Trick Daddy Talks Getting Gov’t Funding For Eat A Booty Gang + Responds To People Calling Him Gay

(AllHipHop Features) Trick Daddy has faced some “wtf” backlash for his decision to name his crew the Eat A Booty Gang. The “Nann N***a” rapper then even went further to publicly announce he is a proud participant in performing anal oral sex on women.

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Part of the public criticism involved some people questioning if Trick and his group are gay for promoting anal sex acts. It was that particular charge that seems to have gotten under Trick’s skin the most. spoke with Trick Daddy, and the never shy Miami native had both comedic and serious comments for his critics. He also shares that he wants the Eat A Booty Gang to be officially funded by the United States government and claims he opened the door for men everywhere to please their ladies beyond just cunnilingus.

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You know you started a huge uproar when you announced your Eat A Booty Gang.

I want to get it government funded. They fund the KKK. Why can’t they fund the Eat A Booty Gang? If the government funded the Eat A Booty Gang, as the CEO and founder of the Eat A Booty Gang, I promise not one clean booty will go unate [laughs].

[Laughs] Trick, some people feel like this whole thing with the Eat A Booty Gang is just you trolling for attention.

I’m a man. Real men love women. I’ve been talking since 96-97… I was the first one that got on a record and ate the p***y. On “I’ll Be Your Player” I said, “I’ll eat your coochie with your legs up, down your back, up your crack.” See, I already ate the booty. I just didn’t say it yet. But I did say it.

I don’t eat p***y no more. I eat the booty, and I suck the p***y. When I’m sucking the p***y, and the booty is right there, I just might say, “Hey, how you doing?” [laughs].

Did you see Chris Brown posted about eating booty on his Instagram page recently?

No, but I heard about it. These dudes been doing this, but now it’s cool to say it. Women DM (direct message) me and tell me “thank you.” They be like, “Damn, 15 years ago he got n***as eating p***y, and now they’re tryna eat the booty. I’m going to buy me some baby wipes.”


CB Joins EABG On IG?

So do you think in 15 years everybody is going to publicly talk about how they eat booty?

I think they already do [eat booty]. They just don’t say it. I’m that person that says whatever. They tell me, “You got no filter Trick.” I just say things everybody else wanna say, but everybody ain’t got the heart to say. That’s all.

Somebody was trying to make a joke that those dudes must be funny. Be careful, you can’t use words like “faggot,”  “sissy,” “punk” no more, because these people are embracing the gay stuff so hard. I’m afraid to let my kids go on the computer and watch TV.

I’m watching Sportscenter, and they keep showing [Michael] Sam got his first sack. It’s a lot of rookie n***as that got their first sack. Ya’ll didn’t bring it up. But y’all show him kissing a white boy and that’s so exciting to y’all.

I don’t have nothing against gays. I’m not homophobic, but don’t be promoting it in front of these kids. Give kids their opportunity to be who they want to be in life.

So that’s why I got offended by [people saying] these dudes must be funny. Ain’t nothing funny about me. Ask your momma and your sister am I funny.

And for all these dudes just talking in their raps about their cars, their jewelry, and f**king somebody else’s girl. They think their b***h is loyal. I’ll cook for her, suck her p***y, and eat her booty. She’ll never remember him.

The Eat A Booty Gang

The Eat A Booty Gang

Follow Trick Daddy on Twitter @305MAYOR and Instagram @trickdaddydollars.

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  • Brindle

    couldn’t even keep reading, some nikkas should be shot in the face on public TV then dumped in a river… This fools a slave

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    idk how niggas in this day and age really think their girl is loyal LOL

  • Thought Dog

    It’s like the chapelle show and boondocks were looked a at as career advice for rappers.

  • ursocalledgod

    the anus is meant for one thing. there is bacteria found in their that antibiotics cant even fight. how catz is going around doing this nasty shyt and promoting it is some crazy shyt. eat and beat that thang right and all that booty play aint needed. real spill.

    • A dude that does everything u said and eats the azz will take ya bitch bruh….lmao

      • ursocalledgod

        And take a pole in his azz. I ain’t worried bout homie. I lay my game down quite flat! ( in my biggie voice) nigga take mine he got her. Charge it to the game. I don’t chase em I replace em.

      • Ion know about the pole part but I can respect the rest of ya statement

      • ursocalledgod

        I hear you. It’s like this tho homie. Like Chris Rock said ” if a chick has a tongue ring she will most likely suck a dick if a dude has a tongue ring he was mostly likely suck a dick” haha same applies when it comes to ass. If a dude likes that type of thing he most likely likes it done to him. Flat out.

      • Ion think a nigga that licks a gal ass would necessarily make him gay, a nigga that licks a niggaz ass is gay.

      • ursocalledgod

        Not gay but suspect.

      • Some people in this world only fk missionary…me if I could break something to try a new position I would…who’s gonna keep the broad…missionary work or over the top beast fkn?

      • ursocalledgod

        Depends on the broad. Some of em like to get tore out the frame and some like it more intimate slow and deep and some like a lil of both. Either way I accommodate em all real spill.

  • Markus

    Trick Daddy is a buffoon. I have no doubt that he would be great on a reality show embarrassing himself and the culture. Dude is dumb.

  • youngplaya

    Trash Mind Trash Logic. Nigga Lost. Ride Out Nigga

  • Immortal

    Trick thanks for the clarification I think….but lets be honest, if you saw a pic of a bunch of dudes in the shitter together tell me you wouldn’t be wondering about them, let alone they called themselves the “Eat a Booty Gang”. You’d be calling them HomoThugs for the rest of your life. As far as eating a womans ass out…if that is what you want to do, then so be it. I’m not going to give one f*ck as to what goes on in your bedroom. But you are right in saying that what one man won’t do, another man will. I’m sure there are women who like that. We want a freak in the bedroom, why shouldn’t they?

    • ZUBU

      Bro you said it best what another man does with his woman is his business, not mine. I may not agree with what Trick does but that is that man’s business not mine. I don’t agree with guys being gay but it is not my biz, they just can’t come near me with that mess…. Also as you said women want freaky shit done to them as well…..

  • Dhz30

    lol this nigga a fool

  • Judah Nazayar

    mark this down folks.. i dont have nothing to say about this.. negroes are finished

    • ZUBU

      Bro I gotta call you on your comment. Negroes are not finished, just because of what Trick and his crew are doing! That shiiitt ain’t got nothing to do with the rest of us? We are not a monolithic group we are individuals……. Peace

  • Megapsycho84

    Trick gonna be the first nigga to die from booty disease.

    • Brindle


  • Faceda59

    He a fool for that one

  • jdubba

    The Oldassman Gang

  • RobJMars

    This nigga wildin

  • Ryan Cole

    These niggas look like jail rapists.

  • mattbps

    In the picture above, they looks weird. Are they throwing up a gang sign, or do they have ‘ stink finger’. Especially dude with the pink hat.

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  • IROC


  • Glasscut

    What happened to these african dudes they sure don’t represent me. I’ve never purchased a trick daddy album. trick daddy ought to just get banned from everything seriously. from slaves to sodomites. smfh..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    only in a capitalist society

  • meanygreene

    if he can get this tom foolery gubment funded, then mofo’s aint got no excuse to start a legitimate business .

  • Tyga’s Hairline

    Aye look real shit im sitting next to my homegirl and out of the blue she says “ill suck your dick and let you record it if you get 10 upvotes, but i have to wear a mask” i said bet! help a nigga out this shit is not a game!!

  • eddieknucks

    Trick gon back to that old 2 live crew comedy shyt. Say what you will, he getting a lot of attention for this shyt. Too bad they probably gonna sound like hot garbage in the summer.

  • Brindle

    When this all started I told ya’ll I’d give $5 to put a hit on this ignorant fool but I’m assuming ya’ll didn’t believe I had $5 cause now this ig nig is all over everything with this mess… stop interviewing this coon for eating E-coli…

  • Brindle

    I think the dude to Tricks left is dead, that don’t look like a living man…… HOLD UP, they in a public bathroom?

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  • wei sheng

    really? my ppl

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  • around blacks, never relax (your sphincter)