Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Iggy Collaborate With Lil Kim?

Now, this would be very awkward.

In a recent interview, T. I. claims that Iggy Azalea and Lil Kim might be getting together and making some music. That’s a bit of a scary notion, if you ask me. Why? It almost assures that there is friction between Nicki and Iggy. You can’t be neutral when you collab with the rival of your rival! If this is the case, Iggy would then be entering the Lion’s Den of rap beef. Nicki ain’t no slouch in the shots fired department so I doubt that there will be any declarations of war. Nevertheless, this is what Tip had to say, “I got a call from Kim. She said it’s time to find that record to get [a collaboration] done.” He also said that a Remy Ma song could happen too. This could get Iggy out of the Lion’s Den of public opinion about her authenticity as well. I don’t know. I think this could spark a war. On the flip side, Nicki is pretty much always about female unity so maybe not.


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  • Dope

    Lil Kim is desperate to have anyone of significance on her side. Doubt Iggy would approve the song if it was aimed at Nicky, and definitely wouldn’t write a verse going at her just for a song with Lil Kim.
    So this ain’t happening.

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  • Markus

    Iggy probably thinking at this point that the enemy of my enemy could be a friend.

    • Immortal

      Ironic being it was said by a cat who died shortly afterwards. Could you possibly be describing a couple of rap careers one which barring a miracle and a BlackMens magazine spread is already dead, or the other who’s “fake it till I make it” has gone too far?

    • 5% Hov

      * you mean TI is thinking for Iggy.

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  • EniggaMA

    If there were only 1 rap chick in the game she’d beef wit herself.

  • The Lil Kim Show © ™

    This article is bullshit who says if Lil Kim and Iggy collab its gotta b a diss to nicki so if iggy collabs with nicki is that a diss to Lil Kim??? also since when is nicki known for female unity she has no songs with other female rappers (besides that 5 star bitch wack shit) she disses females on every record she talks about son-ing bitches and hoes is washed up and is Remy tryna be relevant? Only Lil Kim gets called every name in the book for every move she makes but nicki iggy and remy can collab and its all good but the minute kim in the picture AAAAHHH HELLLA PPPP OOOHHH NOOOO LOL

  • The Lil Kim Show © ™

    nicki already dissed iggy at the bet awards and if they collab together its only so they can make nicki shyne and take away from iggy credibility

  • There is going to be shade because of sites like this that wanna place a story about Lil Kim and Iggy, but throw Nicki Minaj in the picture. Point is why throw Nicki in the mix when this has nothing to do with the collaboration?

  • Not sure how Iggy gets street cred by doing a collabo with Remy…I saw “Training Day” at the end, when Allonzo tried to get the gangbangers to shoot the white cop & homey refused and said “Out here, you got to put your own work in!”

  • Danny Martin

    ” On the flip side, Nicki is pretty much always about female unity so maybe not.”-Allhiphop Editor.
    Shows they know nothing. lmao!
    Nicki’s one of the most cattiest niggers of all time !!!

  • ArielleDavid Taylor

    If lil kim serioisly does a collab with iggy i will deff loose some respect. Lil kim is wayyyyyy too talented to sell out with the trash music iggy makes. Yea the beats are hot.. but is she really saying anything? No talent. Its always just a pretty face and a big ass.