Hip Hop Rumors: Jay And Bey Faking Marriage Issues?

One can only wonder what’s really going on inside the walls of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage, but according to a publicist, the couple is putting on a major show to laugh all the way to the bank.

Jonathan Hay shared with The Sun:

““If you look at the timing of these stories I don’t think this is a coincidence.

“They are driving interest for the tour.

“Ticket sales started off slow and I am sure they were notified they weren’t through the roof as they expected.

“So then we had the elevator fight and since then the tour has been written about every single night and ticket sales have increased.”

Jonathan, who knows Jay Z from working with his protegee Rihanna early in her career, continued: “I believe they are using this for publicity.

“We are just talking about Jay Z and Beyonce the characters — not Shawn Carter and Beyonce Knowles the parents.

“Once the tour is over they will put a stop to these stories and show everything is fine at home.”

We hope so because all these rumors circulation need to be put to rest ASAP.

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  • Dope

    I told you the same shit on the last article. Jay is a business man, he knows what people want and gives it to them.

    • illseed

      interesting. These rumors are long lasting so it seems more and more feasible as they carry on.

    • El Duderino

      Keep on living in you’re fantasy world and keep on riding Jay-Z’s dick

      • Celz

        You sound like a puzzy shut the fucc up.. The man ain’t even say he likes Jay.

      • Dope

        What’s your problem haterboy?
        Most celebrities create fake drama all the time, so how is me saying Jay Z probably did it too so he can sell more tickets dick riding?

      • !!

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  • Markus

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all about raising interest in their tour. But to be honest if someone buys a ticket just so they can check how they act toward each other onstage in front of thousands thinking they’re going to see friction in their marriage, that person needs medication.

  • I been knew that…..Ever since the tour started they been releasing these fake rumors. It’s great because it’s working.

  • Mr. Mike

    stevie wonder coulda seen that coming

  • Breeze

    I said this months ago when they first reported that ticket sales were lookin like a pile of shit

  • GP

    and them maury said:

  • brotha_man

    or maybe ahh is making up these rumors to drive up traffic

    • 5% Hov

      You think?

  • RightOn

    “I knew that” “yeah that’s true” “I thought so” you poor poor people. The truth is, you and i know Jack. Stop believing everything you read and most importantly stop letting the media tell you what the priority is.

    • 5% Hov


  • Trill Gates

    well it would make sense

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    Why should Beyonce and Jay-Z have to make up fake issues within their marriage to sale concert tickets? If they are that is WACK!

  • chicagostyl

    and you ni99as fallin for it.

  • Immortal

    The pres was like….

  • kane pacino

    ha ha ha . . jay . . bey . . you got me!

  • El Duderino

    The Jay-Z dickriders running this website are the only ones buying that bullshit. Get over it, their fake ass business marriage is over.

  • luckly i dont give a F about either of them..

  • anyway, concerts are always lame.. unless its like a pink flyod or some legendary performer that doesnt perform very offten if at all.. otherwise its a bunch of F boys dancing around on stage yelling their raps off beat over top of their recorded verse…

      • u like watching dudes dance on stage and chant their lyrics over the track in the background?? lol.. u like seeing lil waynes ass crack as his skinny jeans sag to the floor? u might be gay nigga

      • NEGATIVE, that’s why I don’t go to those type of shows….like you do.

      • uh.. i said i didnt like concerts… try and keep up buddy

      • How would you know if you didn’t go?

      • i have gone to concerts.. thats how i know what it is i dont like., that its how i formed my conclusion. god damn, try n keep up

      • You tried that sucka ‘chet because you’re a sucka!

        Get it yet? Or do you need me to slLLOOOoooooowwwwWWW it down a bit for it to sink in you’re smart, dumb Mudda-chuckin’ @$$!


      • ZZZZzzzzzzzz…….

  • IROC

    AHH let this story DIE until they file papers let it go

  • Right. I don’t think they would do that. I personally don’t think they are getting a divorce, If they are we’ll see.

  • meanygreene

    must realize that their star is fading

  • EniggaMA

    this i might actually believe

    • 5% Hov

      Then you are naive.

      • EniggaMA