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Meek Mill Denied Release At Appeals Hearing, Taken Out Of Protective Custody

(AllHipHop News) Judge Genese Brinkley has no interest in any Dream Worth More Than Money promo. Yesterday (August 18th), the Philadelphia denied Meek Mill’s appeal on his parole violation.

Last month, Brinkley sentenced Mill to three-to-six months in Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility over inappropriate tweets about his parole officer, failing a drug test and appearing in a music video with a gun. Brinkley denied Mill’s appeal on the decision, a reversal that could have freed Meek yesterday.  DJ Khaled and other members of Atlantic Records and Maybach Music Group were in attendance according to MTV’s Rob Markman.

Mill’s Defense lawyer Dennis Cogan argued that the MMG rapper failed his drug test due to a prescription for Oxycontin he obtained after sustaining an ankle injury. Also, Cogan argued that Meek has not incurred any new charges and the gun Mill brandishes in the music video was a water pistol.

Brinkley ordered Meek to undergo anger management classes as a condition of the sentencing. After Meek questioned if he would be able to start the classes while in protective custody, Brinkley agreed to remove Meek from protective custody according to Billboard.

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  • baller187

    jesus meek getting screwed, i thought he got caught with a gun

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      i do think he is getting screwed. its been documented that he has had problem in the past with certain officials in the city and they definitely try and make an example. they shouldnt be able to deny anyone anything because of disparaging comments on twitter. talking shit is not a crime. he didnt threaten any official with bodily harm or anything. thats almost an abuse of power but i could be wrong.

      • ButterBeans

        Let you be a judge or DA and I talk bad of you on twitter. Are you still going to give me that sweet plea deal?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        well im an adult fam and its just words. if you called me a dick im not going to screw you over, but then again im looking at it from my own standpoint, being someone who has faceda judge before and know the power they hold. i wouldnt abuse mine.

  • ApricotNapalm

    Free Mill!

  • Quintin Williams

    Meek Mills talked so much shit when Cassidy was in Protective Custody and now his ass is in the same situation

    • 5% Hov

      “You Mom said I was your Dad, I should be feeling bad
      Cause I missed your whole childhood, and that’s really sad
      She really mad that I don’t deal with your silly ass
      I did pop ya Mom, but you was not mine
      Naw, I’m ’bout to call Maury on the hot line
      And get a DNA, cause you know what he’a say
      (You are not) the father, damn right
      These chicks you be screwing could ruin your damn life” – Cass Catch a Body

  • Guest

    Meek Mill’s gonna star in the reboot of Scream.

  • ApricotNapalm

    Never built for the game/reputation sustained/injuries/friends become enemies/revenge becomes/get the heat/cook em fricassee/cuz ngas see daylight now/from underground in a hole/because you told/supporting the same system that smoked Mike Brown/history right now/but it seems to repeat/so called leaders marching the streets/scream recover like Wolverine/sounding stupid/i’m down for the movement/BP/Huey Newton/b4 they white wash Black away/like BP spilled pollutants – Atl’s own tryna get a bigger check

  • kvl

    It’s been Over 5 yrs!! How can you have someone on probation forever with no signs of ending??? How can tax payers afford to let these judges a p.o’s play games?? How can the Judge say on the stand under oath that you failed a drug test when the lawyer has your perscription in his hand. How can you be charged with brandishing a weapon when you have documented proof that you were making a film???? How is it illegal to complain about your treatment by an officer of the law if you feel they’ve made inappropriate comments towards you? Does he no longer have freedom of speech???!

    • I’m wit u on everything u said except the gun bs, meek know according to that bs probation that u can’t be around anything resembling a gun…hell I wouldn’t even use one of those spray nozzles to water my lawn cuz I’d think them shady ass POs would be hiding in the bushes lmao..

    • MrsOno

      He wouldn’t have any of these problems if you stay out of the courtroom!!! Point, blank, period! Once you are in the system, it’s up to you if you stay in it or you get out of it. You don’t have rights on while you’re on parole or probation…are you kidding me? They love to get you on paper because they know these idiots will mess up again and again and keep coming back to jail.

      • kvl

        He first messed up 61 months after he was put on parole, not one violation in 5yrs then the moment he speaks out against the black families losing their lives in the fire directly across the street from fire house boom! Meek made national headlines with that and shined his light on the filth in this country .. Make no mistake that is the msg. If you add up the social media followers your fav artists have you would see these puppets are afraid to speak out on anything!!! 6 Black males shot in the face by white cops in last 60 days around the USA and so few have spoken out. It’s all good when u pushin drugs but talk about that flawed justice system… and they named that in his violation charges and You just gon sit here and Except that?!

        Meek Mill x Mike Brown x Trayvon x Ray Nagan x Eric Garner x John Crawford III… That’s Your future they wrote, no matter what you see in the mirror. If you don’t get permission to live everyday you will be put down one way or another.

        I wrote those names because if you keep your same formula you will run out of finger pointing slogans. Soon you’ll be sayin “you wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just smile more or if you didn’t drive around with your windows up… You know you can’t be going to the store after dark..”

  • 5% Hov

    “You was wrong for doing that song 2Pac Back
    I seen the video like, where the fuc is 2Pac at?
    I saw your boss like nah, 2Pac not fat
    I had Philly on lock before 2Pac got clapped
    You know me, an O.G. in the game
    On point, like Derrick Rose before he hurt his knee in the game
    For ten years I’ve been the dopest M.C. in the game
    How you expect to keep respect long as me in the game?”

    Cassidy – RAID (Meek Diss)

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      dope verse but he doesnt get respect in the city like Meek does, especially after Ar Ab put him on blast.

      • Celz

        He gets more respect in Hip-Hop.. Not the rap game.. Hip Hop

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        fam i was talking on a street level, im from philly, but were you talking about meek or cassidy?

      • Celz

        I believe you bro bro.. The streets in Cali fucc wit Kendrick before Game.. I’m just sayin Cassidy gets more love from Hip Hop niccas than Meek..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        nah fam you right about that. he definitely does.

      • 5% Hov

        You mean from criminals? Maybe.
        But this about bars.

    • Sadat

      Cass always had mediocre bars to me. He spits a bunch of basic punchline. Its just his voice and how he delivers them.

      • 5% Hov

        “Its just his voice and how he delivers them.”


      • Sadat

        Yup “just”. IMO. He definitely has the voice but the bars have always been mediocre to me. But I have heard a few joints i thought he went in on. I think he flow is basic also. He never switches it.

  • IceBergSlim

    These are the dumbest gangsters

  • TheAkademik

    When will we learn that twitter, facebook, instagram, and all social media is used to gather information…what you know is worth a billion dollars but got a free membership?….and Niggas still trying to charge $7.99 for wack ass Hulu Plus…smh

  • scullyson

    Water pistol ? lol..smfh

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Beanie Sigel home so who cares….


    Stop saying Free Meek he failed a drug test for something that could kill him. Maybe jail is freeing Meek? Ever think about that. He said he has a prescription but credible Dr’s no longer prescribe that anymore. It was more than likely addiction. He was also idiotic for talking about his parole officer and having a gun as a felon in a music video. He did this stuff and its documented. Why would we want to free someone from accountability? People think that when they become famous and have money that they are immune to anything but this proves otherwise

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      one thing i will say is freedom of speech. you can not violate someone because they spoke negatively of you. he didnt make any threats of bodily harm towards the parole officer.

      • Celz

        Once you get on Parole you lose your rights. I’m pretty sure he isn’t allowed to do that.. Once you are on probation or parole you lose almost all of your rights like how any cop can search you for any reason..

      • ButterBeans

        It dont matter you know how it goes. If your my supervisor and you can promote me but found out I be speaking negatively of you, are you still going to promote me?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i definitely feel you and Celz but i just think its some bulljive. i get it tho

      • You can violate someone anytime for any reason.


    Give this lame ‘meek rapper’ LIFE for impersonating ‘talent’, such as REAL TALENT, ie. 2PAC, B.I.G., NAS, JAY-Z…… this MAYCOCK Music ‘rapper’ & the Fake ‘Rick Ross’ are KILLING HIP HOP! Bring back REAL artists; PUBLIC ENEMY, DE LA SOUL, OUTKAST, SNOOP & DRE, & TUPAC SHAKUR level talent! F*CK French Montana, Chief Keef & this EMBARRASSMENT they call ‘Hip Hop’ today!

  • Twonpass

    The System………..
    nothing else to talk about, understand that dynamic and you understand this bullshit corporation( not country)

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  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    so glad i was here to witness the rise of a powerful tool that we could have been used to uplift our people and spread a positive message worldwide unfortunately i also have seen it bastardized manipulated and drove into the gutter where it has taken a stronghold.

    • The brightside is…you didn’t waste a lifetime watching it, it was a quick rise & fall.

  • Sound like the judge don’t like meek for real….The gun part kinda screwing him but damn he had a script and talking sht on social media= gen pop? That’s sum bs right there, i just had a homie turn himself in to finish his time cuz he said the probation was worse than jail…lmao but I took him to see his PO and they whole setup was just hard for no reason.

    • 5% Hov

      “Sound like the judge don’t like meek for real”

      He aint supposed to “like” him. How about “u on parole – act right nigga”

      • No sht wit ur wanna be militant azz….I was basically saying he got a hard on 4 the dude, I been to court and understand some guys get a little leeway from the judge, i felt that due to the circumstances and the severity he coulda gave the dude a break, it isn’t like dude out here committing real crimes, no job, and popped for an illicit drug, dude had a script and all. The only thing i think that could have fkd him was the gun bs….but u seem like the type to see a brother on lock so why did I even respond to u? I remember ur 5 percent azz always talkn down……5 percent nut hugger

    • My peepz has been on 1yr probation…for about 5yrs.

      • Trust me I can believe it…..seen it more than a few times…in a case like ur cuz he prolly would have been better off finishing out his time….

      • Yeah, judge got him flagged, so he gets maxed everytime, he says next time he’s violated, he’s just gonna sit the whole bid out.

  • ButterBeans

    Meek too cocky always bragging and talking down on others. That is what he gets.. Have fun with those Bologna sandwiches nicca

    dude talked down on the judge and the PO on twitter and his songs

    He keeps being in possession of firearms when he is not suppose to be

    He did this to himself. You should not better then not to talk down on your PO. I would be thanking her or him everyday on twitter

    • James Jones

      you are the faggiest faggg that ever faggged

      • Lmao that fool said he would thank his PO everyday….lmao thanks for making me piss in a cup sir…that fool done lost his mind I laughed hard at ya comment tho….that sht made my day…

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  • Celz

    There are rules for everyone to follow. The Gov. of Texas got charged with 2 felonies. Let this be a lesson don’r get put on probation or parole. You lose almost all of your rights and you can be arrested for breaking rules when you are 100% legit on a legal standpoint.

    That’s the point in Jail you have almost no rights so on probation you get out early based on you signing a document saying you are ok with having reduced rights. If you get locked then upon release refuse to agree to probation or parole then you will just do your probation in jail with no rights.

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  • IROC

    Hope this little time wake him up

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  • damn meek doing Oxycontin? because on an ankle injury? puhlease!

    • Immortal

      Damn I was thinking the same shit.

    • Killuminati

      Yea they are not giving you oc’s for no ankle injury lol….and if he had an ankle injury I’m sure AHH would have posted 10 articles about it

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  • Wetwork510

    Meek will be fine in general population! His boss is gonna call all his ex co-workers and make sure the best correctinal officers at the facility take care of him lol

  • GP

    and then rick ross said:

  • CHRI$$$ IN DA CUT #Ratio6


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