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Ferguson Authorities Withhold Name of Officer Responsible for Slain Teen

As authorities and civilians continue to collide in Ferguson, a suburban area of St. Louis, Missouri; the Ferguson Police Department has decide not to release the name of the officer responsible for slaying unarmed teen Michael Brown on August 9th, citing concerns for the safety of the officer.

According to a statement made by Timothy Zoll, a spokesman for the department, to the Washington Post; a name will not be released at this time due to threats  made against Ferguson police officers on social media sites.

Since the tragic shooting , residents have struggled for facts regarding the events that led up to the fatal shooting . The FBI  has officially stepped in to assist in investigating the case, after local police released tear gas and rubber bullets on civilians and media alike last night following various protests that have erupted throughout the city.


  • Wetwork510

    The revolution will not be televised !

  • Trill Gates

    his name will pop up real soon

  • kuntryMAYNE_74

    F.B.I. aint going to do shit about this matter. they want yall to believe that they (fbi) will get involve. yall must of forgot what happen to MLK, Malcom X, Black Panther Party need i say more. anytime blacks and latinos come together they (fbi) always seems to get rid of anybody that can come together for a purpose…….

  • Arizona AZ

    what they gonna do with that billy club? Beat us? can you believe this is a picture from 2014 ?

    • Brooklyn Stoop


      • Arizona AZ

        Then sic their dogs on us, then spray us with the fire hose.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        nah, they just shoot us and say it was our fault.

        you ever saw that clip of the white boy high on mushrooms FIGHT a cop, TAKE the cops gun AND shot the gun in the police station and all happen to him was he got restrained?

        AHH wont let me post the youtube link but you can find it when you put man fight cop on mushrooms

      • Arizona AZ

        yea, i just saw that. Like David Banner just said, Cops dont value the life of young black men.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        part of me WISH the police story was true. like i WISH black males was that bold that we rushing cops and murdering them to the point that THEY feel threaten. but the sad truth is, that aint the case, majority of black men tread lightly when dealing with police.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    I remember a scene from sarafina
    whoopi is teaching the children
    they singing their christian songs………then they started talking about current event or something. but then a boer cop came in and questioned what whoopi was teaching them
    the part that stood out to me is this…………the white dude told whoopi, they must love non violence and despise violence

  • No where in the country have they not released the guilty officers name in ANY police involved shooting….that’s why we pissed off and ready to ride on em…MB is dead and this racist pig is sitting at home with his family and still getting paid. Unarmed murder and he is still on the force….sht got folks heated.

  • A few things folks need to know….Ferguson police haven’t reached out to his family yet, neither has the FBI, the family doesn’t even have their child’s body and don’t even know how many times the kid was shot….just heard all this from their lawyer…can you even imagine their pain? Only thing they know is that their son is dead man this sht is sad.

  • Markus

    One of the black officers on the Ferguson police force should conveniently let the name leak to the public. The victim’s parents should at least know the name of their son’s murderer.

  • Twonpass


    get ready for more, and if you dont think this is a precedence then you are sadly fooling your self.

    They are testing your emotional reaction to seeing someone dead in the streets.

    Until Black men stand up,this will continue to happen.