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Loaded Lux Says "Eminem Vs Nas" & "Eminem Vs Jay Z" Battles Are Coming (VIDEO/POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The popularity of battle rap has become so big, a legend of the culture believes it is inevitable that Hip Hop heavyweights like Eminem, Nas, and Jay Z will jump into the ring.

Speaking with VladTV, Loaded Lux discusses how the sport is at another level at this point and mainstream rappers are going to want to participate.

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“[Battle rap in big venues] is becoming the new normal. Why Meek Mill couldn’t jump in there with Lil Wayne? It’s so many that could do it. Everybody in Slaughterhouse could do it,” said Lux. “Eminem, come on he’s from that. Let him get a big enough playing field. Em versus Nas, or Em versus Jay – it’s coming.”

According to Lux, the public’s interest in battle rap equals opportunities to make a lot of money, so artists and companies will want to tap into that commercial potential.

“[If] people just stop buying albums, and they start paying just to see battles. What you think the game gonna do?” asked the Harlem native.

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Watch Loaded Lux’s interview and take the poll below.

  • EniggaMA

    lol jay. never

  • Joseph Thomas

    this shit will happen………..and the second you wake up, let us know who won….matter of fact, ill give the answer right now…Eminem..,

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Eff that. We need a Nas, Em, and Jay track

  • El Dogga

    If you lose a battle rap on that big of a stage YOU ARE DONE! You will only see old “washed up” rappers (in terms of sales not skills) get in the battle game like Keith Murray, Redman and Ras Kass!!

    But be careful not to pull out you rhyme book like Can-I-busted!

    • Killuminati

      Couldn’t a said it better myself lol

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  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    Lux is a shady ass nigga. Believe me. There will NEVER be a Nas vs Em or Jay vs Em.


    jay wanted to battle nas for $1 million…so who knows?

    • meanygreene

      I heard it was the other way around, but shawn carter didn’t want to


        no it was Jay who wanted the battle…I heard Jay say that from his own mouth in an interview….Jay said that he wanted the winner to give the money to charity….

      • Ike smith

        It’s was nas not jay and dame put 5mil on jay z and loss. True story


        “Jay-Z later challenged Nas to a pay-per-view rap battle, but Nas rejected, and said: “Pay-per-view is for wrestlers and boxers. I make records. If Jay-Z wants to battle, he should drop his album the same day I do and let the people decide” referring to God’s Son and Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 2 release.[3]”


  • Killuminati

    I could maybe see eminem doing it but never jay z….he will never even acknowledge battle rap

  • jd


  • Hood Oracle

    lmao Em…mabe but Nas and Jay nah and to be honest all three of them have nothing to prove

  • RichFromBX

    It would be kind of cool to see though…even better would be if they did it in a large venue, sold tickets and donated the proceeds to send kinds to college. That’s enough star power to get a lot of kids educations.

  • Ghost513

    It just dawned on me, Loaded Lux looks like the werewolf from Silver Bullet.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      classic ass movie…. gary and one of the Coreys, my son loves that movie

      • mike

        i don’t think anyone asked ^

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        STFU no one asked you or the 2 mufuggas who clicked the like button either….. sucka ass internet dudes

  • Steelmatic

    I wish, but I can’t see those top dogs (Jay,Wayne, Drake, Nas…well, maybe Nas, cause he’s real with it and Em prolly would) ever “risking” their status on battle raps.

    Dudes like Meek Mill and them maybe though.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    What would they gain by entering a battle rap competition? What’s at stake? Who would they battle? Their careers are solidified and pretty much cemented regardless of what happens from here on out. They’re equivalent to a polar bear pigging out all spring and summer so they can rest in the fall and winter. Their in hibernation mode. All of them are at the top of the food chain in terms of hip-hop. Leave that battle rap to the bottom feeders. Those cats who have that hunger that thirst and really have something to prove. Harsh but true. Jay, Nas, Em and yes Wayne have nothing to prove. They are at the top. Losing or winning a battle rap will not kick them off the top or raise them higher. It’s close to being a waste of time. IMO of course..

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  • ShortDogg

    Why would nas want to do this garbage?

  • meanygreene

    if marshall mathers does it, then juice needs to as well, since juice is the only guy that can bring marshall mathers to his knees.

  • Southcidal

    Nas is a poet not a punch line thrower. Nas might battle Eminem in spoken word. But really Nas falls into the category with Lupe, 3 Stacks, Ghostface and Blackthought. For the record, I much prefer the more poetic type MC.

  • Psyer

    I don’t think they would…If it were to ever happen, it would look nothing like what we call battle rap today.

    In order to make it more palatable for the masses, all of the flavor and key ingredients that make it what it is must be removed…Then they’ll turn it into some McDonald’s ass shit…Shit? that may even be one of the future corporate sponsored battle rappers slogan? “I’m lovin it!”… God forbid

  • IROC

    This will never happen they have nothing to prove !

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