Migos Gets Robbed By Chief Keef's GBE During Brawl That Ended In Bloodbath

Migos and Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) posse have been at war for almost a year now and last night (Nov. 15) their beef turned bloody.

While Migos was performing at the Washington D.C. club Stadium, GBE and the Atlanta trio were involved in a brawl and it ended in what a AHH source called a “bloodbath.” In a now deleted Instagram post, Chief Keef posted a picture holding Migos member Quavo’s chain, but it’s unknown who exactly in the crew took it.

“Nobody really knows who did it,” says our source. “It was like 40 people that beat on Migos, strippers and all. It’s about to be some east coast vs. west coast s**t again.”


From what our source says, it seems that Quavo was the main one involved in the brawl. Migos did not have security with them.

The two rap crews have been beefing more via Twitter lately and things heated up last week when GBE member Capo took to Twitter to detail an altercation he had with Migos while Fredo Santana chimed in with death threats.

Migos Soft as hell Y’all Jus Had 20 niggas And I was by myself Fuck niggas! Link

The Chi-town clique and Migos have been at odds ever since Chief Keef took a line from Migos’ song “Offset” as a diss to his daughter last year.

  • King Cold

    Smh stop the coonery

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  • Big_Chill

    These are NOT black people, when you behave like this, or think this is type of behavior is okay, your black card is revoked, real Afrikans build, we don’t destroy.

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Dang I had no idea keef got ill so let me get this correct. Had a deal with interscope possible millions to be made, working w niggas like fifty and shit. But Instead homie gets dropped for the baffoonery he do and say took his advance and fighting with migos? ? In a club w strippers instead of vacationing at the maldives diggin in some r&b bitches ass. #shouldOfNeverGaveYouNiggasMoney.

  • Ike’s Mood

    YEAH!!! TAKE THAT MIGOS!!! CHEEF KEEF 1-MIGOS 0!!! now, yall gotta take out keef. thats the only answer, right?

    • OG Loc

      nah bruh, it’s 1-1 they had capo running. but it’s barely 1-1 cause how you gonna have 40 people jump migos, they didn’t even have security.

      • skimask32

        If that’s the case migos is still at zero cuz it was 20 niggas with them n capo as seen in the video walked off so those niggas keep losing and soon to be dead real shit

      • OG Loc

        Yeah you right so it 0-0 both them doing whack shit.

      • Celz

        Nicca it’s 0-0 these niccas losin all the way around.. Rappers should have to go to college out of high school like NBA players.. These dumb ass niccas gon be broke by they early 30s trust me.. Doesn’t matter if they make 500k or 50 mil..

      • OG Loc

        Yeah, you right

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  • 80nigga

    Nigga dont do what they say they cowards but if they do what they say then they clowns yall niggas stick to keyboards

    • Dark Matters

      That’s what spectator-ship is all about – fueling the flames with absurd commentary. Damned be they who are foolish enough to play the game. The symphony of the dis-empowered ignoramuses continues. I’ll watch from the nose bleeds, thank you. If a dude wants to blow away the opportunity of a lifetime to cater to what complete strangers think of them, then Louis Armstrong, I say.

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    So whats it gonna take for someone to get killed before it’s time to chill? Where all the OG’s at? Nobody wants calm this doo-doo down with a sit down before the media fans the flames?

    • LonnyG773

      Not sure about anywhere else, but all the OGs in Chicago are either dead or locked up thats why these knuckleheads are acting they way they are. They don’t listen to or respect anyone so trying to talk to them is like talking to a brick wall. We saw that back when Chief Keef first starting buzzin not even 50 Cent could reach him. Also, check out Waaahhh’s comment about pill poppin, thats 100% truth because I see it with my own eyes all the time.

  • Chinablacc


    • Sinbk Legend

      Lmao more like one special ed class vs another special ed class

  • bigdoe6

    My question is what are they actually beefing about? Where did it start? Where is management on both sides? Who’s trying to calm the situation down? Are they beefing for Instagram likes or what? Like this is really stupid. Beefing on social media for more than a year? You got to be kidding me.

  • Abdul Jerome

    I’m riding with migos just because I’m getting tired of these Chicago niggas running around acting like they harder than everyone cuz they music scene is hot right now lol gtf.

    • skimask32

      So you riding with three lil hoes ass niggas who need to record ass ends of altercations to verify they hard. Smh the dickriding is really real where you come from

      • Abdul Jerome

        Na I’m just tired of you bitch ass Chicago fan boyz acting like Chicago niggas is super thugs or something. All yall can come down south and get your issue.

      • Tyfromthechi

        But aint nobody acting bro these young niggaz really out here banging I no it can go down in any hood but them atl niggaz just aint ready for them chicago boys and im not glorifying this shit cause its stupid and senseless

    • Tyfromthechi

      Turn on the news bro google chicago violence its real here man and im not glorifying it these boys not acting they really would murk something

      • Abdul Jerome

        In Houston, Texas we had almost 600 murders in 05 when new Orleans niggas came over here thinking they was going to run shit and it takes 20 minutes to drive to another niggas hood in texas. Chicago hoods are damn near rubbing shoulders that’s why the murder rate is so high, and I aint glorifying it either I’m just saying Chicago not the only one with killas. Shit gets real every where.

      • John Barnes

        Nigga stop hating. Let them little niggas have there shine. niggas wasnt saying that when Houston was doing there thing. All these old ass wanna be rappers trying to advance. It’s over take like a man..let Them chicago nigga do them…it wiull be over soon enough..

    • LonnyG773

      Real talk, due to episodes like this, Chicago music is not hot anymore. If this was going on in the 90s then that would be a different story, but the music industry is scared of my city and drill rap/ boppin is now back to being local. If Chicago was still hot then rappers like Montana of 300 would have more of a nationwide buzz.

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  • DzzzNutzzz

    Its funny because everyone thought that keef was the weak one lol, but it’s too much money to be made for this beef crap.

  • DzzzNutzzz

    Meanwhile the white man is patiently waiting for another young rich brother to lose his life over dumb stuff like this.

    • Dark Matters

      You know what I’ve come to realize? The irresponsible and dis-empowered are always relating everything to the white man. Even the concepts of right and wrong are related to what we think the white man would be happy with us doing. At some point to truly be free to be all one can be the concepts of right and wrong have to come from one’s relationship to one’s own being – one’s own conscience. The subjects of this article are either wrong or they are not wrong. Who cares what the “white man” is waiting for? I sure don’t.

      A free man realizes that these young adults have the choice to swallow pride and have a conversation. And that’s all that really needs to be said.

      • “freeD” man.

      • Celz

        Doubt he meant that literally.. But literally some white do wait for these things to happen. He most likely meant it facetiously to dig at those who believe the white man is to blame for all of our ills by showing how now the evil white man can count on us to do his old job.. But I do agree with your sentiments people need to get up and start making excuses as to why they accomplished things instead of why they didn’t..

      • LonnyG773

        Waaahhh do you have a blog? If not you need to start blogging so I can follow you. Your comments are straight on point, seriously. I rarely see comments like yours now days, I mainly get info like that from people I personally know in Chicago.

      • DzzzNutzzz

        Read my comment again.. “the white man”

  • Dark Matters

    Most of this gangsterism is fueled by opiates. Most or all of these fools are on a cocktail of pills that warp their sense of reality. I remember one article about chief keef pulling a gun on cops when his star was rising. Come to find out he was on xanax or some other mind altering pill obtained in the streets. Same thing with Beanie Siegel largely known for his “true to the streets” stupidity.

    Of course, the hip hop crowd being a largely ignorant one praised the broad street bully and the chief for their realness, not knowing the impact that these legalized ticking time bomb pills have on the human mind and the well documented clinical studies of the horrible side effects and their addictiveness.

    • Bd4

      Very very interesting comment (maybe the best I’ve read in a long time! Never thought about that, although it is relative common in my environment (I’m not from US) where people do some ”g-shit” when they’re on pills. You sir, should write an article about that topic and submitt it to sites. Do it fast, otherwise I will jack your idea!

      • Dark Matters

        Where are you from?

      • Bd4

        Norway. I just read your other comments, real good stuff. I assume you have a higher education. What do you study?

      • Dark Matters

        Ah ok. You Nordics tend to come up tops on all of the important markers. I study capitalism and society. Have you ever lived outside of Norway? I take it you watch quite a bit of American television.

      • Bd4

        It’s relatively comfortable and safe up here, but it can get boring. I lived in UK, where I did my political science degree. Yes, I watch a lot American stuff. Matter of fact, most movies and series on tv are American. Movies such as Boys in the Hood, Menace to Society etc, in addition to hip hop music became a source for getting insight into the socie-economic conditions of ”black America”, because there has not been much coverage of that area over here. First time I became aware of Malcolm X was through the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Although I’ve never been to the US, I feel a strong connection to the country. ”Real” hip hop is big out here, and one thing I like to say to American heads is that ”we’re the reason your favorite 90’s rappers still can pay their bills/ we’re keeping hip hop alive”. Would you disagree with me on that?

        I like your comments, because one thing which disappointed me with the rise of ”major” hip hop sites was the amount of relative ignorant comments (and I’m not talking about the trolling) compared to more ”intellectual” comments. It really breaks my heart when I hear Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian is one of favorite groups) speak. Is there any good/serious forums out there?

        Where are you from?

      • Much respect to Norway!

    • King Tut

      Word. Not just pills though, all kinds of drugs. Plus these dudes are in their early twenties, there not old enough to make logical decisions.

    • Abdul Jerome

      Idk I guess I’m the only one that think it’s not a good idea to go out in public off da zans. I popped 4 of em @ 1 time nd was passed out for like 16 hours and didn’t remember shit when I woke up.

      • I popped 1, puffed an L, drank 1 & 1/2 beers & slept for like 3 days, didn’t eat, drink or piss, etc., str8 out like a light!

        Never took another 1.

    • I remember a time when that pill sht was a white folk thing…..wasn’t no brothers running round poppin pills…I know cats that used to fk wit that boy but not in pill form. I lost a family member behind that bool sht….

      • Dark Matters

        I’m sorry to hear you lost fam to that.

      • Appreciated.

  • The Coon Train has just pulled into the station!

    • princeLavondrea

      & a rodent Stewart little finds its way to b racist..!

      • ~~~~~>> In Conductor’s voice :
        “AHHHhwwwLLLLL Aboard!!

        ~~~~~>> Tosses yellow step stool at your feet

      • hoeyuno

        Whos the b racist? Edo?

      • #KanyeShrugz

    • monkeyking

      lmao i was thinking this……

    • What does this even mean? What does a train for raccoons have to do with chain-snatchin’? I think Im missing something, this doesn’t make any sense… :l

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  • Erk

    Oh oh Lyor Cohen back at it time to beef to sell records

  • CBT Entity

    They’re all looking like zeros

    Google CBT Entity Joel Osteen Comes Out About His Beliefs On Larry King

    Google CBT Entity Noah’s Ark

    Google CBT Entity It Doesn’t Matter In Ferguson – CBT Entity represents righteousness by questioning whether or not people care about doing the right thing.

    Google CBT Entity SMH Flow – This talent is advancing for your brain and proves where Hip Hop culture is happening people. It’s now time for you to plug yourself and hit the start.

    Matthew 11:29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Not Going To Saturate You With Guns, Drugs & Women. Morals Is Fresh!!!

  • BigSeannY

    They all gonna look stupid,trust me.

  • Gonja

    Lol all these new wack rap niggaz keep calling their beefs “the next east coast west coast beef” FOH

  • king

    Once again nigga $h!+ at it’s finest black people will be the death of each other if not controlled.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    OK all of us agree on one thing, these muhfuck@s are all stupid as hell and they need to be forgotten. They look like B2K up there on that pic and they want to front like they hard? The game is upside down now.

  • The sht dumb but if migos had somebody jumped on wit 20 niggaz, I think the price they paid in return is fair, because they got the same ticket they issued out. It was weak both ways though, that jumping sht so lame, if the physicality is a must and there is no other option why not be a man and get the str8 fade. A whole club to whoop 3 littass dudes? Pick ya 3 and get ya dogs up! Don’t know if it’s on worldstar yet, but I’m sure it will be.

    • Mark Grejda

      You’re missing the point. It’s all stupid and unnecessary.

      • Oh trust me I got the point and you are correct, but I’ve been all over the world bruh and people of all colors have stupid and unnecessary people within there ranks.

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  • J.C.

    smh someone is going to die from something that could’ve been managed civilly

  • hoeyuno

    These kids want it so bad to be the next east coast west coast style beef. unfortunately the beef revolved around two very skillful Emcees…Yall already dont have a very important ingredient. Ya’ll are just lil shitheads with too much money in your pockets. .But with all the violence and twitter threats you kids are gonna catch a case and some time…Spend 2 years locked up well the rest of your crew is stuntin off the last couple minutes of your 5..You little hard asses need to learn that this position your in and the fans and the money is not gonna last… You kids are probably young millionaires and your twitter beefin with other kids that wont grow up….I hope you bought your moms a nice house out of the hood cause in a years time that spare room will be yours! 🙂

    • LOL~N @ Spare room

      • hoeyuno

        yo was dude trying to call you a racist with that “b racist” ish..I wanted to go in on him but didnt know 100% what he was trying to say..haha

      • Hahahaa, he was tripping!

        “Choo MuddaChuckin Choo!”

  • ms marjane

    Remember back in the day when niggas kept it hip-hop, and if you rolled into a city and checked-in with the right official rap niggas you didn’t *need* security? This is what non-rappin crayola niggas get.. why you test somebody on 20 deep? Especially when that somebody can’t really fight for real no way. You know he got home from olive garden, got on amazon and ordered a special glow in the dark gat just for yall.. don’t wind up dead on no disposable rap shit. They aint fiddn to make no fuckin hologram for migos if they get capped this year, for real..

  • DR.WHO?

    “East coast vs. West coast”???? LMFAOOOO

    • MC Gusto

      unfortunately, not the dumbest thing I read today

  • Hype Returns

    why is ignorance at an all time high? especially this fredo guy. doesnt even want to enjoy what he has. i wish we had an international zoo for people like this. put them all on an island with no trees so they can coon to their hearts content. actually give them the trees, not like theyll figure out how to build a boat anyway.

  • that’s funny they were performing last night at Club Luna in Nassau, Bahamas….

  • KayKay

    Nobody really cares about either of them hell what the hell do they mean ANOTHER east coast vs. West coast battle lol they are not important . These fools dont even appreciate what thry have because they will throe it away just to go to jail.

  • robertoV05

    I know I’m old so don’t point that out, but I am still trying to figure out why Q Tip thinks these guys are the modern day Geto Boys and UGK. Still trying to figure that out.

    • Django 2Chainz

      He was high don’t mind him

  • ChildDeDios

    Despite the media coverage, I feel good after reading the comments, the main thing I will say is we need to stick together… starting with slavery, the goal has always been divide and conquer

    • P Poor

      Good luck with that, ChildDeNiggos. You people couldn’t stick together if you all fell in a huge vat of superglue

      • Says the guy from the most hated ethnicity in the world….you don’t get out much do you? What would happen to your Lilly white ass if you stepped foot out of America? Kidnapped and beheaded is what, you sound like the type to still run around once your head is lopped off. Chicken sht key board racist. I gotta million kkkracka jokes wanna hear em?

    • IamHipHop

      Lets hope dem wack mfers stick together

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION1

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION3

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION2

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION4

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION5

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION6

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION8

  • Adam Cannady

    both stupid shut up you not supposed to even be stealing thats the 8th commanment JESUS died foir his cause sinner lets see if we can spead the word SO NO WAR also killing the 6th and THE BIBLE speaks about malice ALSO which is VIOLENCE…. WHATS THE POINT THEN RETURN THE CHAIN AND SAY SORRY…. REMDEMPTION7

    • MC Gusto

      man sit your stupid ass down! and play the quiet game

  • so one of the dudes from migos took a line that he thought was about him too serious, started this shit and got finished. way to go… cool story bro.

    • guest

      If u can clearly read it says that keef took the line from migos song as an insult.

      • OK sorry fan boys. Let me try this again. Keef took it the wrong way. Migos ( them niggaz been running wild as of late), ran up on one of keefs people’s recently and one of em got yapped for their chain. Once someone got touched it was on. They should’ve left it on twitter. Live by the sword and you die by the sword.

    • Yo dumb ass cant even read.. smh U just like them

      • R_Bug

        Actually, my smart ass read a bunch of dumb ass tweets from street-tards and it may have infected medsldog jfjs’ap ajsjjdfgs flss svn;al;ofjff


      • And you cant write nor spell. #nwe #NowWeEven

    • IamHipHop

      All dey lines wack

  • sick of ignorant people

    the ignorance is real……these guys are literally tools of ignorance destruction stupidity and they don’t even know it,…. .that’s why there’s so many ignorant people walking around because there’s so many ignorant people that listen to music made by ignorant people shit ain’t rocket science

  • fredrock

    Just read the story and didnt even know who any of these wannabees were. And probably wont ever hear about any of the idiots again outside of this situation. Rap music died YEARS ago, its all garbage now

  • Danny

    I guarantee you all the MF’s talking about Police brutality, racial inequality, etc. GTFOH. No wonder Cops just open fire on us with ignant ass ninjas like this makes you no longer wonder why as black folks we got it bad.

  • Mack

    This is just natural selection. Idiots going at each other get what they deserve.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Please get rid of both of these crews. They wouldn’t be missed AT ALL!!

  • Guest

    Takes one to know one? If you knew anything about the monkey, you’d know it’s a very intelligent animal

    • Brian Pratt

      Go loot some hair extensions boy.

      • Anup Patel


      • Guest

        A product of the caste system reveling in low quality racist humor. What else is new?

      • Guest

        Surprise me, for a change – way too predictable.

      • Guest

        I’d rather loot your barely a brain of its ignorance, you cum stain on legs.

      • Oh so u racist kkkrackas brought in your whole crew today I see, please don’t crank me up, I’ve run plenty white boys up outta here. Are u up for the challenge pigskin?

    • Chris Willis

      That’s right, there’s no need to be insulting monkeys like this.

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  • TheAfroRican

    Wack on wack crime. Just do hip-hop a favor and destroy each others’ garbage ass careers.

    • ChildDeDios


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  • MildManneredReporter

    All these niggas wack AF…let em kill each other over a misunderstanding on chief keef’s end natural selection hope it ends in a double ko

  • MildManneredReporter

    Also I just seen vine footage of people pushing each other where is this bloodbath you speak of? In this day and ago no pics or vids? gtfoh

  • Tonya LoveOverboard Bishop

    I bet most people of a certain skin tone, be on stand by for stuff like this… ready to unleash the hate that is embedded deep inside from a past that promoted torture and lies, that misrepresented the bible for their own purpose and destruction of other humans. Whom of which God created. ..we are not a perfect race, and every creed has done wrong… blame the individual not the color tone of the skin… as advanced as we are , we are still left behind in time.

    • TyFighter

      Please, elaborate on how your second to last sentence doesn’t contradict your first…

      • Guest

        It doesn’t I know some cool White people, you are just representing the one’s shes talking about

      • TyFighter

        Okay here’s the “white” equivalent of what you just said to me: I have black friends, so you make racist assumptions.
        Sorry, but that isn’t how this works. You were correct though, it’s her first sentence that contradicts her second to last. “I bet most people of a certain skin tone” kind of pisses all over the otherwise agreeable sentiment of “blame the individual not the color tone of skin.”
        Now explain to me how I’m representing people who stereotype by calling her out on her own. Seriously, I can’t wait to read what you have to say on the subject.

      • P Poor

        ChildDeNiggos won’t respond because they are ignorant. Don’t try and reason with stupidity

      • Kkkrakkka get your weak inferior built ass thee fk up outta here. This definitely ain’t what u want. Bet u smell like hot mayonnaise and look like it too. Am I right white cheddar? Or should I say clam chowder, do u really want to hop ur punk ass on this site and talk sht? I been making it my job to embarrass your kind on here, I actually smile whilst I’m doing it. My white boys in the service make you website boys look so lame, your sht talkn is subpar.

      • Guest

        good look p poor, i just dont have time
        btw TyFighter why are you even here?!?!

      • TyFighter

        I could ask you the same thing but it kind of helps my case that you seem to assume people of my skin tone and upbringing don’t listen to hip hop. It is possibly the most popular and influential genre of music in the world currently. I’m in the comments section because I’m outspoken and I express my opinion when I see people post things that I disagree with. My question is why you seemed to automatically try to tear down my opinion. Did you genuinely disagree, or is it because my skin is white? Despite the way things might appear, “all white people” aren’t in league. It would piss you off too if I came on here spouting shit about “most people of a certain skin tone.” Again, I am genuinely curious to read what you have to say. At first glance though, it appears that you couldn’t give a shit less about the content of my opinion because my whiteness is blinding you.

    • le_duc_du_four


      • Hey kkkracka, I read a few of your posts. It’s seems that you are very comfortable spewing racist comments. Having a few muscles and looking like a goober doesn’t make you tough when you’re talking sht behind a computer monitor. I know you had to work very hard for those muscles if you wanna call them that but how bout u walk outside and talk that sht to a “brother” who is born built from birth. You seem like a major poosie, and I doubt you would ever do such a thing, because you know that you would end up red, blue, black, and purple…pink boy. Lmao white folk are rainbows, you change into every color under the sun u fkn chameleon. So go and eat a hearty bowl of clam chowder and saltines and get back to me u racist fk. I know some black stud may have boned your mom, sister, or girlfriend so you have a deep seeded hate that your father and you couldn’t fit in their gaping holes. Here’s a thought though, how about u hate that one individual instead of a whole race u scum filled bag of sht. You look goofy as fk by the way…

      • le_duc_du_four

        How bout no……and stfu.

      • Wow, nutn better to….ummm…say…ok I’m moving on to the next racist piece of sht, ur no fun…Captain KKKracka Killer over and out…..killing online kkkrackas faster than Neo dodging bullets….lmao u just lie down and take the dik don’t u fkn fun boy.

      • LongLiveTheSevyn

        He’s probably not even white. Who comes to a site like AHH just to say dumb shit like that tho? Just leave that troll be, I’m sure that morbid obesity will wipe him out soon enough lol

      • Billy Vincent

        ill will u sound pretty racist yourself…just sayin…

      • Really truthfully I haven’t a racist bone in my body, i don’t look thru the same eyes as a lot of people. I try to run the racist off and let em know I’ve heard em all b4, all their statements and jokes. Why should I let them get away with being stupid? They wanna say crazy sht, so I receive and return to sender. I’ve been all over the world man, I had 20 sumn subordinates in my shop while I was in the military. Majority of my shop was from different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We were all brothers and sisters. .you know family…my shop truly understood in its truest form that we all are truly the same, just different colors. I loved them all as if they were my fam. We had a game we used to play,our shop was the most ethnically diverse group in our squad. We would say some of the most demeaning, vile, despicable things we could ever think of for every race in the book. It was distasteful but we didn’t mean it as demeaning, it was jokingly. We would come up with some pretty outrageous sht and then we would all laugh at some of the stuff some people have actually said to them throughout their lifetime. Me and my white brother smitty were the goats of that sht, that white boy is still my dog, til this day there ain’t sht either of us in that shop wouldnt do for each other. We all knew how dumb being a racist was because here u have 20 sumn odd people from all over the world being family and getting along, more so than my real family. I swear I have heard prolly some of the craziest sht you’ve ever heard…Therefore I’m a racists worst nightmare on this site, I’m actually here to protect ya from these weak ass fks talkn that hate sht cuz I got a million of em. I know it doesn’t help but it’s mad entertaining, why the fk should these racist fkboys be exempt from a verbal ass whooping? Hopefully no human being faults me for the sht I say to racists but I’m doing it to let them know that sht ain’t so funny in reality….or when insults are being hurled back at the pace of superman running to fk Lois lane…sorry if I offended a non racist, this sht ain’t for our kind.

  • Jeremy Pedersen

    a bunch of ignorant kids that will be broke or in prison within a year or 2

    • Guest

      Why don’t you do something to help them instead of talking them down?

      • P Poor

        Why don’t you, Mother Theresa?

      • Omar

        Help them? They got jobs. They got money. They got females. What help do they need? Dumb is dumb is dumb.


      oooll hatin ass BISH

      • specialk312

        Can you translate in English?

      • P Poor

        No, translation requires intelligence, not niglegence

    • New york is shit

      will still make more money than ur ass

  • kwd

    PR move. Nobody gives a shit.

  • NIggas get money and stilllll cant afford to distance them selves from the bull shit .. dumb niggas

    • Obi Won

      Stop hatin my nigga, they keeping it real!!! Get Money Stay Real!!
      LOL!!! I couldn’t hold my laugh in smh

      • LMAOOOO!!!! nigga said hatin i knew u was foolin with that comment .. But for real tho If we make money like that i wanna be as far from the bullshit as possible

      • Obi Won

        “as far from the bullshit as possible”<——

      • IamHipHop

        They keepin it stupid

      • sunny

        Nobody hating on ignorant niggas…. you get money to get and have a better life… not to keep claiming black disciple nation that really isn’t an organization…. lol fighting over street corners you pay rent on… don’t even own!

        Somethings are the TRUTH!

        Let me help you understand COMMON was a BROTHER… Do you ever hear him claiming that shit in his music… Hell Nawl!

    • RealestNiggaBreathing

      america is smaller than u think when niggaz got money! u aint hard to find

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he just a gangsta…john gotti all them had money too..so wcahu talkin bout??

      • Yeah they had money and stayed in the hood that was their potential down fall .. 50 cent got money and he steered clear of the hood and its depression

      • Bumpy Johnson

        chief keef isnt in the hood tho …..?

      • That nigga dont gotta be in the hood you see his music and his troubles still keep him closely connected to it .. U wouldnt understand cuz you love the hood .. Real niggas want out the hood .. Especially when they make it G ..

      • Bumpy Johnson

        he lives in California in a nice house/apt. what are you talking about brother.

  • Ross CMR

    Please explain how this incident was a “Bloodbath” it doesn’t say anyone was killed or sent to the hospital…

  • Reblogged this on BISHOPDEVILLE.COM and commented:
    chief keef is losing ..well lost it


  • bignutta aka headbutta

    damn bruh..migos from the south bruh….no east coast west coast shit….but damn tho

    • RealestNiggaBreathing

      u took that out of context brah they know where they from he meant the “Violence” part not the actual coasts chi aint east or west

      • bignutta aka headbutta

        i know i realized that after i wrote it. lol

      • sunny

        Chi is midwest… so yes their west.

  • munchbunchcrunch


  • xxthoughtxx

    on some real shit its fuked up how who ever wrote this said “its gonaa be east coast vs west coast again”.. your recreating the monster, fuk just PAC and BIG a lot of people got killed in LA because of that shit, and same will happen here, this aint nothin to play with, we tryin to stop black on black killing. GUESS ALLHIPHOP enjoy that shit smh…when they killed Mike Brown, yall aint say it was gonna be “John Brown” again o yea DO YA RESEARCH on the white boy JOHN BROWN, he went around killing slave masters with a group of brothers and other whites.. ALL hip hop guess rap dont give yall shit to talk about sm

  • LongLiveTheSevyn

    This idiot drops a death threat on Twitter like it’s a genius move tho. And they wonder why they’re always in & out of a cell smh

    • staying_true

      Where I’m from, that’s called terroristic threatening and can be a felony.I want to see if they want them to kill each other or use the law. They more then likely want them to kill each other.

    • Mike Scorsese

      Who’s is “they”?

      • Lolbird


  • staying_true

    When niggas not relevant no more they feel the need to throw there life away, Chief Keef should just commit suicide, he always was trash.

  • Michael Abbels

    All assholes, they deserve each other

    • SlimeLanguage

      you look like a terd

  • tasafi

    THEY SUCK!! …but if being garbage makes that kinda money, sign me up.

  • Twin

    East vs West ? Lol hell naw they don’t have that much juice.

    • sunny

      Mid west vs south…. smh!

  • bobjo

    good, maybe they’ll wipe each other out. The world could do without these useless bottom feeders.


    how is it gone be east coast vs West coast when neither ec or wc is not involved and chief keef ain’t got enough respect in Chicago for niggaz to ride for him

    • sunny

      Chief Keef is a, Black Disciple (Gang member)… as long as thats a fact all BDs will ride for his cause regardless!

      When they say on bd… they are calling attention from other Black Disciples…

      These dummies still claiming gangs that dismantled in the 90’s!

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