Lil Wayne Reveals "Tha Carter V" Album Cover and Release Date

(AllHipHop News) Tha Carter V season has a start date. Lil Wayne revealed both the album cover and the release date for the fifth installment of Tha Carter V series on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V  will be released on October 28th with the album cover featuring a picture of a younger Lil Wayne and his mother. According to Lil Wayne’s interview with ESPN as he states “It’s perfect, because I always go with a baby picture and I wanted to go with one with my momma.”

Wayne also commented on the Toronto Raptors being fined $25,000 over Drake’s “public recruiting” of Kevin Durant at his OVO Fest. Wayne says “he has to know that he’s the team’s ambassador. He has to be more careful.”

Check out Tha Carter V album cover below:

Screenshot 2014-08-14 10.53.20

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13 Responses to “Lil Wayne Reveals "Tha Carter V" Album Cover and Release Date”

    • Whodi

      Ya niggas kill me with bullsh*t, PAC die in 1996 and wayne and BG release a tape in 1995 called the BG’Z, PAC being alive wouldn’t stop anyone from following their dreams. There were rappers before PAC and there was rapper during PAC career

      • GP

        lol u funny brah. I have all the cash money cd, how many people knew about wayne or bg prior to pacs death. wayne was like 11 or 12. so I know about the bg’z tru story unlv 6th a barbon. but I posted this as in wayne solos career. shid to be real if biggie never died and big L never got killed I don’t think jigga would be as big as he is now. just my opinion

      • Whodi

        If jayz, snoop, 50 cent or nas had died people would be saying the same thing if this person was alive this one wouldn’t be as big or this one wouldn’t have a rap career.
        Remember when PAC, big and big L was alive there was nigga as big as them or even bigger. I don’t think big was gonna stop jayz shine, Beyoncé help jay get where he’s at today.

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