Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel Released From Prison After Serving Two Years

(AllHipHop News) The Bully is back on Broad St. Earlier today (August 14th), Beanie Sigel was released from Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia after serving two years for tax evasion and drug possession.

Beanie Sigel was sentenced to prison for six to 23 months on March 6th, 2013, less than seven months after he was arrested by police whom discovered prescription drugs in his car. Back in March 2013, Judge Michael Coll did not specify if Sigel’s drug possession sentence would run concurrent with his two year federal tax evasion sentence. Sigel was given his two year tax evasion sentence on July 12th, 2012 a month and a half before he was arrested for prescription drugs.

Siegel failed to pay $728,000 in taxes between 1999-2005, his time on Roc-A-Fella Records.

Sigel reported to prison in September 2012.

DJ Drama posted a picture on his personal Instagram account of the newly freed Beanie Sigel. Check out the photo below:


  • El Dogga

    Beans! Too bad ain’t noone gonna be checking for him! He got bars!

    • Two_guns_Billy

      I will especially if him and Scarface finally put that album out..I doubt it but I can hope..

      • hoeyuno

        That would be ill!!!

      • GP

        you not lying if that mac n brad drop I wont bang nothing but that.

      • El Dogga

        For sure the album is gonna BANG!!! But I don’t see alot of new cats coppin it! Just the OG’s that know real bars!

      • Them boys would go hard as fk….them tracks they put out was that fire

      • brotha_man

        really fire if they slid freddie gibbs in

      • bisolabliss

        ‘Mac N Brad’ should drop…Face said a while ago they both had recorded close to half a dozen songs before Beans went in for his bid. So hopefully, they hook up to continue where they left off and finish the project.

  • 5% Hov

    Hope Beans is clean off the drugs. He dont look to healthy.

    Never forget how hard he came on Dynasty. He aint been right since that “Have Mercy” verse on OB4CL2.

    Hope he can put out something worth bumping…. He needs to tour wit one of young cats out – Currency or Action Bronson or even Freeway (he still gets bread)

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  • TheAkademik

    he went in Beanie Siegel and came out Naazim Richardson

  • chocboywonder

    damn, niggas can’t let a “just out a jail” buzz live. First it was Boosie, then it was Remy, next it gonna be Gucci coming through to mess up another niggas “just out a jail” buzz……Boosie didn’t even get to all the way pimp that shit. These niggas need better release plan. they should set prison release date for rappers at a year apart.

  • GP

    beans so hard on the mic its crazy, if I was jay this would have been the only dude I wouldn’t have carried next to dipset. but beans looks like bhop trainer. but all in all welcome home beans. ITS MAC BEITCH

  • welcome home beans

  • Beans got skills but he is a terrible business man….He can’t manage money or being mainstream….Hopefully he figures it all out.

  • RayStantz

    ….. and just like that he’ll f*ck up and be right back in jail

  • Mac7504

    Beans stay locked up!!! Another State Property is the works?

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Damn this is bigger than Remy to me. He can actually spit. Queens!!!

  • kane pacino

    locked up for 2yrs . . every 2yrs . .

  • Markus

    Now that he’s out one thing I wouldn’t suggest is reentering the game. No one’s been waiting for his next verse.

    • Gonja

      You’re not a real hip-hop fan, that’s all.

      • Markus

        The real hip hop fan realizes that Beans has had his time and going back into an industry that has no need desire or want for him to return is only a set up for frustration and possibly re incarceration. Very few 40 year old rappers thrive nowadays.

      • Ygarner

        If that brother decides to rap and he loves it weather succeed or fail that’s his business just wish him well and enjoy what you like and don’t be negitive for you are not god nor a savior so you do not know what his future holds. Not saying he will win a Grammy but who says that’s his goal? You?

      • Markus

        Never said anything about a Grammy because that’s not happening anyway. A thousand established rappers plus a million unsigned artists all chasing the same dollar doesn’t bode well for someone well removed from the game. A real dude would be honest with him and not encourage beans to jump back into the industry. At this stage in the game he has to find something else to do. I’m not hating. I’m being realistic.

      • tr3sdaddy

        I understand your point to a certain degree. But he doesn’t have to put the mic down &/or find a totally different career. There’s money to be made touring as a solo artist or if he gets back with State Property. He could do small shows at clubs across the country and still make good money while jumping on some remixes. Would he make any real money off of a new album? Probably not. But who is. Hit the mixtape circuit hard, jump on some remixes, & hit the road. Beans is still a killa on the mic

      • Markus

        I appreciate the feedback. You got what I was trying to say.

      • Markus

        Numbers never lie.

    • Bruh u cannot be serious……beans was that dude…never heard him come wack…that jada beef was brutal holmes…..I gotta ask, who u like then?

      • Markus

        Dude you didn’t see anything in my comment questioning his skills. My point was Beans will probably try to resume his rap career to make money. Can you honestly say he’s going to find enough of an audience to do it? Nas, Rakim, Kane, Jay-Z, Biggie, G-Rap, AZ, Chuck D, Kendrick to name a few of my favs.

      • Yeah, if he gets the right boost!

        Jay z ( Unlikely ) embracing him would make all the difference in the world.

      • brotha_man

        he need to click up wit free and rhymesayers and call it a career. he could make some bangers with rhymesayers camp IMO. but i cant see Barney store jay messing with beans….maybe nas

      • True, Beans would have to do a complete 180…or 270?

  • IROC

    Big Beans got mad skills on da mic real talk

  • Jack Knight

    all you bloggers all ways talkin shit,,,but none of you motherfuckers ever had one hit! just one!

    • Ipullcards

      Don’t worry.. They don’t know hiphop. Niggaz in the streets thought beans at his height was phucking with hov. But these young dudes don’t know sh1t.. Our generation…? We had to know who Rakim, KRS, Kane, & Kool G Rap were. We had to. We didn’t wanna be corny.. Now these kids are openly lame. Like really? You don’t know your own culture?? Smh

  • ZUBU

    Beans is that brotha…………..

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  • Rell8383

    Just in time for Jays Made in America show. Just watch

    • Keith Eades

      Yea, that would be sooo ill if Jay through him that bone or at least come out on Ye set!

    • brotha_man

      naw, New Jay dont roll like that any more…

  • 1 and a half…..that boy should have some sht on deck….beenay beenaaaaay….that song “die” gotta be the rawest sht bruh ever spit…beans that dude and naw I’m not Stanley but dawg got bars and he seems to be authentic out chere…..

    • Huh? He better be a born again Christian or something, 1& 1/2 from the Feds? Maybe it was a state drug charge, but 2yrs = 19mnths in the feds…unless the time is done at Tallahasse?

  • water_ur_seeds

    I didn’t know he was locked up, or I forgot… Glad he’s home, but he needs to get his business together and release it…

  • Chuck Haze

    He put out a new cd recently a couple of years ago after leaving Rocafella, and didn’t nobody even care about it. Blacks always have to stay in some type of drama just to stay relevant in mainstream media.

    • s_knowsbest

      It’s called This Time, I love that cd!

  • IceBergSlim

    Who cares. He had his chance he can never duplicate the success he was driving towards. Some of you dudes need to wake up if you been in the game for a minute and your career flip flops now you want to re-enter the game compared too the rappers who have forever etched their name in the game will stay. Beenie is going to be a retro rapper yeah he will be making a lil money touring doing underground music doing mix tapes. My point after putting in work you should be at a point in your career where you are calling your own shots and get madd respect. This dude is a fool this cat was rollin with the biggest rapper of our time and he still is on top of his game Jay Z. Now where do you go from their down or up..His career is Done as far as one of the greats he will never hit those numbers again and will never achieve the type of success he was aiming towards before. Hood dude he couldn’t leave the hood out. When making professional decisions concerning his career this bamma couldn’t balance the two.

    • Keith Eades

      Wow!! Dude you act like he did something to you! We just showing homie love, hope he make some great music and stay away from jail! Most of these artist are retro and doing underground shows and indie music, their true fans can continue to follow them. Look at all of the artist stuck on majors who aint doing ish for them like Fab, Luda and Jada. They are bring out mixtapes and touring off of them like indie artist such as Currency and Styles P. All in all Beans is talented and the choices he make only affects him, so what’s all the negativity for? What he eats don’t make you shit!!

  • Obi Won

    1st things 1st, I suggest drug rehab, and reformed rapper approach.

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