Juelz Santana

Hip-Hop Rumors: Julez Santana Did NOT Get KO’d!

Yo! This is where rumors get all messed up. Over the weekend there was a crazy rumor that Juelz Santana got knocked out! I was like, “Wow! How the hell did that happen. Juelz is cool.” Come to realize there was a fight at the Barclays Center over the weekend too. And there was a fighter by the name of Edgar Santana fighting. Well, guess what? The source of the rumor was a female from Harlem and she unintentionally said Santana got knocked out. Well, the boxer indeed got laid out, but Juelz Santana is good money, as far as I am concerned. I hope he ain’t pissed!


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  • johnblacksad

    Glad to hear Julez is fine…

    Ay… it’s not me

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      AY!! Real Madrid went in this summer with these new acquisitions.

  • This has to be the dumbest mixup of a rumor lol

  • exactly why I come here Illy… for those hard-hitting cutting edge stories!
    you’re leading the pack!

  • jon dubock

    No way!!!!…rumor had it , that it was Santana the guitarist….

    • Triple7_skylakegreat

      Yo my nigga ur the fuckin king of this shit lol thx I needed a good laugh

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      I heard the girl from Harlem’ s auto correct fucked up. She meant to text Santa…

  • therealjjohnson

    Despite the fact that him and the boxer are two totally different people…this rumor is all messed up. He didn’t even get knocked out though. The rep stepped in to stop the fight. It was a technical knockout…not him getting laid out.

  • ZUBU

    @AHH = Dumb Shiiiiittt

  • Yung Bubb

    What garbage journalism. Some one owes someone a favor…

  • Immortal


  • Immortal

    On a more troubling note, WHY hasn’t AHH spoke on the fact other than a short video about the College Student that was killed by the police in St. Lou? No big push in the headlines for that OR the three year old baby that was killed by a 25yr old in Landover MD because he got into an argument at the house, left then came back and shot the place up. You claim to be the “Worlds Most Dangerous Site” that’s actually TMZ, but this is something we should know and discuss. This is a pic of the man that killed that baby in MD. Is THIS what my people have come down to? Is this all this generation will be known for? Was this “Turnt Up” enough to make a change? I have respect for the police because even though there are LOADS of them that aren’t about sh*t there are some that are and try to keep folks safe and actually do their jobs without hiding behind a badge and a gun. For them this doesn’t apply for those that do nothing more than abuse the trust given to you in an effort to inflict your personal views and will upon others that can’t do anything about it F*CK YOU. AHH stop competiting against WSHH in who can be more ignorant, and try to become a site that actually has something to say other than when your on Jay E’s, Jay Z, or any other rappers nuts or clit (Nikki) that is “hot” for the next 15min.

    • Jason Mazur

      Where as I see the need to have a greater presence of real news and social political interactions in general……this is an entertainment web site. I do encourage you to start your own wordpress site tho so you can be and make the difference you wish to see.

    • gcide

      Yea I’m down the street from Ferguson Mo (literally 10 mins) it’s real out here

  • $25041764

    damn i was hoping this one was tru

  • Dope

    So your friend’s brother’s sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s side chick was wrong?

    Damn.. I though that girl was always reliable with these rumors. Well, guess we all make a mistake sometimes.

  • IROC


  • Sleep

    Wow. Mixing up rappers with boxers now? You sure it wasn’t Tito Santana, AHH?

  • Frank Blanco

    fuckin pathetic, this just shows everyone, why an how people die in the hood ey day ……..