No Hip Hop Albums Among Top Ten Sellers Of 2014

(AllHipHop News) It has been a down year for every genre of music as far as albums sales (decline of 11% overall), but it was particularly a tough year at the stores for Hip Hop LPs. The final sales numbers show that not a single rap album broke into the top ten for the year.

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Taylor Swift earned the crown for the best-selling album of 2014. The country/pop singer’s 1989 beat out the Frozen soundtrack – 3.66 million to 3.53 million. 1989 and Frozen were two of only four albums to sell over one million copies during the calendar year.

The other two platinum-selling projects were Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour with 1.21 million and Pentatonix’s That’s Christmas To Me with 1.14 million. Beyoncé’s self-titled album has totaled 2.2 million units sold dating back to its December 13, 2013 release.

The top-selling rap albums for 2014 include J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive (577,000), Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic (485,000) and Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint (300,000). Rap’s best sellers of 2013 were Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (1.73 million, 2nd for the year), Drake’s Nothing Was The Same (1.34 million, 7th), and Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail (1.1 million, 10th).

The Top Selling Albums Of 2014:

1. Taylor Swift – 1989 (3.66 million)
2. Soundtrack – Frozen (3.53 million)
3. Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour (1.21 million)
4. Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me (1.14 million)
5. Soundtrack – Guardians of the Galaxy (898,000)
6. Beyoncé – Beyoncé (878,000)
7. Barbra Streisand – Partners (856,000)
8. Lorde – Pure Heroine (841,000)
9. One Direction – Four (814,000)
10. Eric Church – The Outsiders (811,000)

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51 Responses to “No Hip Hop Albums Among Top Ten Sellers Of 2014”

  1. temel

    The reason hip hop sales are WAY down is
    because everybody is getting tired of DA BULLS— that is
    on these albums!

    My potna told me bout this album called INNER CITY DREAMS.

    I snatched it on itunes and its got some BANGERS ON THERE! But the shit

    is REAL LYRICs on the songs. WE BUMPS THAT ALBUM!

    That DJ from the WEST COAST named BATTLECAT did a song on there
    called TOUR GUIDE that is knockin playas heads! That dude G SINATRA
    IS COLD!

    Then they got this cut called “FIRE” with that CRIP dude from CASH MONEY
    named “GLASSES MALONE” thats cold! And the chick singin sound good!

    But my favorite cut is BULLETS GOT NO NAME ! TIGHT AS HELL!


  2. Black Jay Supreme

    I’m not surprised at this. They’ve done everything to exploit the art form and the n*ggas that are big time in the game are too p*ssy to solidify any hardcore allegiance to artistic integrity. They’re letting any and everybody do it (what happened to the days of KRS tossing punk ass PM Dawn off the stage). Back in the day you would get straight called out if your sh*t sucked. Nobody with any skills would go on tour with your wack ass. Now….

    In my opinion hip hop needs to go the way of Jazz. Almost completely disappear from the charts so that it can get back to real purity.

  3. Markus

    Even worse than rap sales being down,what’s even more disturbing is so called R&B doesn’t even exist. No more soul music ,no more real love music,no more groove music. Even the Beyonces and Ushers of the world turn their backs on what they were brought up in as kids and broke into the business doing. Damn shame.

  4. bigdoe6

    I’m happy i got to witness the realness that come out in the 90’s. Walking to school with my walkman bumping Outkast Southenplayalistic, Souls of Mischief, ATCQ Midnight Marauders, BO$$, Too-Short, Spice 1, 2pacalypse, Funkdafied, Doggystyle. All this garbage out now is the result of lazy rappers and beat makers. I won’t even call them producers. DJ Quik is a producer, DR Dre is a producer, Havoc is a producer, DJ Premiere is a producer. All these recycling ass beat makers just suck period.

  5. acb87

    ross dropped 2 lps this year and he not even i the top 3 albums sold for hiphop damn. its safe to say with ross 2 flops and stally flop , meek about to flop . only wale can keep mmg from sinking

  6. C_diddy

    Real rap/backpack hip hop is what’s winning these days..Gangsta rap is dead..trap rap isn’t selling like it once was..The rappers that’s making hip hop that the everyday person can relate & make their albums like soundtracks to the everyday person’s lives to is what’s winning right now..You see what Cole album did..Drake’s albums do well..& when Kendrick drops his shit will do crazy numbers too..notice the pattern?

  7. Mcanthony Msaenz Mamaile

    Hip hop sold less but you will be surprised that its the music that is more rotation in terms of media, clubs, parties etc. I however I can guess that 80% of hip hop fans dont buy originals or even from digital stores. I bet there is more download sites for Hip hop than any other music. Hip Hop heads especially underground heads dont like to pay for ish!!!

  8. heysus christo

    You have an over saturation of rappers. The abundance waters down the “art”. Even rappers you know are broke sit up there and tell how much money they have and how many girls they got. It’s a joke. With everything going on in the world, all I hear on the radio rap-wise is…get drunk, get high, shoot another black person…etc.

  9. Slaughtr

    Just to show you most folks aren’t feeling the same old recycled bullshyt rappers, a thousand high hats, Buck rogers sound effects, the same fckin 808 drive, everybody is a singer, I’ll kill you, social media promo, dumbed down chanting ass lyrics, fcked up fashion, no love for the culture, culture stealing and letting everybody else take the motherfka , beat biting, borrowing lines from MC’s, PAYOLA WHICH IS ILLEGAL THESE WHACK ASS DIGITAL DJS HAVE FOUND A WAY TO INCREASE THE PAY BY PREFRENCE RAPPERS. Many reasons for the fck up of record sales and if underground niggaz didn’t buy shyt then there would be no hip hop today so don’t say it’s just us who don’t buy.

  10. imjustellinu

    Only reason no hip hop is on that list is because hip hop/rap fans are like 80% of people who hit blogs and sites like this. With that being said it’s crazy that Cole sold as much as he did.

  11. Don Legion Seven

    ….Hip Hop has a core black audience…and black folks love to buy bootlegs/pirate music….with 323,882,269 people in this country….you really think that’s how many people have those albums…

  12. E Spinner

    there is hope. Hip Hop is and has always been a destructive force to our young people and an outrageous insult to our women.
    Its demise can’t come soon enough for me.

    • Kels99

      I could not agree with you more. Hip-hop is dying and its death couldn’t come soon enough. In the last 20 years, it’s devolved into nothing hatred towards black women and the glorification of antisocial behaviors. Its gotten so bad that it’s even spilled over to R&B. The fact that a disgusting song like “Loyal” by Chris Brown is played on r&b stations and no one bats and eye is pretty telling.

  13. C_diddy

    Once more rappers come along that understand that the albums where you’re talking about how much money you have,how many people you shot,how many bitches you fucking,etc. start to finish aint gone get you A platinum plaque no more we’ll see more artists go platinum & dominate the charts..

  14. djtorchMusic

    Let’s try to grasp this idea?

    WHO CARES???

    Why does everything have to be about momey?


    What do rap artists expect?

    It seems like ALL of the rappers today use the same ghostwriter. Forget about how good or bad the content is, the content is so SIMILAR that different tracks from different Rap Artists literally sound the same and for this reason maybe buying “the other track” is not worth it.

    Back 80’s and 90.s Each Artist Had their own sound.

    Digital Underground had their sound
    Tribe Called Quest had their sound
    Ice Cube had his sound
    Tupac has his sound
    Biggie Has his Sound
    Snoop has his sound

    This is no longer the case.

    To those who complain about Rap Music…Shit…change the station. I wish the content was a little more meaningful but it is what it is. If you really want a cool urban experience get off the bandwagon and listen to some NEO SOUL because that’s where the vibe went.


    These ‘meek rappers’ & ‘Fake Rick Ross’ & Chief F*ck Ups KILLED ‘Hip Hop’! NO ONE, besides a very small ignorant few, are BUYING their garbage! ‘Poppin’ maybe for 1 week & then TOAST! NO REAL AUDIENCE for their ‘know what I’m sayin’ BULLSH*T! No nicca, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT if anything YOU’RE SAYIN’!

  16. adrnnchtm

    Beyoncé’s album sold over 5 million worldwide. The figure shown at the bottom is within the first three days of release and I don’t know where the 2 million number came from. Smh. People will hate.

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