Fashion Insider Kelly Cutrone Blasts Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) Another day, another celebrity throwing shots at Kanye West. Over the last month actress/Fox News contributor Stacey Dash, Revenge star Nick Wechsler, and former Roc-A-Fella boss Dame Dash have all found a reason to publicly criticize Kanye. Now America’s Next Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone has given her opinion on Ye to the New York Daily News.

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“I don’t think there’s one person who really works in the fashion industry who gives a flying f**k about Kanye West,” said Cutrone.

The fashion insider acknowledges West and his wife Kim Kardashian’s impact on pop culture, but she adds that Kim and Kanye are not major players in the fashion industry despite their celebrity status and prominence on television.

“I think they have no influence in the fashion world whatsoever,” she said. “I mean, most people who watch the Kardashians’ (reality show) can’t afford Givenchy. I don’t mean to be mean… Are (counterfeiters) on Canal St. benefiting from it? Probably, but that’s not the fashion world.”

It would be safe to assume Kanye strongly disagrees with Cutrone’s assessment. The G.O.O.D. Music head told On Air with Ryan Seacrest last year that he believed the duo known as KimYe are the most influential fashion couple in the world.

“Collectively, we’re the most influential because it’s true, especially with clothing. Nobody’s looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama can’t Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day,” said Kanye.

How West and Cutrone define “influence” could be the difference between the two entertainment business veteran’s views. According Cutrone, fashion heavyweights are not concerned with Kanye’s style.

“Do I think that (Vogue editor-at-large) Hamish Bowles wakes up in the morning, calls (former Vogue editor-at-large) Andre Leon Talley and says, ‘Did you see those pants that Kanye was rocking on SNL?’ No,” stated Cutrone.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    Lol this lady is stating the obvious. nobody is checking for what Ye has on today. He is delusional

    • TheAkademik

      No she is a delusional Darlene look-alike (from Roseanne show)….fuck these elitist fashion fucks

      • Casor_Greener

        Naw Forget Kanye

      • El Dogga

        F em all!

      • johnblacksad

        exactly! the elitists fashion fcuks and the negroes that wanna join them… F em all

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Truth remains truth even tho it is put forward in a blunt way. Tell me a brand Ye got everyone is rocking ? Or that is critically acclaimed ? Ill wait.

      • johnblacksad

        He better not say Polo nor Louis Vee!

      • justmathoughts

        word!!! i heard kanye too many times talkin about hes the reason people rock polo and jordans…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • TheAkademik

        People rock brands because of marketing….name one brand this bitch from the ring got popping?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Lmao @ Darlene!!!!

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah fcuk these elitists fashion fcuks, and most definitely motherfcuk all the n!ggas tryin to join so bad and cryin to us about how them elitists fashion fcuks won’t let them in… I ain’t said nobody’s name

      • 5% Hov

        Tell Kanye that…. he is one that worships them

  • scullyson

    Canal street aka knock off

  • TheAkademik

    I’ll stomp this Blair Witch out in my Yeezy’s

  • Chris

    I would have had more respect for KW if he just used his star power and started his own fashion brand instead of crying to them folk about giving him an opportunity.

    • Definitely!

    • BALLER ✔️


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  • El Dogga

    Look like she’s no stranger to heroin!

  • hoeyuno

    Sounds like hate….I like a good kanye joke but she sounds bitter…does the Kardashians get better ratings then Americas next top or somethin.?This bitch looks like edward scissorhands!!!

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  • jd

    Damn she sounds really out of touch. No influence at all? Stop it.

    • johnblacksad

      ha ha… you probably watch the Kardashians then… cause that’s about all the people they can influence maybe

      No influence… IN THE FASHION WORLD! she wasn’t talking about the average n!gga or the average Becky that likes to fcuk with the average n!gga… KimYe might have an influence on them… but as far as Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Leon Talley and ’em… I do believe they could give two sh!ts about what Kanye wears… why do you think Kanye stay cryin about how the industry don’t wanna let him in?

      I don’t think people who go at fashion shows sit there and whisper to each other about what Kanye and Kim is wearing… I really do not think so

      • jd

        I hear that, and agree with some of it but to say that he has no influence at all in the fashion world is incorrect imo. If he wears the clothes that makes people want to by those designers names, then thats influence. No matter how small or trivial you might find it, its still influential. Hell even if they are playing his music while designing their clothes is influence. You can’t just dismiss it and say its only knockoffs and bootleggers who it helps is all I’m saying.

  • Markus

    People that truly respect and care for Kanye need to sit him down and tell him that the industry that he so desperately wants to be included in and acknowledged in aren’t interested in him and don’t want him to be a part of their community. His rants have probably turned off a lot of people.

    • Immortal

      Ye thinks his ugly and overpriced shoes were “fashion”. If that’s fashion then I’ll stick to Brooks Brothers and keep my class.

  • JimJames29

    I’m not concerned with fashion in any shape form or fashion but this sounds like the truth to me

  • Vexed Vader

    bitch sounds racist. “can’t afford” That means niggers

    • Tron2323

      Why does it ALWAYS have to be about race w/ Blk Ppl… She meant “Poor, Uneducated people” watch the Kardashians. You don’t see Hispanic ppl pulling out that race card…

      • RazaBladeKing

        How come whenever one black person says or does something dumb, that magically becomes reflective of ALL BLACK PEOPLE? Better yet… I’m black; how come it isn’t “ALWAYS” about race with me (including this article)? And since when do I not see Hispanic people “pulling out that race card”? Best yet… if black people annoy you so much, why would you spend your time on a hip hop site?

      • Tron2323

        Hip Hop is a culture, your ignorance does not merit any further response. FYI, I can almost promise you I know more about HipHop than you will ever in 10 life times…

      • RazaBladeKing

        “Further response?” That implies that you gave a response, when all you did was sidestep every question I asked (I’m guessing you realized how genuinely racist your first post was, and quit while you weren’t too far behind). As for the second part, your ‘almost promise’ reflects your lack of confidence. I can say with 100% confidence that I know more about HipHop than you will in this lifetime, with no extra hyperbole chump. But again… what’s that got to do with this article; how is thinking all black people think alike not racist; how is saying another entire race is collectively better than black people cuz they ‘never complain’ not racist; and once again… WHY ARE YOU HERE?

      • Tron2323

        You’re a Nobody… #DigAHole

      • Vexed Vader

        I said my opinion. Not something dumb. Thats you

      • RazaBladeKing

        Uh, what? I mean I guess if thats how her statement struck you, then yeah, your opinion can’t be dumb. Your statement struck me as dumb… in my opinion. See how that works?

    • justmathoughts

      stop with the bullshit, i dont know any sistaz who watch the kardashians

    • Brindle

      come on homie, she said Kardashian viewers… you gonna reduce my whole race/”niggers” to Kardashian viewers… bad enough gays want to become a race…

    • Soulrebel1

      You dudes is twisted majority of kardashian audience are white tween females, , stop finding racism in every context it harms us all…

  • ShaStud

    Harsh statement + nobody knows you = (Reads) HATER… Get money Yezzy.. Hey you can’t it with you..

    • Brindle

      That woman is well known, she just don’t rap… and when did speaking a harsh truth become hating? ya’ll getten to sensitive, everyone aint got time to plot and figure out how to speak the truth nicely…

      • ShaStud

        The way in context on how she said it.. Choice of words reads a lot..

  • I agree….When did Kanye create this hype that he was a big fashion designer? He is a rapper/producer who has some really good endorsements, that came to him because of his celebrity status in music. And it is true most of Kim’s fans are teenaged girls, most grown women are not idolizing Kim the way she thinks…Kanye made it clear that he wants to be accepted in the Fashion world, but it’s obvious that you have to be brought in based on talent and skills, Kanye is a talented musician with a stylist that tells him what to wear. Endorsing nike sneakers and selling $100 white tee’s, don’t make you a fashion designer.

  • Macdamnitman

    ugly ass bitch look like rosannes daughter grown up fresh outta rehab

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    well no one is checking for what Kanye has on, so he should stop all the ranting and get on his game of dressing the top models in clothing he designs. I have yet to see an entire outfit designed by kanye. I believe he has the talent and good enough taste in closing to pull it off. dude just need to stop nutt hugging all the other top designers in Europe and put something out there. I want him to succeed but he never going to unless he stop whining and do some solo szit.

  • Immortal

    Nobody checkin what Michelle wears? Ninja are you listening to yourself? She has dresses that are going to be in the National Museum long after we’re gone. She’s been recognized by the same fools asses your suckin trying to get into the fashion world. Your hoe makes a pic showing her fake everything and that’s style? Your wife’s draws won’t be preserved in the local landfill. And to say the same about Obama? one of his suits would drown out all of your wanna be 80’s wardrobe. That accident damn sure didn’t knock any sense into you.

    • GQ

      My dude, this gif shit is played out thanks to you. Like, the shyt is old now! Thats some female shyt anyway.

      • Immortal

        If you don’t like it ohh well. Vote it down or report it.

      • GQ

        Males don’t have gifs for every statement. Every female do that bs on IG. Leave it there. Its corny as hell dude.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    It’s funny how all these whiteys are still salty about that Taylor Swift interruption. All these uptight, dumb fashionistas got words for Kanye but would accept the same personality trait found in various designers they work with.

    I don’t drink the kool aid. Keep taking potshots at the homie like its cool. Do you Yeezy.

    • 5% Hov

      U think Coltrane cares about Taylor Swift.
      She was throwing some rightful shade uncle om wannbe Yeezy

      • AlbertoRipRon

        You dumb. White people were hella salty about that. Ever since then, white folks has absolutely loathed the presence of Kanye. They hate when a black man doesn’t “stay in his place”. They are hive minded, unlike black folks.

        Throwing some rightful shade? You do know there are plenty of eccentric designers in the fashion industry who has Kanye’s type of attitude but much more worse and I bet she isn’t “throwing shade” at them.

        Peep game dude, you slacking on it heavy.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    I find it funny that “we” care about european fashion period!! #GROUPECONOMICS… KANYE…THATS how you win…not schmoozing your way into their house! ranting about how “its not fair” at a sea full of europeans/white people!! u kidding me lol? who cares that your kanye west, married to you know who or did beats for whoever! did you not know that they are there to be entertained and thats ALL your there for? what you know/feel/want is irrelevant to them…your ideas mean nothing to them!! These celebrities chase that dollar, make all that money, only to realize you cant afford ANYTHING… it all comes back around to #GROUPECONOMICS…”we” are the only ones on THE PLANET who do not practice it…

    • 5% Hov

      My Nigga

  • I have a theory…..Perhaps Kanye hooked up with Kim Kardashian as a way to get into the Fashion Industry? Because he seem determined to get in the door, and Kim is a great meal ticket in the Fashion industry. Just a thought

    • 5% Hov

      Rubbish thought… Kim wasnt in and still not in the fashion industry….

  • Judah Nazayar

    Im sure Blacks set the standard for cool and fashion. Only till recently confused niggas starting dressing in their shit. I mean.. Niggas fell off during the x tra large T skirt era..and stew pot fitted hats covering their ears..
    But we re back wid that fly shit.. and aint nobody checking for the fashion indistry..unless your a fruitbot

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