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EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Legs Talks Dancing For Queen Elizabeth, Attempted Robbery With Rock Steady Crew + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Crazy Legs has stories no one . In PART TWO of our EXCLUSIVE interview with the epochal B-Boy Crazy Legs, he breaks down the dangers taking the B-Boy culture back to its earlier days, dancing for Queen Elizabeth at the age of 17 and more.

Back in 1983, Rock Steady Crew released their first single, “(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew”, which subsequently entered the top 10 charts in a variety of European countries. After being a B-Boy for only six years and a member of the Rock Steady Crew for four, Crazy Legs and his Rock Steady partners were invited by Queen Elizabeth II herself to perform in London. According to Crazy Legs, he had other interests in the Queen when he first met her:

We were more interested in what we saw in each other, because we weren’t sure if the crowd knew what the hell we were doing or not. I think it was more we didn’t care. Meeting the Queen, I mean I was still basically wilding out, we were performing, but coming back to the Bronx we were still wilding out. I can’t front, when I met her I was looking at her jewels like ‘Hmmmm. What can I do with THAT?’ [Laughs]

Rock Steady Crew member Mari Koda is featured in the upcoming sixth installment of Step Up as the character Kiddo. Crazy Legs welcomes the commercialization of B-Boying in movies such as Step Up and You Got Served, because “people would not have heard of Hip Hop if it wasn’t covered in The Daily News, The New York TimesNational Geographic, Life Magazine, Flashdance or Style Wars or Wild Style.” He also

Taking it back to how it used to be may also mean you had to take the chance of getting stuck up, getting beat down, all of these things. Let’s be careful when we talk about taking it back, because it wasn’t that dope. It wasn’t that safe.  Most of the dudes that I knew that were  When I first met people from Rock Steady, they bought me to rob a purse, Unsuccessful, but that was what it was. It was, we were poor and being hungry was always an issue and sometimes getting that money meant getting that pizza too.

Check out the SECOND PART of Crazy Leg’s interview with AllHipHop below:


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    My man, Crazy Legs!!! Rocksteady!!

  • hoeyuno

    I see you AHH posting ish for the headz again…obviously mad respect to crazy legs and the Rock Steady Crew..

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Legend!!!! Was just watchin style wars this weekend.

    • hoeyuno

      Style wars and wild style are a big part of the reason I got hooked on this hip hop ish..I only tried to break for like a month but from 13 to about 20 I always had a magnum 44(marker)or a can of krylon in my bag..

      • Eli Pinilla

        Hahaha I absolutely suck at breakdancing. Just horrible. If a tried to do that shit they would prolly jump me for thinking I was mocking them lol….those movies are classic. I like style wars more myself. And I think it does a good job showing how diverse hiphop has always been.

      • hoeyuno

        Nah I cant do that ish either….your right though those movies show how diverse hip hop has always been….I wouldn’t mind hearing those type of questions being directed at crazy legs..legs has recruited peoples from all races, nationalities and beliefs since day one..

      • Yeah, back then, all that mattered was skills.

        “SEEN” & “PJ” were italians from Throgs Neck / East Tremont, but had fame as writers that went “ALL CITY.” “LASE” was another one.


        “Out for The Fame” KRS 1

      • hoeyuno

        I use to cop graffiti magazines and scene trains bombed by krs…I envy you for being right there in BX in those days haha..I know alot of those cats were fresh from Vietnam and trying to adjust they needed a rush of some sort..

      • It was an artform, an element of Hip hop, like DJ’ing, breakdancing, etc.

      • Beat Street too! (Commercial ) The Writer’s Bench from style Wars / WildStyle was actually a real bench / spot that writers went to chill.

        You could tell a writer by the way their eyes moved across a moving train, scanning & deciphering tags as they sped by.

      • hoeyuno

        Cant forget Beat street ……there was a clothing company called writers bench that made graff t shirts..same with that company third rail(obviously the 3rd rail that would fry your ass if you jumped on it on the subway tracks)..they use to make dope graffiti t’s like tribal gear in the early 90s with ts done by all the san fran legends…

      • Beat Street summed up growing up in the BX accurately for my era.

  • RichFromBX

    Attempted robbery? WTF are you bitches talking about??? Obviously, he wasn’t serious when he said it so why would you twist words like that and bring out the negative…why not go the route and talk about how great it was that they were invited to dance for the queen and keep on that positive level.

    It’s ignorance like this headline as to why white people don’t have to do shit but point and say “here, look at this, this is why you can never take them out of the ghetto. all they thought about was robbing the queen. you can’t give those people anything nice” No one will look for any kind of context – they will only see “queen” and “attempted robbery” and create their own context.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Bruh, there’s a comma separating meeting the queen from Attempted robbery. Meaning those are 2, none connected topics, that are discussed…..He brought it up on his own. He was being asked about the good in break dancing. Crazy legs just told it like it was. If white people can’t read a proper headline and separate the 2, their opinion isn’t worth shit anyways. Let alone what they say we can or can’t have.

      • Corey Farnham

        @elipinilla:disqus I hear what your saying butttt lol to play devils advocate, the headline on the Allhiphop homepage straight up says ” Crazy Legs once wanted to Rob Queen Elizabeth after dancing for her”

      • Eli Pinilla

        Dayum!!! Didn’t see that till you brought it up. I was just reading the headline on the article…I stand corrected….

      • Dope

        Yeah, they are baiting for clicks with one title on the homepage, then a corrected one on the article page.

      • /watch?v=jhurGs6WBCw

        Check the classic

      • Think Crazy Legs or Bobbitto weren’t serious back then?
        If the Queen got caught slippin’ in the South Bx, she would have become a victim with the jacker’s baby momz rocking the royal jewels….until they ended up at the pawn shop!

    • hoeyuno

      Yea that was a bit annoying but I see it like this..we bitch about them not posting enough real hip hop stuff and then when they do were still not happy….I mean the fucced up part is Chuck is supposed to be all righteous and ish now but would take a story and twist it like that basically being part of the problem..

  • AverageDon

    I recall the era growing up in the South Bronx in Melrose Houses. Shiiit was real, I mean you had to know how to fight. The Gods/Earths were thick, and the fighting styles of the time was “52 pick up” and “Jail house Rock”. Everyone had to play their part you either rocked the mic, dj’ed, graffitti or break danced. Thats when Michael Jackson stole the “Walking on Air” and called it the “Moon Walk” I am really showing my age its all good no shame here I fucckin survived!

    • 52 Blocks / Drops
      Carlton DUNKIN Hines, Vietnam, Almighty KG & his white pit Samson, etc.

      >>161st & Park Ave

      • AverageDon

        Hollllaaaaaaa!!!!!! Park Ave is no joke. I think this week is Melrose/Jackson & Concourse Village day Friday 8/22. I will check.

      • AverageDon

        Ohh and we have to mention Bronx River/Zulu Nation.

      • Arthur’s Round Table in the Land Of The Mighty Zulu nation.

        Been all through that jawnt since Zulu was fighting the 5% while both were fighting the Ballbusters.

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