Mook and Dash

Murda Mook and Dame Dash Call Out Drake For a $15 Million Dollar Battle

Murda Mook and Dame Dash are calling out Drake on his challenge towards Mook to a battle. Mook sets the bar 15 million and Dame asks Floyd Mayweather to promote the battle!

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On Friday Nov 21. 2014, will feature and exclusive new freestyle from Mook’s from Nicki Minaj’s “Only” song featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Full interview with Mook and the song will be out tomorrow so you can get the entire story but, check out the snippet here:


  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Mook is the best but he needs to stop asking these crazy amounts.

    • jazzoh

      asking? he is saying that is what the purse should be it could go to drake….

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  • 5% Hov


    What happen to Snoop – brokering that?
    I love Dame but this wont happen if Dame is involved.

    He went “US” real early in the conversation….

  • foshow38

    Mook is nice with it but don’t let Dame get involved he’ll f_ck up your opportunity. And 15mil?? GTFOH I don’t think any battle can command that type of bread.

    • hoeyuno

      Jay vs Nas Pay Per View

      • DreamBigLiveLarge

        w/ Kiss vs Beans as the opener

  • @DeMarioBrownIam

    I’m more bothered that Dame doesn’t have 15 mill of his own money to put up after his ten year run.. We have to do better!!

    • jazzoh

      I wouldn’t put my money up for that either ESP if I could find someone else to do it business men try not to put up their own money don’t know if he has it prob not but ijs


        Wouldn’t you have to recoup that 15mil before you see a profit?

      • jazzoh

        always there can be no profit until you recoup …if you are trying to say they won’t ,we are talking about drake 1. and 2 there are about 300 million people in the us alone if they get 1% to pay 10 dollars…… and lets not forget hip hop is international…. i broke it down better but couldn’t post and didn’t feel like doing it again …. i seriously doubt this will be priced at 10.00…..let’s not forget physical bodies in a brick n mortar venue and sponsorship money merch sales etc huge money and it shouldn’t all go to the behind the scenes people like in the past

  • CBT Entity

    Murda Mook and Dame Dash are opportunists and Drake is Drake.

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    I didn’t think Dame could sink any lower than he has already! Hooking-up with a lame like Mook shows that Dame’s perspective is all messed-up from watching Jay-Z win so much! He needs to stay away from the cameras.

  • Stand Your Ground


  • baller187

    nobody lookin for those broke niggas, drake above that shit

  • King Tut


  • The Black Fist

    $15 MILL??? Shid, you can combine every battle league together and sitll i’d doubt if battle rap at this point is worth 15M. Drake aint about to let these niggas who don’t even have that type of scrilla in the bank make it off his name.

    • ytgarner

      Then he just a sucka emcee! lol a man scared to lose ain’t a man and judging off the comment containing ” these niggas ” let’s me know it comes from a selfish place. If this battle was to ever happen I would agree with the more popular rapper taking the bigger pursue since his name is at stake . I know one thing “niggas” as you would say sure do love to be cosigned by black folk but won’t break bread with them same black folk .

      • The Black Fist

        I hear two niggas talking not two businessmen, Dame been fell off and pockets caught up but i will say this, if Mook trying to set the bar high for battle rap by getting $15M then i’ll take that label off him but Do i really need to provide an explanation on Dame’s behalf? battle rappers get paid per battle making $1k-20k depending on their rank and the event Mook is listed at Top 5 easy, if he do get that much then props to him and I f*cks with Mook, he’ll zip up Drake straight body, this is not Drake’s lane to be in especially against Mook. Drake aint trying to take this kind of blow to his career while in his prime when he can just hit the studio and make his millions. Battle rap is not drake he’s a fan of it, its not his style and when was the first and last time drake made a dissed song, its not in his DNA period.

      • Ryan Hamilton

        Lmao listen to this Fuckin retard. It’s 15 million you Fuckin goof. Drake dint scared I’m sure, but 15 mill. That’s just, well, ludacris

    • Rena

      That cheque would bounce like a brick.

  • hoeyuno

    ……but Dash gets 20% of the 15 mil since he’s going out of his way to promote this…the battle will take place at The Vatican and the queen of England will be hosting.

  • Calvin Clear

    All these niggas plus Drake are just talkin’ reckless. It all seems to be in good fun. However, I know if Drake did decide to battle Mook, he is gonna want a guaranteed check. I’m talking 7 figures.

  • Papi Peligro

    Dame Dash Done. Stop wearing your position on your clothes.

  • Papi Peligro

    Man is Jay Z a prophet.
    Drake heres how they gone come at you
    With silly rap feuds trying to distract you
    In disguise in the form of a favor
    The Barzini meeting watch for the traitors

  • Jayssonbell

    15,000,000 that’s way to much unless this battle is taking place on the planets of Moon or Mars. I say 50,000 at the minimum and maybe 1 to 3 million tops. Guys like Drake are far from being my favorite artists, but you maybe in for a surprise on how dude could handle him self in a battle rap same thing with Nicki. They maybe more battle tested than we fell to realize so never go in underestimating your opponent.
    other than that checkout favorite underground hiphop artist
    1.Domnique larue
    2. Sa Roc
    3.Rita J

    • Sa Roc….based on that I will have to check the other two.

    • Shakim 30013

      I see that you have one of my favorit Mc.s, Sa Roc…..I met her, she is a sweet lady and plus she could spit.

  • fasho

    $15 million… Dame Dash and Murda Mook ain’t got $200-THOUSAND between the two of them. LMAO. Harlem A** betting now… GTFOH. Dame out here looking thirsty

    • xxthoughtxx

      lol Dame bout to snake Mook lls.

  • keepitswizzy

    Dame is just trying to back anything to make him relevant again….I bet he got a 2nd mortgage on his house to put that doe up lmao…..

  • i’mreloaded!

    Don’t waste your time Drake, you already a star.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Somebody tell Dame Smack already run battle rap and he ain’t no white jew culture vulture either…..Dame used to be the one putting up the doe. Now he’s back to middle man status; Just living off a name.

  • Skillz

    Mook don’t even have $7.5 million. I don’t get it

    • Sinbk Legend

      How about mook ain’t even at a mil

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  • hdfsdf

    why they acting like that microphone is on

  • xxthoughtxx

    Dame trying to snake his way back, love that dude.. Mook check the contract bruh

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  • Fenom

    Dame…. “WE CAN STICK TOGETHER…” That means he’s trying to get paid. I don’t understand where he fits in the equation. Drake + Mook + Floyd$ = The Battle Event.

  • J Burn

    This is a joke… Drake should keep ignoring him.. Lol

  • CharmCityReal

    If Dame Dash can pull this off he is the new Don King.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Dame on something?

  • joe smith

    Hip hop is now officially faggier and fake than pro wrestling.


    Dame Dash still rocking them S dot Carters with an orignal Roc-a-Fella spray on shirt

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  • Ryan Hamilton

    Smh…Wow…how ridiculous. Mook and dame ain’t got nowhere near that kinda money. That’s why they trying to get flloyd in on this to front them the doe. All like, yo we got this, just front us the paper homie we good. Lol mook would win easily imo, but ain’t nobody putting up that kinda paper. This is stupid.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Lame Dash no cash
    Tryna eat off Mook this time

  • justice

    this shit is corny now man look how mook acting he been talking about this shit for the past 10 months if drake really cool with him like he say why he cant pull it off behind the scenes why he gotta do all this extra shit

  • $18916246

    Drake is a nice mc, but would be foolish to battle a well known battle rapper like Mook. Beat-less battle rap is a dying art full now of predictable rap cadences, body language and demeanor, As I said before beat-less battle rap in the scope of the camera is a high profile hiking session. If Drake accepted Mook’s challenge, he should battle on his terms and over a beat where sadly 98% of beat-less battle rappers including the few mc’s like Mook fail. Beat-less battle rappers fail at song composition and fail to expound on a multitude of human topics most humans can relate to, which makes beat-less battle rap a gimmick of sorts that has sadly been overdone. Today’s battle rappers are mostly comprised of global youth projecting 8mile-idous wannabe be mc tendencies, addicted to hiking and more like spoken word junkies.

    The smart battle rappers in my opinion would stray away from this dead end approach of rapping as it is largely fruitless as it invites way too many wannabe rappers who have no long term goals as mc’s and hence no real rap talent, it’s just cleverly projected hiking. Notice even Biggies well known Fulton St. battle captured on film when he was a teen is done to a classic hip-hop beat. The use of a beat trains the ear and prepares a would be future mc to what the HIP-HOP mc/rap game is really about. Nobody’s gonna play your acapella dissertations on the radio or buy them on itunes so a battle rapper can be seen as a would be dope mc who willing suffers with launch fail or failing to launch preferring street cred over a possible lucrative, diverse and successful musical career in HIP-HOP. An addictive need to to bottom feed as opposed to growing and maintaining a successful career in business. To each his own….responsibility.

    • Education right there mate, Good read.

      Only snag was I did struggle a bit due to the lack of paragraphs though, I’m assuming it was sent via a mobile which can be a nightmare.

      All the same great read.

    • Battle rap set NY Hip Hop artists back 10 years.

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