David Banner Discusses Difference Between Cops Killing Black Men & Black-On-Black Murder (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The police killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has become national news this week. Many people have weighed in on the situation, including Mississippi rapper David Banner.

Banner was a guest on CNN to further address the Brown shooting and to have a greater discussion about the value placed on the lives of African-American males in this country.

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The conversation began with host Don Lemon asking the veteran emcee/producer about the negative reaction to a few of his recently posted tweets.

DavidBanner Tweet DavidBanner Tweet2

Banner stated:

[The tweets were] definitely taken out of context. First off all, on Sundays I always dialogue with my fans. I always push my fans to think. And at the time that had nothing to do with what was going on in Ferguson. But it still applies. What I was saying is white cops do not see value in young, black men. And the reason why a lot of young, black men – not all black men – kill each other is because they don’t see any value either.

So many people have bought into this Americanized system, and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that. So, there’s a reason why we don’t see value, but it’s different because cops are paid to protect us.

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Watch David Banner’s appearance on CNN below.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Up until a year or 5 ago I always thought David Banner was just the next no-brain producer/rapper. I respect that man.

    • spk

      I don’t know why you would think that…. the man has a masters degree. its clear that you have never listened to any of his music or heard him speak. glad to see you wake up though

      • TheAfroRican

        Exactly. Dude attended Southern University and was president of the Student Government Association there. He received his masters at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

      • ghettogov

        I’m pretty sure like a pimp had something to do with it..i didn’t know he was a deep brother until death of a pop star..

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Because I was uninformed obviously.
        Im glad you took your chance to talk down on me though
        Niggaz and their niggativity

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  • F.U.

    David, Chuck D, Lord Jamar and Nas need their own show! We are so deaf, dumb and blind!

    • I_AM_Houston

      Id like Killer Mike, David Banner, Nas & Jamar.

    • kasshu

      -jamar tho

    • hongkongfui

      add 9th wonder

  • Twonpass

    Slowly, but surely we getting there
    WAKE UP Brothas and Sistas

  • ghettogov

    Hes right. Making the black life be seen as more valuable starts from within and the kids are the ones who need to be talked to the most cuz they are the ones who are doing the most damage. Change starts from within. They don’t think of a person’s right to exist as meaning anything. Also as black people we need to look at different ways to solve conflict other than violence. Killing someone solves no problems especially if your life is not endangered. The glorifying of gang culture and gangsta rap in general need to be changed until that happens and we change our mentality, this will continue to grow and become a bigger problem than it already is.

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  • Markus

    To his credit, Banner was intelligent and insightful. Usually news stations don’t promote the black entertainers who actually have something to say and can actually articulate so it was refreshing to see him not embarrass himself.

  • RBG4Life

    It may be too much to ask for, but I hope all these cats beefing over stupid sh!t will put that sh!t down and get on some real sh!t because its getting too real out here for dudes to be trippin over petty sh!t. Its time for #unity and #evolution. I said this long ago but its long overdue.

    • Judah Nazayar

      its not gonna happen bro. Negroes are finished!! lets se how many niggas in the rap game are paid off to never discuss issues like this.
      its just sickening man..

      • RBG4Life

        Yea, I know its wishful thinking, but a piece of me has to have hope. I know all definitely won’t, but maybe a few will realize that talking the sh!t they do in the songs they create or support gives a shield to others to hide justification of our deaths behind.

      • I_AM_Houston

        they dont have to be paid off. they dont gaf to begin with. you dont make all your songs about killin niggas etc and then say you care once some stuff happens. we are putting all this in music left and right. lets not forget all the fake blood rappers promoting gang violence.

  • Draftmane

    Real Talk from D.B.!

    • RBG4Life

      He hit the nail on the head with the “if we dont feel comfortable with you we have the right to kill you” statement. As black people, damn near everything we do has to be about accomodating white fear or comfort.

      • Because the law keeps us disarmed.

        I bet if Blacks were allowed to defend themselves, this ‘chet would stop yesterday.

      • steven smith

        We still have to defend our people by all means and overide white men racist laws.
        they lock us up we kidnap them for prisoner exchange.
        white men fears to be held hostage.

      • Black people are notorious for forgetting about their political prisoners, like Jamil El Al Amin / H. Rap Brown.

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  • kasshu

    List of rappers they may touch on this issue. Krit……… Maybe Jcole, Possibly Nas….

    • Mr. Enigma

      Nas is in Hidden Colors 3. Touching on more issues than one, I’de reconsider the ”possibly” part.

      • kasshu

        True true!

  • A few things folks need to know….Ferguson police haven’t reached out to his family yet, neither has the FBI, the family doesn’t even have their child’s body and don’t even know how many times the kid was shot….just heard all this from their lawyer…can you even imagine their pain? Only thing they know is that their son is dead man this sht is so sad

  • STFUUIgnants

    Nothing but respect for this brother. So glad they didn’t go get Gucci Mane or some nonsense.

  • Slaughtr

    As much as I am pro my people this statement was dead true because not only do niggaz kill for a quarter and kill for whack ass air jordans. The police are the cops under cover so please stop with all this reaching out shyt that doesn’t destroy the fact another brother dead. As the condition was created against the brother with carbon in his skin being strategic and not so emotional which I know it’s hard not too because I do but I had to look hard at the other side. Black on Black crime was instituted in slavery and still exist but cop killing is to justify snuffing us out. for this to be on a hip hop site I will say that this is the reason why hip hop has been dumbed down to bs because there is so much more to talk about..the war is not over. My generation was conscience nowadays when shyt happens niggaz turn cheeks.If you really think MLK did something your sadly mistaken I respect him for his work but the dream has turned into a nightmare. If you are a true hip hop living individual act the fck like it and take action, talking and saying bs doesn’t help anything walk the walk and talk the talk fck fakin. There is a lot on the line.

  • Immortal

    We want to feed off this and it’s cool, but are we hypocrites? Look at the overall comments on here, and ask where is the personal responsibility? Where is this “brotherly love” and “each one teach one”? How many of us on AHH want to call each other nigga(er), degrade one another or “ethug”? I’m not excluding myself either. As unfortunate as this is, it’s another incident that will be remembered by some, forgotten by many by events that will come and go in time. Memories are short and lessons are long. When are we going to take stock in ourselves and see ourselves as more than the bullet catchers others see us as? When are we going to get past materialistic means as justification of existence? Lavell William Crump went and got an education. An education. When will the rest of us put that before a escalade, jordans, LV, or other pointless items that are temporary? We listen to and glorify rap in the sense of “that’s what I want to be/do”. What happened to the dreams of being an astronaut, a doctor, an educator, even a lawyer? Nope some of us are still at that “wanna be a baller” stage. That doesn’t apply to all, but it’s funny how many rich scrub rappers are out there being sweated, yet conscious MC’s are broke as used toilet paper. I’m not going to say any one person is at fault, but rather a systematic series of faults that aren’t getting any lower each day. I’ll catch some flack over what I said and that’s fine. Better to talk about it, than to sit here and condone it quietly.

    • eddieknucks

      I agree. The reason we don’t wanna be doctors and lawyers and such is because we want it now. Wanna walk before we crawl. We think rap and sports is the easy way out. It’s not but you can’t tell us nothing. Shit these new ninjas want dope money but won’t even hustle for it. We in front of the gas stations and liquor stores at 17, 18 asking for change. We think the working man is a chump and the student is a nerd.

      • Immortal

        That’s true. But what you mentioned was the “young man’s” mentality. How are you going to be credible in your 30’s and beyond and still claiming “that life”. What life? And before this killing there were other killings. Where was Unc Al the snitch then? Ohh they were black on black. I’m ranting I know so forgive me. On a happier note though, the local PD is being removed and replaced by the Gov of Missouri. Even the Gov believes there would be no justice as long as the current PD stays in power. Good Move MO!!!

      • eddieknucks

        We just need to be outraged at all killings. We conditioned to dying. It’s nothing new to us. We only get pissed when it’s a child or someone else kills us.

    • RBG4Life

      Honestly I think some dont look to be some of the things you mentioned because they dont want to deal with white dominated society, so they stay in the hood where they understand the rules of the game better. Its cut and dry and to the point. The “outside” has a lot of hidden tricks and traps where one can constantly be disappointed after putting their best foot fwd. You could make the case that the hood can encourage a “Im not gonna get anywhere anyway” mentality, but I have to admit it can be a deep feeling to go thru so much to achieve only to be alienated away from your own people while still dealing with racism regardless of your personal accomplishments and efforts. That sh!t can be very discouraging to those it happens to and those who witness it.

      • Immortal

        I feel what you’re saying, but you described the “institutionalism” mentality, a “slave” mentality. So if Harriet Tubman thought this way, no one would’ve been freed because all they know is getting their asses kicked and picking cotton and food. Reaching out shouldn’t be “shunned” or “uncool” but rather a means of establishing goals and setting a way to achieve them. Disapointment is a way of life. We all have to accept that. I’m not going to date Hallie Berry anytime soon, so I should give up? Nah there’s better women than her, and a lot less crazy so I’ll go after them, or I’m trying to make 100g a year at my job but I’m not getting promoted. So sit back and take less money when I know I’m worth more? Get up and look for a job that I think will give me a good quality of life and pay me what I think I’m worth. I’m not arguing with you because there are those stuck in their “comfort zones” and it’s easy to sit there. But it’s up to others to see the potential in others and push them harder for them to get those goals. God may help those that help themselves, but he damn sure has love for those that help them help themselves.

      • RBG4Life

        No doubt fam! By no means was I saying give up. My point is to understand that there could be some of our people who think in this way and for those that may I understand where they are coming from. Everyone aint built to keep coming when they get knock down. In a perfect world we would all be that way, but some people just dont have the fire. Our situation and obstacles are designed to wear that fire down. Obviously I have plenty of fire because I aint never gonna stop riding for my kind even when it wasnt fashionable I still rep. I just choose to understand different mentalities of my people instead of just condemning them or putting them down. A lot of times when you understand how people think or how things work, you can help to spark that fire instead of disregarding it as being put out, you know? Peace.

  • Shawn kemp

    What happened is fucked up. Let’s see how many rappers put this shit in their lyrics but will this same rappers do anything to help this family? Tupac would have been the only rapper to rally some shit up. My man young jeezy said he is here to do shit like pac? This is his chance to she and prove. There will never be peace until we don’t have to fear who is supposed to protect and serve. What part of protect or serve was this slaying? The officer hasn’t even been charged and he is still on salary?

  • Shawn kemp


  • Shawn kemp


  • Euric Lowke Dinkins

    I normally dont speak on stuff like this but I feel that this is getting out of hand. I think its time to stop all the protest, the riots and looting, and the marching. And its time to go an eye for an eye route. Tommy Sotomayor said it best, until these cops are afraid that when they go home, that something will have happened to their children or family after they do something like this, it will never stop. Blacks kill and still from other blacks and no one bats an eye. Yet as soon as a white guy kills a black guy then everyone is up in arms…… BUT only for a few days then you forget about it…..I know one thing. If this were MY child and he was gun down in the street like a dog, I would soon follow him. But I would take out as many cops (WHITE COPS) and their families as I could before it happened. I would make an example of all of them. Screw the legal system, as they have shown us time and time again that its not set up for us. Until you can put fear in their hearts you can expect more of the same. Not saying every cop or white cop is gunning for young black people as we all know some are actually trying to provide a service to law abiding citizens. But its time to make an example out of them.

    • So until it’s your kids gunned down…you won’t make a move?

  • Banner = Representing

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  • jroc dadon

    “What about black on black crime” is whites pathetic attempt to change the subject. It is their way of excusing a young black male getting murdered by saying “well, you guys do it too”. What a sick twisted mentality.

    That’s like if someone goes into Syria and kills an innocent man, then when people complain, just say “people die here everyday, whats the big deal”.

    A cop killing an unarmed black male is not the same as thugs doing it. Thugs dont take oaths to protect the community and they dont wear badges. if a cop can kill a black man and then say “they do it too” he should not be a cop, he should be a thug.

    Another thing they never touch on is how 83% of all Whites are killed by other Whites.
    Its just how it is, proximity crime, the people in your immediate surroundings will most likely be the ones to kill you compared to people nowhere in your vicinity.

    Another thing to take into account is socioeconomics. Blacks are in more poverty than Whites, and have been the primary targets of the 1980s “War on Drugs” that set off mass incarceration of black males. They were also the hardest hit by the government sponsored crack epidemic, in which the CIA deliberately flooded black communities with the addictive drug. This is not playing “victim” its simply telling the truth.

    When whites bring up black on black killings and ignore the events that caused it, they are being dishonest.

    But bringing up black crimes as a way to excuse a killer cop is sickening.

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