Suge Knight

Suge Knight Shot At Chris Brown’s Pre-VMA Party

(AllHipHop News) [UPDATE: Suge was shot a total of six times, not twice like early reports indicated]

UPDATE #2: Revolt TV offered the following update in a statement issued by Suge’s family.

“The family of Suge Knight ask that you keep Suge in your prayers and to stray away from the negativity portrayed by the media. Suge is currently resting and has lost a lot of blood, he’s human. He’s done a lot of things for the community and the culture as a whole so we ask that you respect that.”

Suge Knight, the former head of Death Row Records, was shot last night at a pre-VMA party for Chris Brown.

The incident happened early morning Sunday (August 24) at 10AK club in :Los Angeles. The former mogul was shot twice and is currently in surgery, according to TMZ. Major stars like Young Jeezy, Lil’ Twist, The Game, Richard Simmons, Tyson Beckford and others were in attendance.Suge was able to walk out of the club on his own strength after being shot until he was transported to the hospital.

A source with AllHipHop said that Suge was already out of surgery, despite the attempt on his life.

“Yeah, he was shot at a club here in LA, but is fine he walk out of the club,” the source said, “He just got out of surgery.”

Chris Brown tweeted about the incident later in the night.

The singer said, It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes. Miss me with the bulls**t!!!”

This isn’t the last time Suge has been shot.

He was hit in the leg in 2005 at another pre-VMA party for Kanye West.

The motive for the shooting was not immediately known.

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  • Markus

    There was a time in hip hop when you never hear anything like this involving him as a victim. He was THAT feared. New day now.

    • Ace

      Read about him and u’l realise his always been in cross fire it’s not just now, suge a real ngga and been holding it down in the streets with or without bodygaurds unlike these other nggaz scared and always hiding behind safe houses, bullet proof cars and a whole army of bodygaurds. Your enemies attempting on your life doesn’t mean u weak Julios ceaser, al Capone, frank lukas etc were all not weak

      • Celz

        Man Suge don’t have the streets behind him lol.. Ain’t no Barber knockin out a triple OG in LA with no get back.. Suge is basically just a thug.. You can’t even really consider him a triple OG like that.. I’m sure he has some hitters but not what he should have.. I’d be more scared of YG on some street shyt..


        Scared of YG????? HA HA HA HA HA

      • Celz

        Niccas can’t read.. Smh.. I’d be more scared of YG ON SOME STREET SHYT.. He really bangs, not like Game, Tyga, and CB.. On some street shyt unless you got a major hood backin you, you don’t want no problems wit YG trust me..


        Homie you know you from middle america. YG is a lil loud mouth.

      • Celz

        Where you be at in Compton? If you never been shut the fucc up please.


        Yeah you definately dont know what is goin on. You some 15 yr old. And you are white, you can always tell by comments.


        YG’S hood has damn near gotten annihilated everything isnt what you think it is. You just dont know shit.

      • Celz

        What’s that have to do with what I said? I said I’d worry about YG before Suge.. I never said he had the biggest hood.. Everyone know Compton got the small hoods when compared to PDL, 60s and other big ones.. Like I said stop reachin you talking shyt not disputin what I said..

      • Celz

        Nicca you ain’t even from Cali fucc outta here tryin to tell me about a blood nicca never seen Piru street before.. Take this L lame..

      • Poet

        “Where you be at…”

        Nice use of the English language, n166er.

      • Celz

        It just means I speak English and Ebonics better than you. Criticism from a borderline illiterate lol.. The internet these days.. Smh

      • Poet

        Only one period after a sentence, porch monkey. Just one.

      • Celz

        Aposiopesis, google it. You learn something new everyday, you’re welcome…

      • Poet

        I know what it is, ni66er. It comes from the Greek for becoming silent, which is something you should try.

        Personally, I would prefer a cop silence you Mike Brown-style.

      • Poet

        Nice comma splice, ni66er.

      • Poet

        Porch monkey illiterate.

      • Poet

        Jig a boo co ck sucker.

      • Poet


      • Poet


      • Poet


      • Poet


      • Poet


      • Poet

        Burr head

      • Ace

        U might b right but also I don’t fnk his jus a thug, ngga stil livin in an expensive area drivin expensive cars chillin in 5 star hotels, do u really think he don’t have any of that 90’s money stashed up somewhere That he hid from the authorities?? Remember deathrow not everything was in the books as all former artists testified. The barber was a nobody who used a pole and attacked suge from behind as it’s been reported by eye witnesses and if anything happened to the kid suge would be to blame making him stupid. The kid had too much spotlight on him to be touched.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, I been telling people for years Suge still got mad paper from The Row. He just gutted the company out and it appeared the label was broke. What he did is what Donald Trump has done with several companies, stash the money bankrupt the company and start over. Suge staying having new vehicles, cribs, world wide traveling.
        Also to me what the barber did was weak he snuck Suge, I’m not really a Suge fan but the truth is the truth……

      • Ace

        That’s the logic of it but pple prefer not thinkin with their brains and instead choose the lazy route

    • Celz

      Suge ain’t safe or respected he burned all his bridges..

      • Ace

        Pple hate on suge coz his real bt lyk puffy and em phonies. Once the media hates on someone u knw they real coz the media is controlled by money and power.

      • Celz

        Gangstas don’t watch the media lol.. Real Bloods (not rappers) don’t like him. So once he has issues with bloods from Compton he has issues. That gang shyt is kinda like nukes and Russia.. If a dude is reputable from an active hood you know beefin is going to be a bigger problem than you want. If you beef with Suge it’s just him, his close friends, and whoever he pays off.

  • Tyfromthechi

    This nigga cant die

    • johnblacksad


  • please proof read. You say “isnt the last time Suge has been shot”. no guys

  • Prayers for Suge. Strangely Game is first person I thought and his name was mentioned. Glad him & Snoop are cool.

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    The first report I read said he was shot SIX times, maybe it’s like when Suge Knight said he was shot in the head and the bullet is left in there after barely getting grazed by a bullet when Pac got killed… And Chris Brown’s ass should not complain, he’s been repping Piru ever since he beat up Rhianna, gang members do get shot at from time to time so if you wanna act like a g embrace the g-ness of the situation…

    • Millisama

      If you watch the “Back By Popular Demand” video by The Clipse feat. Cam’ron he is clearly in the background throwing up the Crip sign lol

  • jon dubock

    Dude really does have 9 lives…..


    KARMA’s a B*TCH! This THIEF stole a LOT from DRE, SNOOP, DAZ, KURUPT, RAGE, HARRY O & everyone that was involved with him! Plus there’s a LOT of BLOOD on his hands, employees comin’ up ‘missin’, a LOT of people lost their lives over mysterious circumstances surrounding him, & MANY OF US still believe he orchestrated the loss of PAC & BIGGIE! it’s just a matter of time…………………..

    • bigdoe6

      And you wasn’t there or around to see none of it happen. Even if you were, you wouldn’t do nothing about it.

  • The Thing Trolls Fear

    “This isn’t the last time Suge has been shot.” Did you mean ‘first’? Or is this a threat?

  • The Return Of Makaveli 2014

  • Joey Styles

    lmao this nigga always gettin shot at pre-VMA parties he needs to realize it ain’t a good environment for him.

  • 1SOFLO1

    Shot twice and walked outside to the ambulance……like, it nothing I’m used to it.

  • Christopher

    Every since Suge got knocked out people have been testing him!!

    • hoeyuno

      Nah its just he doesnt have 40 gang bangers with him at all times anymore..

  • Mack

    Imagine if Suge did a list like they had on My Name Is Earl. His karma must be fuuucked up.

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’


    • STFUUIgnants

      It would have to stay on for 18 seasons.

  • hoeyuno

    “This isnt the last time suge has been shot”…umm did he get shot later at the hospital or something? ?

    • ll3acdafukup

      No he was shot at Kanye West VMA party too in Miami in 05 … the nucca even tried to sue Kanye over a lost earring…

      • chippc

        That joke and AHH typos flew right over your head.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Dauum hes not even in the music biz anymore is he???

    • jon dubock

      yea but well, he can start rapping and go platinum now….hahahaha…

  • TruthSerum

    Dude got more lives then a cat. I seen another site say he got shot six times tho. Either way you gotta kind of respect his stubbornness to a degree. Winds up in these situations all the time and his chill level is still at 0. This hard headed dude will be back in the same club next week.

  • Damn and I just finished watching ‘Power’. Trying to do Breezy like Ghost in the club.

  • therealest1

    I actually found this funny that Suge got shot. I don’t think anyone would feel sorry for him if he died based on all his negative conduct.

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  • Badger Fan

    What a shame he was not killed.

    • 5% Hov

      really? damn you haters are going extra….

  • “It’s disappointing that we as a society…” beat women??

    • Joey Styles

      Kitten Mittons. You’ll be smitten. Meeeoww.

  • TheAkademik

    “This isn’t the last time Suge has been shot”……are ya’ll serious?….first time…first time my n****a

    • Wetwork510

      The editors of this site was in class with Floyd Mayweather lol

    • Arizona AZ

      maybe Houston Williams knows something we dont? I guess this is not the last time sugg will be shot, …. hope you recover sugg, peace

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    major stars like lil twist,richard simmons?? this reminds me of the old sesame street game “one of these things do not belong here 3 of things are kind of the same” etc etc what a weird mix of people.

  • Damn bruh need to stay away from a VMA anything

    • Coast2Coast


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  • BigSeannY

    Well,it’s getting ugly for Suge

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Tell Chris to lawyer up, cause sugar will be suing.

  • Suge Knight got 9 lives!

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  • IROC

    Time for Big Suge to stop hanging out in these pre VMA parties someone is gunning for this dude guess the leg shot didn’t wake him up maybe six hot ones in your azz will, Time to come clean and tell us what devil or devils really killed Pac before they off you

  • Judah Nazayar

    ummm. let this be a lesson folks. . Leave that nikka alone.. I hope he dont know who shot him. Cuz them sum dead sons of bytches

  • anemia716

    haha I chris brown serious? hah ok

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Miss me with the bulls**t!! Nooo the intelligent thing to say would be: miss me with those Bullets..

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