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Hip Hop Rumors: Guess How Much Boosie Spent On His New Jesus Piece?

Lil Boosie’s been home for a few months now, but just in case you didn’t know, he recently purchased a new chain that everyone will definitely take notice of.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.41.46 AM

MediaTakeout is reporting that Boosie Boo spent $200,000 on his 10-pound solid gold Jesus piece pictured above.

That’s one hell of a welcome home gift to treat yourself to…


  • Slaughtr

    Some straight stupid shyt!

  • Casor_Greener

    Damn we will never win

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO… so sad tho

    • ZUBU

      We will never win? Naw, this is just on Boosie not us all……

      • Casor_Greener

        If the majority of US are losing then WE are losing. Maybe not on the individual level but as a collective

  • TheAkademik

    At least he isn’t killing people anymore….I hope

  • hoeyuno

    Haha nobody had the heart to tell boosie those big ass chains are played like fubu jerseys….shouts to boosie though….hope he’s managing to stay away from his demons……

  • RayStantz

    People still doing that? This is the equivalent of the dude fresh out with the crispy phat farm jean suit lol

    • ursocalledgod


    • AlbertoRipRon

      lol damn son. and nigga thought he was clean with the crease and white air forces

  • Chris

    That’s the ugliest piece on planet Earth. SMH.

  • Tall Shon or T.S

    his money do what u want..

    • how he gettin moeny doe? lol he cant even rap nigga wack!!

      • Judah Nazayar

        u know? wtf is wrong niggas man??

  • soyhiphop

    By no means am I telling this ignant ass nicca what to do with his money but this is why these niccas go bankrupt..maybe if he invested this into a small chain of restaurants or something useful he would reap the benefits..but what you gonna benefit from a chain? Step up security cause hungry wolves would blow your brains out to get it? Boosies a coon

    • I digg where u coming from but have you seen the price of gold lately? He can resell that big stupid dumb chain lol…..The way gold has been rising he may actually make a profit off of it lol.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        I doubt he can make a profit. I don’t believe the piece is 10 pounds. Even if it is the value in gold would be close to 230k. Where is the profit for the jeweler.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        1 once of 24k today averages $1312
        1lb = 16oz
        1lb of 24k = 16 x $1312= $20,992
        10Lbs = $20,992 x 10 = $209,902
        He most likely has it made out of 14k or 18k which would bring this price down dramatically, if true he paid alot for the jewelers time in crafting/casting the design.

      • 5% Hov

        Refining means 70% to market value – minus the weight of the low grade diamonds….

        The IRS will be happy.

      • Escobar

        Haaaaaaaaa! Thinking outside the box out here.

      • u dumb as shit son

      • Fck u crakkka ass crakkka, u evidently can’t read… does have a resell value trailer boy…..that’s ur new nickname. Or better yet I’ll call your azz Char Kelly cuz ur pic looks pedophilish…..go play wit a lil boys dik u fck u already know I don’t fk wit u…ur the guy that thinks wayne is the best rapper in the world…Sheesh I already wasted too much time on u in other post…I’ll ignore u from now on, why don’t u go back to ur insane clown posse website u dumb crakkka juggalo. ..

      • of course it has a value dumbass, so does copper and steel.. but a gold chain is NOT a good investment dumbass… pure gold bars would be.. not 14k gold dumbass.. lmfao.. incase you didnt know dumbass is your new name.

    • Judah Nazayar

      I.R.S. already writing this nikkas name down to come collect

  • Ay it’s his money and his belief in whatever god he chooses. The guy can literally do whatever he wants with his cash, ain’t the first big chain worn by a rapper. Imo I ain’t wearing sht weighing ten lbs. on my neck but to each his own. I ain’t a huge Boosie fan but I Def ain’t no hater, obviously the brother handling his biz.

  • ursocalledgod

    SMH and we wonder why…

  • soyhiphop

    Ive worked around rich people white and black and non of them put on this modern day minstrel show..

    well I stop wearing them big chains cause when You do you just feel like rich peoples mascot. ..lloyd banks

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      wow, now that’s a Jewel being dropped and they wondering why every one in that fancy restaurant staring at them and they screaming do you know who I am? Yall must think yall better then me……

      • soyhiphop

        You so right lol they making clowns out yhem flavor flavish behavior

  • Markus

    This is I’m Gonna Git You Sucka OG stupid.

  • The Magical Negro

    $200K for a chain when you just got out of chains.

    “But he got money tho”
    – dumb niggas.

    • W.$.G.T.$

      “a million things run thru my mind, and i find, u aint gotta be in jail to be doin time…”


    • Natural State Music

      I agree, that’s just a waste of money. Especially in this day and time!

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Money don’t buy you class and money don’t buy you happiness, ask Boosie.

  • brollya

    nigga buying chains on layaway… nigga on a 10 year payment plan….

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    If the gold is real then whats the issue? east Indians do this ALL THE TIME look it up. a smart person is the person with the precious metal not the paper promissory note

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      the only thing is they not wearing the precious metal, you best believe its in a safe or bank vault.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        thats true, but the story i saw (i didnt know prior to the story) they was buying chains though………….and nah not cuban links. but this was when gold was dropping, it was on msnbc and they was saying how the east indians was buying gold chains and sending them ish to india. then im watching local news in GA and someone was following them to they homes and robbing them of the gold and on the news they said its custom for indians to keep gold and give gold as gifts.
        i used to think like everyone here and woulda SMH and said how ignorant it is. but if that is REAL solid gold then thats not a stupid buy, rather see the brother with that then a car that cost the same.
        but def agree….put that in a vault!

    • u dumb as shit son lol

    • Judah Nazayar

      hold this——-> L

    • 5% Hov


  • Christopher Thompson

    Dumb, this is the same rapper who was in prison broke saying none of the rappers would send him no money!

  • youngplaya

    Do YALL believe everything you read? Man get some knowledge. Would ya’ll believe he spent 1 million for the chain if it was printed here too….damn

  • johnblacksad

    I mean… you gotta love n!ggaz!!!

    Ninja rocking the Corcovado! LMAO… how he came up with that?!

    Ok, dismiss the dumb acquisition aspect of things, what do we have?
    This is as hip hop as it gets : my chain bigger than yours, now what n!gga?!!!

    I love it!

  • Gold is a great investment…However he just look very short yellow bus with it on.

  • Mr. Mike

    doesnt this asshole got like 5 kids? he coulda put all of them through college instead of displaying this buffoonery


      are you saying he can’t and won’t do both….and if so why not?..ijs

      • Judah Nazayar

        my dude… he couldnt think of a better purchase than ceasare borgia to wear on his neck= slave chain



      • 5% Hov

        U right lol

    • Sleep

      Yeah, this too.

  • brotha_man

    things we do for religion just baffles me….

    • sakiru oresanwo

      I doubt he did this in the name of Christianity

      • brotha_man

        i was being sarcastic…

  • Papi Peligro

    Man that’s that gumby gold. Turn you green son. Got the same glitter from the Christmas bulbs

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    There is no win in this for Boosie. Either it’s fake, or he looks crazy for spending that kind of money on jewelry. When you send $200K on a chain, it almost suggests that you are so rich that you wouldn’t even feel it (8-9 figures).

    If he got it then it’s whatever. If he doesn’t……..

    • J_buddha

      That is a good investment. Gold keeps its value when the value of the dollar drops. He could easily melt it down and sell it and get his money right back. Diamonds on the other hand lose their value a lot quicker.


        I’m sure he paid a heavy markup on the gold tho and diamonds. If in fact it weighs 10 lbs and is 14k, on the market it’s worth roughly $110,000. If he were to have the gold refined the most he can get is about 70% of it’s worth so around $77,000. The diamonds can possibly be sold to a jeweler at a heavily discounted price. Unless you are in the jewelry industry and can get wholesale prices jewelry is a very bad investment!!…haha

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Exactly. 10 pounds of PURE gold is currently worth $209,600. And we know it’s not pure gold.

      • Montezuma1

        Don’t quit your day job. You’ll never make it as a financial advisor. That is NOT a good investment.

      • J_buddha

        What’s your net worth? By the way the current price of gold is 1309 USD per ounce and it is up 35% over the last five years. That means if you purchased 100000 thousand in Gold five years ago you made 35 grand. Get off my wood.

      • Montezuma1

        Ni99a anyone with a precious metals app knows the price of gold, platinum, silver, etc. What’s your point bozo? The commodities doesn’t trade in 14k gold which is less than 60% pure gold. The price also fluctuates. What goes up must come down. The entire market is manipulated and unless you’re doing the manipulation it’s pretty risky. Making 35k on 100k in 5yrs is not worth the risk because you also have to consider the devaluing purchasing power of the dollar. Gold is more a hedge against inflation than an investment but I don’t want to teach your dumb azz too much in one session.

      • J_buddha

        While you scared to jump in the deep end you got unknown dudes making billions every year in straight cash. No other industry where you can make that much cash. I’m talking straight cash. Real traders don’t hedge. If you hedge that means you don’t have any balls. I could give you so much game but you talked you self out of it. You a coward, you are not meant for the trading game, KEEP YOUR DAY JOB.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Well school me bruh I need to roll over my 401 k should I take the lump sum or roll it over to my new employer or do the IRA?

      • J_buddha

        If you take the lump sum and trade it you could make more. There is always risk, though. If you want to learn how to trade get Trend Following by Michael Covel. But if you want the simple version, bet 2-5% per trade and just follow the trend. If it is going up go long, if it is going down go short. Limit your bets, don’t bet the house on one trade. You are going to take losses, but the winners make up for the losses. Just bet 2-5% depending and how much risk you are willing to take. The higher the risk the bigger your reward, but the bigger your losses. You can start trading foreign exchange with a couple hundred dollars to experiment and learn how to trade. Let your winners ride and cut your losses. If you are winning keep the trade, if you lose your 2-5% exit the trade. You need a little math and a little computer skills, but it is pretty simple. Get that book and go from there. You can trade foreign exchange with a little money, futures contracts is where you need big money but you can make really big money too. Trade everything if you can, foreign exchange, futures, stocks, single stock futures, and bonds. Get that book, it is about 15$ and you will learn the basics. Another good book is market wizards. They show you how its done. Once you got the basics down you can go your own way and make a trading system just for you and your money.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Yea I heard of him last few years my 401 was trading aggressively made a few “ends” and then got scared just knew whitey would figure out how to get my guap back. So I took and ran. My problem is trusting people with my money!!

      • J_buddha

        They have some good traders out there but you have to know the game to know who is trustworthy. Start small and learn how to trade for yourself. If you get good enough you could trade for other people. You need a series 3 license but all you have to do is pass the test. You can do it if you are disciplined.

      • J_buddha

        And it isn’t what you trade it is how you trade it, you can trade anything if you know simple mathematics. It isn’t rocket science. You go long or you go short, that’s it. You making it complicated, it really isn’t. All you need is the bread and the patience. You can get filthy rich, rags to riches. Stop arguing with people you don’t know because you never know who you are talking to.

      • 5% Hov

        Trade a chain? LOL
        Nigga stop.

      • J_buddha

        Gold is traded for cash. You trade cash for food. Everyone trades. The thing about gold is that it can increase in value. When the price of gold goes up your chain is worth more. Same thing with food, when the price of beef goes up you pay more at the store. Stop saying nigga, it’s stupid.

      • Judah Nazayar

        u know u cant tell these simple ass niggas nothin..
        These are niggas who call Jay z ..HOV= them niggas have chicken mcnuggets for brains

      • 5% Hov



      • Twonpass


      • bluelight74

        Excellent post, it’s great to see someone with financial acumen on these boards. Civilization is rigged. It has been forever. Who gets to be the “house” is the only thing that changes.

      • u dumb as shit son

      • J_buddha

        Yo why you cowards how to talk shhh behind a computer. You know you don’t want no problems so act like this is real life you coward. Show your real name and your face, you won’t because you are a coward. Keep typing you punk. You sound like NY, NY don’t do that. You the reason why NY fell off.

      • Sleep

        Is your real name J_buddha? Is that an Irish name? But no, his chain will not get him 200k by melting it down, as Bx Rich said. Baaaaad purchase.

      • ok.. J buddha… my real name is B Weedha…. lol.. and here you are…. talking shit… ironic dont cha think? you dumb as shit son

      • J_buddha

        I’m done.

      • are you? or are you done now? lmfao

      • J_buddha

        You not a rider you a hider.

      • says the guy.. thats hiding lmfao.. again.. ironic.. dont cha thank

  • Fosho3528

    Still can’t buy any class.

  • Mac7504

    Dats called being nigga rich…:fact:

    • Twonpass

      nah , just a nigga
      he dont own shit,. ya’ll better learn something

  • Montezuma1

    Another country fool in the spotlight shaming all of us like only they can.

    • Judah Nazayar

      nigga degenerate meter is about to burst

  • Immortal

    A fool and his money are soon parted. On that note….

  • RichFromBX

    everyone saying this is a good investment needs to understand that buying gold jewelry vs gold bars are two different things.

    When you buy jewelry, especially something as elaborate as this, you also pay for the labor and craftsmanship that went in to creating the piece so no, you will never make your money back. If you don’t believe me, go ahead a take gold chain you have at home and try to sell it to a jewelry shop. They’re going to take it, place it on a scale and pay you the going rate for gold which will be less than what you paid for the chain.

    Ignorant asses thinking jewelry is an investment.

    • Montezuma1

      Don’t bother with these fools. They will just call you a hater for trying to educate them. Ignorance is bliss.

      • Sean Taylor

        Ignorance is bliss considering the price of gold today is $1,312.00 per ounce. Let’s do the math;

        There are 160oz. in 10lbs. of gold.
        – 160oz x $1,312.00 = $209,920.00.
        It’s said he paid $200,000.00. Enough said…

      • Montezuma1

        Well the price of gold is for PURE gold. 14k is 58% gold so 10lbs is in all actuality 5.8lbs so say 6. Now do your math azzhole and tell me who’s really ignorant.

      • therealwayno

        You also have to consider that the10lbs of gold in that piece is not solid gold depending on the karats. And then when a jewelry buys the gold back from you they are not giving you much more than 50% of the gold value.

      • RichFromBX

        so you’re basically saying that whoever sold him this piece did so at a $10,000 loss for just gold and the labor in creating it was free?

  • what a fuckin idiot

  • wei sheng

    Ok our love for the shiny things is understandable seeing that our ancestors were kings/queens and greatness & power is just innately in us but…..NIGGA THAT AINT JESUS!

    • Gonja

      ha! real shit!

  • 1hiphophiphop

    That chain is horrible

  • IROC

    A fool and his money will soon part ! SAD

  • AlbertoRipRon

    probably isn’t all the way real. but no effs given. Do you.

  • Coonery at its finest

    • Judah Nazayar

      *umm how much for that big ass white man jezues idol*
      200,000 dollars
      *is that it.. thats a small price to pay for the whiteman is god piece..ill take it*

  • Sleep

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say this was probably not a wise purchase for Mr. Boosie.

  • Sleep

    Good call letting the goons know you got 200k swinging on your neck. Protect ya neck!!!

  • shoon1

    10 pounds yea fuckin right….nigga better have a strong ass neck… I guess it got a good workout in prison

  • ghettogov

    That Shit looks stupid and not in a good way…it looks tacky af like something you see in a hip-hop parody…coonery…

  • $18916246


  • King Cold

    Coonery at its finest

    • As if I didn’t already write that

      • King Cold

        Didnt see your post so my apologies however it is good to see another person with the same thoughts. Salute

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Keep that southern fuckery going boosie now go spit some wack raps

  • Twonpass

    The saddest part of all this, is the mentality that thinks this is cool (all the other clowns around him.)

    The war is happening in your face, and you cowards just stand there and take it in the ass

    No warrior spirit, more fags then real men walking around, and the rest are totally lost in the sauce.

    That is the dumbest shit anyone could do. let alone this step and fetch it minstrel show.

    But again, they so dam lost they think what they are doing is winning,


    what the hell are ya’ll looking at

    OH that’s right, the TV cause no one reads or even comprehends what they read anymore.

    None of you will get it, until it is too late, and we are already in trouble.

  • LOL~N at meeting Jesus at the Pearly gates of Heaven and trying to get in rocking that ‘chet!


    Jesus would be like :

    • Muslims would be like :

      • White people would be like :

      • Christians would be looking like :

      • The only Boosie supporters supporting this ‘chet are like :

      • Even the Chinese people that sold it to him were like:

      • Fugg around, Jesus take it the wrong way, like Boosie is showing love for the Romans, etc. & be like :

      • EniggaMA

        lol you on a roll fam

      • Hahahaa!
        Dumb ‘chet sets me off!

      • 5% Hov


      • 5% Hov

        Aint that a bitch.
        I done learned today.

      • Each one Teach one….the best way they know how!


  • Montezuma1

    C.J. Memphis

  • Montezuma1

    “They say I got crow in my blood Sarge.” -CJ Memphis LOL


      LMAO!!!!! Classic line from a classic movie!!

  • EniggaMA

    more niggas bitchin about what people doing wit their money.

  • 5% Hov

    The IRS just got a fat check.

    He looking at a $80,000 loss straight out the door, alot more if it aint 24k

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    That’s his money to do what he chooses to do. I have nothing to say about how he spends his money.. Those checks say Boosie (whatever his legal name is), lol. they do not read “Pay to the order of” Lil Boosie, The fans, Haters. Case closed. Fan of his music or not, he doing him. Wouldn’t hurt for some cats to do them regardless of your financial status.

  • 5% Hov

    “I’m sure he paid a heavy markup on the gold tho and diamonds. If in fact it weighs 10 lbs and is 14k, on the market it’s worth roughly $110,000. If he were to have the gold refined the most he can get is about 70% of it’s worth so around $77,000. The diamonds can possibly be sold to a jeweler at a heavily discounted price. Unless you are in the jewelry industry and can get wholesale prices jewelry is a very bad investment!!…haha”

    What this nigga said…

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    i seen a nigga in the blood bank today with a big fake as gold chain on and niggas was acting like that bullshyt was real

  • speedy37

    Only southerners think this is cool.