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Hip Hop Rumors: Was Future Cheating On Ciara With Stylist?

There still hasn’t been an official statement yet on the status of these two, but unofficially its looking like they’re done. From the sounds of things Future couldn’t commit to being completely faithful just yet.

US Weekly reports:

“Ciara left her rapper fiance Future, after she learned that her baby daddy was cheating on her with his wardrobe consultant, Tyrina Lee, an insider reveals to Us Weekly.

As Us broke the news last week, the “I’m Out” singer, 28, called it quits with Future just three months after welcoming their newborn son, Future Zahir Wilburn. According to the insider, Ciara learned of her man’s infidelity through the rumor mill, too.

“She found out about the affair through multiple sources in recent weeks,” the insider tells Us. “There was clear evidence when she approached Future about the cheating. This was clearly not just a one-night thing.”

Lee was Future’s stylist specifically for his music and photo shoots, as well as his personal shopper. According to the same insider, Ciara was “devastated” about her fiance’s betrayal.”

Check out the rumored sidechick:


What’s worse is that allegedly Future has been flying ol’ girl out on private jets and showering her with gifts and she purposely posts pics for Ciara to see.

It seems like these rappers keep breaking Cici’s heart…maybe you need to move around and find a decent R&B singing dude.

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  • Dope

    Damn.. that stylist looking much better than Ciara.

    • johnblacksad

      You trippin… Cece is keeper

      Stylist can keep her position as a sidepiece

      • Right!!!

      • Dope

        I don’t know either of them personally, and probably you don’t either and that’s needed to know if one is a keeper or not.

        So I was talking strictly about the body, and I liked the stylist’s body better.

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  • gerald bransol

    them tittys thats it

  • gerald bransol

    that nose aint cute and we dont see her eyes.. and i sure as hell aint googling a side yea them tittys thats it

  • johnblacksad

    Stylist got style…

    that forehead tho! what’s that bump on it?

    but as far as ya’ll interrogatin yaselves about whether or not I would hit… of course I fcukin would!

    “Swing the dingaling from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to Beijing”
    Sauce Money

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  • Anoni Muss

    She got a humpty hump nose. I’d still do the humpty hump with her tho!

    • TheAfroRican

      “Just grab her in the biscuits!” lol

  • W.$.G.T.$

    why her nose look like it came attached with those sunglasses? lol, ol humpty hump schnoz

    • lmaoooooo

    • El Dogga


    • Fatalhp


    • Immortal

      Damn bruh you ruined all hope of me thinking she was better than Ciara with that one….lol

    • TheAfroRican

      Hilarious! Now I can’t get the Humpty Dance song out of my head lol

  • El Dogga

    All ya’ll lying! Ya’ll see those tats! I bet 92% of ya’ll would leave your fugazy chick for that! smh!

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO!!! lol @ fugazi chick

      • El Dogga


  • Seriously

    Like we thought it would last…pshhh…

  • ZUBU

    That nose.. has to go asap…. Bumpy forehead……..SMH….. I hope he didn’t

    • youngplaya

      Her nose is cute to me. Do those full features bother you? hmmmm

      • ZUBU

        Brotha are you serious? I’m black and I love being black and I am very proud to be be black but her nose is huge. WTF…….

      • Lips tho….

    • tr3sdaddy

      I didn’t even notice she had a nose because of what looks like an outstanding rack…………

      • ZUBU

        Bro flat rack, I’m guessing you have not played with a fake rack?

      • tr3sdaddy

        Sure I’ve grasped fake boobies before. But that has nothing to do with this because these I can only look at in a tank top. And you’re lying to yourself if you’re saying they don’t look fantastic in that particular picture

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Gotdamn another home Wrecker with the “W” in over time. Score = Side piece (1) vs Ciara (0)


    ohh damn she can get it, but whats good w. that clear skirt? lol! idk though, she aint good enough to lose ciara over, maybe a pregnant ciara but not a fit ciara hahaa

  • ghettogov

    They’ve showed her face on here in the rumours section before she’s mad average…Future looks like a nigga with poor taste in women though. im still stuck on them actually naming a kid future wtf?


    ‘Future’?! More like ‘HAS BEEN’! Proposed to CIARA but ‘need’ to bang your flat stylist, the ho from the block & every stripper you see – as well as havin’ baby mama drama x 10…… he didn’t DESERVE CIARA or to lead her on…. just anotha f*ck nicca!

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  • IROC

    He played himself if he let this below average chick mess things up for him ive seen her without them shades on it gets worst

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