Cop Shooting Of Michael Brown Being Investigated By FBI Over Civil Rights Violations

(AllHipHop News) The Federal Bureau Investigation have opened an investigation into possible civil rights violations in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown by a St. Louis County police officer in Ferguson, MO.

Unarmed Michael Brown was shot multiple times by an unidentified officer last Saturday (August 9th). The FBI annouced they began the investigation yesterday (August 11th) and according to the spokeswoman of their St. Louis field office, Cheryl Mimura announced that “regardless of the media attention or the public’s attention to this matter, this is something that [the FBI] would routinely do.”

Conflicting reports arose in regards to the details of the incident. Police officials stated that a physical confrontation between Brown and an officer inside a police car and the street. According to Dorian Johnson, friend of Brown whom stated he was with Brown during the incident told WALB-TV that the police officer shot Brown after he and Brown ran away from a warning gun shot from the officer. According to Johnson, he and Brown were informed by the police officers to get off the road while walking back from a convenience store and the warning shot came after the two of them refused to comply.

Sunday night (August 12th) 32 people were arrested in connection to the looting of 12 stores.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar announced at a news conference that the FBI’s investigation “will run parallel” to their

  • Markus

    The system is so out of wack. Kill an unarmed kid, you get paid leave from your job as well as psychiatric counseling for the “distress” of the situation. Meanwhile the parents aren’t receiving any free counseling and probably don’t have the type of job that allows them to grieve at home for the loss of their child for the same indefinite time as their son’s murderer. People need to get together and make a strong message that you can’t kill children and escape true justice.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Well said.

    • RBG4Life

      Something gotta give and sooner or later it will. No doubt about it. It aint but so much people can take. It aint but so much fear a person or people can have until they just dont fear anything any more…

      • Markus

        I’m not about promoting violence but it’s about self preservation at this point. Still dealing with racism. Still dealing with poverty, education and unemployment. Still dealing with police brutality. It’s like you said. You can frighten a person but for so long before they react without rational thought behind that reaction. Push people up against the wall and eventually they’ll push back.

      • RBG4Life

        Absolutely. Nobody is out here looking to kill white folks because we can get away with it or because we are afraid of them. I think our people are being provoked because this sh!t is just getting ridiculous(now adding Ezell Ford to that long list), but whatever the reason its being done we are going to have to face it because the only other option, as we see, is to be ok with being picked off at random and that is definitely not ok.

  • Reazonero

    Knowing the system and how effed up it is. The police department will probably try to paint a negative picture of this young man in order to make people believe he was a bad kid. Just like they tried so hard to do with Trayvon.

    • Dhz30

      shit they already trying with that ‘oh he stole cigars thats why the pig confronted him…’ by next week he’ll be a violent gang member who routinely assaulted cops and the elderly.. shit is disgusting..these niggas out here killing each other need to kill a few of these pigs for once, this protesting shit won’t accomplish a damn thing

      • bobmarley420

        Could you please tell me where they sell cigars on the floor? Cigars are ALWAYS behind the counter right along with cigarettes!

    • The Black Fist

      That is absolutely true but its the American way.


        that’s the “white racist” american way..ijs

      • The Black Fist

        True Dat! didn’t mean to throw that jacket on every single American.



  • TimeWillTellu1

    Dam RIP young man. God knows the truth and you will be taken care of. This site needs to show some respect at least and change up that picture. SMH

    • John Q. Public

      the fact the cops left him uncovered for so long needs to be shown tho. they didn’t even have enough respect to put a sheet over the body… almost like they wanted everyone to see.


        cops didn’t organize in america till 1864 a lil after slavery, before that they were called “lynch mobbs”….old habits die hard, but the victim always die easy…ijs

      • Anthony Shields

        Yeah they left him uncovered but after about 10 minutes they finally covered him up it’s Ffucked up and sad something has to give and then Obama has the nerve to say that Robin Williams suicide death is more important than this young mans death..smh!!!!


        its NOT that….but 84% of all whites are killed by other whites..they are 70% of the population…that’s 70% of america just killing each OTHER! SMH all crime, and especially “white on white crime” is a “BIG” problem in this country, truth be told!…plus by percentage WHITES have ALWAYS had the HIGHEST suicide rate in the NATION! so he addressed it, it’s POLITICS … but i feel where YOU coming from tho….

      • John Q. Public

        …well I guess there is an example of how you cant believe everything u hear on these situations. People were saying they left him uncovered for 2hrs. But if u say it was only 10mins that is understandable.

        People need to stick to facts and not try to over sensationalize. ruins credibility.

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  • jubileeshine

    “About 20 minutes before the shooting, Johnson said he saw Brown walking down the street and decided to catch up with him. The two walked and talked. That’s when Johnson says they saw the police car rolling up to them.
    The officer demanded that the two “get the f—k on the sidewalk,” Johnson says. “His exact words were get the f—k on the sidewalk.”
    After telling the officer that they were almost at their destination, Johnson’s house, the two continued walking. But as they did, Johnson says the officer slammed his brakes and threw his truck in reverse, nearly hitting them.
    Now, in line with the officer’s driver’s side door, they could see the officer’s face. They heard him say something to the effect of, “what’d you say?” At the same time, Johnson says the officer attempted to thrust his door open but the door slammed into Brown and bounced closed. Johnson says the officer, with his left hand, grabbed Brown by the neck.
    “I could see the muscles in his forearm,” Johnson said. “Mike was trying to get away from being choked.”
    “They’re not wrestling so much as his arm went from his throat to now clenched on his shirt,” Johnson explained of the scene between Brown and the officer. “It’s like tug of war. He’s trying to pull him in. He’s pulling away, that’s when I heard, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’”
    At that moment, Johnson says he fixed his gaze on the officer to see if he was pulling a stun gun or a real gun. That’s when he saw the muzzle of the officer’s gun.
    “I seen the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” he said. “He had it pointed at him and said ‘I’ll shoot,’ one more time.”
    A second later Johnson said he heard the first shot go off.
    “I seen the fire come out of the barrell,” he said. “I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close.”
    Johnson says he was within arm’s reach of both Brown and the officer. He looked over at Brown and saw blood pooling through his shirt on the right side of the body.
    “The whole time [the officer] was holding my friend until the gun went off,” Johnson noted.
    Brown and Johnson took off running together. There were three cars lined up along the side of the street. Johnson says he ducked behind the first car, whose two passengers were screaming. Crouching down a bit, he watched Brown run past.
    “Keep running, bro!,” he said Brown yelled. Then Brown yelled it a second time. Those would be the last words Johnson’s friend, “Big Mike,” would ever say to him.
    Brown made it past the third car. Then, “blam!” the officer took his second shot, striking Brown in the back. At that point, Johnson says Brown stopped, turned with his hands up and said “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!”

    • Fosho3528

      Dude that’s terrifying. There’s gotta be a better way for both sides. If this is how the story went down, that cop should face the death penalty.

    • Chris

      If this is true, SMH.

    • My folks used to live in Ferguson the statement “get the fk on the sidewalk” sounds just like Ferguson or any st.louis county police officer…..I swear to everyone that reads this that St. Louis county has had this problem since I was a little boy.. The area is predominantly black with a good mixture of all races. It’s a low crime area compared to the rest of the city but we get harassed so often that you can ask any st.louis resident and they will often tell you they don’t ride in the county. My first trip to jail was in Ferguson, I’ve been pulled over 10 to 15 times in st.louis county coming up but have never been cited or accused of a crime there…they have the absolute worst record of profiling than any city I have ever been too, and I’ve been a lot of places. They murdered that young man!!

    • Bruce Wayne

      nice try but thetruth is that brown attacked and tried to take the cops gun. thats why he got shot. case closed

  • John Q. Public

    …I don’t trust no FBI either

  • The Legendary Troll

    If by investigation you mean writing up a report and filing it in a random cabinet, yep they “handling” the situation.

  • Q.

    These devils trying to take us back to 1964.

    • Twonpass

      go back a little further…………….


  • Jhiggz Kharique Merritt

    The cop was dead wrong and should face the chair…..here is the true lesson to teach the youth …1. We live in the belly of the beast ..2 act accordingly. …3…if requested something as simple as get on the sidewalk ..do so ….4. If your human rights are violated …u have the right to take their life and don’t look back 5. Know that since OBama became president it has been open season on blacks ….stop giving them a reason to kill us

    • RBG4Life

      IDK, my dude it looks like almost anything can be used as a reason to kill us. We’d almost have to be slaves and be willing to accept that we’re second class citizens to be left alone and even history has shown doing all that as well as surrendering ourselves didnt stay the hand of those who mean us harm. Dont look like there’s an easy way out of this sh!t. This country has been ignoring this problem for too long and now it has turned into a cancer.

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  • Warning shot? Gtfoh with Fergusons history I woulda ran from that so called warning shot too….ask anyone in St. Louis about St. Louis county and watch the reaction you get about riding through there. A few things folks need to know….Ferguson police haven’t reached out to his family yet, neither has the FBI, the family doesn’t even have their child’s body and don’t even know how many times the kid was shot….just heard all this from their lawyer…can you even imagine their pain? Only thing they know is that their son is dead man this sht is sad.