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NBA Offered To Drop $25K Fine Against Toronto Raptors If They Fired Drake

(AllHipHop News) Drake once rapped “know your self, know your worth” and the Toronto Raptors just showed him what they think of his value. According to reports, the NBA offered to revoke the $25,000 “public recruiting” fine over Drake’s actions if the Toronto Raptors let go of Drake.

Last September, Drake was announced as the Toronto Raptors’ “global ambassador”, however his limitations and roles were not disclosed. The NBA fined the Toronto Raptors for $25,000, alleging that Drake publicly attempted to recruit Kevin Durant during his OVO Fest.

Canadian news outlet The Globe and Mail reported yesterday (August 12th) that the NBA offered to revoke the fine if the Raptors relinquish Drake of his global ambassador title. The Raptors declined.


  • The Legendary Troll

    If they drop Drake, it will do more harm than good. 25k isnt a lot to an NBA team. Its like us getting a 50 dollar parking ticket

  • 5% Hov

    “The Raptors declined.” Non Story.

    How the Clippers got sold without a transparent auction is what I want to know? Were there any other bidders? Where were all those so called black celebrities with that cake?

    • eddieknucks

      There was black celebrities in the mix until the asking price got over a billion. They ended up selling for 2.5 billion. Sterling only paid 700,000. He came out winning anyway.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    The NBA would drop a fine if the raptors fired drake. what about drake made the NBA pull this stunt? i remember jay making this mistake before when he was part owner of the nets
    the NBA must see something we dont…………and that aint a shot at drake

  • brollya

    i bet he a shut up now and quit name droppin people he dont supposed too…. this is a example of rappers thinkin they can say anythin jus cuz they famous…

    • SupaDoopaGhost1

      Obviously he can say whatever he wants, did he get fired?…. No.
      Its only 25k anyway. Drake probably paid that shit himself.
      He’s on the road doing One Direction numbers right now.

      • brollya

        groupie alert…. #teammsdrake

  • $21384666

    Fuk this guy is such a tool . Like one punch this goof

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  • gurdyghost

    the nba is simply saying there is a conflict of interest, you cant work for one team while being a well documented basketball thot

    • Celz

      Jay Z got fined for going to a March Madness game.. No biggie but he did have to divest his shares before he opened his agency..

  • Jovaughn

    This was obviously planned by the Raptors for them to let KD know they have an interest in him. Let Drake throw the idea out there so no one close to the team has to face any real accusations. The NBA put that theory to the test by giving the Raptors that proposition. Of course they declined it was planned. What is 25k to them.

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  • Rappers get endorsements because they have a strong fanbase…But my theory has always been, that rappers are bad for business, they don’t know how to be professional…They think everything in Hip-Hop is the same in the real world..Rappers have destroyed lots of brands and ever since Crystal made it clear that they don’t want rappers watering down their brand other corporations should take notes.