Police Brutality

THE MEDIA AND FALSE NARRATIVES: Looting In Ferguson? Or Civil Unrest?

The mainstream media and the public affairs department of the police are working overtime. And so are people in social media. They are killing me with this BS about the so-called looting. Yes, looting happens, but why us that top story in the case of Mike Brown. Well, I will tell you. They will relentlessly perpetuate the idea that Black people are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY savages. Mind you, there is a dead teenager in a box somewhere because a COWARD shot him in the back and then in the front as he held his hands up. No dead unarmed teen = no looting. So, please stay very aware of what is being fed. All the people out there are not looting. Most are peaceful or fighting back or defending themselves. Protesters are helping clean up stores and/or attempting to stop the looting. The media, the police are attempting to criminalize Mike Brown (and just about every other dead, unarmed individual), to diminish his value as a human being even farther. They are basically overtly suggesting that he deserved to die the way he did because he MAY HAVE stolen some cigars or posed in a picture they didn’t like. That is all meaningless.

Reverse the circumstances and let me know what the narrative is.

Black male cop shoots unarmed white teen.

In the back.

In the front.

With his hands up.

Left in the street for hours.


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  • therealjjohnson

    These type of hypothetical questions lead to more arguing and frustration. I just try to focus on this: Cop shoots unarmed man in back, in the front, with his hands up. No matter how you slice it, it was wrong.

    • you damn right…whats the point of arguing & frustration when it aint no solutions behind it???

    • Immortal

      Thank you

    • William Rutherford 19

      well said –

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  • Twonpass

    really, another silly ass hypothetical …..
    this is reality.
    Lets use the correct brush to paint the picture.
    They never “Freed” the slaves, they only ended slavery (very big difference)
    No Black person in amerikkka is actually an amerikkkan, you were not considered during the creation of the country, you were only chattel slaves, property( so you have never had rights in this country. keep thinking the civil rights really did anything, the powers that be only pacified the situation by throwing crumbs. We are still suffering today, nothing has changed.
    Let be 1000% honest with ourselves.
    There is a real problem with only one real solution.
    I’ll let you marinate on that …

    • Actavis Prime

      Get ready..Fact is it’s long overdue..and now it’s time//Those in tuned know what i mean.

  • The Magical Negro

    I wonder will we riot the next time a person gets killed by another brother in Chicago. Get mad when cops kill us but could care less when we kill each other.

    Selective outrage.

    • Focus on You

      They should place all these cops killing unarmed blacks and send them to Chicago to work street patrol, and let them serve and protect the community from armed black teens.

      • The Magical Negro

        Far fetched but an idea I can get behind.

      • William Rutherford 19

        Yeah you would support something like this. I’m starting to get a clear picture of who you are. A self Loathing Blackman. get some help!

      • The Magical Negro

        Lol. Chill homey. You don’t have to follow my comments. Get some help? Get a life bro….

      • William Rutherford 19


    • William Rutherford 19

      the difference you simple minded troll is that when we kill each other it is not racially motivated and we are not violating the public trust. If you feel so strongly about what is going on in Chicago you should go there and make a difference

      • Immortal

        In saying what you said, are you advocating breaking the social trust that each of us should have in each other? Killing is killing no matter who’s hand carries the weapon or the color of the hand doing it.

      • The Magical Negro

        My comment went over his head so I know yours is at about 30,000 feet above this cat.

      • Immortal

        It shouldn’t be. This is a very real subject that should be discussed and not rely on age ol stereotypes as an excuse, personal attacks, or personal biases.

      • William Rutherford 19

        Actually your comment was laughable, I shouldn’t have to explain to a grown man that I’m not in favor of B.O.B.K. Try reading a book or 2 instead of sitting around in your SMPJS pretending to be enlightened as you scarfe down another PBJ.

      • William Rutherford 19

        No, I’m not saying we should break the social contract, what I’m saying is do not cloud the issue. this is about a public servant murdering an unarmed teen in a very malicious way, when you shoot some-one multiple times there is passion involved, feelings, emotions, prejudices. The other issue also needs to be dealt with but this is not the time. The black on black issue is way deeper than hood shit it’s tribal. It’s inscribed in our DNA, don’t believe me, look back into history check the tribal wars, better yet we sold each other into slavery. Don’t buy into the thoughtless argument that we kill each and that we somehow should not get angry when a situation like the one in Missouri occurs, it’s lazy, narrow minded and disrespectful to the likes of Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, Mahatma, Nelson etc. etc.

      • The Magical Negro

        So it’s ok for a black man to kill another as long as it’s not “racially motivated” or he doesn’t “violate the public trust”.

        “When we kill each other…..”

        You lost the minute you typed that ignorant shit


      • William Rutherford 19

        Well now magic whatever, there is this thing called a social contract, we assume that everyone will abide by it and not kill each other. I also assume that I should not have to preface my earlier statement with a disclaimer which states that I’m not in favor of nor do I support so called “black on black crime/killing” .
        Speaking of ignorance, you lack the basic critical thinking and analytical skills that is required to decipher a simple three sentence paragraph, therefore you will continue to get brainwashed by the media. Read Howard Zinn. A Peoples History…….open your eyes bro.

      • The Magical Negro

        The fact that you insulted me from the jump instead of offering a rebuttal shows how small minded you are. You try so hard to sound articulate. You disqualified yourself. You lack the rationality and tolerance for other people’s viewpoints so you go on the attack. Epic failure. Maybe next time we cross paths you’ll have sharpened your sword a bit. Peace.

      • William Rutherford 19

        I have no tolerance for people like yourself who use the “we kill each other” cop-out . I don’t, know you are probably a good brotha, but from where I’m sitting you sound really uninformed and uninterested in being informed.

      • The Magical Negro

        I’m not uninformed. I am uninterested in your METHOD of teaching.

        And US killing each other isn’t a “cop out” I’ve been doing youth outreach since way before Michael Brown to try to reverse the hood culture. I want to eradicate the thought that Michael Brown had when he walked into that store. His death was both unnecessary and an injustice but I see both issues.

        I want brothers to stop killing each other SIMULTANEOUSLY while we get these killer cops off the streets.

  • Markus

    Robbing cigars from stores, being in a gang and stopping traffic means you have to adjust your behavior. You may even need to be incarcerated for rehabilitation. But what should never be an option is being gunned down in broad daylight like an animal. The police can criminalize Brown all they want. One of their own is a cold blooded murderer. Try criminalizing him.

    • William Rutherford 19

      Well said, I would only add that they would not do that to an animal. Not a dog not a deer on any other animal, only a black man, let that percolate in your dome for a while.

      • Markus

        Believe me, it has. And the idea of an animal having more value than another human being in the eyes of your fellow man truly disturbs me.

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    its civil unrest – NOT looting

  • jubileeshine


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  • Thought Dog

    Thomas Kelly, the homeless guy in Albequerque, the teen shot recently in Utah, another case in Seattle…Plenty of white people die by the police too. Police are overly aggressive pricks mostly but the looting really doesn’t help anything. Let’s not act like the people doing the looting give a shit about Michael Brown or anybody else. They’re opportunist taking advantage of a situation. The media will grab any sensational item it can to sell advertising space and fill air time. It’s kinda messed up cause the protests were actually starting to get the right attention until the looting started back up again.

    • ccwaterbound32

      sure but i bet the cop that killed those white people lost their jobs or went to prison…so your point is invalid…

      • Thought Dog

        Both cops in the Thomas Kelly trial were just acquitted. Nobody lost their job in any other case either. Most of these have full video of the incidents too.

      • ccwaterbound32

        ok well i bet that case gets IMMEDIATELY SOLVED while the black person’s case goes UNSOLVED… keep trying

      • Thought Dog

        You shouldn’t base everything you know off of assumptions.

  • Raheem Classick

    To all who can read > I know right from wrong, You know right from wrong, But the question is when are we gonna learn not to do the wrong things!!!!! / We kill each other we act like it’s just A passing fad, A cop kills us, We act like the world is about to end” If you haven’t gotten the message yet, that’s
    on you, I have my circle in tact, So when the shit hits the fan, You’re
    on your own! (You can only sound the alarm so many times) Because the world as we know, will most certainly end!

    • William Rutherford 19

      What is the actual point that you were trying to make? contribute something of value why don’t you. Us killing each other has nothing to do with this issue. The fact is, those who are sworn to protect & serve us are generally held to a higher standard and cannot be given a free pass the gun us down at leisure simply because the assumption is that we do it to ourselves all the times. There needs to be a bigger emphasis on conflict resolution for police officers instead all we see is combat readiness. If one prepares for battle his first option in most cases will be to go to battle, however if one prepares himself for diplomacy, in most cases conflicts will end diplomatically. Society can continue to ignore the violent behavior of the police because one day it with come to your doorsteps. what will you have to say then?

      • Raheem Classick

        First off we all know the police will lie to cover their ass but, far
        as us there is strength in numbers & unity, we have neither, The
        problem with the Police killing us isn’t new, it’s just gotten more
        brazen. It’s become like A sport to them, this also goes for anyone else
        besides Black people who kill us, they all have our (Playbook)
        Gather, have A public Demonstration & Protest, Shout & Yell,
        March, Riot, Loot, Destroy our own Neighborhoods. Let any and everybody
        speak on the victim without having personal knowledge of the victim, and
        so on…We hurt our own cause. You said > Society can continue to
        ignore the violent behavior of the police
        because one day it with come to your doorsteps. what will you have to
        say then? / Really ? / My Family Member Was Killed > Police in Newark Shoot Two Youths In Car, Killing One

        Newark police officers who were nearly run over by a stolen car
        Saturday shot two youths in the car, killing one and wounding the other,
        the police said today.

        The dead youth was identified as
        17-year-old Percy White of Newark. He was taken to University Hospital
        with a head wound Saturday afternoon and died at about 1:30 this

        The other youth, a 15-year-old also from Newark, was
        treated for a bullet wound in the hip and released. Because he is a
        juvenile, his name has not been made public.One of the police
        officers, Keith Isaac, was slightly hurt when he jumped onto his patrol
        car to avoid being struck by the stolen automobile at South 15th Street
        and Springfield Avenue in the Central Ward, the police said. Officer
        Isaac was treated and released from University Hospital. / Like I said
        > The Police Will Lie To Cover Their Ass!!!!

      • William Rutherford 19

        Well bro the majority of people were protesting peacefully, not looting, not destroying anything however some choose to focus on the negative aspects of the struggle. There will always be opportunist who gets the media spotlight because the media will be the media and they will report what sells. it’s up to you to see through the bull-crap lies and propaganda. Is it really their neighborhood when they no real ownership nor have a say in how the neighborhood is policed? The (Playbook) as you call it, is a part of the reason you have some of the rights that you have today, so you can trivialize this tragedy all you want to. When they shot your family member that should have been a wake-up call to you, however it seems to me you just want everybody to “not make no trouble, cause masa is real good to us”

  • Tay

    The problems with over agressive cops wont go away until the issue is discussed as something bigger than a racial problem. Yes are brothers and sisters are impacted by these cops actions far more disportionately than other races. However if we want serious change within the police department we need to start addressing it as these police are supposed to protect and serve the ENTIRE public but due to militarization of cops so many being ex soldiers some being trigger happy dicks instead of subduing a suspect they shoot to kill. Us black ppl cant change this culture within their ranks by ourselves because its a national problem as well. They are killing anyone these days. And when race is being shoved down our throats in most news stories it just helps the police to keep the public divided while they do whatever they want and shoot whoever they want. Think about this. If someone breaks in your home and flees and you shoot them in the back you will be charged with murder or manslaughter at the least. Why arent we holding ppl who are paid and trained to protect us to a standard higher than that?

  • William Rutherford 19

    The war on drugs has never been about drugs, it has always been a war against blacks and other economically disadvantage people of all races. How many unarmed black men have been murdered by the police in the last 6 months? I am proud of the people Missouri you are protesting peacefully and demanding justice.

  • brotha_man

    You reverse the roles all you want but our (black) history has a long tale of being mistreated and abused

    • Wetwork510

      That’s real talk bruh!


      Dig it!

  • Judah Nazayar

    u can tell niggas are brainwashed..and ready to serve in slavery again..when they come with the same white excuse of..*well, u guys kill each other..so its okay if we kill you*
    So what the slave nigga is trying to say it.. if your black..and you never killed anybody..or committed a crime. And u get killed by police. Its okay. becuz blacks kill blacks..(even though YOU never hurt anyone).. That is called.. COONERY and SLAVE MINDED NIGGA hood!! We call ech other nigga..(not out of hate)..so..according to these clowns.Whites should be able to call us nigga too. If u catch one of these niggas on the street spewing this coonery., Beat that Niggas ass. Now thats a nigga who should be killed

    • 5% Hov

      First sensible comment you have made in years…..
      Peace to the Gods.

  • Wetwork510

    If the situation was reversed we’d have the same outcome, he’d be gunned down. I remember a few years ago when the guy murdered the police in tha town (Oakland,CA) and the cops didn’t let him live to talk about it. They were so eager to find him to take his life, and he ended up killing two more officer bringing the death toll to four. Ijs

  • AlbertoRipRon

    we already know the answers to those questions though. we already know that if a black man harmed a white child, it would be by the grace of god he doesn’t get beat up on the way to trial, sentenced the death penalty, revived, and then sentenced to the death penalty again.

    Black people are asking the wrong questions and committing to the wrong actions. Forget all that empathy shit. They don’t care. In order for black people to rise, the are going to have to take a stand together and put an end to it. Then they have to see it through. Forget waiting on a leader to save black folks (cause that’s what black people do, always waiting on a savior), you have to demand change or the bully is going to keep on doing what he wants to.

  • Fosho3528

    Why is it a young black life seems to only be worth anything when it is taken at the hands of a white person? Black people not only harm and kill each other everyday but glorify it in their music. It shouldn’t take a wrong doing by a white person as the only way to stimulate black unity. What happened in Ferguson was clearly wrong and hopefully justice is served yet why aren’t black people rising together to stop them from killing themselves? I ask again, is a young black life only worth anything when it’s taken by the hands of a white person? Is black life not important when it’s taken by the hands of their own? Black people need to address these internal issues if they want to have a chance at addressing the external ones. Until then, they will constantly be running in place.

    • greenhouse records

      The white media does pay attention to the movements to combat black on black crime. Open your eyes brother.

  • Sean

    @Houston Williams—The stretch that you will actually try and say that because media is focusing on the looting aspect of this tragic story makes u just as bad as the so called media you refer to. To dare say that “They will relentlessly perpetuate the idea that Black people are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY savages” is ridiculous. I don’t believe they are saying only black people r looting and to make this comment shows that you are trying to further the anger and rage held by many people (black, white, purple whatever colour) about this tragic story. You have a responsibility to report the facts not confuse your readers by injecting your racism into your story. using words like “they” suggests your talking about whites. A kid lost his life and that is terrible no matter what colour the officer was that shot him!!!!!! Stop trying to incite people

  • John Q. Public

    autopsy said all six shots were to front of the body… and yes the looting is dumb and a bad look. however there were groups of black men guarding liquor stores and other stores from looters, telling ppl “if your not here for mike brown get out of here”.

    But no excuse for those who do loot.

  • 5% Hov

    Looting – just like in the Watts or London riots has nothing to do with the issue.

    they killed a nigga. Now what?

    We need to organise – thats through community lobbys NOT churchs (corroputed) or uncle tom leaders (sharpton)….