Mike Brown's Killer Name Revealed by Anonymous

The infamous online hacking community Anonymous has released the name of the Ferguson county policer officer who allegedly shot and killed the unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

Bryan P. Williams, the cop identified, took to his personal Facebook account and changed his first name to “Scooby” in hope it would keep the public off his tail. The police department is denying this is in fact the killer and is still refusing to release the name of the officer until their investigation is complete.

Mike Brown Killer

@TheAnonMessage has already released personal information on the Ferguson city police chief, including his social security number, home address and a photo that seems to show a confederate flag hanging in the chief’s home.

Confed Flag Ferguson Ploice Chief

All of these are part of their plan to force the city to address the injustices in Ferguson and to improve the policing system across the country.

In a delayed response, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, finally visited Ferguson where violent clashes have gone on since Saturday. He released a statement today saying he has removed the Ferguson police from manning the protest any further.

President Obama will also be making a statement regarding the Ferguson unrest today at 12:15pm EST.

Anonymous is also calling for “A Day of Rage” today. We would rather call it a Peaceful Protest to bring attention to police brutality.

Day of Rage Anonymous



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  • KC The American Pimp

    That’s what I’m talking bout!! Hopefully this is the right information on the pigs!!

  • Slaughtr

    Definitely going in.

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  • Anonymous cool!

  • The Legendary Troll

    that officer bout to come up missing

    • 5% Hov

      Lets pray

      • IngStew


  • scullyson

    Smfh….Anonymous aint playin no games.

  • Brilliant reporting. No mainstream news is sharing this.


  • Eli Pinilla

    Raiding police databases. Even put out the dispatch recording….pgp, sock5, vpns, truecrpt, tor, get familiar and stay protected on these internets.


    you can always count on Anonymous! this guy better leave his house ASAP…i hope his identity gets stolen 100x over….if he wants to stay at his house he better have his family go somewhere safe if he has people living with him because if that shits not under surveillance 24/7 i bet theres going to be drive-bys…fuck him!

  • John Q. Public

    Big ass Confederate Flag displayed on the wall like that, no doubt hes a redneck and proud. Good work by Anonymous… these hackers scare me

    • Celz

      Just be on your shyt, you mind your bidness they won’t mess with you.. Lol they can find ya address right now.. Crazy shyt huh.. But there are ways to get around them if need be.. Only issue is if you start gettin into that shyt you might pop up on the gov’t’s radar…

      • John Q. Public

        what im scared of is my bank account and credit score from these hackers… at least they using their powers for good

      • Celz

        My homies out here in Cali been runnin credit card, credit profile, and fake check licks for over ten years.. There is no way to be safe..

        I would 1. never use a yahoo email account. 2. monitor my credit 3. use a password vault and use different passwords for every website especially your main email and banking sites. 4. Use google I’m sure there is some shyt I’m missing!

      • John Q. Public

        Damn. My girl uses a yahoo and we share a bank account. Im makin her change that 2night!

      • extremlybored45

        they’ve already popped up on government radar, they arrested anon’s a long time ago for bringing down visa and mastercard.

  • 5% Hov

    I’m in.
    These devils surprise me never.

    Anonymous need to be doing more of sshit. Where were they when Trayvon need that help.

    • John Q. Public

      calling white people crackers is a pretty shitty way to fight racism. jus sayin. u just helpin feed the beast

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        when the beast stop we’ll stop

      • John Q. Public

        …the beast is racism. so if your plan is to stop being racist when racism stops it makes no sense.

      • Twonpass

        Define racism, as many forget that powerless people cannot be racist..


      • FRUKOH

        prejudice yes but not racist

      • Twonpass

        Exactly, we all have prejudice
        but only those who have power can be racist.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i had to show my baby moms the difference
        on CNN they had the docuseries on the 60s
        i told her THAT is what racism is………..not black man china man, white man jokes.

        when the mayor of mississippi tell the mob they can have a hour to do what they want (ahem the purge) and none will be arrested. THATS racism not a black person not liking inter racial relationship

        grown men with signs saying “IM A MAN”
        somehow we got the wool pulled over us and we think racism is a feeling and not a act. racism is a religion in america

      • Twonpass

        “racism is a religion in america”
        So true on so many levels…

        PS lets elevate my Brotha, she is the Queen to your Prince or Princess….whether ya’ll together or not…..


      • Brooklyn Stoop

        trust, im on it. i REFUSE to have a son grow up lost in this country.

        side note: AYE, any African hating Hebrew holla at me. i got 2 question for you.
        if your NOT a african hating hebrew then i only have 1 question for you

      • 5% Hov

        Hebrew? Please no stop.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        lol. but its a good question

      • Oliver Rupčić

        so if you kill me for being white it’s not a act of racism, if you take my life just because you hate my race ? GTFOH

        When I say race I mean color cause race is a social construct. There are black people who have less in common DNA wise with black africans then white europeans. Melanesians .

        Basically you are IGNORANT AND STUPID.

        You being black just means you got more melanine in your skin and possibly curly hair and a nose that’s wider, though my nose is wide too and doesn’t stick out forward.

      • Twonpass

        Clearly you are misinformed..

        Have already been proven through Mitochondrial DNA that every person on this planet share the same direct lineage.

        one more time for the slow student…..

        Racism is a power construct, without power you cannot be a racist.

        You have to have the power to control all aspects of another race.

        White people have that power
        Black people do not…..

        go pick up a book and read if you can

      • Oliver Rupčić

        define the word racism or racist


        I’m waiting

      • Twonpass

        keep waiting….

        silly rabbit

      • Guest

        the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
        “theories of racism”
        prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

      • 5% Hov

        He did over and over – you choose to ignore.

      • Celz

        There are black people with power though. There aren’t many things in life that are just black and white, there is always a grey area. I have white employees under me and if I was racist I could treat them different because they are white.

        In the grand scheme of things yea you are right. The worst racism is institutionalized racism and that is almost always (never heard of a time when it wasn’t) in favor of white people. That’s why affirmative action was so powerful, white people were shocked at how powerful it was but in reality affirmative action never came close to matching institutionalized racism’s power…

      • Twonpass

        i agree totally….

        your absolutely right , there are some black people with power, sadly over shadowed by the other..power players who pull the strings….

        We got a lot of work to do….my brotha

      • Celz

        Real talk.. We could start with all these wack ass rappers preaching this ball out shyt.. Fucc ya credit, fucc ya kids future, fucc investments, fucc bein stable just ball out on these niccas.. We throwin away generations of wealth buyin shyt we don’t need from rich white people smh.. I get it look nice, get nice clothes, get a nice car.. But live inside your means man smh.. Rant over

      • Twonpass

        Not ranting, Truth…….

      • Immortal

        I agree with what you said except for buying sh*t we don’t need from the whites. Truly rich white folks don’t even buy the BS that the “well off” white folks sweat over. Gates is rich and drives a prius. Zuckerburg is rich, lives in a regular house in an upscale neighborhood in Washington state. Those are simple examples until you get to the well off crowd which most celebs are in and then you see those that worry about fashion and commercial appearance or being “trendy”. For some reason I don’t think the original owner of BET was worried about LV or Gucci, he was about making power moves and his overall future. I wish my people thought about long money and it’s lasting effects over the short time looking good. I regret buying the SUV I have, it’s a great truck, but because… why? I can afford it, but it wasn’t nessicary. I could’ve gotten a pick up truck and banked the rest for later. I agree with you I really do, I just wish folks knew how to spend their money wiser and not on the temp BS that doesn’t really mean sh*t overall. Living in the ghetto with a lexus? GTFOH. Have a 70in LED tv, but kids with no clothes? Got Gucci and can’t pay child support? Have a $300 weave and no food? I just don’t get it.

      • Oliver Rupčić

        what does that mean, it’s one species of course it’s one direct lineage. It’s not like the same species will happen to exist in two seperate locations. It’s not like wolfs started existing in Africa and Asia the same time, you know there have been many millions of species, and DNA is so numbered that the same exact species won’t come to existances in two seperate instances.

      • Twonpass

        Please understand what Chromosomal and Mitochondrial DNA is and how they work…

        and chill with all the reaching AGENT!!!!!

      • Oliver Rupčić

        what reaching ?

        You explain Chromosomal and Mitochondrial – in short

      • Oliver Rupčić

        if someone hates me because of my color (noone does XD) then it’s not prejudice it’s racism cause it’s hate based on race.

      • 5% Hov

        ……….. now you are just being wilfully ignorant.

      • Oliver Rupčić

        we all can get togehter and make up theories and change the meaning of words but we know what the word racism REALLY means

      • 5% Hov


      • 5% Hov

        Sorry bruh – your not understanding.
        Racism is an institutional system.
        Not just name calling or a one off hate crime.

      • 5% Hov


      • Brooklyn Stoop

        what dont make sense to me is black people having to have to follow rule of decorum while the opposite side use whatever tactics to win. what sense do that make to you?

      • John Q. Public

        there are racist people and beautiful people in all races. all I was saying was just because a racist cop kills an unarmed man, its not cool to group all white people in the same category as that white cop.

        But hate just breeds more hate and I understand that. reminds me of a quote “Making love is tougher than making war. Making war is a lot easier”

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i hear that argument all the time. thats the REAL poison, the notion that black people must think and believe that ALL cops arent bad, ALL whites arent racist, etc etc
        let me ask you this…….when are the non racist whites and the so called good cops etc etc gonna share the same view towards black people? you know what i hear the other side say and unfortunately black people say? well the blacks committing crime is why blacks is targeted. if we didnt do that then they wouldnt do this. how can we expect to be treated this way if we treat our self that way. and i can go on and on. the point is black people ARE generalized in this country by EVERYONE including blacks. but EVERYONE ELSE is individualized even by blacks.

      • Savimbi

        You got a point here!!!!

      • John Q. Public

        I never said “that black people must think and believe that ALL cops arent bad, ALL whites arent racist”
        …that would just be foolish

      • 5% Hov

        Your referring to the “minority” syndrome.
        It happens in all countries where the minorities are generalized but the masses are praised for diversity.
        This is escalated because of slavery

      • Oliver Rupčić

        All white people are the beast ?

        What did I do ? Buy a Usher record. I’m such a beast.

        If you wanna insult cuss say pigs or if you’re gonna say crackers then clarify that you mean racist police.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so now you want to dictate how black people should talk?

      • Oliver Rupčić

        Type of stupid question is that

        you don’t wanna dictate how I talk, so I can say what I want about black people ? You won’t interfere

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        say what you wanna say about black people. and no I wont interfere. have at it

      • Oliver Rupčić

        What’s there to say about black people ? They got more melanin, ancestors come directly from Africa…… end. Everything else is individual. I’m from Europe and the first people in Europe were black Africans whose genes trough mutation adapted to the new climate and became white.

        Nothing exciting.

        It’s like white people. American white guy and Russian white guy different cultures. Or Black americans and some black girl in Germany. Different culture.

        Actually cutlure is individual too. Some Russian american can still hold on to his russian culture. And some black girl in Germany can gravitate to Black american culture.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so you really believe that black people “turned” white because of the climate?
        then riddle me this mr europe. the boers of south africa they dutch right?
        they claim they been in south africa (which really is north africa but thats a whole nother topic) at the same time as the african or before. we know this is a lie, but this is the point. why arent the boers getting blacker?
        why havent the north african arabs who invaded the continent didnt turn more african? why are the whites on the islands not turning black?
        and im speaking on the families that been there for 100s of years. i know i know, it take million of years, but eventually it should be happening, right?

        why the eskimo of alaska have darker skin then the european?

        and since you in europe. i read a story about yall having a curriculum on how to enslave the african. what up with that if you heard bout it

      • Oliver Rupčić

        LoL Evolution is a SLOW process. Answered your own question.

        Arabs often are part black. That’s why French Montana calls you a n*gga. He might be 1/4 black. Tunesians are also part black. Though the’yre north african, so well I read Morrocans are 1/2 arabian, 1/4 european white 1/4 black. Though similar to lations it’s not equally mixed in everyone, some might have 0% black a few are even more then 50% black.

        200 years is not enough, how manye generations is that, 7 ?

        Why aren’t black americans turning white LOL.

        Eskimos are only a tad darker then Europeans, maybe their ancestors were orange indians ?

        Curriculum – dude stop it, the cirriculum is a sercret. We here are planing how to take over the world again, yep. So we don’t have to pick our own cotton and do construction work. I just bought me a new whip, not whip as in car, but you know crack crack the cracka.

        Nah brother LOL here is no education on slavery lol don’t believe anything you read online. Silly. If you want to come to Europe yourself, I’ll hang out with you 😉 Croatia got a fabolous beach. Saw 2-3 black females at the beach yesterday they were so black, like blacker then anyone in the USA, you guys got that white mixture which looks great.

      • 5% Hov

        Prolly cause they from Africa… Afro Americans have slave blood as they were raped and breed fro centuries by European owners…

      • Oliver Rupčić

        Yo not all have been rapped some like that white puss/d*ck

      • 5% Hov

        Most – if not all Black Slaves were selectively breed – which included “whitening” diluting field slaves to make house slaves…

        One study said by 1960 there was no first generation pure africian blood in North America – ie. any original Africans had mixed with “red skin” slaves or mulatto slaves.

        Hence European blacks being much darker.

        My family is Jamaican – most Jamaican have 95% Ghanaian blood and 2-5% British or Germanic dna/

        Most Americans have between 85%-95% west african blood (Ghana, Nigeria, Gamabia, Gold Coast) and the rest Anglo – (British, French, German, Danish)

      • Oliver Rupčić

        you sure it’s 85-95% black ? I think the average is lower, more white and some native blood. Snoops dog is only 71% black according to a DNA test at George Lopez late night show.

        Also interesting how nobody white ever says they are german in the USA but a ton of people are irish. Maybe it’s personal coincidence. I’m not German DNA wise, was born there lived 7 years. My DNA is Herzegovian/Croatian. Nationality Croatian.

        I mean I read that most white americans are German or UK ethnically.

      • 5% Hov

        Snoop Dogg is definitely recently mixed tho (his hair would be good evidence) – maybe his great grandparents was mixed or native indian etc…

        I’m not empirical but quoting from a documentary (BBC – is race a myth?) so could feabiiy be much lower. U can appear white and be 70% black (see white racists is DNA black)

        American Germans – Thats do to with WW2 – before than Germanic whites where roughly 33% of the white population. After that alot people changed their names and abandoned their hetigagte.

      • Oliver Rupčić

        I think they were from Germany, think I heard them speak it. My co-worker in Germany was as black as them, she probablly was born in Germany. Yeah they def are from Africa, maybe not themselves but their parents.

      • 5% Hov

        O… So you don’t believe in Evolution and Science – but you will use a computer which exists and is built on the same Scientific laws and principles….

        If carbon dating (ie a method to determine the age of fossils) is a lie .. how come the same rules of carbon particles is used to make ur TV….??

        Critical thinking is a must bruther.

      • extremlybored45

        why does it matter… its just SKIN color people.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        and black people ancestors dont just come from Africa thats another misnomer

      • Oliver Rupčić

        yes they do, their far away ancestors. Where else are black people native of ? Nowhere, africa, always. I mean there are black asians but that’s another ethnicity.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        the black race is the original race on the planet, we was all over the planet
        if you think on this planet we just stayed in africa and NOT traveled makes 1000% no sense.

        remember it wasnt the African or the Black race who thought the world was flat

      • 5% Hov

        No. They were in Africa… its where ALL homo-sapiens come from.


      • 5% Hov

        Bro we all come from Africa.
        I gotta up vote the European brudda.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        the dogan and the Amazulu dont even say they come from this planet let alone one continent.
        im not denying africa……dont get it twisted

      • 5% Hov

        They say alot of crazy ishh….

      • Oliver Rupčić

        some Egyptians think when they get an errection it’s the devil and break their own dick with their own hands.

      • 5% Hov

        Sorry bruh – edited the comment.

        But certainly the white people involved in this cover up are prolly crackers (slave master thinking racist scum) ….

        However to avoid confusion and people thinking I mean all white people I’ve removed it and replaced with “devils”.

        Peace God.

      • Look nobody got time to argue with you people. If you are innocent you are innocent. If you want to show you care I mean really care, sincerely, I politely ask you to talk to your people and wake them up from this madness. Thank you.

    • Twonpass

      TM was a plot
      Sadly that young brotha was used as a pawn for a bigger scheme.

      Research it
      Parents insurance payout prior to his death.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Yo, i dont wanna believe that………..but you cant get pass that.

        its like watching steve coakley doc about jesse jackson being involved with the killing of MLK
        you dont wanna believe it, but the evidence was so friggin over whelming

      • Twonpass

        Sadly as we begin to actually look we will see the real truth …..

        Our worst enemy is any house negroe, they will tell massa what we are planning to do….

        Have you heard about Ol’ Rev Al
        he is a known CIA Snitch….check that one out…..

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i saw that when the news 1st broke inthe 90s on entertainment tonight. i was a kid,
        did you hear the clip of jim jones the cult leader saying the reason why HE and his congregation use the word n!gger is to take the sting out the word?
        and that jim jones was tryign to join the NOI but Elijah muhammed aint allow that?
        i found out bout that doing research on the Nation and Scientology.

      • Twonpass

        Knowledge is key
        glad to see another soldier hard at work….
        was watching Dr Khalid’s speech at Howard Univ….. i remember him and Clinton X back in those days.
        I remember seeing Dr Khalid on Donahue (racist with a platform) brought back a lot of memories.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i enjoy the Khalid news 1 interview with the black dude who name i cant rememebr and dude kept trying to get Khalid to call him a coon or something. classic!

        you know Khalid son is the dude farrah grey.

      • Twonpass

        and My sista
        Sista Soljah going in on Cornell West on donahue… those were classic

        That is beautiful to see the young brotha ascend to greatness
        his father is proud

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you know what, i missed sista soljah goin at cornell weirdo arse………..i saw dr Henry Clark debating cornell and thats when i lost any respect for him.
        even henry gates. love his docs on africans in different places………but he a weirdo too

      • Twonpass

        i gotta check out some Dr Clark. yeah he goes in….

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you might want to google dude
        he recreated him self, cause his real name was Farrahkan
        now he dont even mention his father, acutally say he grew up “typical” with no father. which shocked me

      • Twonpass

        Now if that’s the case, that would be a dam shame……..

        but I will definitely look into him more.

      • Twonpass

        Research yields great information that cant be refuted

      • Ipullcards

        Everyone knows that but he snitched on the mob not his own ppl.. And ya misusing the term snitch. He’s not in bed or ever was in cahoots with the mob.. The mob extorted too black drug distributors.. They needed to go..

      • Twonpass

        research it further, he was on the payroll long after that case….

      • Ipullcards

        Who was he snitching on than? Who went to jail? Who?

      • Twonpass

        Im already aware, you need to research it for yourself….
        i find that information is best accepted through ones own eyes.

      • 5% Hov

        Sorry not with loose conspiracy theories that rely on 6 degrees circumstantial guesswork.

        Maybe someone else will agree with ur “research” conclusions.

      • Twonpass

        Truth cant be denied, but we do it anyway……

        Look it up for your self.

        I always say that information is best accepted through ones own eyes.

        PS I get you Sista, trust i do….

      • 5% Hov

        I’m not a woman – the Avi is Pam Grier. “Noir” meaning Black – as in Panther.

        I already have – we will agree to disagree :o)

      • Twonpass

        My bad,

        you got it……

      • jazzoh

        I love researching things but I am always careful about swearing by things I don’t absolutely know to be true. Information and knowledge is a wonderful thing we must all be careful of the sources of these. On another note along the same lines has anyone ever wondered why we as black people were selected for slavery because of our strength and resilience and now according to many “statistics” health wise we are the leaders in everything bad. I know most of the issues we face across the board are a result of the conditions we were and in some cases are forced to live under but it has crossed my mind when seeing another “statistic” that this could all be part of the whole plan to convince us we are to weak to do anything about it….

    • $56781771

      There are white people in Anonymous

      • Celz

        Mostly white people lol

      • 5% Hov

        Almost exclusively…. few Asians prolly.


        WHY PROLLY?


        MOSTLY WHITE? WHY YOU SAY THAT? have you seen most of them? do you know how many of them it is?

      • Bob Park

        No they don’t, noir never met an anon…. Even though anon is simply used by many unconnected and connected people. I have no hacking skill, I don’t know any sort of “official” anon. Anyone who stands up to the corporations and government can be consider anon. But noir believes that noir knows all about it…….. I am half Lakota and half Gaelic and Nordic, Noir pegged me as just a white person, although I have more passion in my Lakota heritage, BUT NOIR KNOWS IT ALL.

    • hoeyuno

      I thought Anonymous posted George Zimmermans address online during that shyt…

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  • IngStew

    GOT TO LOVE ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dakid

    Actually Anon was one of the main pushes in getting 911 tapes released from the Trayon Martin case. They also released documentation that the defense was trying to suppress from the public. Anon is all different colors my friend and in 72 countries, so calling them all white is ignorant, also incorrect. The highest organization of Anon is actually in Brazil…so calling them all white shows your lack of understanding of that group. What Anon has done from this case to Stubenville and many others, is more than other organizations can say for themselves. Posting on FB, Instagram and adding a hashtag does not do shit to bring justice. As a black programmer, who actually is involved in these types of collectives, it goes beyond race and is more about unity, which our community could use more of.

    • 5% Hov

      Anon – is predominately white – and Brazilian is a nationality not a race LOL encase you were confused. Brazil is 70% white.

      As for Anon being a global group of Hackers – I’m fully aware of that. We were just saying most are white or Asian by default – African countries have low internet penetration so that would make sense.

      Didn’t know they helped the TM case tho. I will investigate. Thanks for the knowledge.

      • Bob Park

        Anon, but you know me….. Non hacker anon member, social protestor. Anon is not just hackers, we are a random assortment of the people of this world that are fighting back against oppressions and genocides and wrong doings of industry, government and recognized public figures. We are legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive, we are here to ensure the freedoms and rights of human beings, whether we are computer activist, street activist or blog activist…… We are one, but many.

        ANON, but you know me.

      • Bob Park

        Ohhh and I am not white 😉

      • 5% Hov

        Your not white… Bob?
        Whatever nigga.

      • Bob Park


      • 5% Hov

        Yeah Yeah whatever bruh.

        – the vast majority of Anon activates are in the WESTERN targets. I can’t find anything saying the largest group of members is in Brazil or any of that isshh….

        If you really inn Anon – you need to be hitting 1) World Trade 2) IMF 3) World Bank…

        But u here on AHH…. u wasting time nigga.

      • Bob Park

        I made no statement about Brazil and actually I do partially agree with you. I am half white and half Lakota, half of my heritage were destroyed and put on reservations after millions of native Americans were slaughtered for the expansion into the west for gold and railroads to transport more Europeans and the gold. I am combatting a thousands of yrs war, not just the last decades or centuries. A battle against more powerful forces that hold authority over less powerful people.

      • Boss

        Brazils are 70% white u lost ya fuckin mind there black people I’m Brazilian 100% and they treat us just like black people my ancestors are and was from Africa bye the way too much to break the shit down but I know my culture and famy tree sorry

  • Bob Park

    The mask of anon, the guy Fawkes mask, who really knows where the guy Fawkes movement came from…… If you say V for Vendetta, you don’t really know.

    • hoeyuno

      What does that have to do with the price of tacos in Mexico?

      • Bob Park

        What does taco prices have to do with this post, wow lol…. My question is relevant in the case that guy Fawkes masks are used by protestors and anon….. But most people have no clue about the history of Guy Fawkes or his actions against a tyrant king, KING JAMES the 1st of England and creator of the UK. What taco prices have to do with my relevant question about anon.

      • hoeyuno

        You should have just said this instead of mocking peoples for not knowing something. The people that come on here and think that they are so in the know and everyone else are sheep make me laugh..I didnt know the real history behind Guy Fawkes but now that you shared it it sounds mad interesting and i’ll be doing some research…..

  • TruthSerum

    LOL @ “A Day of Rage” being called for. yeah, go out in the middle of the day and break the law so you can be arrested, convicted and sent to a prison sysetm that thrives on fresh meat.

    Like I said before, the only winners in this whole situation are the people who run the prisons, they arrested about 70 people so far in ferguson, right?? Even if they don’t go to prison they get sentenced to some sort of probation which means they pump out money hand over fist into the same system their fighting against…… And if they can’t pay all the ridiculous probation payments, then you go to jail on a violation, either way = System wins.

    I understand the principles involved with whats going on out there but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s self destructive.

    • John Q. Public

      im confused at it being called “Day of Rage” but its to be a peaceful protest?

      • TruthSerum

        Because there playing with peoples lives from behind their keyboards. They write Peaceful protest in the small print and put DAY OF RAGE at the top in big bold letters. They know what there doing. It’s like Yelling “OPEN FIRE” at the top of your lungs and then whispering “But not at people” afterwards.

      • wickedjones

        Dude its going to be at least half Caucasian, I think you are crying wolf.

      • I’m glad they out the cop aren’t you?

      • hoeyuno

        Nicely said..I think there necessary but I see all your points .

  • wickedjones

    These activist should be on their knees, kissing Anonymous feet.

    • So why is the Sambo Tommy Sotomoyor undermining them? HMmmmm

      • wickedjones

        idk about him, let me do some research.

      • To me, IMHO, he’s making $$$ dissing Blacks.

  • Judah Nazayar

    find him. dump on him

    • Tanman1

      ^^^THIS… Where the thugs and the gangstas at??? Weak ass neggas talk tough but when shxt get real they won’t even bust a grape. smdh

  • Markus

    It’s only right to know who this cowardly pig is and what he’s about. A confederate flag hanging in his place in 2014. Nice touch, Bryan.

  • That’s Chief of Ferguson Police Department’s Room with the confederate flag on the wall. The KKK are running the police departments through out AmeriKKKA. Mike Brown and all the other unarmed brothas and sistahs were lynched!!!!!

  • hoeyuno

    I wonder if those anonymous cats are caked up…like while there trying to do good all over the world they skim some money from here a little from there. .. I would. .Peace to them for exposing officer bigot though…

    • Nah, they do it to help people.

      They stepped in for my peeps once & they were very creepy, and effective.
      That Sambo shuffling, yellow bellied, lilly livered coon, Tommy Sotomayor, went down there and denied it was the right addy.

      The man always puts their Sambo out to try & defuse what the real ninjaz are doing.

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  • CauldronBrown

    Now about that address…

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  • Bruce Wayne

    yall black people make me laugh, yall know mike brown went for the cops gun right? yall know he assaulted the cop first? but yall black people wont listen. too much shit clogged in yall heads and ears. go protest and look like idiots

    • CooL_KiD_305

      Where’s your proof?

  • ghettogov

    That ankh in the middle of ol girl justice sign is dope…I ain’t really been following this…I feel like David banner…let’s start valuing “black” life in our own communities and promoting knowledge and awareness and the trickle down effect is inevitable…fuck a protest that don’t do much these days

    • TheAfroRican

      I agree with David Banner. However, Louis Farrakhan has been saying this for years now.

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  • extremlybored45

    Anyone can be Anonymous people don’t understand that do they… LOL XD

  • NoNameRequired

    Hey so ummm….follow up???? YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!