Talib Kweli Clashes With CNN's Don Lemon Live On Air (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) New York emcee Talib Kweli was being interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, but the exchange quickly turned sour. As Kweli attempted to criticize CNN’s coverage of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Lemon tried to cut him off by asking another question.

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From there Kweli asked Lemon to allow him to finish his thought. The two then went back-and-forth with the Black Star rapper calling Lemon out for what he saw as being rude before the interview even began.

“I would listen to you if you had the decency to greet me,” said Kweli. “You didn’t even invite me. Nicole invited me. You didn’t even say nothing to me. You were on your phone the whole time. You asked how to pronounce my name. You don’t have respect for who I am.”

According to Kweli, an article on inaccurately described one particular incident in Ferguson. Apparently, the site claimed bottles being thrown caused police action and men were being chased by the cops. Talib says he was at that scene, and he claims the police escalation led to the bottle throwing and the officers were actually chasing men, women, and children.

The two did end the segment on what seemed like good terms.

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Watch the interview below.

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  • John Q. Public

    Its hot as hell outside. Don’t help the stress.

    • That ‘chet get any hotter & i’m gonna start singing old negro spirituals ;
      >> In about to run away slave voice :
      ” WayyyDddduh in da’ WorrrRRTttttuuurrrRRRRr!”

  • Eli Pinilla

    I’m glad talib is out there…..but why he gotta make it personal?!?! Who gives a f*ck if he invited you or not or if he greeted you?!?!?! F*ck that shit. Just say what you gotta say. Shit went from speakin about Ferguson to how one should hold a conversation.

    • I agree. They got on another subject and for a minute I forgot what they were supposed to be discussing.

  • Lol!!!!

  • oliguti

    No reason to stop a person when they are making a point, the only time you stop them if you believe what they are saying is inaccurate. So Lemon was wrong, but I am happy Kweli gave him props. I hope CNN showed or shows this on tv and their website. Kweli gets shit down, oh yeah where CAM’RON at?

  • britishrose

    don limon is a okkie dockie .. he has his own issues .. but kweli is right, he was there he saw it unfold cnn has to ride with what ever the police say …. he didnt greet kweli, and he is suppose to greet the interviewer like oprah and barber w does ,, how busy can you be ..if cnn invited the rapper to come in and he act crazy bout getting the message from the man … he cutting kweli off you suppose to let the man talk.. like kweli said AMERICA IS RAN BY WHITE SUPREMEIST THAT IS THE MISSIING LINK .. DON IS HIRED BY WHITE SUPREMEIST TO COME DOWN THERE PLAYING OKKIE DOKIE …. choose to ignore it don hear that you choose to ignore to dam bad

    • sakiru oresanwo


      • britishrose

        WTF BACK FOOL …. CANT YOU READ … i dont repeat myself so your dum ass need to learn to read

      • BjorkYou

        Are you serious? Don’t call anyone dumb, you especially. We all can read; but obviously not all of us can write. And spell.

  • Sativa Diva

    That was a pretty dope interview! Even though it got heated Im glad that it didnt turn into a “Nigga Moment”. And I want to look up those organizations he just named. Much respect, Talib.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • IROC

    Talib laid it down he stood strong and got his point across

  • Markus

    Lemon did try to talk over Talib but the situation at hand should’ve been on both their minds before the interview took that left turn. The last thing America needs is two African Americans arguing about who’s being rude and how the other was greeted. Mike Brown execution> pettiness.

    • Godfather


  • Godfather

    Don Isn’t a ookie dockie, he’s a bro that’s there making a difference and did I mention he makes millions as a CNN journalist. Butterbeanbabe, you prob could learn some things from Don. def. with those comments, and missed spelled words. Your just as small minded as those pilgrims you calling white-supremacist , spelling it right, not like you speak it…..smh.

    • Twonpass

      he is a sell out homo who could give a shit about any real perspective from a black man,

      call the kettle what it is

      • BjorkYou

        Shut up, homophobe. Lemon’s sexuality has nothing to do with this. But yet I’m sure you’re the first to call someone out on racism. Call the kettle what it is here… barely literate name calling.

  • Rappers need to stay far from speaking in public. Call Al Sharpton and let him deal with this, rappers don’t know how to represent people who are suffering.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      F@ck Al Sharpton.

      • Immortal

        Let the hate pour in…

    • scullyson


    • Twonpass

      Please, stop
      you have no idea what the hell you talking about

      or your an AGENT!!!!

      call these people out, stop letting then infiltrate.

    • Shame125

      Hey Dior…How u doin? #furpursenigga

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Talib hit a nerve when he spoke on the MSM’s (CNN included) handling of this situation. Then the house Negro Lemon got his panties in a bunch and attempted to defend massa’s plantation.

    CNN is a joke. The ratings are low as f@ck and the “journalism” is laughable.

  • Immortal

    Unprofessional. I understand the feelings that are on both of their minds, but at some point, there should’ve been a cut out so they could settle this and come back on the tube as either a unified front, folks that agree to disagree, or not with each other at all. I would expect this from Fox where they bait you into a comment or non comment, but two brothas who have some level of influence to publicly argue served no one. Both we right, yet both were wrong.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      If they had cut stopped airing when the argument started I believe that would’ve done more damage. I actually commend CNN for continuing to air it as it shows that EVERYBODY argues and it doesn’t have to end in violence as these two grown men ended it with a hand shake

    • trvlman

      Duty First Bro!

  • Jonathan Cayol

    Let’s start protesting black on black crime ! Let’s start protesting rap music with lyrics that provoke rage , promote drugs & anything that does not build us up as a nation of people ! Y’all kill me for real … I know what it feels like to walk up to another black man who looks like he is a descendant of Africa & pull out a pistol & aim at him & pull the trigger back & watch the bullet enter him . I know what it feels like to get pumped with the homies & go look for the enemy & try our best to chase’em down in the vehicle . I know what it feels like I come from that so don’t sit here & play with me . Y’all corny if you wanna play that role like we just victims out here , sure I can currently say I’m a victim by xy & z when police harass me but I’m glad I can say that today because some years back they would of got a police chase , they would of got me shooting back as we fleeing off in a car or they would of found a pistol either on me or near me just as they did so all those who living the streets stop faking because all my homies been shot , some by police some by the enemy . The facts are the facts if you live by the gun you’ll die by the gun . That saying come from Jesus not Tupac , Jesus said he who lives by the sword dies by the sword – Matthew 26:52 it’s time to grow up & be a man . It’s time to get persecuted for righteousness & stop fronting all the time . This ain’t the 30’s , 40’s & 50’s . Sure it’s racism out here but help me with this one because all my homies was killed by a black man , not a Samoan , not a White man , not a Spanish man but a black man , I guess we kill each other to pay each other back for what all the killings that we suffered back in the slavery days & civil rights movements . I guess we on get back , we trying to prove that we can kill each other better than the white man did when we first got to this country . Idiots .

    • Spirit Equality

      Why don’t you organize some of these protests since you feel so strongly about it? There ARE protests and peace rallies related to black-on-black crime. Not only did YOU not go, YOU didn’t even bother to find out about them. It’s YOU who is “killing you,” not US, you’re sitting at home, frustrated, not doing anything to support the causes you claim to be concerned about.

      • Jonathan Cayol

        I actually preach every single weekend both Saturday & Sunday all over the streets of DC with my brother in Christ on a bullhorn on the weightier matters as a Christian this is what we do protest against sin , & people falling away to hell because they are being brainwashed by Satan & his angels . That’s where the word protestant comes from so actually we do protest & we come against black on black crime as well & everything that Satan does to deceive every nation . The spirit comes out of the human body & departs to where it goes heaven or hell , heaven if you followed Yeshua or hell if you did whatever you wanted to do like most people . That’s the bigger issues that everyone faces , being prepared to see the King whether prepared to be judged of condemnation or rewarded because of holiness & righteousness . So yeah with that being said sure I protest about the matters your discussing & even greater matters . I am a protestant . Yah bless ! In Yeshua’s mighty name ! Repent & be baptized .

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III


      • Jonathan Cayol

        Ummm what ? Problem ?

  • Much respect to Talib. One of the few entertainers who are actually speaking out and going to Ferguson to show their support. Young African-Americans spend millions of dollars buying music and going to overpriced concerts, and these celebrities would rather sit in their suburban neighborhoods and do the ice challenge!!

  • Hearing Don Lemon saying “…lost in the sauce” was pricless.

    • John Q. Public

      lol I enjoyed that as well

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  • I didn’t appreciate how Don Lemon attempted to give Talib pound/dap not once but twice, when Talib was clearly trying to shake his hand. If there’s one thing I hate when it comes to social interactions, is people that try to “make me feel comfortable” by giving me dap when I’m hand shaking.

  • Slaughtr

    Fck all them Uncle Remis ass niggaz give a nigga a mic a some air time and a salary and he presents Brian gumbleism. Fck Don Lemon his ass forgot he is the sauce.

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  • Its Sosa Bish

    Don Lemon is the Whitest black man I Know
    but we need black people like him, He’s make white people feel safe

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