Nelly Speaks In Ferguson; Crowd Questions If He Has A Plan (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) St. Louis native Nelly had been criticized by some residents of his hometown for not actually visiting Ferguson, Missouri where 18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down by a cop over a week ago.

After addressing the issue in interviews and at a celebrity football game in Los Angeles, Nelly finally visited the city yesterday (August 18).

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Nelly spoke to a crowd of people in Ferguson. The rapper told the people in attendance that they needed to remain peaceful. He also suggested they look at their own actions as it relates to criminality and claimed the often repeated statistic that there are more black men in jail than in college is not true.

“It ain’t been like that since 2001,” said Nelly through a bullhorn. “There’s more doctors. There’s more lawyers. There’s more teachers. There’s more black billionaires. There’s more black millionaires. You got options brothers and sisters. We got to understand we got options and stop choosing the reaction option.”

While applause and shouts of agreement can heard by some of the crowd members during Nelly’s speech, The Guardian‘s Jon Swaine reported on Twitter that not all the reaction to Nelly was positive. Swaine tweeted that some onlookers asked Nelly what was his plan moving forward, and one person responded to him saying “You got options” with “You got options – you’re rich.”

Michael Brown was killed on August 9th by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Protests have been ongoing in Ferguson since his death.

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Read Jon Swaine’s tweets and watch footage of Nelly in Ferguson below.

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  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    You might wanna take those diamonds out and show some real respect. A lot of those celebrities going down there pretending they care just to look good, but they’re just making this shit worse, like it’s not important.

    • El Dogga

      Right unauthentic like some Yeezys going for $250!

  • Sy

    “There’s more doctors…there’s more black billionaires”? “There’s” is short for “there is”. I didn’t listen to the audio, but for anyone who thinks that that sounds right whether written or spoken…you’re wrong.

    • J Burn

      ‘There are’…

      • Sy

        I was talking about the grammatical error

      • J Burn

        duly noted lol…I was speaking to your point…you were too worried about who was refuting it….

    • Freezamon

      I think he meant “more than we had 10-15 years ago”.

      • Sy

        I was referring to the incorrect English, meaning that you would write “there are” and not “there’s” (which means “there is”).

      • Freezamon


  • jd

    It just bothers me that we are always being told to calm down. Chill out. Move on. Screw that. There can be no change like that. History has shown us that. I’m sick of this.

    • B.U.


    • MadRespect06

      And I tell people all the time that its not just that it happened but the fact that it has happened numerous times over the years. I think with Treyvon’s case last year we just had enough. Rage against the machine…..

  • ApricotNapalm

    Never built for the game/reputation sustained/injuries/friends become enemies/revenge becomes/get the heat/cook em fricassee/cuz ngas see daylight now/from underground in a hole/because you told/supporting the same system that smoked Mike Brown/history right now/but it seems to repeat/so called leaders marching the streets/scream recover like Wolverine/sounding stupid/i’m down for the movement/BP/Huey Newton/b4 they white wash Black away/like BP spilled pollutants – Atl’s own

  • TheAkademik

    Bitchass Nelly already showed his bougie true colors when he came at Floyd for not graduating high school….bitchass nigga

  • Some of these people aint shit im sorry.damned if you do damned if you dont. if he goes they get nad if he didnt they get mad. real shit. tearing up your own city isnt gonna help. people always refer back to the times ive marches and protests, but it was peaceful protests that went on. not starting with the police. yea its hella fucked up mike brown lost his life before he can go off to college, but tearing up your own neighborhood is giving the police a reason to do more harm. gotta think smarter. they say curfew is at 12 then meet up at the local community center and stay there over night to plan plot strategize. i remember as a kid i was like yea we should riot when dialo was shot 41 times. but thats just another reason for them to lick off more shots.

    • MadRespect06

      So how do you bring about change to the system? Not agreeing with rioting but if you feel like your cry isn’t being heard…what do you do? If politicians speak and nothing gets done..what do you do? If….like you stated above with Dialo, keeps happening what do you do? There comes a boiling point to some people and this is how they react. Black people have been rioting and tearing shit up for justice for years now….nothing new. But when will the wrong doers be held accountable?? Im just sayin..

      • man i don’t even know smh. but we do know rioting isn’t gonna work. its a hard topic.

      • 5% Hov

        Coordinated Non-Violent protest is useful.
        But u right rioting is wasteful.
        Will Nelly and CO organise attend and promote regular civil rallys for black on black violence or school funding in high crime areas ??? DOUBT IT

      • and to be honest he’s not putting out any music so he might as well do it! he has nothing but free time! pay for th efuneral. lawyer fees. get the best lawyer money can buy. zimmerman had tons of corporations donate money to his lawyer team. this is free pr! celebs sometimes don’t realize the good from doing good.

      • 5% Hov

        Agreed. I dont think he SHOULD Im just if he was really about it.

        How many foundations do these rappers set-up for black kids – and neither thought to create a larger more powerful organisation that could lobby on our behalf – like the Jews have ADP etc.

      • 5% Hov

        There is LOTS we can do.
        It begins with our own families – it moves then to lobbying groups and political engagement…

        This ALWAYS gets high jacked by the Church…. and slave minded niggas once again let the religious groups take funding and money to build more “Church programs” that are useless and do nothing.

        We need real investment in our schools and services NOT more “programs” run by illiterate ex offenders that wouldn’t know the first thing about how get a job or how start a little business.

        But thats not what happens = people scream Justice for trayvon then go back to work ….

      • Dubz

        Agreed, stop falling for the same rhetoric…Nelly was right about one thing…”you got options” and its niggas like the dude yelling back “You’re rich” is the problem…so what if he rich…you still got options if you’re satisfied with being broke and poor then you’re going to stay that way….if you just go with the flow then you’re going to stay that way. “They” want you to stay put…to fill like you have no other options but to stay in the hood and never amount to anything….if you truly want to stick it to the “white man” then become successful.

      • 5% Hov

        And kept it in the family build large corporations and work with other corporations…. we struggle to build a chain or barber shops because we are so distrustful of each.. we need to organise our families together – 3 families buy business X etc…

      • MadRespect06

        Yeah I like that one…we gotta do better bruh. Think how strong we could be.

      • Immortal

        Damn right. Nelly ONLY got rich because he seized upon the options that were given to him and made a few options for himself along the way.

      • Freezamon

        1. Black folks need to stop supporting businesses that don’t support the black communities period (Money is the only thing that talks in this world).
        2. We need to weed out these so called black leaders for who they really are opportunists ( cop/white kills a black they show up, black kills black..where they at?). Racism/ Prejudice sells.
        3. Hold ourselves accountable for our actions we educate our kids at home/ community. I remember if i did something wrong in the streets and my parents were not around, my neighbor, teacher etc was allowed to check my ass until they got home and then they would check my ass again.
        4. Build community wealth teach our kids that it is more important to own your own home and business first. Good credit is a must. Just like in point 1. Only we as a community can prosper together. I remember when there were lots of black businesses because the whites did not want to set up in our community. But now since they see that the green is the only color they want they will front the arabs and chinese to open liquor stores, grocery stores and restaurants.
        Meanwhile the mexicans that we think are stupid for working for less..they come through on some tribe move and create little mexicos in every state that supports their people. Black folks need to wake up!

    • Q.

      In a sense, rioting does serve a purpose: It not only draws global attention to the injustice, but it disrupts the local economy, which forces the state to respond and waste further resources on extra cops, gear, vehicles, overtime, and even deployment of the national guard, millions of dollars that could be used elsewhere. The longer they stall bringing Darren Jones to some sort of justice, the more money they lose. Yeah, the state may not care about US, but it does cherish its dollars/estate.

      See, most people in this country still don’t get that RACISM hurts everybody, morally and financially. It’s the cancer of Amerikkka.

      • Sean Taylor

        LOL @ local economy. It’s only effecting a few blocks, one tiny neighborhood and guess who that’s disrupting? Not the majority.

        The local schools around that area had to delay the first day of school for kids. Yep serving a purpose alright….

      • Q.

        Local businesses pay taxes. Who’s footing the bill for extra cops, gear, OT and National Guard? Right. Yeah, good or bad, rioting has an effect.


  • Markus

    People in Ferguson should look to Nelly for support not answers. As far as a plan i doubt he can provide one.

    • 5% Hov


      Arguably – why is he there? What good is speaking without a plan?
      He better going and standing with people in solidarity.
      And supporting a plan once devised by people that are about it for real.

  • trilltalk1

    why should he have a plan for them cause he rich? that does not mean he has that ability to lead a grass root community movement.

  • Twonpass

    Too many are scared to do what REALLY needs to be done….

    There I said it…..

    and if you have to ask, your one of the “too scared to do” crowd… just get out of the way for the real ones…

    • MadRespect06

      What the hell you talkin bout????? Do what???

    • oliguti

      its not easy to start a revolution but it is needed

  • Brindle

    Nelly’s 100% right, they do need a plan and its not for him to come up with just because he realizes it’s needed… 2nd- we as black people need to quit exaggeration and getting emotional all the time… Browns friend has been saying he was shot in the back, autopsy come out and says wrong… WHY LIE?… They were also saying he was shot running away, but in the 6 minute video you can clearly hear witnesses wondering why he would charge the cop when the copy pulled his gun… It’s no different with the Travon Martin case, ol girl gets on the stand talking stupid with and attitude and now she’s struggling with depression because she feels her attitude and lack of education caused her to mess the whole case up, guess what, it did… We gotta do better, and its starts with being honest and non-delusional about what we see and experience, everything doesn’t need an extreme emotional reaction, men need to leave that to women these days… Most of these cases get blown because the witnesses lie when the truth will due just fine…

  • B.U.

    Make some socially conscious music, Nelly. That is if you aren’t afraid to risk losing your white fans.

  • oliguti

    NON-VIOLENCE IS AWESOME, BUT WHAT GOOD IS IT WHEN YOU ONLY GET CRUMBS. The “haves” have innocent ppl killed and then cry for peace, crazy shit.

  • Q.

    CORNell is getting his Al Sharpton on now, huh? SMH

    I don’t even hate this cat, but I swear I thought I got punk’d when Country Grammar dropped in 2000.

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  • Ipullcards

    Just like some niggaz ! Always waiting on someone to give them soemthing. They can’t create their own plan? Damn Huey p newton all those leaders, Malcolm are all rolling in the grave. The FBI is good! They took away the leaders and now look what we are left with??

  • Meow Storm

    Allhiphop, I (and I’m sure many others, as well) appreciate your contributions. However, you have got to start taking your reporting more seriously. I cram to understand why you would feature the tweets of a white reporter whose sole purpose would be to minimize any sort of sentiments of solidarity. He manages to find one guy who shouts back, “YOU got options – you’re rich,”. What about all the other people who were present who understood and took in what Nelly had to say?

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  • J Burn

    Nelly thinks he’s the norm but doesn’t know he’s the exception…

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