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Original hosts Free and AJ returned to the stage this evening to give a proper farewell to BETs groundbreaking show”106 & Park.” Hitting the airwaves in 2000, the countdown became a launching pad for a variety of artists and celebrities alike, as they turned to the show to stay in touch with a younger generation.

After deciding to pull the show in favor of a digital only format, the network officially closed a chapter which has included Big Tigger, Terrence J, Rocsi Diaz, Julissa, Bow Wow, Miss Mykie and more.

Formally closing out the show, the final video aired was Chris Brown’s “Deuces.”

Take a look at some of the images from the last episode.

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    Man it’s so hard to say goodbye. 106 & Park will always be my favorite.

  • Markus

    106 and Park was like a terminally ill patient that had been suffering for a long time with no hope in sight after AJ and Free left. It was put out of its misery tonight.

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  • therealest1

    This show should have went off the air back in 2003 when they let Macho Man go on there and promote his shitty ass rap album. The show was already bad, but it lost total credibility for that.

    • Executive

      Well at least macho man was being comical about having a rap career unlike these rappers who are oh so serious but look like a joke anyway.

      • therealest1

        Uh dog, he was serious about his rap career especially with that diss song he had against Hulk Hogan. He swore he had a serious freestyle on that ghetto ass show.

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  • Lloyd Braun


  • DNA

    How is Bow wow gone eat now

    • therealest1

      Yeah, I know right. I doubt he’s eating good off that Cash Money deal.

      • Executive

        His new album dropp… Oh never mind.

      • therealest1

        Never. Remember, they only push Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj.

  • soyhiphop

    Wait this show was still on? I stopped watching since terrence and rocsi

  • No pictures of Free’s derrière. ..disappointed


      LOL!, U read my mind.

      • quartermill

        Ya’ll niggas is trippin 106&Park was never wack. 106 & Park represented the urban community in a positive way. All the actors, movies stars, and music artists that was the most relevant passed through 106&Park. If you never was a guest on 106&Park, you were a nobody. If you was a guest on 106&Park, you were going to be a success. 106 & Park gave us real info on what’s going on in politics. With all these police shooting that’s taking place, 106&Park should have stayed on TV. Why? because 106&Park would have gave the youth something positive to look forward to and keep their spirits up. 106&Park is the best show on BET. I feel at some point their going to bring 106&Park back to television. At least I hope they bring back 106&Park because that show was my favorite since I was a teenager. I loved everything about 106&Park.


        I’ll agree, never said nothing about that, we were referring to Free, LOL!

      • IceBergSlim

        I agree.. I think it reflected on every generation in regards to the music, fashion and the culture.

    • Executive

      Shit, I was more concerned about that ass than the finale of the wack as show.

    • IceBergSlim


  • Freezamon

    Damn bow wow looks like he feel’s some type of way…”mr 106 and park”

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  • Q.

    Next, BET… I mean “WET” since the Viacom takeover.

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  • Big_Chill

    I stopped fuckin with 106 and Park when I seen N Sync on there

  • ha

    little by little they stripping the culture. look at the bigger picture.

  • Slaughtr

    All respect to my cousin Free.

  • Slaughtr

    106 by no fault of any of the host led to the dumbed down hip hop so really fck 106 and park good riddins and thank you for the bs.