Police Killing Of Unarmed Black Teen Leads To Unrest In Missouri (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, anger over the deadly police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown has gone from peaceful protests, social media hashtags, and candlelight vigils to looting and vandalism. Brown, who was unarmed, was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday.

Brown and another man were stopped by the cop. Authorities claim Brown then got into a struggle inside a police vehicle with the officer over his firearm. Police say Brown was shot once inside the vehicle and then multiple times in the street.

However, witnesses of the incident say that Brown was shot as he held his hands in the air signifying that he was not resisting. The officer has been put on leave of absence pending an investigation.

Members of the Ferguson community demanded justice for Brown’s killing. Several nonviolent demonstrations sprouted up throughout the city, but some residents have turned to looting and destruction of property.

The unrest reportedly spread to neighboring towns. Heavily armed law enforcement personnel has been sent to the area.

Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, has reportedly condemned the rioting stating the looting is disrespecting the memory of her son. The recent high school graduate was set to attend Vatterott College this fall.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Watch the ABC News report on Brown’s killing and footage from Ferguson below.

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  • TruthSerum

    Don’t the cops out there carry tasers???

    Where I live they all carry tasers, I seen a dude try and run from the cops and get zapped once. I figure they could have avoided this whole situation if they had tasers.

    Let’s say you believe there side of the argument, that dude was going for his gun. Just draw your taser, shock him to the concrete, hog tie him, drop him off at lock up and boom = No riots or protests.

    • You gotta understand a cop is nothing but a man like you and I…With that being said some of then are so pssy and scary that they shoot 1st and go on paid leave without facing jailtime. Some of them boys is bullies and jack asses who are improperly trained. That’s why you see the shootings……I’m from St . Louis and I now reside in jacksonville fl who has had the highest rate of cop shootings in the country…These cowards sometimes walk up to your car during a bs stop with their hand on their pistols if not drawn…

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Well what will mista lawman do if him tables shoulda turn
    Bad man decide say police skin fi burn
    Babylon a splurt gone left all him mouth
    Call dem dog and him can’t waan to shoot
    Wonder if dem will a kill another youth
    How will ya feel if a ya friend dem left pon patrol
    True ya police you a flex like ya cold
    All a challenge badman and ya shot dem down
    Now badman surround you with dem big heavy gun
    And the whole a dem waan fling ya down –


    • TruthSerum

      The only winners of this situation are the people who run the prisons that are masturbating right now in excitement over all the fresh black faces they will have the pleasure of incarcerating at the conclusion of this

  • Markus

    Sympathies to the family and friends of the victim. I don’t care whether he stole cigarettes or whatever crime the good pigs of Missouri choose to accuse him of to justify him being cowardly executed. This is an all too familiar pattern with overzealous police who constantly abuse their authority. While I would beg for the people of Ferguson not to express their outrage in rioting or thoughtless acts of violence, this country, built on violence and racial intimidation and separation needs to respond swiftly and firmly to this unnecessary and premeditated murder.

    • M. Skittle

      Attempting to steal a cops gun demands “over zealous” behavior, much like deliberately resisting arrest does. You either get that or you don’t, but I always find it funny how the people being arrested always believe the opposite. Your ignorant belief system means nothing once the cops are pissed off though and your heads probably going through a window.

      • Markus

        Attempting to steal a cop’s gun is not the same as actually stealing a cop’s gun. An unsuccessful attempt at stealing a cop’s gun warrants an arrest and a day in court, not being gunned down for it. Whether you get it or not.

      • Twonpass

        If you believe that non sense, then I got some beach front property in montana…..

        Stop falling for the bullshit.

        they will always say he attempted to grab the cops gun.

        that excuse has been going on forever..

        the sheep will believe anything

      • Freezamon

        First Police need probable cause to detain you if they don’t they can’t arrest you. But nowadays they are violating citizens rights without probable cause. We live in a police state/ communistic phase of tyranny. The haves vs have nots . The police are not here to protect and serve justice for the people. They are here to preserve and protect corporate assets.

      • Your first sentence isn’t reality. …I’m from st.louis and I know how the police do you there, you can be doing absolutely nothing at all and get harassed in the worst way.. according to witness accounts the boy didn’t do anything, you can’t struggle in a car with the police in my city because they cuff u off rip especially if you going in the police car. The kid didn’t have a criminal record so where is the justification. One thing I know about my city is that our kind ain’t gonna play with the police like yall other cities do. They will burn that bitch to the ground and they have already started. Shootouts with the police, looting and police getn that ass beat right now as we speak.

      • Dude us can’t possibly believe that sht…If u getn in a a police car in st.louis ya ass will be cuffed off rip…I’m from there. If u cuffed how the fk can you go for a gun…The police fkd up by letn his homeboi live to be a witness. Witnesses say the boy had his hands in the air when he was shot and killed. I know all about Ferguson and them cops out there will pull u for real about nothing…on sum real sht it ain’t no way around getn profiled out there. Trust me bruh do not believe them news reports…I was in Iraq too holmes and would laugh at the bs they would put on the news and the stuff they would omit. Don’t be naive bro is all I’m saying.

  • Rap City The Basement

    This ain’t hip hop take this back to CNN

    • El Dogga

      I clicked the link thinking someone made a song about this….smh!

  • The_Good_Life

    The looting effs up our credibility though.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      marching haven’t done much either…………

      • Like for real we can’t just keep accepting this bs….you shoot an unarmed kid to death and get to go on administration leave….any other career in the world and your azz would be fired…especially in the capacity that police officers serve.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        whats crazy to me is how quick other races in other countries will riot when an injustice happen. but here in the good ole U.S. of A with all our freedom is continuously told what to and not to do, how we should and should protest or be outrage lmao……….and it only applies to ONE group of people.

      • Right, we should just be quiet and go about our daily business, hell u shitn me….they beat the sht outta one officer so far and been dumping on them and all in the Lou…everybody always wanna be passive or throw that black on black crime argument out there…my dude I’m pissed about black on black crime and being fckd wit by these crakkkaz. ..Amerikkka would hate the day that we all took to the mattresses and that’s real.

  • My city going ham on the police right now behind this sht…

  • It’s about time we stand up to these muthafuckn punk ass kid killers…I hate it for my city but at least they showing the nation they ain’t going for that sht. It’s bad enough for us out here as is, after so many times of getn fckd wit sooner or later u gon snap. I love my city to death but I wish they would burn tha whole city behind this sht. We can’t just keep having these muthafuckas treating us like we worthless. A young black life is worthless in this whole country. Police ain’t fired though he gets to go home with pay…man fuk em all.

  • Yo, care about other people more. (touch me by your finger with google my name)

  • The Arsonist

    Ill applaud this when we have the same outrage of our own black on black murders, we dont value your ourselves so how do we expect the pigs to do it?

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      so because some black people commit crime against other black people, a cop killing a black person or a non black person killing a black person is justify because its perceived that black people dont have the “same outrage”?

      • The Arsonist

        Look bro I was a part of the L.A riots when folks burned down the city and guess what? Nothing has changed all this is is grandstanding we cant control what the police do because there will always be injustice but we can control is whats happening in Chicago, where are the riots and extensive outrage there? Ive lived long enough to know about the Watts Riots, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin and countless other situations that black men have come up on the short end of the stick, and for the record look up Southern university and read about Denver Smith and Leonard Brown, Leonard Brown is my uncle, he was murdered by racist cops so unless you really have been through that like my family has you will realize you cant control the police but we can control Black on black crime, when you Lower the value of yourself you cant get upset when outsiders devalue you. Period!!!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you was part of the LA riots.
        so riddle me this, how many black business was in your city? Chicago have/ had coverage and groups dealing with the issues in chicago…………..just because its not covered on the news do not mean no one is doing anything. you said you was in LA riots. so you telling me there was NO activist in LA? there isnt any groups trying to deter men from joining gangs? there isnt groups trying to stop violence in LA? in LA nagas was just killing each other, so the police started killing us, we got mad and burned ish down and now we back to killing our self and saying nothing?

        do you know who bringing them guns to chicago? or how the hell a 13 year old have military guns? do you know the connection between El Chapo and the chicago drug scene (which is the reason for the killings) ever wondered where them guns eric holder was shipping to mexico landed when mexico was at a high crime peak that slowed down? your talking like a black person kills a black person and we celebrate and when someone eles kill us then we riot. is there a problem in the black community? yes……….. but to silence a people who is speaking out against an injustice that they experience because YOU (or ones that think like you) dont feel like the same outrage is being giving to blacks killing each other in another state makes no sense.

        i just read the story your uncle. so according to what you said, you and your family wouldnt be upset by the killing of your uncle if he was killed in this era because of the killing in chicago?

      • The Arsonist

        Youve completely missed the point, instead of trying to be right, try to get it right, the point Is this and I cant make it any more plain and simple, the outside communities watch us destroy each other on a daily basis, so when a tragedy happens they look at us like suckas, I give you an example, if you beat your wife and she goes to the club and another dude slaps her, yes hes out of line, but at the end of the day youre no better than him because you beat her too. Riots protests none of that mess solves nothing, the Latino and Black community kill each other at an alarming rate, so when you have a legitimate racially charged situation you look like a fool trying to be outraged when you do the same damn thing the cops do. No one said you cant Be upset and outraged, My Statement was we NEED to be this upset about every city in the U.S where black people are killed especially by our own people. What part of that you dont understand? Its pretty clear. If you treat your momma like a bitch dont get mad when another dude treats her the same way, you set the example of how she should be treated.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        im not trying to “be right” im not just going to ………………ok check it. i asked you to put some dates on the table.
        i deal with solutions. your saying if black people respected they self then other races would respect us. which is saying that we NEVER respected our self cause other races have ALWAYS used us. if that is NOT true then provide dates. christians like to say america have lost its christian values. my response have been, WHEN have america ever have values? when they was enslaving the africans or killing off the indians. if your saying that the reason other races treat us the way they do is because of us then you must have a time period your basing this on and that is the time period i would like to know so i can learn from that era and see how can we apply that to this era. but if that never existed. meaning i can show you a era where blacks was respecting each other and still being treated like dogs then that is the reason why i dont get what your saying.

        please provided evidence to your argument like you did with your uncle, who me and him share the same last name.

      • The Arsonist

        Once again… NO where in these posts have I said that the “REASON these things happens is because of us” The part I find astonishing is that U are really sitting here arguing with me about the fact that Im saying black folks need to treat each other better with respect. Doesnt that seem a little stupid to you? lol. Do you really think we as black people wouldnt have more power if we were united and not killing each other? I dont know if youre young and you havent seen enough in life, Ive gone from the Hood to the corporate world and folks treat you with respect when you DEMAND IT. and not Demanding it by Rioting and Marching but Demanding it by treating yourself the way you want to be treated and setting a standard for the treatment of African Americans, bro my whole family is into activism when my uncle was murdered he was protesting, in that time black folks were way more united than now and because of that they got things done, the reason you can go into a restaurant with white folk is because of my parents generation, but if they were killing each other, fragmented and acting a fool like todays kids, no one would have taken them serious. If you disagree with that youve missed it and youll get it later as you go through more.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        no im not arguing the respect thing. im arguing your notion that we are treated a certain way because of how we treat each other. the civil rights kids got they butts kicked to sit in the front of buses and be perceived as equals to whites. did they not have respect for them self? so why the way we treated our self then didnt make whites treat us with respect is the point im making. the 70s youth said nah to the non violence and said power to the people……….cool
        the 80s jobs left these same ghettos that take black life
        and the jobs was replaced with guns (where we got that from?) and drugs
        the next phase was the mass incarceration of the balck man
        which made the black family unbalanced. now we have a generation of blacks with no knowledge of self. they share the same hatred for blacks as the whites in the past. so AGAIN, if you know this to be true………….historically speaking, then how can you say its cause we dont respect our self when you know there was things in place to get us to this point, is what im saying.

        quick example of how stupid non violence is

        in america we had jim crow/segregation
        in south africa we have apartheid

        in america blacks are the minority
        in south africa black are the MAJORITY

        in america blacks was oppressed by whites
        in south africa blacks was oppressed by whites

        in america the black minority marched against the white majority
        in south africa the black majority marched against the white minority

        the point
        in both cases we had to conform to white supremacy, no matter if we was the majoity or minorty, no matter if we was brought to a foreign land or been there for centuries.

        so even if we respected our self we would be in this condition, the excuses of thinking this is happening because of something we did……….thats the real excuse

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if i treat my mom like a bitch, dont get mad when another duide treat her that way.
        if i beat my wife then i cant get made when a dude at the club slap here.

        both examples the women is the victim and both examples your saying the man (aka the black race) cant get mad………….shouldnt the women who is taking the whipping get mad? or should she take it cause she didnt call police on her man? so the mom shouldnt get mad if a stranger disrespects her cause her kid disrespect her? lmao……….

      • J_buddha

        A life is a life.

      • The Arsonist

        Exactly so the next time a 15 year old loses his life in Chicago lets be outraged and upset and protest.

      • Who do you know personally that isn’t sickened by crime in Chicago? I can tell it ain’t you.

      • The Arsonist

        Have you posted the same outrage for whats happening in Chi? Come on dont even fool yourself with a lie. Man we accept “The Thug Life” read any message on this site when they feel a MC aint Hard enough or he aint really a gangsta as if being a thug is cool. Bro you aint talking to a kid who aint been there and done that.

      • You know damn well everybody ain’t like that though bruh so what u saying? Im not a 16 yr old rap fan bruh …id be a damn fool to lump everyone into one catagory…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “Who do you know personally that isn’t sickened by crime in Chicago?”

        “Man we accept “The Thug Life” read any message on this site when they feel a MC aint Hard………….” are you for real? there people on this site that post ghey ish too, along with spam. no body know who is who on here, there is boys posing as girls, white boys acting black. what the ILL WILL guy said was very important. who do you know personally who isnt sickened by the crime in Chicago? your side step and want the “same rage”. why are you moving the goal post? there is outrage, liek there was outrage in the 90s over the blacks men killing each other then………..unless you saying in LA nagas was killing each other and not one black person was outraged. now your saying it should be the same outrage. then if its the same outrage then its why it didnt receive the same coverage. fact is, where EVER there is lots of killing of black people, i bet you i can show you people in there that is trying to solve that problem. what causes alot of that problem is high unemployment……….chicago youth have a 98% unemployment rate
        what i get from you is your looking at the problem, but not trying to understand how we got where we at. and trust me, it have nothing to do with how we “treat” our self

      • The Arsonist

        Thats the biggest cop out BS Ive ever heard its time to stop with the victim bs. homie I grew up in Lantanna Blocc Compton crip all of my homies gang bang sell dope and kill but because that is the situation in my hood no one is forcing me to grab a gun and kill man stop with that. I know more about the causes than you probably do but weve been talking about the causes for 100 years, what are we going to do about it homie? Chicago youth are unemployed so what were broke lets gang bang and kill each other? Man nobody is making nobody pick up the choppa and gun down another black man, its time out for excuses its time to change our situation and it starts with us, if you dont get that youre part of the problem, and somewhere in your mind you have made up the thought that I said no activists have come into the community to try to stop the crime? “WHERE DID I SAY THAT” you cant just make up whatever you want to. When BLACK FOLK, who are the Majority decide to END the ThuG life mentality then Black Folks will do better. PERIOD.

      • Bruh u tripn and tap dancing all over your own feet, i grew up in one of the worst hoods inSt. Louis bruh and I can tell you everybody on the block wasn’t killing folks everyday…handful of cats put in work…you can’t tell me eybody of Lantana was busting they gun….

      • The Arsonist

        I grew up with Killas, my boys lived it to the fullest youre running around the point. Who kills more blacks,? Cops or Black Men? If you dont want to accept the bigger issue, then youre part of the problem.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Who kills more blacks


      • Two_guns_Billy

        You being from Cali have you ever asked yourself How the Black Panthers were destroyed but the Bloods and Crips wasn’t?They were more organized than street gangs but they didn’t grow like the bloods and crips..We can all agree that black on black crime needs to stop but im never going to think because of it we shouldnt be angry about this..

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “and somewhere in your mind you have made up the thought that I said no activists have come into the community to try to stop the crime?”

        this is what you said:
        “Ill applaud this when we have the same outrage of our own black on black murders”

        “But the Vast Majority of Crime committed against our people is from OUR people, until we deal with that we cant expect white folk green folk purple folk and the police to treat us better than we treat ourselves.”

        “we cant control what the police do because there will always be injustice but we can control is whats happening in Chicago, where are the riots and extensive outrage there?”

        everything you said was where is the outrage when black kill blacks. then said “somewhere in your mind you have made up the thought that I said no activists have come into the community to try to stop the crime”. if you really believe that there are activist in these communities that are trying to curve the violence then why say we dont? because the media dont cover it? watch this………i never been to LA let alone the west coast. all my life i traveled up and down the east coast. i grew up hearing about the killings in LA. so there isnt activist in LA, there isnt people outrage over the killing in LA? your answer is gonna be no there is outrage there is activist, ex gang memeber etc trying to curve the violence. just cause the news didnt reach me on the east coast dont mean that yall aint doing it. so to say a black kid in texas gets murdered by police is justified cause blacks arent “upset” in LA over its gang violence. that makes no sense. one have nothing to do with the other. nancy grace show have a dead white kid or women everyday……….that will not be used to curve outrage if a black person killed a white kid or women…………..thats all im saying

      • J_buddha

        Don’t let that be your excuse for running away from injustice, because that is what it sounds like.

      • The Arsonist

        Thats what it sounds like? or is that what your interpretation is lol. Yall still wearing Trayvon Martin hoodies? Nah Yall aint doing that no more, youre missing my point as well, rioting protesting hasnt changed a thing in the last 20 years, while we have progressively taken a step backwards as a people, at some point you have to clean up home before you expect someone else to respect your house.

      • Dude u still lumping everyone into one category when you know that ain’t how it is….well answer this question. Are their more black people committing crimes against one another vs normal everyday black citizens living crime free? You been dodging so I wanna hear you say the truth.

      • The Arsonist

        Once again man, I never said the majority of black people are committing crimes where THE HELL did you get that from, the Majority of crime and violent crime committed against us is by us. Since you dont want to understand that. Who Kills the most black men in america? Is it the Cops or is it black men?

      • Brooklyn Stoop


      • J_buddha

        You need to start being active in your community then. Start cleaning up then or are you just saying that to stop the rest of us from caring? You right YOU do have to take care of home, so start taking care of home then. You made your bed now lay in it. We need people like you, or are you just talking?

    • Man majority of black folks ain’t out here doing all the killing they going to work and obeying the law. The criminals represent a small fraction of our race….our bad apples are portrayed very much more often in society versus all the good people out here. Majority of our kind aint bad even though we have it rougher out here.

      • The Arsonist

        Where in my statement did you see the word Majority? But the Vast Majority of Crime committed against our people is from OUR people, until we deal with that we cant expect white folk green folk purple folk and the police to treat us better than we treat ourselves.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so until all black on black crime is eradicated in america (or is this applied around the world? i mean we are the majority around the world) then “we cant expect white folk green folk purple folk and the police to treat us better than we treat ourselves.”

        the funny/sad thing is we learned to hate ourself from the white folk, green folk, purple folk and police

      • The Arsonist

        The ground rules for the way we are treated in this country must be set by us, you cant talk out both sides of your mouth, on one hand cry injustice on monday and on Tuesday be about “killing a Nigga” we dont value life and the example must be set by us, if I want the life of my brother respected and valued I cant turn around and Kill another brother and expect my rules to be followed, we are on some do as I say and not as I do ish in this country, “No Mr. Po PO dont shoot the unarmed black man” but in the same breath we are shooting black men more than the cops. Lets just keep it 100, thats our problem we are in Denial about the state of our inner cities. For once lets Keep it 100

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        For once lets Keep it 100.

        so lets do that…….
        since “we” are the reason why “they” treat us the way we do. can you give me the year that OUR lack of respect of our self cause them to say “well geez, i try and try to respect the knee grow but its hard to respect someone that doesnt respect him/her self” since we keeping it a hunnit. lets leave opinions out and deal with facts.
        what was the year that the white man respected the black race due to his/her respect for self, then let me get the year that we just lost respect for our self and the white man lost respect for us too. let history be the determining factor, since we keeping it 100. the same crap is said for the so called N-word. “if we didnt say it then they wouldnt want to” liek the only thing we called our self was n!gger…….

      • Dude is a stereotyper that ignores reality and misses points often….don’t waste your characters.

      • The Arsonist

        Sterotyper? LOL Homie im from the block lived the life, been stabbed shot gang banged and was a part of the foolishness Im speaking of, Im speaking from experience. Until you recognize your own mess and get out of it you cant demand respect, Ignoring reality? Please I am reality.

      • Bruh i honestly understand what you tryna put out, last I checked you weren’t the last guy to leave the block, all that is irrelevant. You made some valid points but you coming across to me as having a lil bit of self hate towards our kind. I was tryna inform you that There are more upstanding black folk out here than niggaz shooting and killing each other inthe streets and you know this to be fact. You sounding like a stereotypical person with that black on black sht tho…When the task at hand is about this crakkka ass cop killing a young black male.

      • The Arsonist

        Self Hate LOL.. Man its self reality, judgement must start at home bruh. Clean up our own house first.

      • The Arsonist

        Reading comprehension is terrible in america, please show me where I said “WE ARE THE REASON WHY THEY TREAT US THE WAY WE DO” are you still in high school? Ive said 50 times already, WE MUST SET THE EXAMPLE THAT WORLD MUST FOLLOW. It seems like my words are coming across in spanish. If you cant understand that.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if your saying we must set the example that the world must follow then my question to you is this.
        i’ll re-word it. have there ever been a time in history that we showed the world the example to treat us, and if so what was that year. and have there been a time when we stopped respecting our self and that was the turning point when the world decided to disrespect us?

        Reading comprehension is terrible in america, please show me where I said “WE ARE THE REASON WHY THEY TREAT US THE WAY WE DO” are you still in high school?

        this is what you said……..
        “The ground rules for the way we are treated in this country must be set by us,”

        “Ill applaud this when we have the same outrage of our own black on black murders, we dont value your ourselves so how do we expect the pigs to do it?”

        “But the Vast Majority of Crime committed against our people is from OUR people, until we deal with that we cant expect white folk green folk purple folk and the police to treat us better than we treat ourselves.”

      • The Arsonist

        Bruh Do you remember the 60’s? With Malcolm X, MLK, the Black Panthers? Do you remember that? Black Folks carried major weight because they were unified, alot of the benefits you are able to enjoy today comes from that era, when we were disrespected our voices were heard. And in the early 80’s the war on drugs destroyed the black community, incarceration rates went through the roof, black fathers were removed from the home and now the offspring of that is what we have today bro. MLK was on the cia and fbi list as one of the most dangerous men in the U.S because he had the ability to unify us, WHERE IS THAT NOW? WE HAVE BECOME JOKES THEY DONT RESPECT US BECAUSE WHY SHOULD THEY? The black Panthers had the establishment scared. SO THATS the time period when we demanded respect and black folks did better and took care of their own.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        do i remember the 60’s like was i born then? nope, im a 80s baby. but do i remember the 60s as in have i studied the era? yes and guess what, there was cops killing blacks, non blacks killing blacks……..and wait for it, blacks killing blacks. prior to the 60s, lets say the 50s, was black people disrespecting them self and was that the reason for the disrespect? your making my point, there was never a era in this country where we was not suffering the same conditions that we are suffering now. this black on black excuses is just that, and excuse to ignore what have always happen to us. thats the point im making. to think that if we respected our self THEN we will be respected is a pipe dream that history cant co-sign. then you say the 80s, and this is what kills me……….you said “in the early 80’s the war on drugs destroyed the black community (so it wasnt us disrespecting us) , incarceration rates went through the roof (which had nothing to do with us disrespecting our self), black fathers were removed from the home (which had nothing to do with disrespecting our self) and now the offspring of that is what we have today bro.” and after you said all the different attacks on the black community you STILL think the attacks is cause we dont respect our self? what we see now is the after math of black people being targetted and attacked in this country…………..now that we was TAUGHT to disrespect our self now you and people that think like you are saying its our fault even though you know what happen in them 80s. thats whats strange with what your saying. when we respected our self we was attacked and when we disrespect our self we was attacked. so yeah, lets keep it 100

    • Two_guns_Billy

      We do but it don’t make the news..When a black kid got killed here a local rapper called up different neighborhoods and said lets stop the violence..He also made a video that day and it can be seen on yutube..Bigyoshi “put your hood up”…When DoeB got killed they did the same thing here..The ppl were outraged and said this bs must stop but they dont televise that shit…

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    This is a tragedy. But so are the 45 other murders of dude up the street shooting and killing ole boy from around the way because they don’t like one another. Where are the riots, protest and overwhelming support from the community then? Primarily the black community. Why when a black is shot and killed by the police or another race are we quick to call foul on the play. Is it ok for our own to shoot and kill our own. NO one is out in the streets protesting and calling for a change then. It’s business as usual. Whatever man. My feelings go out to the parents of this young man. But all this other theatrical b/s is for the birds. We as a race look real stupid when we do shit like this. I’m sorry but this is just ass-backwards!!

    • U missing something, most of that crime u speak of by our own kind is normally internal beef with people you know or know of…not saying it’s right but it’s even worse when an outside threat that you don’t see coming does it. That black on black crime is done by the minority of people in our race….it’s more black folk getting along versus the criminals doing dirt so I don’t think it’s a fair assessment. Every race is killing it’s own kind everyday, but they not out here getn profiled and gunned down by outsiders like we are….

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        its just a weak argument silly knee grows was giving to use. thats why you hear the same argument, word for word. these silly knee grows dont even try and remix the argument. there was a case where 2 black boys killed the white chicks baby in GA i think. now think how silly black people would be to say, why are white people upset that these 2 black boys shot the white chicks baby, why arent they equally upset when its a white person that do it?

        that ish sound stupid, cause what do one have to do with the other. but this is the game that is played on us

      • Good points bruh I’m wit u.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        dont forget you ask your average naga what they fav movie is………..its gangster mob flicks
        who the hell is killing and being killed in scarface? cubans killing cubans
        any mafia movie…….italians killing italians
        chinese flicks
        latino or mexican flicks
        only black people will say a black kill killing a black kid in LA jusify this cop killing a unarmed kid in alabama

        mind you the ADL got at macklemore for being PERCEIVED as mocking the jew’ish community. mind you more old white men with power is openly saying “we all” are prejudice “we all” bigotted. black people silence………..maclemore put on a custom and the jews shut that ish down. you cant even have a opinion on homosexuality in sports with out having to deal with backlash…………..but if a cop kill a unarmed teen in STL, black people cant be upset cause black people is killing each other in nevada.

      • My eyes been wide open since birth bruh….I understand exactly.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        This isn’t about being fair. The hundreds of murders this yr in Chicago alone committed by primarily blacks against blacks should create some type of presence by those in the community to the level of what we see when a cop or anyone outside the community kills someone. Black, white, hispanic or other. There are no huge gatherings, riots, protesting etc.. Non of that shit happens. They turn the blind eye and keep it moving. You know I’m right. The last 10 murders in Chicago, how many protest, riots, citizens gathered and took a stand against the dumb-asses committing these crimes? Over 90% of them were black on black crimes. Remember that, Not by cops or another race. Black on black… I’ll wait…………… Exactly. But as soon as one of our own is gunned down by a cop or someone it’s all of a sudden not right. Are you kidding me. I’m not saying rioting is the answer. I’m not saying they aren’t doing anything. I’m only stating facts from what I see when you compare the two. The level of support is far less than what we see when such crimes are committed by another. It’s tragic no matter how me you or anyone else slices it but when do we take a stand against our own???? If anything, we should know better….

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      1st off if you really believe that there IS NOT support from these communities or people in these communities trying to handle the violence then i advise YOU to leave the comfort of YOUR home and do something. there ARE groups that are trying to handle the issue in their neighborhoods………..just because its not broadcast on a larger scale doesnt mean it isnt happening. the real question that should be answered is why when someone kill a black person and black people DO get upset its always a perceived black person trying to tone the rhetoric down by bringing up crimes like people of the same race dont kill they own.

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  • All yall that’s coming in here with that sht acting like this ain’t a big deal because of black on black crime rates need to go look in that mirror and see what color you are. Black on black crime ain’t got sht to do wit this crakkka cop killer shooting that kid to death. If you have never been profiled i wouldnt expect you to understand, but if your skin tone is similiar to mine 9 out of ten you have been at least once. Majority of the black people in this country don’t condone that black on black crime sht but it will never be portrayed statistically or in the media the same way they cover the bad sht that the minority of Us do..muthafckaz need to get real man and check ya self. Yall believing the hype , ion give a fk im sick of outsiders taking our kids…..

    • The Arsonist

      I got dead homies all over LA, Compton and Watts, and homie the cops didnt kill none of em so I think you need to look and the mirror and see the real killer, I dont know how old you are but Ive been watching this broken record since the 70’s BLACK FOLKS NEED TO DO BETTER, if you cant get that, youve missed the point period. I want you to be this passionate the next time another kid is murdered in Chicago, “ion give a fk im sick of outsiders taking our kids” but you aint that sick of your homie down the block taking our kids?

      • I see you only read what you wanted to read out my post….understand I been thru all that also and of course I’m sick of the sht too but u lumping us all together just like everyone else does and you know that isn’t the damn case…hell I’m from St. Louis where this guy was killed and averaged six deaths a year thru the 80s and 90s til now. All my friends are dead and gone but I wouldn’t say that everyone on my block was bad. If u wanna be real blacks are killing each other more than any race but to say that we should be judged by the actions of a few makes you sound just as bad as these Outsiders…you know damn well those crimes you speaking on are done by a small group of us…you sound like fox news, tell us how you really feel about YOUR kind bruh….oh and I’ve had more than 3 potnas killed by overzealous cops homeboi so I guess I should feel a certain way huh?

      • The Arsonist

        So… Once again you really are arguing with me about the fact that black people need to better? So in your opinion black on black crime is really no big deal right? How many of your 6 deaths a year was by the hand of another black man? You dont really want change homie you want to be upset, you want to be mad, you want to be outraged but you dont want to stop with the same passion the deaths of your friends right?

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Want me to tell you why we get so outraged when it’s someone outside our community that does the killing?We know it’s a problem with black on black crime but you notice how white serial killers always target ppl in the white race?When you are a criminal you usually commit the crimes within your own community..And if ppl outside of our community feel they can get away with killing us it’s over because it would be none of us left..Imagine if cops feel they could just gun down any unarmed black kid they saw?We got it hard enough without them killing us..

      • hoeyuno

        What does that have to do with the police killing an unarmed teen though?? If you had a kid who stayed outta trouble, finished high school and was getting ready for college would it be ok for the police to kill him and straight up make up a bullshit story to get away with it??

  • Thomas Smith

    The Beautiful Struggle continues……..

  • Jerome Page

    How does police killing an unarmed teenager, turn into a black on black crime argument? Y’all missing the point. People mad because police, a person in a position of power who suppose to protect and serve the community just killed another young black person. It’s like the 3rd in recent number of weeks. The guy in New York , the guy shoot a killed in wal mart for trying to buy a pellet gun and now this one. People in the St. Louis area just seen enough. Especially since the St. Louis county police department is under investigation as is for being known to racial profile, looked that up

    • That’s what i was tryna explain to that arsonist cat but he went off on sum black on black crime sht so that’s how the bs got started…in from the Lou and just knew our folks was gon act a fool behind this. …police killed that boy in front of witnesses this time.

      • Jerome Page

        I hear you bruh. Don’t know what that guy talkin bout or where he been these last couple weeks. Innocent black people been getting executed by police last couple of weeks. And to top off incident yesterday you see that video of the bald head police man trying to invoke people talking bout “come on you f in animals”? Trying to get a reaction out of them so he can release his dog or better shoot somebody

        I take it arsonist don’t realize how the police have become basically a military in there own way huh? How if you even look wrong you might get gunned down! I guess Arsonist think that in America we guilty until proven innocence now huh?

      • I saw that cop talkn sht….man that sht made me even hotter…he look like one of them racist fks out in Ferguson. …them police on that side will pull u for lookn at em as they ride by you. I used to hate going out there….one officer got whooped last night tho and they got dumped on a few times.

      • Jerome Page

        Bruh I seen all the articles showing the statistics how they be racial profiling out there if I find the link I’ll post it. See why Missouri called the Show Me State, people ain’t taking that mess like NYC. Midwest cities period ain’t having it. I heard they was breaking into police homes and stuff?

      • All the real deal sht ain’t even on the news….they had to take cops from all precincts to go out there cuz our folks was going ham. Cats from all over the city came to Ferguson to fck sht up…..

  • king

    This violence against blacks by the police needs to stop major major bullshit

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  • hoeyuno

    I agree with what the mom is saying but people are sick of this ish…the police should not be allowed to get away with this….then the cops have the nerve to say it was a struggle over his gun….BULLSHIT..I want to see these police receive jail time not just a paid holiday. ..dude who shot that unarmed black girl outside of his house in Michigan was found guilty of 2nd degree murder though. ..

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  • steven smith

    White male cops are the real terrorist.
    White male cops are a serious danger to the African American community.
    they need to go.
    When they see a black male is like we are a real treat to them.
    Its a red flag. These racist monkeys are ready to harras, arrest or kill the black person. and the goverment lets them get away with.
    White male cops should not be patroling black neighborhoods.
    We need factories and black owned business. create jobs for our youths. hire more black cops that are born and raised in the innercity.
    Im tired of riots and complaining to the media. I prefare black families to take revenge.
    an eye for an eye. Im gonna die anyway why not kill of of those motherfuckers.
    slavery lasted so long because black people were cowards to kill the master.
    You kill my family member. i will hunt you down and kill you.

    • An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. Don’t get mad, get even. Empower your community by getting involved in politics and at least vote in record numbers, take one teach one. Go to your political reps offices and inform yourself about the issues affecting your life and let them know about the issues you’re most concerned about. Communication, networking and education is the key to success and empowerment.

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  • 5Grand

    You never ever ever ever hear of a random white kid getting shot and killed by the police. How is it the police all over America are doing the same thing to the same race of people. This is racial profiling at its finest. They need to look at the laws as well as the training the cops are getting, cause it seems like they are all trained to discriminate against young black males. Shits fukkd up,,they need to make it right or we will, “By any means necessary!”

    Bottom line people die and get killed everyday, but its a problem when the ones designated to protect and serve are killing innocent people.

    • Bruce Wayne

      its cuz white kids dont go assaulting and trying to take cops guns u fvcking idiot

  • Know where you came from so you’ll know where you’re going.

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