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BET Announces The End Of 106 & Park

It’s the end of an era. After 14 years, BET has decided to pull the plug on it’s long running 106 & Park show in favor of a digital only format.

Launched in 2000 as an alternative to MTVs Total Request Live, the countdown became a platform for new Hip Hop & R&B, as entertainers and actors alike used the show to connect with a younger generation. First made famous by original hosts Free and AJ, the show has since seen Big Tigger, Julissa, Terrence J, Rocsi Diaz, Miss Mykie, Bow Wow, Keshia Chante and more take over hosting duties.

BET’s President of Music Programming & Specials released the following statement:

“AJ accepting Janet Jackson’s challenge to…dance. Bow Wow laying that kiss on Tyra Banks (or was it the other way around?). Free crawling around the set LIKE Catwoman WITH Catwoman Halle Berry. Julissa’s taking over Halloween as “Wonder Woman”. Keshia brilliantly bonding with First Lady Michelle Obama. Paigion flying around the world with Rihanna on a 777. Rocsi salsa dancing with Victor Cruz and putting him to shame. Shorty and Ms. Mykie’s killer rap “The History of Justin Timberlake”, visibly thrilling JT himself. Terrence on the beat boxing while Jamie Foxx rhymed. Tigger making Tom Cruise do the of-the-moment “motorcycle dance.”

It’s been a great 14 year run as America’s top music/variety show on cable. And now that very valuable brand is going to take its talents to the digital realm. The interactive brand you helped build, 106 & Park, is alive and well…and it’s moving to the space in which our audience NOW interacts with music the most; online. It’ll be very exciting to connect with the millions of people that are already engaged with 106 & Park and other BET digital and social media entities and bring content that will further evolve the 106 & Park brand…and enhance the overall BET Networks brand. As we transition to the digital space, we look to continue 106 & Park’s role as both a leader of and a mirror to youth culture. We’ll have more information to share about how that is to roll out very soon.”


  • Thought Dog

    They gotta make room for the next phase in bet programming. 12 hrs of bitches twerking and 12 hrs of dudes smoking blunts and making finger guns at the camera.

    • Ryan Cole

      They already did that from 1999-2006.

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  • LoverOfHipHop

    Wow this article is so nostalgic. I miss those days. Kinda sad actually.

  • Gonja

    Erica Mena about to change her phone number.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      LMAO… cold!

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  • Immortal

    So can they bring back something decent like Video Soul? Or at least along those lines? Or even Tiggas show in the basement. 106 was garbage.

    • Big_Chill

      Teen Summit

      • Celz

        You know you was watchin BET uncut when ya parents thought you was sleep lmao

      • LOL~N

      • Big_Chill


      • TheAfroRican

        Bring back Ananda Lewis to the show

  • Thank God it’s over.

  • Sean Power

    didn’t even know it was still on

  • Q.

    I was hoping y’all would announce the end of BET = Buffoon Entertainment Television

  • StatenIslandLawrence


  • makuwalkbowlegg .

    Good now we can get “Hell Date” back on air lol,Yea i know i wasn’t the only one watching that show

    • Celz

      My homegirl was on there lmao.. She had a dude who was a hypochondriac and she through water on him.. Dude was supposed to be punkin her and she punked him lmao

  • drac215

    Did they say the music business is dead or try to make it seem like 106 and park left at their prime? God bless

  • Liam Knurtsis

    so its evolving, i dont why ppl think its over, its more or less a sign that the cable industry is coming to a close

  • therealest1

    Please, this show has been dead once they let Macho Man go on there to promote his crappy ass rap album back in 2003 with Free and AJ hosting!

    It was pathetic Macho Man even busted an offbeat ass freestyle in front of the audience on that show.

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  • Markus

    The show has been on life support since AJ and Free bounced. Doubt they even come back for the finale.

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  • J.C.

    feels as if this already happened before, years ago…

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  • drac215

    Remember when an appearance on that show boosted your record sales? Now black people dont buy music and white people have their own r&b,hiphop artist so there not buying that crap either. So why even have a show when its time to go!!! God bless r.i.p. b.e.t.

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    “Bye Felicia…” This program hasn’t served any purpose since Big Tigga…

  • 💎QueenoftheKushGod💎

    bow wow better go get a refund on that car he gave Erica he is going to need that money!!

    • JO9905


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  • Guest

    This was by far the best episode.. 50 Cent vs Kanye.

  • Jonathan Cephas

    This was by far the best episode. 50 Cent vs Kanye..

    • Guest



    If it was “america’s top cable music variety/show” it wouldn’t be going off the air.

    The worst was when they would have Hollywood stars like Robert DeNiro and Denzel Washington on. The awkwardness was cringeworthy.

  • $21384666

    Bow wow probsbly in the back eatin a bucket of ice cream crying

  • Montezuma1

    “The South run rap.” Too bad it took till rap was dead.

    • Soulrebel1

      Or did they kill it,, correlation as south has thrived anything involving hip-hop is getting canceled and falling off the way side…

      • Montezuma1

        I’m not going to blame Southern artists many of whom are simply delirious and delusional about their contribution and relevance. The corporations killed rap by stifling creativity and diversity and only banking on drama or Samboism when it comes to black rappers. You have to be a caricature of some sort for them to endorse you. Meanwhile white rappers have free reign to express their creativity or plagiarize someone else’s, whichever they see fit. When you have Trinidad james and Bobby Shmurda being celebrated and given millions you know it’s going to be ugly.

  • CBT Entity

    Surprised it lasted this long after the first hosts

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  • Slaughtr

    All respect to my cousin Free the show was whack as shyt after you and AJ left fck Buffone entertainment Television you contributed to mass ignorance then sold your soul to Viacom.

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