Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Says He’s Definitely Gonna Kill Gillie Da Kid!


The police are out here killing Black people like they are on sale at the donut shop and Soulja Boy is on this BS. He’s on Twitter bragging about killing Gillie Da Kid – like he’s really about to do it!! SB said in the most public forum ever: “Umma shoot that n***a right in his bald head. … I’ll be in Philly ASAP.” Now, I definitely don’t believe him, but this is an unprecedented level of trash-talk even for Hip-Hop!
Peep the tweets!


Hey, Guys….we mad the police. Let that petty mess go!



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  • Putiiin

    Why don´t they just settle this in COD and get money too

  • The irony of Soulja calling someone washed up…

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    I wonder if Soulja is still gettin that protection from 50 Cent?

    • Kevin S

      Lmao… Only protection SB gonna have is Trojan Condoms. #NoHomo

  • Brandon

    Soulja Boy just committed a felony by threatening him and if Billie so much as stubs his toe they are gonna look at Soulja Boy. This has to be a gimmick or he’s gone off some good shit

    • El Dogga

      Definitely did! That’s 2nd/3rd degree assault right there!

      Since he got all them stacks (lol) I would sue that fool!

      • Brandon

        he might claim insanity. he was dumb enough to wife up super head and thought it was a good idea to go at a street nigga, show up to court in that short bus it might just work

    • Celz

      Terrorist Threats… Like the cops could come and raid him right now.. Young kids (18-23 or so) have got locked up for talkin smack on twitter

  • smh, seriouslt whop lstens to soluja boy? who goes to his shows? my god he sucks… he cant oput rap gillie, he cant beat him up one on one, and he sure as hell cant out gangsta gillie.. lmfao… pathetic. he better kill gillie because every second gillie is alive the faker and wacker soulja boy gets.. hahahahaha


  • johnblacksad

    Nah… smart dude… that’s the safest move Soulja could pull… he managed to place himself under federal protection because now that it’s public, we know ain’t nobody gon ‘see’ nobody… feds is watchin in full HD now

    …but on second thought tho, cocaine is a hell of a drug, word to Rick James!

  • Kevin S

    SB a clown. Been a clown. Always will be a clown.

  • IROC

    Soulja boy a killer joke of the year these tough guys on the internet, only people SB is killing is the public with them raps, this little boy need to get them tatts off his face pull his pants up and grow up, the media need to stop feeding into this garbage of beefs it only shows how the public is not buying cd’s the industry is dying fast

  • Markus

    In light of what’s really happening in the streets of America, you’d think that this wouldn’t be going on. You’d think that these rappers would be more sensitive to current events. But they rather go the buffoon route and embarrass themselves for the studio gangsters they portray themselves as.

  • Monkey Dance

    Either Soulja coked up, OR was hacked!

  • scullyson

    SB a Bum. He aint coming to Philly.

  • Two_guns_Billy

    Cocaine is a helluva drug

  • Renzoe

    sb is acting his age saying shit without thinking,gillie on the other acting what his name suggest.I’m not taking sides this shit is silly,.keeping attention away from mike brown (rip)

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      i beg to differ… Mike brown’s story is everywhere, this isnt. My tv is showing Mike Brown coverage not this!

  • Breeze

    Now the other day I suggested soulja boy really go to philly and smack this nigga. Lol. . . Butbi didnt think he would get on twitter and say he gonna kill the nigga lmfao. What a clown move. . . Especially with the authorities monitoring all that shit

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      you got what you asked for, this clown said he coming…. to KILL gillie!!!

      • Breeze

        Lmao I aint say all that now

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        lmao, nah im just playing around. this clown ass dude trying to catch an indictment before even booking the flight. this is that clown shit homie!



    • Jonathan Cayol

      Amen sir .

  • Miss.S

    if I’m not mistaken Gille a REAL street nigga.. kinda respected down in den streets in philly ?? i may be wrong but ……

  • TheAkademik

    now if somebody really got killed AHH will post a “stop the violence” article….good think its souljaboytellem making the threats

  • That boi said he dumped on 8 cats….lol give me a break bruh when all this happen? Wasn’t he like 16 and a millionaire by then…so when was all this work put in? Who the fk does this kinda sht man, snitching on yaself

  • hoeyuno

    SB talking about old rappers wanting a second chance…ummm the sb superman song was ions ago in rap years…now im not an expert but something tells me SB isnt gonna be searching philly for anybody. ..haha…sb gonna wake up to police at his door..

  • tc wiseguys111

    Soulja Boy aint gone throw rice at a wedding he aint gone fight a COLD ………He need to stick to Yowda & Molly till he finally broke ….

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO this is laughable!! this dude is a clown. never should of been on anybodys radar anyway with his elementary lyrics and ringtone raps. now look at this clown. smh

  • Slaughtr

    The disturbing reality of this shyt is how hip hop is turning against each other and I know this is all set up by the corporate boys to increase the self hate and black on black killing of each other to release blame for the condition that was created. Although I am very vocal about the destruction of hip hop this is just an example of why I post most of the shyt I feel needs to be spoken on truthfully not giving a fck about what anybody on allhipflop thinks. As long as their is no unity and intergrity in hip hop this type of punk antics will continue. All the disrespect I constantly see regarding so called old rappers well if it wasn’t for old rappers none of todays MC’s would be making the kind of cake they are able to make because the brothers and sisters who put in work paved the way for what they think is real hip hop. Social media has opened a door for cats jump out their with their mouth acting like the feds aren’t watching their ignorant ass. It’s fucked up other genre’s of music have respect for the older cats as this new hip-flop generation has not a clue of who came before them. The inside beefing adds fuel to the argument that today’s rap artist are buckwheats running in a field and hell yea I hope these niggaz keep killin each other. My motto fck guns put your hands up and fight like a man and stop the punk ass twitter rants. I suggest to real hip hop heads log onto hihop rehab and stop falling a mental victim to separation in a culture we own, stop giving what we created to outside folks and lastly stop the punk social media shyt. to punk ass soldier boy you need to sober boy and act like a man because basically your fake ass rap act has run it’s course.

    • “The age of the ignorant rapper is done, knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone.” KRS One

    • Savimbi

      That was very real!!!!

  • JimJames29

    Funniest sh!t I ages… evrybody was thinking soulja boy was gonna sh!t his pants… then he makes death threats… multiple… on twitter! Who saw that one coming? Wonder how this plays put, you already know nobody’s gonna do nothing to nobody… funny ish tho

    • gcide

      And when the police looking for evidence to convict his stupid ass ahhh stupid ass social media posts. #getzemeverytime

    • When Gillie run up on SB & touch, SB will be like:
      “Didn’t see that coming!”

  • Killuminati

    Yea let me go on social media talking bout shoot outs I been in lmao…..this dude is funny. They both are lames

    • Yeah, but fuggin with Gillie, SB is about to get his bell rung!

      Gillie will put hands on him if he can.

      • Killuminati

        I’m sure that neither of them are hard to find. I think it’s all talk

      • SB? yeah, but if Gillie catches SB slipping in Philly, I think he would put hands on him…& tape it!

      • Killuminati

        We could only hope that will happen

      • Yeah but we know it won’t!

        SB ain’t coming to Philly and Gillie doesn’t have plane fare.

  • Obi Won

    Didn’t Soulja Boy thank slave masters?!?! He should’ve stop getting headlines a long time ago. No album release, not even the fake money, & especially this crap here.

  • trvlman

    The epitome of clown shit!

  • Jared

    LMFAAOO @Soulja Boy. He’s never going to make it to Philly

  • Mr. Mike

    on tour? what, is he still promoting his first album or something? did he even drop anything else after that? god i hate this kid

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this tour going to last a couple of years and he ain’t never going to stop to do a performance in Philly. He going to do a drive by on Gillie from his tour bus going straight from NY to VA.

  • RightOn

    AHH, you are a f&^%(ing hypocrites here. You’re here day and night using this low budget website as a platform to promote and instigate black on black crime (beef as you call it). Now all of a sudden you want to use the death of a young black man that’s in the news lately, to bring up black on black high moral crap. I don’t even know which is worst. In any case, you and your likes are the lowest scums of this earth. You do not give a shhhh about the black community AT ALL and your actions tell us that. Maggots.

  • gcide

    This is clearly a joke. Everyone knows nobody is paying to see soulja boy on tour

    • regalpimp

      Comment of the month!!!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Will somebody whip this cornball’s ass for the gp?

  • Jonathan Cayol

    If Souljah Boy Tell’em goes to Philly he will leave with his life but not his ego nor his jewels , I don’t think people wanna kill him . They’re smarter than that .

    • Sean Peterson

      first things first ,if those tweets really were from the boy,then he will not leave philly with his life …the tweets said he cant wait to kill Gilly…..punishment for those remarks ??..Death….NORTH PHILLY ALL DAY……

  • Smh, let the clowns do their job. The powers that be that are seeing this must be overjoyed

  • i’mreloaded!

    Soulja Boy is a certified killa though. I can vouch for dat. He killed da hell out his own career.

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    Soulja boy is not going to take his bitch ass to Philly!!! Gili will get that nigga touched something nasty!!!

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