Vin Rock

Vin Rock: Treach Does Not Want Me Touring With Naughty By Nature

(AllHipHop News) First the Fat Boys breakup, now everyday I wake up, another 90’s rap group got a problem internally. During a recent interview, Naughty by Nature’s Vin Rock explains why Treach does not want to tour with him, how Treach is disrespecting the Naughty by Nature brand and more.

Naughty by Nature performed at the Masters of Ceremony Hip Hop Reunion concert at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on July 18th. Treach informed HipHopDX that the Masters of Ceremony Hip Hop Reunion concert will be one of the final performances of the group in its original form due to “Treach’s mandate”:

This is one of our last few dates based on Treach’s mandate. He doesn’t want to tour with me anymore. You’ll see attempted configurations, [him] out there by himself, some with Kay [Gee, Naughty By Nature’s third member] and let’s see how it works

Back in early to mid May 2013 Treach released a diss song aimed at Vin Rock entitled “Tallest Midget”, attempted to fire Rock from the group and claimed Rock “suck punched” him in a meeting years ago.

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  • TruthSerum

    He doesn’t want you out there because you popped off at the mouth last year on twitter, so he booted you. Don’t try talking like the victim now.

    • Seriously

      Not to mention that Vin sucker punched Treach during a business meeting.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    there is just so much for me to not care about

  • Eli Pinilla

    Treach ain’t playin that shit. He only needs him for the shows its required the whole group be in.

  • RightOn

    Don’t care.

  • Slaughtr

    Naughty by nature is not a fckn group without everybody Treach isn’t the only motherfka who made the group, yall niggaz be killin me with this negative shyt. Far as the nigga who don’t care then what the fck you comment for.

    • TruthSerum

      Naughty got along just fine all those years when they kicked Kay Gee out the group, they’ll be just fine without Vinnie. The groups whole career now is built on touring and we all know Treach was the primary voice of the groups hits. He can hire another hypeman, go on tour under the Naughy name and rap “OPP” & “Hip Hop Hooray” and nobody in the crowd will care that Vinnie ain’t there. Just being honest man. Vinnie was a hypeman and not much more. Cypress Hill sold plenty of Concert tickets when Sen Dog left for a while, and so will naughty without Vinnie

      • Vin was the brains / business man.

      • TruthSerum

        The people who come to shows to hear the songs they grew up on, mostly vocals by Treach, won’t care about that Bruh. Naughty is now a Nostalgia group, the only relevant part of their career is going on tour and Treach can still do that with a different hype man

        Nobody is gonna say “WHAT, NO VINNIE??? THEN I’M NOT GOING!!!!!

        Sen Dog from Cypress Hill thought that would happen when he left and B Real and Muggs laughed their asses off and kept banking. Eventually dude came back lol


        Not true, who wants to see a naughty show where Vin’s not killing it with his trademark 6 bars : ” When humf, in, ugh, ahh, Huh, HMMF, set when Whugh, maugh, baugh”..etc.

        DaFuq Vin be sayin’ anyway?

        He might own the rights though.

      • Da Ledgendary

        Yea Vin ain’t write not one bar, and according to Treach, Treach wrote all Vinny shit.

  • Immortal

    “First the Fat Boys breakup, now everyday I wake up, another 90’s rap group got a problem internally”….ummmm yeah. The Fat Boys were a 80’s group champ. Buff died and the group was done. How would you have the Fat Boys without the Human Beatbox? Treach needs to ease up. The money’s not that long bruh. Your porn career tanked, and unlike BDK who is finding a new following, you seem thirsty and greedy.

    • hoeyuno

      Haha at 90s fat boys. …..but on naughty. ..when there letting everybody know they hate each other and only tour together for paper it kinda takes away from wanting to see them perform….they done..

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  • William Witherz

    You’re chillin wit da tittie-feelin villain.

  • IROC

    Money over thang why these two cant get it together

  • Chrisblackusa

    Vin is that dude…a business mind always open to expansion..its business where 1 knows how to make 7th ave moves ..I cant speak for treach but Ive sat with vin…

  • DaFuq? is a “Suck Punched” LOL~N

    Vin better say sorry to Treach & stop knocking him out.

    Treach needs to guard his grill & knuckle up!


    Always respect to Vin!!

  • Edonus

    I dont really have any real problems with Vin Rock or Kay but truth is they held Treach back. Treach should have had a solo career working with other producers. Treachs skill level was just so much higher than where Vin and Kay could go.

    Treach could have really locked some ish down back in 90s… You ask me him doing solo projects was well over due. Treach was the type of rapper other rappers feared. He would make you not want to rap at your own concert. Even though i heard Snoop beat him in a battle rhyme back in the day…. but for those that don’t know dont let todays Snoop fool you. Snoop was a certified monster. He could really kick it up to a different level when he want to.

    Ahhhhh….. just thinking about that alternate dimension where Treach got to rhyme over some Dr.Dre beats and DJ Premiere tracks.


    article sucks….it feels unfinished….after reading it you still have questions…..this site is a joke when it comes to journalism……

  • Montezuma1

    Treach is such a hoe. He’s washed.

  • Letha Weapon

    DMX w/ hair!!!!!!!!!! so not relevant