Hip-Hop Rumors: Iggy Falls All The Way Off Stage At VMA Party!

Iggy Azalea is on top. She had a momentary lapse in that status when the Aussie fell off stage at a pre-VMA party. There is no way how good she is , but if she wasn’t good we would know by now.

Check the video below.


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  • Meow Storm

    I’d be too embarrassed to attempt what this “entertainer” is successfully pulling off. Imagine leaving wherever you are to go to China to sell Kung Fu to the Chinese all the while speaking in a pretend Chinese accent, which you drop for your actual accent, when you’re not engaging in your gimmickry? It’s as though she was pulled out of an SNL skit, signed to a record label, plucked on a stage and told to make us laugh. I’ve been waiting for her to say, “Just kidding y’all” – but apparently she takes herself seriously.

    • danboy1386

      Yeah because every singer that ever lived sang the way they spoke……

      • Meow Storm

        For starters, I don’t know that she sings. So your sarcastic rebuttal isn’t really an effective one. Secondly, her accent (when she’s performing) isn’t an expression of her creativity, her reality or other organic happenstance – it is mimicry. For what reason? I’d sure like to know, because it comes across entirely too laughable to be taken seriously or as anything other than an attempt at humor.

      • danboy1386

        I get it your super smert. But your mad at her for what? being like 90% of hip-hop these days FAKE. a mimic. a gimmick. She gets a lot of flack for doing nothing more or less than everybody else is doing. Have to say no I’m not really a fan either I mostly click on the story’s with the lady in them to look at the pictures (terrible right) If someone told me “hey you go kick your mom in the vagina and Iggy Azalea will fart in your mouth” I think mumzy might be getting the boot……… In what warped strange little game show this would happen I don’t know? but you get my point. ha.

      • Meow Storm

        Hip hop generally speaking even in the instances when it’s not necessarily autobiographically accurate is still culturally authentic. She’s not culturally authentic – unless of course she’s making an attempt at humor – that’s it. If finding her laughable makes me “mad at her”, in your eyes, I can live with that.

      • danboy1386

        I think you maybe need to lighten up a little my friend. You all but accused the girl of racism. This is not the hip-hop that you and i know like you said your self she is an “entertainer” doing what entertainers have done for years befor an will continue to do far into the future. Never the less iv enjoyed our chat I’m glad people can have a civil conversation on here and with that iv exhausted my vast vocabulary of big words and will now go about my day. Peace……………….. kung fu to the Chinese Sheesh!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        entertainers also used to wear a black face too … all entertainment aint good entertainment … just cause its “entertaining” … 🙂

      • danboy1386

        I agree but it’s not as tho she is going full Al Jolson up there now is it.

      • Twonpass

        are you sure?

      • Mike Hunt

        Spell check, use it. Simply press F7. Thanks

      • danboy1386

        Ain’t no F7 on a phone mike. This is allhiphop comment section on an article about a girl falling over the least of my worries is spelling the first being what am I doing here in the first place.

      • jgraves58

        So, a lot of tattoos and wearing clothes that are baggy is authentic to what culture?

    • ChinotheJet


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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    They better double check and make sure she didn’t Paul George herself.

  • 5% Hov

    that man fan was more scared than she was.
    Nigga nearly broke my headphones.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Ive only ever heard her spit on a couple T.I tunes, she actually has some flow… Not my type of music, but shes better than some female rappers and male rappers for that matter lol…

    So I thought I would check an interview, and she actually comes across and seems like a cool chick, pretty down to earth… No fake American accent or anything…

    She clearly raps with a fake Southern accent though and is manufactured to a degree, I’ll never be a fan and by her music, but as person she seems ok for a celeb rapper in this game…

    • Southcidal

      Haven’t heard these songs you speak of. This chick is horrendous lyrically. Nice body though. I’d beat it up, but not skeet it up.

      • water_ur_seeds

        that tune with t.i where hes in brazil with all them fine chicks in the favelas… yeah she is fine though haha

    • 5% Hov

      Niggas be looking to befriend media personas.
      Chill B.

      • water_ur_seeds

        what you onabout??? i aint trying to buy any hip hop, where the artist puts on another countries accent… fck that, its too fake…

      • 5% Hov

        Nah Im saying i could less if “she seems nice”…. music is trash.
        I agree.

  • RichFromBX


  • Mike Hunt

    God damn… do these articles not go through any type of editorial process??? ” There is no way how good she is , but if she wasn’t good we would know by now.” WTF does this even mean ? Proper grammar would be most appreciated in future articles, not everyone who visits this site is gutter.

  • Homegirl got up like a champ and get right on performing, HA!

  • Judah Nazayar

    hahahaha… man get this vanilla ice jr outta here!

  • ApricotNapalm

    how the camera man look like he fell 2

  • i’mreloaded!

    And I bet her verse kept right on goin when she fell, lip syncin azz.

  • DJ7

    How long does AHH plan on showcasing this obviously subliminal image of this cave broad plastered on its home page disguised as a rumor?

    We all know (or should know by now) what it takes for AHH to shuffle topics….hits!

    This one hasn’t and probably won’t generate the interest necessary to justify its longevity as lead rumor, yet it will remain highly visible due to the funding / agenda behind it.

    Readers have made it abundantly clear that we could give a rats ass about this manufactured wrapper, yet you continue forcing reports on your readers pertaining to her….why is that?

    Notice how long trivial topics with minimal discussion, such as this one lingers around while the more intriguing ones vanish to back page…atleast they do on my mobile devise…Nice try b.u.t. I’m on to your bullsh*t B!

  • $18916246


  • RayStantz

    Who writes these articles? lol

  • ursocalledgod

    lol her face when she was falling tho! id still beat and eat that thang up! rt

  • Homegirl got a super long torso…lmao I can’t speak about her music cuz I only heard a few songs..I swear I ain’t hating when I say she sounds ughh ionno..I just know I can’t fuk wit it.

  • Super_Hero

    Why do pop artist get more coverage on a hip hop site then a hip hop artist?

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    why does it look like the person holding the camera fell with her?

  • bigbeeinthebuilding

    LOL. I loved it. eff that bish