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Hip-Hop Rumors: Murda Mook Disses Drake At BET Hip-Hop Awards!

Yesterday at the Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, I heard it went down. And Murda Mook went in on Drake, dissing the boy. I heard Mook provided one of the highlights of the night and called Drake all the way out. I heard he said he would put Drake back in a wheel chair like his character on that show. And then he said something like “Degrass – over here ain’t green.” Something like that. But anyway, he’s really laid down the gauntlet for that.

Will Drake reply? Doubt it.


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  • Markus

    Drake,it’s on you.

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  • Drake don’t want those probs…His behavior can be rode on for daaaayyyyyyssss….i fk wit a few songs til he starts singing…I ain’t even gon go too deep with the hate but he soft as hell man..Bet not step in that gladiator coliseum.

  • best_believe

    Drake will get a crazy I’ll beat from Hit Boy or some shit and say some weak ass shit. And everyone will be on his shit

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  • hoeyuno

    drakes a easy target since he definitely isnt a gangster..but to me that’s like how eminem went at boy bands..easy targets!!!

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      this aint about being gangster its about lyrics.

      • hoeyuno

        o really..that sounded like mook calling drake soft to me..and im in mooks corner but I think mooks to gangster to go at drake is what I was saying ..unless drake already said some shit like hed kill mook in a battle or some shit. .?

      • I_AM_Houston

        This would be a terrible battle. A dude with nothing but street bars vs a dude who acts, sings, and sees the world. Nothing about them is similar. Drake cant say the types of things NMook can so other than Drake boasting about success and all that what could be said

      • hoeyuno

        my point exactly. ..thats why I didnt understand why mook would entertain that.

      • #SS

        drake is too soft to rap, he’d be smiling and looking like degrass

      • jazzoh

        He called Mook out

  • kojiz

    preparation important

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    i dont listen to the radio or BET is drake supposed to be the top dog or something cuz its a lot of cats getting at him.even LL COOL J said he didnt like him.

  • Jack

    this is just cuz drake mentioned he wanted to battle mook…mook is trying to build up hype around the possibility of a battle. if people start getting excited about them squarin off the more likely it will happen…and that would be huge for mook’s career…and his bankroll lol

  • MadVillain

    even if Drake comes with some solid bars (if they battle)
    i cant see anybody hyping his shit or giving a reaction
    he just gone be spittin to the noise of crickets and random coughs

  • yesanditcounts

    The days of hip-hop battles are over. Emcees use to battle each others off camera just to see who was really better and you would hear about it years later (like Jay-Z & DMX). Now it’s all a stunt to get put on. I don’t even care for Drake, but he would be foolish to answer Mook. Let Mook build his career on his own, without your help Drake. Don’t let him copy the 50 Cent & Ja Rule blueprint.

    • ytgarner

      Will drake die if he battles him? Brothers more focused on what they will lose more than what they could gain. The glass is always half full is my mind set and you only live once Ali never backed down or did bruce Lee and jay z for that matter. You basically saying be a scary cat. But I digress I’m old 🙂

      • yesanditcounts

        It’s has nothing to do with being scared. It’s simple math. Nothing to gain with a victory by Drake, but everything to lose with a defeat. The music biz is different than sports. In sports it’s man vs. man. You can determine your own redemption. In the music biz you have other people who control your career. Sometimes being a man also means knowing when to sit one out.

      • binary_star

        What your talking about is called fear… fear of losing. You say Drake has nothing to gain by winning but he actually does… he can gain respect which used to have some kind of value.

      • if drake beats mook he will never be able to battle again. drake loses he can still have a career because he called mook out.

    • Furiousone

      But drake asked to battle. Why is Mook wrong for accepting the challenge? No one can emulate 50 Cent and Ja Rule because that wasn’t a simple rap battle (they actually didn’t battle off wax), it was real beef like Tupac and Biggie.

    • I_AM_Houston

      if mook was gone build a career it would have happened by now. hes been known and around diddy and busta etc for at least 8 years that i know of.
      he will never be more than what he is now in my opinion, he doesnt translate as far as actual songs go and thats what matters in this world at the end of the day. business overrules talent 100% of the time

  • The Legendary Troll

    Drake didnt even respond to Jay. what makes you think hes going to entertain this nigga?

    • Jared

      Drake was the one to call him out on the battling tip first.

      • wickedjones

        thats true.

    • #SS

      drake is too soft to battle, Murda would murda that boy’s career.

    • phame

      because Jay has enough chops and clout to kill his career. Mook is on the come up, and it can only get better for him (think Jay vs. 50cent before GRODT).

  • Killuminati

    Drakes got 2 strikes against him already…. He’s a Jew and a jiggaboo.

    • Yo crakkka ass ain’t a real aryan… dumb mufucka I’d love to shoot the top off ur snow cone hoody…lmao

      • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

        His last username was ”kill.whitey.” Can you believe that shit? These muthafckas confused man lol.

      • Killuminati


      • I thought he was the same dude Barack bin laden…ion give a fk what his name is, if I see him talkn slick Imma serv his ass

      • Killuminati

        You ain’t got no guns…unless you count your keyboard then you got an arsenal

      • That’s wsup I see I sent u on vacation for a few weeks…I got too much ammo for ur brain bruh..just stop. Walking round wit a pointy dunce cap on..lmao u lost b4 u even started cool whip…

      • Killuminati

        Yea u know I’m right you ain’t no gangster….you ain’t got no guns prob never even shot one let alone held one….and i only come on here to humor myself but I been busy hence the reason I wasn’t available for you mr will…..I know you wouldn’t know nothing aside from this site. We both know you jobless…I checked your profile and you stay on here all day. Go get a job be all you can be and get out your moms basement. Oh and update your avitar to a car you really own. If you even have one.

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      Hey ”kill.whitey.” you confused huh? lmao.

      • Killuminati

        Yea I’m confused y you would pick the name big worm? But then I figured you were being true to yourself and coming to terms with how you get played every day by cats like smokey

  • Maurice Wraith

    Who cares

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    If I was Drake I’d ignore that shit

  • $25041764

    y u mad mook, stay on the chitterling curcuit where you a beast at

    • OnlyTheReal


  • Uncle Ruckus

    Is this nigga still on Ruff Ryders? Jin did more on that label than this nigga.

  • Sean Power

    drake said he wanted battle him, in battle rap 2 months ago did we all forget a ready ?
    this good drake ask for a battle and give small tap to motive him make the battle happen

    • LoverOfHipHop

      Exactly. Drake initiated this. It wasn’t random. I think this would be interesting to see.

      • I_AM_Houston

        this wont ever happen

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  • TheAfroRican

    Here comes the Drake stans that think he should ignore Mook……
    Drake wants to battle this dude months ago so maybe he should have thought about that decision before requesting it.

  • baller187

    typical a broke NOBODY goin at a multi millinaire

    • regalpimp

      Drake called him out first in person dummy…

    • #SS

      money don’t mean you can rap. drake don’t even write his raps, and if a battle gonna make drake cry, he need to go back to Canada, this is hip hop


      You don’t have to suck Drake’s dick that hard. Ease up a bit.

    • jazzoh

      Wayne your idol said he ain’t fuckin with Mook on the battle shit money can’t buy respect and Multi Millionaires happen to respect this cat…. Drake wouldn’t even have called him out if he was truly a NOBODY people think if they not up on it it’s not important or don’t exist your favorite rapper was a “nobody” at some point anyway

  • John Q. Public

    …and it wont air for another month because BET HipHop Awards are wack like that

  • I_AM_Houston

    very few ppl in the world would anticiapte this battle at all.

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    Mook is a clown smh

  • Reazonero

    It’s all fun and games til u get black balled in the game Mook. We all know how sensitive Aubrey can be.

  • And who is this guy, Murda Mook? Really? I mean, Im not a Drake fan, but get real… just tell him like Allen Iverson used to tell those And-1 cats: When you make it to the league, then we can play one on one.. until then……. (crickets)

    • EniggaMA

      Drake did run up in dude face first talking some battle shit.

    • Nam Bam

      Murda Mook in the battle rap platform of today could possibly 3-0 Drake, but I won’t say definitely because no one has seen Drake in this platform.

    • #SS

      drake dont even write his own raps. he’s wack

    • jazzoh

      Did you see what he did on the cypha rap was rap before it hit industry really at the end of the day it comes down to skills and Mook got em Facts

  • Zach L

    Everyone’s sleeping on Drake. Yea he may sing and shit but dont twist it, he can rap

    • brotha_man

      not better than childish tho

      • #SS

        they both soft.

    • Splatter

      nobodys sleeping on the biggest rapper of today (like it or not). you can’t sleep on someone at the top of the charts, that just doesn’t make sense. People just don’t like dude, thats really what it boils down to. me personally, i know he can rap but can’t stand him singing off key all the time. Also he’s the same dynamic as a Iggy azalea. people talk about her accent and she’s not from America so why does she have a southern accent. But why does Drake sound like he can do your calculus homework for you or be a spokeperson for animal rights but then get on a track and is all, “yeaaa, uhhh, oooh lord, nigga this nigga that”. same shit, not being real.

  • chicagostyl

    this like the nba vs and 1…

    • phame

      And 1 players are usually better than most NBA players…only the nba players were the lucky ‘lottery’ picks. And 1 players have more raw talent, save for a few nba players. So the question is which one is the nba player and who would be the And 1?

  • #SS

    drake is wack and soft


      Black women are scum, the world knows it. They belong with black men.

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  • Mac7504

    Can someone write my raps for me so I can become a star????


    If black women are so “educated,” why do they keep f*cking with lowdown black men that f*ck them and dog them? They’re getting so many degrees yet they keep laying up with Pookie and Bruh-man

    If black women are so “educated,” why is their out of wedlock birth rate at 72%? They believe in that Holy Bible so damn much yet they don’t value the institution of marriage. They’re so religious yet they keep sh*tting on their white god.

    If black women are so “educated,” why do they keep supporting Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta Housewives, Basketball wives, and other c00n programming that make them look like argumentative, trashy, ghetto, hoodrat, golddigging, wh0res that live drama filled lives? Black women are a laughing stalk.

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