G-Unit Addresses Mike Brown's Shooting On New Song "Ahh Sh*t"

“Ahhh sh*t Now why the f*ck you done called them cops/With your hands up, you still getting shot.”-50 Cent

G-Unit is in no mood for a peace treaty. On their new track “Ahh Sh*t”, the Unit discuss the police brutality that surfaced in the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

Check out G-Unit’s “Ahh sh*t”:


    awwwww shiiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juherd

    G-G-G-G-G-UNITTTTTTTTT. They still fire man.

  • hustle

    This shit fire. They keep switching things up. They need to drop that mixtape already.

  • El Dogga

    This joint is hard!!! I see 50 used Buck and Kidd-Kidd to ride on this one! Yayo would’ve put some fire on it but it’s definitely getting downloaded tonight!

  • Word7

    This joint right here is hip hop!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    This mad dope… RIP Eric Garner and Mike Brown…

  • dolomite205

    so happy the Unit is back.

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  • yesanditcounts

    This is why we are fucked up as people. We forget the numerous songs G-Unit have put out as a group and separately with lyrics advocating the murder of another black man. If they real wanna make a difference why won’t they start there. R.I.P. Mike Brown and Eric Garner, maybe your senseless murders will force us to take a real hard look at ourselves first and then the rest of our ills secondly.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      one thing i respect about fif tho is that he doesnt carry that stuff around with him … he lets it be know its all about entertainment … from his drug talk to his gun talk … fif has said many of times its entertainment … i just hate them wanna be young jeezy cats talking about I LIVE THIS ISH MAN !! smh … imo fif is one of the greatest examples on how to do it right with no filters … the guy stays working out, doesnt do drugs or even acohol, studies law and the industy hes in heavily, and works his bones off wether hes winning on top or the under dog @ the bottom …. his only fault is how he handles his relationships in the public …. outside of that fif is a great example of how folks need to move out here …. do your entertainment the way you want but dont fall for the image yourself and keep it real with your audience……………………………………..

  • 5% Hov

    When they say “address it” …. they kinda just mean say his name then advocate violence over a dope beat.

    Personally I’d rather they didn’t rap about it… unless its Cole, Nas etc

    50 / Hov / Diddy and them needs to start a pool of millions to start national employments and sills programs for hood….. all these rappers with separate “foundations” is wasteful. We need a BLACK RED CROSS in that respect….

    Free from fake ass church leaders and opportunistic media whores…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      all these dudes want to be Lucas and nickey barnes … but they $$ really aint fluid enuff even tho they protray that they are rich enuff … Meech even said he was more fluid than puff … ijs … they $$ really aint long enuff .. and it could be tho if they didnt live such a lavish lifestyle ………… or invest in such major projects … im sure it takes millions to push an artist of thier caliber ……

  • yesanditcounts

    Over 229 people in my home town of Chicago have been murdered this year alone. Most were young black males. They weren’t killed by cops, or neighborhood watch people. Most were killed by other young black males. Other major city across the country have numbers in the 100’s. Where is the outcry? Is it easier to have rage against others than ourselves? I challenge these artist to rage against that. To unite against that.

    • Black Adam

      Ever heard of Lupe Fiasco? Kanye West? Mos Def?

      • yesanditcounts

        Yeah. I heard of them, but I’m talking about a group like G-Unit with album titles like “Beg For Mercy” and “Terminate On Sight” using a horrible situation like this as a marketing chance. Tell me that there next album won’t have songs that glorify the death of other black men. G-Unit should have just stayed in their lane on this one.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        them dudes aint active enuff .. kanye is but hes more focused on breaking into the fashion industry than helping out the problems in chicago

    • Dope

      Exactly. People are happy to put the blame on the government, neighborhood watch or any other factor when ONE incident happens, yet they’ll keep their mouth and keyboard shut with a 100 random gang murders where innocents die as well.

    • Fosho3528

      Now I ask, Is a young black life only valued when it’s taken by a white person?

    • Terrance Goodman

      Chi been that way since the guard touched down back in the day.
      But to answer a part if your ? We can not. Will not unite. As other races do. Our “celebs” don’t care

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        celebs actually do … its the actual people in the pit who really dont care … ijs the place present an image of people not caring … ijs …

    • colas03

      You’re right but still missing the point. The police are supposed to serve and protect. They are not authorized to murder. If they unjustifiably murdered 229 black teens I guess it’s ok because of the gang violence in Chicago huh??

      • yesanditcounts

        Who is authorized to murder? It’s not ok for the police to kill innocent black people and yes police should be held to a higher standard than your average citizen. By the same token 1,000’s of young black men die at the hands of other young black men each year across America and most artist not only have no problem with this they make songs glorifying it……like G-Unit.

      • colas03

        I get it but these are 2 different issues here. I agree with you regarding the lack of support form these artists to stop the violence in our communities. That’s an ongoing internal problem that we as race have to deal with (amongst many others). The underlining point here is Mike Brown is dead because of excessive and unnecessary action taken by a racist cop. Mike Brown could have been any black man whether he is a gang member from Chicago or college student from Philadelphia. To a racist pig there is no difference.

      • yesanditcounts

        I’m not missing the point or confusing the issues. This young man’s death is tragic, but the death of any young black man is to me regardless who pulls the trigger. I guess I feel the same way as J. Cole when he said “it all has to stop.” It just insults my intelligence when a group like G-Unit wants to be one of the leaders of the rally cry.

      • colas03

        The primary causes of the violence in cities like Chicago are gang, drugs and a lack of opportunities/activities for the youth within these urban communities. Most of them have very little guidance and some are even following the paths of their parents or guardians. There is a lot to be done to stop this cycle and I agree, these black entertainers talk but they don’t contribute much…. As far as senseless murders of black men by the same group of people who are paid to serve and protect, that’s a different story. What do we do to stop racist cops from killing us? not much but we need to make a stand as it can be anyone of us. If Michael Brown was white kid he would be alive today. Stop trying to mask this by comparing it to gang violence.

      • yesanditcounts

        Gang violence? So your assuming gang members only kill other gang members? I’m not trying to mask anything or get into an internet argument with you. You seeem like a very intelligent person, and I agree with your comments whole heartily. I understand we have to take a stand. My point is this while we have the broom out let’s also discuss how better to clean the whole house and not just the one room? It’s all connected.

      • colas03

        I agree and understand your point

    • 5% Hov

      My nigga.

      We need to ORGANISE or DIE

    • The realest post of the day! I’ve been screaming this!

  • Make a song addressing the black on black violence and genocide that’s going on in AmeriKKKa. Where in the hell is Al “Opportunist” Sharpton regarding that? Where are the rallies and outcry in regard to that. SO IT’S OK FOR A BLACK TO KILL ANOTHER BLACK, BUT IT’S NOT COOL FOR A COP TO KILL A BLACK MAN? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE, YOU BUNCH OF TWO FACES!

  • Black Adam

    Ppl taking their eye off the ball. Two issues here. The more voices the better. We all know 50 pushes negative stereotypes in his music and no he shouldnt be the leading voice in this conversation and I dont think he wants to be. Consider this though…if 50 and others like him bring this issue that effects ALL ppl of color, to the demographic that listens to his music, does he not help to bring awareness to a segment of the population that might not be paying much attention to this type of an issue?

    • Andy

      Exactly. Alot of white guys (like me) listen to 50’s music. This just brings more awareness to the issue, therefore it’s good that they made this song.