Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Hip Hop Rumors: Is Wiz Khalifa Ready To Be A Single Man?

This one may come as a shock, considering how crazy in love they seem to be, but word is Wiz Khalifa is ready to be a free man and Amber ain’t haven’ it.

A source shared with MediaTakeout a few details of what’s been going on within the marriage:

“The insider told MediaTakeOut.com that during his tour, Wiz has gotten accustomed to sleeping with GROUPIES – and he’s ready to be single again. The snitch told MediaTakeOut.com, “Don’t get me wrong, Wiz loves her and she’s a cool [girl]. But he needs to be single right now.”

So why is it MESSY??? Well the insider told us that Amber has been PRETTY OPEN WITH WIZ during their many arguments – that if he leaves, she’s getting the most VICIOUS LAWYER IN THE WORLD – and is gonna hit him for the MAXIMUM CHILD SUPPORT that she can get.”

Mmmph. This is one we’re keeping an eye on. SMH.

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  • chicagostyl

    so many hip hop chicks gettin left in the cold by their baby’s father…sad is what it is

    • FRUKOH

      so many rappers having babies with hoes/gold diggers then surprised when they get burnt

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  • TimeWillTellu1

    Just keep her

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  • Sadat

    Its cheaper to keep her.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Classic old school track that taught me about the game.

  • El Dogga

    Wrap it up folks…..and stop wife’n up floosies!

  • “she’s getting the most VICIOUS LAWYER IN THE WORLD – and is gonna hit him for the MAXIMUM CHILD SUPPORT that she can get.”

    Uh, wasn’t that the plan str8 off the muscle? Get as many golden eggs as you can, then when it can’t produce anymore eggs…eat the goose.

  • William Witherz

    Yeezy taught me.

  • GP

    amber rose is a bucket like the rest of these women. I don’t fault them for gold-digging it be these bi raps who put them up. Dancing all in the videos(suge voice) all on tv etc. now what I don’t like is these women don’t know who to stand on they own two feet. if you box just worth a slut fest then its a lot of women who going be broke and stupid ask superhead. all them ducks she done sucked she can sell her spit to a sperm bank.

  • Let me guess, Wiz is no longer hot any more so she is the one who is on to the next baller, who is at the top of their game….Amber has a track record of messing with rapper dudes only when they’re career is hot and popping.

    • therealest1

      You gotta let a hoe be a hoe right?

  • Communist Russia.

    Im sorry but who didnt see this coming from like 8 miles away. Kanye up next.


      kanye signed a prenup which is smart….but kim still gets $1mil for every year they;re married up to 10 years so she can’t get more than $10mil from him…but child support would be crazy, which i don’t understand because it’s not like kanye brought kim and their daughter into this “lifestyle” kim already was a millionaire and living that life before she met kanye….smh

      • afroking

        thats why his payments wouldn’t be as high,

  • dolomite205

    the source is from MTO….don’t believe it at all.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    This is why I tell the lil homies around the way, if you not going to wrap it up, pull out!! These broads will trap you and use the baby as a come up, while letting that little kid grow up any kind of way cause they don’t give a f about the kid in the first place. They just want that money.

    • Twonpass

      pull out, really?!!!?!?!

      come on brotha you got to do better in informing the youth….

      either wear a condom or dont have sex, its really not that hard.

      Its called restraint, something we seem not to understand these days

      • Slaughtr


      • AlbertoRipRon

        Bruh, I deal with reality. Not all kids are going to abide by the condom rule no matter what I or you say. So to avoid the tragedy of young pregnancy, I tell them to pull out.

        A young boy with hormones going crazy and got a girl, who is equally hot, both motivated by sexual content promoted everywhere, laying on his bed ready to go and you think the first thing he will think about is condoms? I stress that they wear em but if he don’t got em, he’s still diving in.

        Condoms aren’t 100 percent anyway. If you got shorty squirting crazy on your pelvic region, that’s still a problem. In order for the condom to be effective, you can only go as far as the condom goes. I don’t know about you, but the condom isn’t covering me all the way, leaving my skin (pores) exposed to her fluids, which can be much when you hitting it right.

        This is reality bruh. Not an after school special. I make sure the YGs are prepared in all ways. Get off the pedestal and understand.


      “wear a condom or pull out” lmao…you know a chick can still get pregnant even if you “pull out” you still let off little amounts of semen before you bust a nut….smdh. Educate yourself before you try to educate the youth.

      • eljay7i

        i have been pulling out of sluts for over a decade now, and have never accidently knocked any up.. NOT ONCE..

      • afroking

        thats called nightmare on cum street!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        word life my nigga…cornballs don’t know that though. Cause they never had any.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        There’s always some lonely bird chested weirdo whose only meaning in life is to prove somebody wrong on the internet.

        It’s called pre cum nigga. And it’s hardly any sperm involved in pre cum. Compared to full on busting a nut, it’s the least of your worries. So maybe you should educate yourself, nigga, before you speak on me like you know shit.

        If you were smashing broads, you would know that.

        Goofy ass negro.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    WHO GIVES A FUCC about a rapper with less bars then boost mobile and a dike lookin h0e. I took a break from this site for a cool minute and just recently came back hoping they would have made some improvements but nope same soup just reheated

  • dogg91702

    Of course she will, she doesn’t have any skills to pay the bills

    • Dope

      She apparently had pretty good striptease.. um.. I mean exotic dancing skills before she got picked up by Kanye.

      • therealest1

        She was also a known jump off for rappers who came to town in Philadelphia while she was a stripper.


    These niggaz gone learn about marrying these hoes

    • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • $18916246

    Oh well….

  • ghettogov

    Has media takeout ever written a true story? At least they do come up with some believable Shit though…the writers are kinda creative i guess lol

  • therealest1

    That’s what Wiz Khalifa gets for being a retarded ass Captain Save-A-Hoe.

  • baller187

    these DUMB NIGGAS keep doin this, once u have that baby thats 15,000 a month when shit go wrong with the bitch, and you wifed a stripper not gonna happen. FUTURE SAME THING, ciarra cashes in

  • Yung Piccolo

    i feel like wiz would be better off with a girl who smokes as much as he does