Hip-Hop Rumors: Trick Daddy Reality Show?

I think I know what you want! A Trick Daddy Reality show! Just what the world needs! Shout out to that dude. He’s hilarious and I think he will fare, well if this rumor is correct! I am hearing that Trick Daddy Dollars is going to have a reality show. I don’t know for sure, but it sure seems like his moves on social media have paid all the way off! I salute him!
I am still looking for full clarity on his Eata Booty Gang, but I heard that he has requested federal dollars to subsidize the movement. LOL!


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  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Just what Hip Hop needs…Another ratchet ass reality show….smh

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  • IROC

    It pays to be a uncle tom buffon for the world to view sad situation if its true

  • Immortal

    Trick, I get times could be hard and you want to get that money, but the whole gang name, (Donk Ryders was better) is going to make a walking joke out of you. And a reality show? Ed Lover is out there somewhere thinking Come on son

  • Killuminati

    Trick love the kids

  • kane pacino

    damn . . yall aint got another pic of trick??

  • TheAfroRican

    Baffoonery on another level

  • Whodi

    I heard this nigga say is okay if she wanna eat my booty… Now if that is not gay then I don’t know what gay is.

  • Christopher Thompson

    Get that paper Trick bump them po haterz!

  • Renzoe

    This site doesn’t respect trick daddy,just look at the pic ahh decide to show out of thousand of pics ahh could of google image searched ..your wrong ahh

  • Christopher Thompson

    I’m down with Trick, I’m from Carol.Cuty grew up on 2live Crew Poison Clan and HomTeam! He saying eat whatever, you already eating fa coochie and its only a centimeter away from the booty! I’m here to tell you every man whose ever eatn coochie done ate or at least blowed in the butt IJs!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      im the exception LOL !! sn yall sound a lil too hype about coming out the closet about eating booty … yall one step away from ushering in some seriously gay sh*t … real talk … ijs thats what this is all about … saying something that most wont or either dissagree with or agree … and its only so many things left in that closet that can generate that kind of talk and most of it is male gay sh*t …

  • I would watch this show!!!