Lil Scrappy Admits To Crying Over Diamond; Momma Dee Reportedly May Sue Diamond

(AllHipHop News) Not many men will admit in public that losing a girlfriend to another man caused them to break down in tears. Reality show star and rapper Lil Scrappy was not afraid to open up about the hurt he felt over a situation like that while appearing on Dish Nation.

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The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta regular was asked about his former relationship with rapper Diamond. Scrappy admitted when he found out his girlfriend left him for Soulja Boy he shed tears.

“I can’t even lie to you. Man law, your boy cried,” said Scrappy. “When I cried like that, I knew then I ain’t never been in love before. I thought I was in love with my baby momma. I ain’t never been in love before… My joint was watery. I had a puddle right here [on my cheeks].”

Scrappy’s ex Diamond is also a reality show star now. The former member of Crime Mob is part of the cast for the new program Sisterhood of Hip Hop on the Oxygen network.

Details of Diamond and Scrappy’s relationship has played out in the public for years. At one time Diamond accused Scrappy of physically assaulting her. She also claimed Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, ruined her credit after she co-signed for an apartment Dee was living in.

Diamond took further aim at Momma Dee during the premiere episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. She also accused Dee of stealing her clothes and jewelry. According to reports, Dee is considering suing Diamond for defamation and slander.

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Watch Lil Scrappy on Dish Nation below.

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  • El Dogga

    Diamond is badddddd!!!

    LOL I read this humming “get out the wayyyyyyyy pretty boy coming thru!” -Soulja Boy voice

  • jeezuz_walkz

    scrappy supposed to be a “G” , this nigga softer than soft…. love and hip hop proved that… this nigga be acting like he 15…. this nigga be catchin feelings for hoodrats lmao…damn scrap…. you dont want no problems!

    • trilltalk1

      gangstas, thugs, men it’s all the same when you fall in love you just fall in love. all that other shit go out the window, love is a muthafucka. it break down the hardest of men trilltalk.

      • Brindle


      • I swear I must be a rare breed then…..

      • BeckyGrey

        No unfortunately, you’re either in denial or have been denied love in your life.

      • Nah I’ve been in love many moons ago but I never was a cry baby over women period…..Their expendable in my eyes…sorry but I’ve always felt this way…I could care about a woman one day and if there is a quality I don’t like I’m outta there whether we been together 2 days or ten yrs…lmao there is nothing to deny, there are waaaaaaay too many women in this world to be wrapped up in just one…like lays potato chips.

      • BeckyGrey

        That’s why men, on average, live shorter lives than women. The inability to emotional connect and express those emotions manifest in physical and mental shutdowns. Women are life-forces and are not expendable, to think that is a disrespect and disconnect on an extreme level. If you’re a young man, I would hope that you would see better as you grow older. If you’re a season man, I pray for your inner peace. Crying over the lose of a women doesn’t make you a crybaby. That type of machismo thinking is what makes you miss your blessing(and shortens your life)

      • Lmao none of what u said meant anything…u got dudes breaking ur sht on the regular…lmao I’m sorry bae but what u just described meant nutn and if what u said were true….I woulda been dead 18 plus years ago….jokes on u jack…..I’ve never had one mental breakdown in these streets or in Iraq or in any of my ventures….I already said I’m the last one of my kind ..break a bitch college alumni class of 96……lmao

      • BeckyGrey

        I never said mental breakdown, I said mental shutdown. So maybe not only is it that there is a disconnect but a level of comprehension you’re not achieving. Still best to you, you’re still young.

      • Shaela

        Well if you truly feel that way perhaps you should not be anonymous and proudly share your name and picture along with your texts so that the women who you care nothing about will know to not waste any time with you since you do see them as expendable. Own what you say and be proud and not hide behind untraceable methods of opinions. Do yourself a favor and put you true identity up and help yourself to not entertain what you do not want. You must not have a daughter to speak of women in that fashion regardless of what Scrappy went thru. Quit serving your country only to save what you do not care for. Women helped to pay your salary as part of your military service. You can take from them but all you do is put them down. Right, you have not lived without our assistance and we deserve to be regarded higher than you give us credit for. You were birthed on this earth by a woman. Stop hating and invest more time into quality women and know the difference between your words and your actions and make sure they both make the same point and do not contradict each other.

      • You have good points lady and I feel what u saying but I just simply have never been “that guy” don’t think I ever will be. Additionally, why would I post my personal info on a website? I don’t even have a Facebook or instagram…..I have my Lil project car as my profile pic but all that online identifying ain’t my cup of tea. I really could care less what anyone thinks of me and I do this Internet yapping when I’m bored….but like I said you have valid points and women are all that and a bag of chips, it’s just a dude like me wouldn’t cry if the best woman on earth walked out my door forever, simply because I know for a fact that there’s plenty to go around….expendable…

      • Shaela

        There may be plenty to go around but we are not all the same. There is one that is tailored just for you, and you have just not met her. When you do you will know it and I believe you will treat her right, no one said you have to cry, but there is nothing wrong if you do. My husband cried when our dog died. It broke my heart to see him cry. I went right and bought another one, but a different color. No one could replace our Fox, but it made it easier to move on. Different strokes for different folks.

      • Shaela

        There may be many to choose from but that does not mean that they are all your soul mate. There is nothing wrong with having emotions. There is something wrong if you do not have them at all. Trust and believe that, because there is something wrong with any individual who can not shed tears for the right reasons, not for the wrong reasons. People can not help who they love, and obviously you have never experienced loving someone with your entire heart and soul. If you have not that is your loss because although it may bring pain, it is also the highest form of joy that also shows your degree of commitment to the relationship, regardless.

      • I have loved with my entire being before but I don’t think the loss of that love is the end of the world….I may be heartless about certain things but I try to be respectful of a woman’s feelings. I simply just can’t mope around if things don’t work out, i throw my hook back in the water to try and get another good catch….I have the best one so far and I try my best to do right but if she was to leave today….I guess I would be fishing tomorrow.

      • Shaela

        It may have not been for you. I can understand that. I just do not want you to call women out of their names because for every bad one, there are just as many good ones that offset them and they deserve to be cherished. I wish you the best.

      • Tru and I can dig it…thanks and wish u and yours the best too…

      • jeezuz_walkz


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  • IROC

    Scrap fell off and now he doing this show where rap careers go to die and Diamond is washed up nobody looking to hear this chick

  • yesanditcounts

    Lil’ Scrappy will never be half the man his mama is.

    • BeckyGrey


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  • Alex Harris

    I would posted it on Kandi too but State of Georgia Court and they crew playing Fraud and Related activities in connection with computers Georgia Federal Courts can’t conceal person from arrest especially since they being federal prosecuted too!Lil Scrappy its gonna be alright!I can’t even laugh at you !