Lecrae Says Hip Hop Can't Promote Murder & Lawlessness Then Ask For Equality & Justice (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) In the wake of the national discussion about race, the militarization of the police, and economic inequality sparked by the killing of Michael Brown, some observers have also connected the conversation to certain imagery displayed by some rap artists.

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Faith-based rapper Lecrae is one of the voices challenging the Hip Hop community to address its own lyrical content before demanding justice from anyone else. The Houston native shared his thinking on the subject and the Ferguson situation via Twitter.


Do you agree with Lecrae that members of the Hip Hop community cannot ask for equality and justice while at the same time making music about murder, misogyny, and lawlessness? Take the poll below.

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  • I think this guy has his head on str8….I’ve only heard that song ‘Nothing’ by him and it is a dope song where he talks about all these so called trap rappers…bruh was spitting truth on that song and it came out dope as hell imo….heard it on satellite radio

  • TruthSerum

    It’s creative expression man, I don’t see how it relates to real life. That’s like Saying Al Pacino can never expect the police to help him because he played a Mob Boss in a couple of Movies. That’s the same logic people who think like this are working with.

    Why is rap the only art form held to these high, self righteous moral standards??? Johnny Cash killed more people on his records then a rapper ever did but you don’t see White people the world over or the Country music business screaming about how he was destroying the world.

    Now, if your talking about how they act in REAL LIFE, then I can see your point. But the arts are the arts man, violence has existed in entertainment since the beginning.

    • Thought Dog

      I think the main difference between Johnny Cash and most popular rappers is that Johnny never tried to act like his music was his everyday life. Rappers kill a 1000 people in records and work hard to tell you it’s their real life…. The only time the claim it’s entertainment is when lawsuits or criminal charges come down. The other downside to ignorant rap is that a lot of the fans try their hardest to emulate what they see and hear in rap videos. I know quite a few people well into their 30’s that still do dumb shit and think they’re about to be the next lil wayne while they go paycheck to paycheck wondering why they’re still broke.

      • RightOn

        ” Johnny never tried to act like his music was his everyday life. Rappers kill a 1000 people in records and work hard to tell you it’s their real life.” BINGO!!!

    • Brindle

      “Why is rap the only art form held to these high, self righteous moral standards???”- because it’s black music made for everyone. Therefore we can’t grow a green mohawk, get 50 tatoos, then get tired of that phase cut our hair and run daddies company. We just not there yet, art has never been just art in the black community. Art was always a creative message, especially in poem form (hiphop, spoken word, poetry, etc.)

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  • I agree with art being art. I think, like we hear all the time however, is that perception is often reality to a lot of people. And to some people, we understand the creativeness behind the art form and understand that it’s not always based on personal real life experiences. The problem is, you have others that don’t know anything about that type of life style or culture and simply go off what they may hear in a song. Instead of gong further with research, they just take it as reality and then use it to form and justify their opinions about their prejudice and stereotypes. We see this all the time when rap lyrics are used in criminal court cases. Then you got the media fueling the fire even more because they know it’s polarizing and will draw good ratings. So I just think there needs to be more of a balance in the hiphop content that is put out. I think we still have a lot artists out here that educate in different ways and do tell stories based off personal experiences or experiences from a close friend or relative. I think either positive or negative, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think that some artists put out content that supposed to be “over” with the demographic and support whatever trend is hot right now. I think if we see less of that, then maybe that would, but just like Lecrae mentions, It’s way bigger than hiphop, and these kinds of situations have been around way longer than hiphop. But Changing perception would help things out. My 2 cents.

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  • 1hiphophiphop

    It just don’t look right if you make a song about Ferguson then you go on to perform a song about killin and dope dealin.

  • yesanditcounts

    I hate when people try to compare music to acting. As a actor you are giving a script with a pre-determined part to play. You have no choice. As a music artist, you create that person. Nothing is pre-determined. You create the person you want to be. Music has been, and will always be a forum of self expression.

  • RayStantz

    Nothing creative about what 99.9% of the rappers put out today. The Beats sell… most people only learn the lyrics through repetition… the rappers have been saying the same shid for the last 20+ years (money, clothes, violence, drugs and sex). Every movie can’t be a gangster movie. But if we want to still call rap (not hip hop) art, then look at the pictures we’re painting for the world to see, for our kids to see. Is this truly how we want to be represented? Art is supposed to imitate life, not life imitating art. We can talk all day about “its just music” but I don’t think anyone can sit up here and say it hasn’t negatively affected our communities in some way shape or form. To the strong minded, its just music, to the weak and uneducated its “telling their story” even though they didn’t live half of what’s talked about… but they will try to live up to the image. For every job that rap creates, 100s more are going to prison by trying to live out what they’ve been brainwashed with as the only way out. I’ve spent time around countless rappers that say they want to talk about different things but can’t because its not going to sell. You can talk about no opportunity in the ghetto but people make it out all the time without involving themselves in dumb shid…. We look up to drug dealers and gangbangers, not the normal 9-5 dude that holds down his household. As long as we keep letting the most ignorant of our culture represent us, we will get no where.

  • Brindle

    He’s 100% correct. Unfortunately we, as a people, aren’t in the position to do art for arts sake. That’s what white people do. Our art has always been a movement (not the MMG, YCMB movement) and a message (not the Young Jeezy news report of the hood message)… Our music degrades our women but we get upset when a cop is caught on video here in Cali beating the sh!t out of a homeless women. We bang and floss on each other, daring any man, in every song to confront us in the club while we’re popping bottles with strippers, then want politicians and people of position to hear us in Ferguson. We say we have freedom of speech, yet we use our mouth and ears, microphone and speaker so spit ignorance “TURN UP NEGROES, TURN UP”, we keep it real, hood, gangsta, 1 hunned, to find out no one thinks sh!t about us except us acting like fools in the latest rap video. If we set higher standards and respect ourselves, we’ll watch the world respect us and our true movement. We must hold ourselves accountable. Stop making excuses, stop complaining about what someone did to you while you were some where you shouldn’t have probably been in the 1st place. If a cop punches you in the face at 9am on Sunday, protest, but also ask yourself “why wasn’t I at church”, if he punches you 9am Monday thru Friday, protest, but also ask yourself, “why wasn’t I at school, or work”… You don’t like the conditions in prison, protest, but also ask yourself, “why am I here in the 1st place”… For white folks like Picaso and all them, art is art, that’s why they shit sucks, Mona Lisa is a dumb a$$ painting, JJ Evans got way better paintings, for us art aint art, it never has been. Black art is a creative message, that luckily for us white people will pay a lot of money for while we build our minds and presence. Until we recognize that, we’ll just be Turn Up while opportunities turn us down

    • RightOn

      Speak! Thank you!

    • Celz

      Not that you need a co-sign.. But Imma co-sign all that shyt..

      I think what made artists like Nas and Pac so big was that showed the complete man.. The good and the bad. If you listen to NWA or Nas you would not come to the conclusion that selling drugs is a good idea. Now that shyt is glorified. It’s the commercialization of media as a whole. MTV went from debuting the best music has to offer to Catfish and I’m 16 and Pregnant AGAIN!

      Taylor Swift just dropped some hot garbage to combat Iggy Azelea and Nicki for the profitable position of the #1 corrupter of young girls mind. Earl the Sweatshirt bitkhed about it on Twitter and the Country Music Association kicked her out. Now the next Taylor Swift that is on the come up will think twice before using B-Boys, Poppers and the art of Hip-Hop as an excuse to put half naked twerkers in your video..


      • Brindle


  • Markus

    Totally agree with this dude. The current roster of rappers today have a persona they feel they have to portray to stay interesting to the public. Rather than growing and evolving they stay wallowed in the same dirt they began with out of fear of becoming irrelevant. African Americans across the board without question need to clean their act up and project different images than the usual ones that ignorant racists exploit and present to the world irresponsibly as stereotypes. Art and entertainment are huge impacts to today’s youth and that would be a good place to start when it comes to making changes.

    • RightOn

      I hear you Markus. But if you think about it, the image they portray does help them stay interesting to the public. To me the question is, how do WE break the cycle. While the artists are responsible, I think the machine (industry, label, good ol boys club or whatever one calls them) take a bigger share of the blame.
      Also, I think if the the made brothers and sisters like Oprah, Hov, Diddy and the rest sit at the same table and come up with a way to change the trend through their network and money, they can really make an impact (assuming they are passionate about healing the community of course). Just my 2 cents.

      • Markus

        Well said

  • Eli Pinilla

    Much respect to Lecrae. I agree with him and all of the posts below me. Rappers today only think about themselves and how their moves affect their pockets. As fans, we’ve adopted that mentality and WE only seem to care about how much numbers it does or if it hits in the club. My generation (late 20’s) really got behind the materialism of the music and abandoned the stuff with substance. The last true hiphop label was rawkus. And that died out in the early 2000’s….. we accept lies in our music. Then we let these lies influence our young. So while rapper A is in some big ass studio somewhere busting off these imaginary shots, kids in the street are emulating what he’s rapping about. There’s a big difference between talkin about your life, and embellishing it cuz it’s just “entertainment”…….look at chicago. They not influenced by lupe, kanye, or common. Great rappers from the city with positive messages that come from where they come from. But gucci, waka, and boosie. Rappers that only speak on the negative and have no clue of what’s really going on in their city. Like chuck d said in the Combat Jack interview; the conversation went from We to I.

  • i guess ima be the 1 to say it: i call bullshit on Lecrae arguement

    • Brindle

      how, I’d venture to say you make a lot of excuses for your problems in life… he’s holding us accountable as we should

      • not that i expect you to understand this but until Lecrae have this same convo with whitefolk about them doing the same shit on rock, country, pop, & metal tracks, his arguement dont hold up

      • Brindle

        that’s dumb, you not getting it, his concern is not “whitefolk”, his concern is us… Stop everything your thinking and ask yourself, “what can WE do to bette”… I guarantee you, twerking and ignorant rap lyrics won’t be part of your answer..

      • Twonpass

        it went over his head…..

      • Brindle

        “do better”

    • Judah Nazayar

      a new hitler shoyld start with this assclown. as soon as they see one coon getting gassed… maybe the coobery would die down…but nah.. the whiteman got these niggas minds turned n2 chicken mcnuggets.. these niggas dont know right from wrong anymore..

      • Rayne Summers

        Typical. Blaming all your problems on White people. Don’t bother taking any responsibility for yourself. White people didn’t do anything to you.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Agreed, it doesn’t make sense for for instance Camron to rap about killing “niggas” in tons of his songs and being the leader (more or less) of the stop snitching movement saying that if he knew a serialkiller was his neighbour he would just leave and not tell the police and then go around talking about the how awful the Mike Brown case is, or is it just wrong to snitch on black people that kill black people? Cause if a black guy kills a black guy it deserves it’s more justified than when a white guy does it?

  • Blame the fans..never blame the artist..fans dictate the popularity and the content of music. There’s always gonna be a negative and a positive, the people love that negative type of music, telling an artist to change or clean up is ridiculous because the fans will not change what they wanna hear.They’re just gonna move on to the next negative. Again this is art, it’s entertainment, this is not a snuff film…

    • Celz

      Blame the artists Kendrick proved you can sell without sellin out. Now who is talented enough to do it next? Kids buy what you tell them too. If you don’t play to their lustful desires then yea you might end up getting dropped, but every artist can’t use that as an excuse.. Because at that point you aren’t an artist you are an entertainer. Brock Lesnar is an athlete and an entertainer, Hulk Hogan is an athletic entertainer. We have to many Hulksters in this bytch..

    • Brindle

      BLAME THE ARTIST, you can’t blame the sheeple for the Shepard…

    • Judah Nazayar

      now thats boolshit. the fans didnt demand this fuckery. the labels and industry are in control. fans dont call in radio stations and request young thug..that shit is pushed on them.

      • But fans go to shows and buy music, if you have a solid FAN base a label will push you. and in this Internet Era these young rappers got a solid fan base before a deal, Fans=money, this is hackneyed but “if it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense” and if that artist makes sense to a label, that artist has a solid fan base.. It’s business, Fans and money control labels..

  • RightOn

    YES YES YES!!! I couldn’t agree more. Finally someone intelligent and couragious enough to tell it like it is. We have rappers bragging about killing another black man, mistreating a woman and selling dope in every song of theirs and then turn around and act like they have morals when things like Fergusen happens. Now I am in no way blaming the pigs’ actions on a rap song or rappers, but if we don’t look our for our own then how can we expect for the enemy to take care of us. We all know they don’t give a damn about us. And by they I mean the system and white people in general.

  • stackzscrilla

    I agree 100% Lecrae on this subject. It’s NOT just because i am a God fearing Christian either. We need more intelligent, articulate, respectable men to stand up for the younger generation in addition to a lost culture of people being led astray. I think we have also lost sight of the fact that the foundation for our children is set in the family home. Parents need to rise above, raise our children with good morals, values and most importantly with God as the centerpiece. The problem is that a lot of the parents are still trying to be about that life. Lets get it together peoples.

  • The_Good_Life

    Real talk….

  • CabriniGreeny

    Hip Hop is NOT “murder, misogyny, lawlessness.” Address the rappers/MCs who touch on that…

    • Brindle

      overall, that’s all it is

      • CabriniGreeny

        I’ve been listening to rap since 1979. I’ve been a B-Boy, Graf Writer, and DJ. Hip-Hop as a culture is not “murder, misogyny, lawlessness.” I’m aware of the number of ‘rappers” who touch on this topics but “Hip-Hop” as a culture is more then them and their raps.

      • eddieknucks


  • Denzel Parkingsons

    Hip-Hop is “dirty” because of inequality. They have to right to fight for equality and follow their convictions like any other citizen.

  • Slaughtr

    Fans don’t dictate shyt it’s what is being marketed is trash so if your fed trash constantly you start to think it’s good. I have children and to hear and see what they have as available hip hop is sad a shyt.Why because artist are more worried about cash, hoes ,clubbing, rims, and fcked word play like thot, and relevant which in all serious ness makes no fckin sense. the hip hop I grew up on will never be the same with today’s bullshyt and really in my opinion our culture should not be changed only innovated to a certain degree. The lack of lyricism, the lack of accountabilitiy, the lack of consciousness has been lost. Why I keep coming to this site is the mere disgust in comments I see that make no sense and the mentality that is present in modern day music..Everbody is more worried about how many units and what your pockets look like along withblatant ignorant raps. Hip Hop is looking lost and loosing steam.

    • Ryan Cole

      Word. Best believe that all this trash that is the face of hip hop is agenda driven.

  • Htwn5440

    Music has always been an outlet for blacks to tell stories. The Artist is the narrator of the story. It’s your choice of what type of music you want your ears to listen to. To say oh you don’t deserve to ask for peace cause you rap about violence is bullshit. That’s like telling Steven King he deserves nightmares cause he makes scary movies. The Blame game is a lame game. The people are divided by social classes. It’s the rich vs the poor. No one wants to live in the ghetto. No one asks to be a single parent on welfare. But when people loose hope they loose everything.

    • which is why nobody outside churchfolk take Lecrae seriously

      • Brindle

        and you, you just need to try harder

      • Judah Nazayar

        but they take these mothafucking rap coons serios tho. the whiteman got nigas brains all fucked up.. and he just sits back and laffs and laffs. he sees the coons making excuses for him to kill us…its that old slsve minded willie lynch shit.. at least lecrae is being a man in a world full of lil boys.. these rap niggas are a bunch of clowns..like ive been saying all along

      • eddieknucks

        I ain’t church folk and I play his stuff on the reg.

    • Brindle

      In the “REAL WORLD” people respond to you based off their perception of you/the group your in… Idealistically, your 100% correct but in reality, your wrong… people are divided by style, class, race, sex, religion, awareness, etc. Instead of saying “no one ask to be a single parent on welfare” you should be saying what steps or opportunities did you let pass that caused you to end up on welfare… we gotta do it ourselves and it won’t happen til we say the right things and ask the right questions. We gotta stop worrying about A & Z and figure out B thru Y so we can get to Z…

      • Htwn5440

        appreciate the comment. I respect that.

    • poopdeck

      Yes, however, unfortunately rap music is a huge cultural movement that a segment of america lives permanently seeped in. I don’t think you’ll find any neighborhood with people yelling out stephen king quotes and playing stephen king audiobooks loudly on their car stereos. Many children are born with the ‘usual subjects’ rap music playing and it never stops, like white noise to their lives. It’s a constant background and a reflection of the surroundings. I think it’d be silly to assume it has no influence.

      I respect rap. I understand that it’s an outlet, the most important medium through which the ghetto can send their message out, and I even personally greatly enjoy many songs that espouse this kind of view due to technique and lyrical ability. But there’s the flip side of the coin, where it becomes a tool in the great, awful vicious circle of american black culture.

      I won’t say that complete censorship or anything like that is the best solution, but I think a gradual shift in perspective, someway or other, would benefit everyone.

      • Htwn5440

        I know it has influence. All music does to some degree. Especially emotionally. But I respect what you saying.

    • eddieknucks

      Yeah, but they don’t even tell stories no more. There’s no message. There is no Pain by Ice T. No Loves Gonna Get you by BDP. Not much balance in today’s hip hop. Rappers talk tough shit like they killers. Steven King don’t talk about he’s killing. He write stories about others doing it. Lecrae is saying that the rappers describe themselves as killers so others see them as thugs and killers. Believe it or not, there are still people who believe what they see and hear on t.v. & radio.

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  • Judah Nazayar

    see judah dont care if the majority of weak ass niggas *like+ his comments or not. The fact is.. The average nigga is weaksauce. he listen to sex, money and murder all day.. watch these nasty triple hs twerk and shake they funky asses all day in videos. But when a serious issue comes up.. the weak nigga dont have nothing to say about it. Thats why i stay on these irrelevant ass niggas. This lke 90% of niggas and these weak bytch ass rappers. lecrae is right. These other bytch ass rappers aint nothing but slaves. The average weak minded nigga can related to nigga failure..becuz he has low self esteem and no education. No self respecting blackman prefers nigga failure..over a stand up brother. You can repsond back with your coonery. and ill be back to to show u how your life sucks..and how the whiteman should gas u niggas off for serving zero purpose in life..except having the whiteman laff at us..and the other nations shake their heads at us.. PEACE TO LECRAE. BUT YOU COON ASS RAPPERs?? ROBIN WILLIAMS YOURSELF. NANOO NANOO

  • Jonathan Cayol

    First off I’m a man of God I follow the God of Abraham Isaac & Yacob & I am a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus) so since I follow the teachings of Yeshua I automatically have to make sure that I am holy & walking circumspectly I can’t be talking out the side of my neck on rap songs & trying to sound like Dr. Phil on interviews , to me that’s what some rappers try to do I saw Plies do this I witnessed T.I. do this people often give you this perception but guess what if T.I. judge was to listen to his new lyrics since he been home he would of realized this dude is pretending . Either people just pretending or they’re all truly business men who actually fear God as they say they do & just don’t fear God when it comes to speaking wickedly on the mic . To me rappers snitch on they’re self to me rappers are hypocrites , to me rappers are fake & phony they’ll write how much gangsta business they in to but they’ll act like it ain’t all like that later on . I remember when Ghostface said “throw my hand all on the Bible & tell lies to I’m the ultimate !” I remember when Ruck (Sean Price) said rappers lie in the booth & tell the truth to police or something like that & it’s true man these rappers are corny they want justice but they wanna sell drugs & rap like they’re drug lords & rap about what the 40 will do or what the 45 ‘ll do or the 38 , 357 , the 9 , the Mac 10 , Mac 11 , & AK & all that but as soon as a white guy or a white cop help us in our regular routine of killing somebody we get mad . I never understood that & yes I have shot somebody before so I say that as one playing both sides .

  • MrKeepIt100

    Music is entertainment. Especially hip hop. Granted some of it is just not that good. It’s not all about trying to preach to a person on every song. I don’t know where you guys are from on here talking about rap artist like the stuff they talk about ain’t happin’ every day. You guys act like a rapper owe you something. If you don’t like it, turn it off. Everybody deserve justice and just because a person is talking about murder and violence doesn’t mean that they aren’t entitled to the same due process as everyone else. Honestly, why bash a part of your own culture when you have nothing to show me or anyone else any different? We’re adults and should respect each others ability to make a choice, and give the benefit of the doubt instead of judging.

    • Sean Taylor

      It’s not entertainment once it’s carried over to their day to day lives.

      It’s life imitating art, so don’t cry when your art comes back to bite you.

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