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Pusha T Explains Referring To Himself As "The New Hov"

(AllHipHop News) “Sold more dope than the old Jigga. Now n***as calling me the new Hov,” rapped Pusha T on his “No Flex Zone” verse. The Virginia emcee was asked about that line during an interview with XXL, and Push contends it represents that he is close to Jay Z’s level as a rapper.

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“Ay man, me personally, I’m just following that mold,” said Pusha. “I feel like when it comes to my taste level and my intricacies of rap, I’m on par with that. That’s how I’m molding my whole everything.”

The G.O.O.D. Music representative also name dropped Jay on his My Name Is My Name track “King Push.” The song included the bars, “Best d-boy, all I’m missing is a dash. Difference between my and Hova.”

King Push happens to be the name of Pusha T’s forthcoming sophomore solo album as well. He discussed the project during the interview.

“I’m going for album of the year, man, that’s it; straight up, lyric-driven of course. I feel like My Name Is My Name was very stripped down—on purpose— because I just felt like people weren’t rapping enough for my taste,” stated Push. “I didn’t want to be in that category and I wanted to show people this is what I’m about. I want to infuse more elements of music into King Push; paint the pictures and smash them with the lyrics.”

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Listen to Pusha T’s verse on Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” below.

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  • dat nigga

    this nigga is trash

    • ghettogov

      Pusha trash? Are you trolling? He probably is the most lyrical coke rapper out right now…That last album wasn’t that great though…

      • dat nigga

        that just my two cents. cant get on with his beats. flow style isnt fluid. hes lyrical true but it dont string together well. maybe its like you said tho and his last album just wasnt what it needed to be to ever compare himself to hov

      • elpinchemayate

        wifey didnt like him either until i broke down the bars for her,
        king push…………u need to really listen to MNIMN (CLASSIC)

      • 5% Hov

        Did you just call him a woman on the low? lol

      • elpinchemayate

        NO SHADE (my wife)

      • dat nigga

        i didnt think you was throwin shade anyway. no grown ass man need to love another grown man so much he throw shade just cause someone else dont like his flow.

      • dat nigga

        i bet you dat nigga in the crew always instigatin fights n shit

      • ghettogov

        His flow is kinda lacking at times and his beats haven’t been great lately but When it comes clever Shit he manages to still make coke rap enjoyable…most of the rappers out right now can flow but are not that clever with the lyrics pusha is one of the few left

      • Triple7_skylakegreat

        I hate to admit it but u right

      • William Witherz

        I agree the last album wasn’t that great. I think Kanyeezy effed that one up for him though. He said he would just spit verses over naked beats, then Kanye would come in and add his “magic” to it (which wasn’t a great thing this time aorund.)

        The funniest thing you said is the “most lyrical coke rapper out.” I mean it’s true, but it’s still like… damn. These days that’s actually a title, lol.

        Most Lyrical Coke Rappers

        1. Hov
        2. Pusha T
        3. Um….
        27. Rawse
        456. Gucci
        457. Jeezy
        930. French Montana

      • Give jeezy a lil more credit…he not wack and he at least was real about his sht….bruh was round it….

      • William Witherz

        yeah but he wasn’t necessarily lyrical though.

      • Tru but if u listen he’s decently clever enough to make a good song…

      • ghettogov

        Young jeezy is kinda like 50 cent…a decent songwriter who’s appeal comes mostly from his credibility but is a below average lyricist…name one feature where he had the best verse…

      • I can’t really complain about ur statement and you got me with the feature thing. Jeezy is in his own lane and crafts good songs at times. I don’t disagree with your statement.

      • Immortal

        Bruh no 3 was the most lyrical thing on that list. Hov isn’t about pushing weight unless it involves moving business weight, no kilos involved. I really can’t knock Push, but at his age/stage in the game, there has to be more to him and his rhymes. Rawse….Gucci (his crazy ass better leave that ish alone), Jeezy (same boat as Push), and Stench? You could’ve put Luda in his place and gotten better. But I dig it all the same.

      • ghettogov

        I said most lyrical coke rapper because that’s all he raps about unfortunately…but there are alot of coke rappers and he’s the only one who can make a tired narrative still sound so intriguing

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  • Obi Won

    New Hov, NO!!
    But Push does make good quality music

  • fasho

    He must be smoking the dope instead of selling it

  • RayStantz

    How is he the new anything when the he been in the game 10+ years? lol

  • Eli Pinilla

    Pusha was the shit back in the clipse re up gang days. He’ll hath no fury is a classic. So is we got it for cheap volume 2. Wasn’t nobody touchin him then….he’s just doin it for the money now.

  • Flight_91

    Nigga about the same age as Hov..so how he gone be the “New Hov”? lmao..

    • Pete

      Good point lol

  • dee

    Malice >>> Pusha T

  • 5% Hov

    Why he saying this?
    Nigga your Pusha. Be Better at being Pusha.
    Saying that MNIMN was soild album IMO

    The difference between Hov in Pusha is levels.
    Pusha needs to push his business ventures up so all that bragging he does he can back it up with some facts.

    I know they got PLAY clothing but 15 years in the game – what is that u hustling now? We know your manager was moving white but really Push what was u doing? KingPIn??
    Or just regular hood dealer.

    • ghettogov

      He’s not comparing them in a business sense he’s just saying he’s attempting to preserve the essence of that reasonable doubt era jay..with the flashy lyrical street rap

  • IceBergSlim

    This is a hard one cause pusha is my homie and his lyrics are dope.. The new Jay Z ahhh I’m not feelin that he has to elevate alot from within to be on that mans level Jay z has built a legacy not just from his albums and lyrics but by his business moves and his life in general he keeps taking it too another level

  • Myleage

    MNIMN was the shit. why do people down their albums after it comes out? you was hyped about it before but now its all “stripped down?” and idk what he means when he says that he watered down his lyrics because no one is rapping anymore. I mean Kendrick Lamar was on the album. Dont be mad cuz your album didnt do as good as you wanted. you released the shit so stand by it. it was a great album.

  • Killuminati

    Pusha is dope but the new hove?

  • Markus

    Comparing yourself in a song is one thing. It happens in rap. But when the music is off and in conversation to compare yourself to Jay-Z is just hilarious. The things these rappers say nowadays to promote their music gets out of hand sometimes.

    • chicagostyl

      thing is these teenagers who dont know any better eat that sh*t up so really Pusha T is just following the blue print

  • Push a raw but……I wasn’t the biggest jigga fan until I started going back thru bruh catalog years ago…dude damn near predicted where he was gon be….push just be pusha…u still go hard and ain’t nutn wrong wit that

  • Guest

    stop sayin yuck in the middle of your verse & i feel u. But JayZ is JayZ because of more than rap….not sure you will hit that point business wise

  • ApricotNapalm

    No flex zone/hold my tongue/hell no/let it go/witha red bone/r&r/x&o/i drop my bars/you drop bars of soap/around felon homos/play Edward Olmos/weapons on me/tell him yolo/perform Solo/Van Peebles/no Hope tho/cant teach em/cant reach em/leave em, chasing after his dreams/turn real life into a nightmare/clap up the wake/put his az back to sleep -Atl’s own ApricotNapalm@yahoo.com

  • dbfromdc




  • IROC

    who cares really

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