L White

    Can’t stop listening to Yayo and Yo Gotti’s new track “Errrbody”

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