"Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop" Talks Competition, Nicki Minaj, Avoiding Ratchet TV & More!

The ladies from the “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” (Brianna Perry, BIA, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme, Siya) sit down with Ms. Drama to discuss their “sisterhood”.

They open up about the competitiveness, the Nicki Minaj factor – (including the open letter from Chuck Creekmur, CEO of AllHipHop), being stereotyped, relationships, and what they want their fans to know – and get from the show.

  • TheAkademik

    I rather watch a Remy Ma interview

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  • Slaughtr

    If this is what they call todays female MC damn the culture must e fked up.

  • KeepNda7

    Siya fake as hell. I don’t like the fact that she lied on Sisterhood of hip hop saying she “the first openly gay female rapper and that’s a fact!” BS! In 06 Feloni from Detroit became the first openly gay female rapper when she had her reality show on MTV’s Logo channel. Damn near everybody who was gay with cable in 06/ 07 heard about Feloni back then. I was also there when she performed at ATL Black Pride in 07. Where da funk was you if you the first???!! As a young lesbian stud myself, I googled Feloni and heard her raw aaazz lyrics on “Brand New” and instantly became a fan. So why da funk Siya lie and say she the first? I guess she needed a story for the show. Siya’s rep Tank is gay too. I don’t know why he won’t just come out and say it. I don’t respect rappers who come out lyin claimin to be real. You MUST RESPECT THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE YOU. Feloni said she did the album “A Woman’s Revenge” coz she was tired of hearing boys in hip hop rap about how they runnin women but she didn’t even pursue a record deal coz she wanted to stay indie but that don’t make you the first openly gay female rapper ms. piggy nose! Siya if you truly rep “Sisterhood” then don’t be on the show telling lies just coz you gettin air time now and think everybody has forgotten about Feloni coz they haven’t! That’s why Traxx Girl ATL Black Pride ain’t reppin Siya this year at the girl events so I heard. They ain’t feelin her either I guess. They reppin the another stud female rapper named Temper and her sh-t raw like Feloni.

    Another thing, you a stud on tv making other studs look bad when you got violent with yo girl in a argument by telling her you would Punch her in the Face! smh They already look down on female studs and here you go with that BS stereotype behavior. I was hoping there wouldn’t be any “rachidness” on “sisterhood” of hip hop. I was wrong. A lot of people already think all studs just wanna be boys and you provin it by imitating their violent behavior towards women! And stop frontin like you ain’t never heard of Feloni. You betta get as many features as you can to make yo sh-t sound better too! Yo record label gone need to buy up some of yo records to get yo sale up coz I ain’t buying it especially since you actin fake about sh-t. Oxygen won’t even allow people to post their real opinions on their website. You go there and you got like 2 positive comments that Siya’s hype team most likely posted. Oxygen fake too for that sh-t T.I. could of pulled other hot stud female rappers who are actually from ATL instead of goin with gay aaaazzz Tank’s friend Siya who obviously don’t know sh-t about “Sisterhood” Lesson 101—Keep it real and watch what you say coz real hip hoppers recognize real not name brands! HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Guest

    They couldn’t find another location to do the interview outside of a loud ass restaurant? All that background noise, you can barely hear them.