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Remy Ma Talks 1st Prison Fight, Sex With Papoose In Prison + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Beauty is skin deep, but so are bruises. During a recent interview, Remy Ma explained what sparked her first fight in prison, how she originally did not like Papoose and more.

Remy Ma’s early August release was delayed after she engaged in a fight with a fellow inmate weeks prior that resulted in her staying in solitary confinement. While on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Remy described how her first fight in prison transpired. After stating that the woman looked more manlier than Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, Remy Ma explains how her slick mouth got her into her first fight:

It was over something so stupid. It was more like I didn’t like her. She asked me “you don’t like me?” I said ‘I think you’re dumb [ugly]. Not I don’t like you.’ That’s what I told her. She was like ‘do we have a problem? I just think you’re really ugly. Would I consider it a problem? No.’ [She said] ‘So, you want to get it in?’ [I said] ‘Well I have eight years more years here. Why not?

Remy admits to the hosts that she has a “guilty until proven innocent” approach to new friends and initially does not like people she has never met. That courtesy extended to Papoose, but once the couple got together, the conjugal visits became complicated:

I was just like, you know, they gave me a lot of time. I know eight years is a lot of time. I don’t know if I’m going to have to do the whole eight years. But, I don’t want you to ever feel burdened with my punishment. He was like ‘As long as you here, I’m here.’ You have to remember that I was able to get trailer visits. They’re like every six weeks, every 42 days. But, then if you get in trouble, or get in a fight, they take it away.

Check out Remy Ma’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below:


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  • J Burn

    Welcome home Rem!

  • STFUUIgnants

    That whole gay in prison thing throws a monkey wrench in the whole everybody that’s gay was born that way theory.

    • Dointer


    • Myleage

      its proven that genetics play a part but its not the end all be all. they did experiments on puppies where they filled some male puppies with extra estrogen and let the other ones alone. they found that when the puppies reach adulthood and all hormonal levels are back to their normal levels, the male puppies that received estrogen as puppies displayed lordosis behavior vs the puppies who never received estrogen and exhibited mounting behavior. so hormonal balances in the womb play a part but as with all things, there are countless variations. you can become gay by choice, gay meaning an attraction to the male species, or you can have a genetic disposition to lean to liking males over females but still not be gay. it varies.

      but when it comes to prison, its different. have sex with a male is not gay. Having a sexual attraction to a male is. Males have sex in prison with a need for sex and a lack of females. they are not physically attracted to the males but its all they got so you learn to do it. plenty of people had sex with a female or male they were not attracted to. plus sex is also used as a weapon. you beat a nigga’s ass then rape him as a consequence for an action, not because you desired him sexually. The raper is having sex with a male but is not gay in this case and the rapee is having sex reluctantly with the male and is not gay. being gay is more about the intent, not just the action.

      • hoeyuno

        Mannn!!! A neighbor in our building bounced and we got suckered into taking her guinea pigs(2 males one cage)….we got young kids so we took’em but it didnt take long to realize we have gay hamsters….so I went and bought another cage and theyd stand up againts the walls facing each other whining all day…..we eventually put them back together and they seem less gay..haha

      • Myleage

        no foolin?

      • hoeyuno

        Nah for real!! I figured theyve been in that cage since they were babies and dont even know females exist..

      • STFUUIgnants

        Yet males that are raped many times come out of the prison system to live a homosexual lifestyle. Its very similar to child molestation victims. However they still will claim to have been born gay. I believe only a very small % of those living that lifestyle were actually born gay. The rest have various reasons for do so. But the political thing to say is, “I was born this way”.

  • hoeyuno

    Remy look good!!!! Shouts to her..

  • Celz

    Damn she sexxy as fucc.. Intelligent and everything I ain’t mad at Papoose at all lol.. Gettin Rem might be his first W lol

  • ruvunja

    you get into any girl-on-girl nookie too Remy?? That would be something, Pap’ wouldn’t be mad surely

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