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Jay Z Is Buying Hot 97!?!

YOOOOOOOO! The reason why Funkmaster Flex is heated has become apparent. It seems like Jay Z is looking to buy Hot 97 with a crew of investors. Originally we thought it was because of some Dipset sort of beef, but no. We had heard there were jokes and innuendoes about this Jay buying Hot but MediaTakeOut is saying it is true.

According to a ROCK SOLID SOURCE – Shawn “Jay Z” Carter along with a group of investors that includes NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony are currently NEGOTIATING TO BUY Hot 97 radio station. Talks are still early, but we’re told that both sides have HIRED LAWYERS and INVESTMENT BANKERS – and are serious in getting a deal done.
Wow – this is going to be BIG NEWS for the city of New York. We guess Funkmaster Flex doesn’t like the idea of Jigga owning the station . . .

Source: MTO

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  • brollya

    hahaha if this true…. flex need to get the donkey of the year award

    • That sht would be too funny, What if he let flex keep the job and make Flex punkass quit…karmedic excellence

  • Sean Power

    thats bull shit rumors if that was the case flex wouldn’t be diss he would play his roll to make sure he kept his job
    and it conflict insert due to fact he a manger for so many dj and artist

    • Professor

      Unless he knows Jayz and Carmelo going fire him! Old Blood.

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  • Dee Moe

    This is stupid!!! It is against the law for a artist or anyone associated to a label to own or operate a radio station. That’s why James Brown got in trouble with the law.

    • BrooklynsFinest718

      You mean like how Eminem has Shade45? …cause that’s still considered a radio station. The Feds took James Brown’s radio stations to pay for his back taxes, had nothing to do with the payola scandal. There are FCC rules for Payola, it’s illegal in the music industry, but it is not “against the law” for an artist to own a radio station. He could own whatever he wants if an acquisition deal goes through..

  • This is great news, I own some Emmis Communication stock and if the news is true, then the stock will rise with such investors like Jay-Z and Camelo.

    • moe1up!

      #respect & your’re right.

      • I will continue to watch this story because I might have to buy some more of that stock…..Point is Jay’s success is a benefit for a lot of people but there are too many of us that think it’s just about music…..lol

  • Lyrics

    Jay stay winning!

  • I love Jay-Z, because while a lot of these old rappers are still moving from label to label like (Busta Rhymes) who been out longer than Jay…..It’s more than having a hot song or freestyle or album, I’ve said it all along that Jay is the COMPLETE package and this is way he remains at the top…Not to mention how he is not like 50 cent who steals everyone’s ideas, Jay thinks outside of the box as a leader.

    • bigdoe6

      Name the last time Jay thought outside the box????

      • The last time Jay-z went outside of the box with his business ventures was the development of the Barclays center which brought a new team to Brooklyn, jobs to residents in Brooklyn and now because of that Brooklyn is now the most expensive place to live in New York.

      • MEME

        More like the Barclays Centre drove out the long time residents and businesses. Ain’t nothing but hipster yuppies down there now.

      • Weedras

        neighborhood was changing before barclays came in… shit started to change when then began to rebuild atlantic station to bring the LIRR… and in truth it changed for the better…

      • MEME

        Not really, because Brooklyn is now overrun with overpriced condos, Pilates centers, and bistros. Long time residents can’t afford to live there in order to enjoy the changes, and long time businesses have to raise their prices through the roof just in order to compete.

      • Weedras

        not all these increases are equated to the development of the neighborhoods though businesses have been raising prices for years now thats more to do with the corps than say geographic economics… but yeah many businesses tend to have their leases or rents increased.. also many forget that this is also down to how ppl vote and demand from the gov’t… developers and the landlords who capitalize off the building or the locating off certain businesses in the area are simply doing what they are supposed to do… ppl on the other hand have been quite idle on issue such as wages, all living expenses have increased to the point where many ppl can’t afford to miss a paycheck and gov’t is cutting benefits but one thing the city has done is to make sure developers provide affordable housing… neighborhoods will change and thats a part of life many black folks forget that many now predominantly black neighborhoods once had other races as the dominant group and vice versa… with that said many of these neighborhoods need a facelift and in truth some of these mofos need to GTFOH! they don’t respect their “hood” yet they get all defensive when things begin to change… but in truth the gov’t is at the root of this and they get off with little blame

      • You are right, but Jay-Z brought his star power back to Brooklyn which has effected the world.

      • AKCR

        stop. your people drove the native americans out this country. lets talk about that. jay z aint your problem. Go in peace.

      • MEME

        I’m black, so there goes your theory.

      • AKCR

        -The Samsung venture you prick. Your favorite artist is still using CDs as his go to process.
        -Tying in the art world with hip hop. Your favorite artist is talking about mixing the white with baking soda as his main content. Thats sooo ’96.
        #see Reasonable doubt. Go in peace bigdoe6

      • Preach.

    • AKCR


    • Scrilla

      Jay-z is the master at stealing

  • Jay-Z will run hot97 into the ground like he did defjam. Ain’t no saving that station anyway.

    • AKCR

      ever consider that DefJam was already in the ground when he took the controls?
      Bush left the country in the worst state when he left. who got it next? the black man
      Thats always been the agenda. The good parts they keep. The bad parts they give to you.
      thats why you still eat ham hocks and ox tails today. I dont think Jay Z is your problem. Go in peace

      • please dont compare jay to any president first of all lol. 2nd, he held back a lot of artists on def jam. only folks he signed whos still going strong is jeezy and i guess if you wanna say ross.

      • Da Business

        Rianna, Neyo.

      • rihanna, neyo, jeezy and ross out of a roster of how many? there were plenty of dope artists on that roster he just didn’t wanna see shine at all. hell rocafella only had 2 platinum artists besides himself. cam and ye and that was dash’s doing.

      • Da Business

        Ok, to ur point tho, Jay was there for like 2 yrs. Def Jam still has a large roster w/ talent that won’t see the light of day. U can’t put that on him tho. Since Jay, there has been like 5 presidents ova there and none of them produce shit. To be real w/ u, Jay is the reason y that label is still afloat. Ye, Jeezy, Riannia, and Ross r carrying that label.

      • Sparky Flinstone

        he did NOT sign Jeezy or Ross that is the work of the late SHAKIR STEWART

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  • BigDawgCerberus

    NOOOO this can’t happen!! That freaking satanist!!! Please God don’t let him buy hot 97!!

    • Professor

      You can’t deny he’s a good busy man…

    • AKCR

      God cant help you now. I hope the first thing on jay z (the wizard, sorcerer demon illumanati demon) list is to cast a spell to turn you into a frog.
      you gullible prick.

  • hoeyuno

    I cant see flex going in on hov if he was buying the station…Now if its true that hov and investors are buying the station and flex had no idea that shyt would be funny..

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So I guess when Flex said last night “you not my boss” is almost not true (soon)!

  • GetYaMindRight

    Jay a muhfucka

  • Desire Inspires

    Finally, some positive news is coming out of the NY hip-hop scene! Jigga, please buy that station and get some young heads up in there. Time to wash away the old and bring in the new.

  • Seems like such a conflict of interest.Jay is a triple OG if he buys Hot

  • YouTight

    LOL! Jay-z stay playing chess with these niggas.

    Hopefully he does buy Hot 97 and revamp the whole station. Hot 97 needs to start pushing the younger generation of DJs and on air personalities. They’ve been recuriting a lot of young hottest club DJs in NYC but barely give them any air time.

    Flex its time to pass the torch.

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  • ericsmith

    well if jay-z can by the net he can by hot97 too wow that’s cool

    • bigdoe6

      He didn’t buy the Nets you fool.

  • Thought Dog

    Jayzs about to gentrify the station like he did Brooklyn.


      lol good shit

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Let me ask you something. NYC and DC are going through gentrification. Now I am a black man but one thing. I support blacks living in the city that are not killing one another or destroying their community. I am for that. If a person makes a neighborhood better that is good. Only ignorant people would want crime in their neighborhood my G.

      • Thought Dog

        Of course, but gentrification only helps the city it happens in. Those same people that city pushes out go to other cities and continue doing what they did in their previous city. My thing is…Cities like New York, DC, New Orleans and others should figure out how to fix their own problems without sweeping them out to the rest of the country.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Good response. I don’t agree with them pushing good people who are not really rich but have regular blue collar jobs out of the city like in DC the crime rate has gone down tremendously. I can tell you my car was broken into twice when I went there years ago. It was the murder capital gun clapping central. Dangerous to just walk streets but I did anyways because people were getting robbed and killed constantly. I don’t agree with them moving good people out tearing down neighborhoods and putting up high price condos no one but middle class can afford but it is business and everyone has the right to live in the city if they can afford it despite what color they are. There are affluent blacks in the city in large numbers because DC has the highest rate of black people in the United States over whites but the number is going down crazy.

      • Thought Dog

        Yeah, that’s the main problem. They rebuild these slum areas and jack the rent prices up so everybody has to move out of there. A majority of the people in these areas arent terrible people…The problem is the cities do a terrible job of rehabilitation or providing job opportunities/training. So as the cities go down the drain with crime and closed businesses, their only solution is to redevelop and send their problems elsewhere. For the time being they’ve fixed their problems but now other surrounding areas have to take on the problems they just pushed out. It doesn’t really help the country as a whole. As the economy slips again, the people that moved into these overpriced newly developed areas won’t be able to afford the cost of living and then they’re right back to square 1 as the new people begin to slip into crime to pay the bills.

        Overall, it’s a complicated problem but not something that can’t be solved. There’s many countries in Europe that do a good job of keeping criminals from sticking to a life a crime by giving them job training and actual rehabilitation. We don’t really do much of that here in the states. It’s always the same method when a city begins to fail…Push the problem children onto other cities and act like you’ve solved your cities problems until they come back up again. New York has done this probably half a dozen times in the last 100 years.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        True indeed!

      • AKCR

        Clubs have VIP sections. Well NEW YORK CITY is the VIP section for the country. They making it like that. Its unfortunate but money talks. The 1% is claiming NY. You and I will eventually have to set up shop elsewhere.
        Its not Jay Z fault.

      • Great point.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        No not necessarly. If you are a business owner and make a decent living or make good money you can still live in the city maybe not uptown Manhattan or so but LES or the other boros. No person can control your income except you. They won’t buy all of the boro’s out. DC and NY are very expensive but you can find decent places still. It isn’t Jiggas fault you are correct. Being a business owner is the way to go to maneuver a lot better through life.

      • AKCR


    • AKCR

      you DO know that George Foreman is just the face of the grill. He doesn’t control how and where the foreman grills are produced and distribute. SAME HERE! Jay is the face of marketing for the NETS. A Russian multi Billionaire and a multi billionaire NY Mayor sat down and made it happen but its the high school dropout with the 400 million he’s the devil?
      Who gentrified harlem? jay? Who let the levees go in louisiana? Jay?
      Stop your slandering propaganda campaign of the black man. Go in peace

      • Thought Dog

        You’re comparing a grill product to a gigantic stadium that changes the face of the Earth? Jay-Z was a minority owner in the Nets but his reputation is what helped the whole move happen. If Jay-z was opposed to any of the following events he could have said something. I have no problem with people doing business…Just don’t put on a front in the albums like you’re some walking God that loves the average people.

  • Blacksheep808s


  • WhiteBlack

    if this happens i will literally stop listening to hot 97…power 105.1 all day

    • AKCR

      Who owns Hot 97 now? and what are the owners investment in the culture? Are they devil worshipers or down with secret societies? You dont know do you. All you know is if jay did or is doing it then it wrong. What if jay converts to judasim? will you continue to listen?

      • WhiteBlack

        bruh, jay already does payola for all his team members including himself, thats why u non stop hear those beyonce records after 5 months…its sickening.. if this guy owns the station it will literally become equal to a dumping ground…dude is a clown and u are as well for bringing religion into this..


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  • MarxWest

    Nothing but good can come of this. Blacks will officially take hip hop back, rocnation will take the game clean over, and real hip hop will be back, Woooow!

    • Sparky Flinstone

      u sound like a pure meatball

  • IBangWSHHoneys


  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Hope Jay Z buys flop 97 that station is bias and plays garbage not hiphop. Flex hogan go bye bye! Karma! A black man owning a station is good.

    • Ryan Cole

      And you think Jay would improve what’s being played?! Jay cares about quality music just as much as whoever runs the station now.

      • Weedras

        his label would basically prove you wrong though… J.cole and all his artists get a level of creative freedom thats far more than most labels give… dude aint even buy the station yet so how you know he wouldn’t aim for a better set up?

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Exactly j cole favorite artist is Canibus he is pure hiphop at it’s finest. I fucks with J cole.

      • jay

        Creative freedom?? Is that why Jay-Z was holding Cole back for radio.single? Jay electronica too??

      • Weedras

        where’s J.cole’s supposed radio single? dudes album was released without a radio single check your facts… Cole said himself too

      • jay

        I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about when he first got signed and he wouldn’t release his album until he had a radio single

      • jay

        oh shit thought i answered back lol, I was talking about when he first was signed and how he was holding up Cole album because he wanted the radio song. Same buzz was going on about jay elecs album also

      • jay

        i did answer i don’t know why it didn’t post lol, Disqus always playing me

  • Tyfromthechi

    According to media take out they never right about anything

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  • Executive

    How do you get hot97 if you live in syracuse ny?

  • The Legendary Troll

    I get why he mad. When someone arrogantly texts This is WHOEVER its like they actin like they god or something. Jay better get some humility and text him like a human being

  • Ryan Cole

    LOL @ these comments that talk about Jay bringing real hip hop back to the station if he buys it. Because that’s what he’s always been about, right?

    • AKCR

      I smell your sarcasm but Jay gave a platform to Foxy, Sauce, Beans and them Philly cats. Put MOP on two albums. Used “HipHops” official Producer DJ Premier…Consistently. Introduced the world to JusBlaze, Kanye, Ski, and consistently plucked a new producer from obscurity for every album and put him on. He tried to clean you up when you were putting the mark of the beast on your neck and face while abusing drugs (I dont pop molly i rock tom ford. translation: I dont do drugs I dress clean). Went to high school with Christoper Wallace then10 yrs later did classics with him. Discovered and signed J.Cole (who you probably love) and gave a disclosed amount of cash to Travon Martins mother for pain and suffering.

      See no one can say what a 45yr old RELATIVE hip hop artist should look like or sound like because its never been done til now. Jay Z is HIPHOP. Go in peace.

      • Ryan Cole

        Yeah, but Jay does whatever is popular at the time. If Migos and Bobby Shmurda is what people want to listen to, do you think he’s gonna say, “Nah, y’all need to listen to some of this Prhyme or Run the Jewels”?

      • chocboywonder

        my nigg…jay did not do all of that, most of what you mentioned was Dame’s doing.

      • $18916246

        Dame was working for Cam then and still is ….Dame was and still is a mouth piece…that’s all nothin else…Dame handled all of Cam’s laundry. Dame’s a maid man….literally. not made….maid.

      • Jay was like at least 5 grades ahead of BIG. They never shared the same classroom.

      • Real Talk

        You are absolutely an idiot

      • Guest


      • Sparky Flinstone

        HEY FELLA HATE TO BREAK UP YOUR DICK RIDING PARTY BUT UMMMM ALL OF THOSE ARTIST YOU NAMED… were given their roc-a-fella platform by none other than DAME DASH — Dame gave Just Blaze, Kanye & Beans their opportunities the same way he gave GAY Z his opportunity.

        Listen to Big Brother Ye tells you how hard JIGGA BOO was hatin on him, Nas said it best compared to Beans ya wack, nigga was a 36 year old Taebo Ho in 2001 it’s 14 years later which would make him 50 years old. To see 50 is a blessin however BIG woulda been 42 which means him and Jigga Boo were NEVER in the same class!

        Far as J Cole he was Roc Nation’s 2nd choice after they couldn’t sign Drake and BTW Jigga Boo doesn’t run Roc Nation and he doesn’t REALLY support J Cole because as usual his jealous, insecure nature won’t allow it. So obvious that this camel impersonator has had problems with EVERYONE who was dope from…

        Kanye to Cam, Beans, Jadakiss to the fake TAKEOVER song about NAS when he thought Nas was finished only to get ETHERED then go on Angie Martinez show and cry about it (lol) problems with R Kelly getting more fanfare at Madison Square Garden than him, problems with LL, Redman, Method Man, Ja Rule,
        50 Cent later Fat Joe sunned the supposed “king of new york” at the Rucker Tournament (bragged about it on Lean Back) Big Pun went upside Jigga Boos head back in the day, problems with Nelly, Ludacris and pretty much any other self sufficient superstar

        I mean clearly this dude has BITCH ASS TENDENCIES… he clearly HATES himself, Gay Z is FAR from any type of street dude, the nigga was shook at the site of Jimmy Henchman, said NOTHIN when Pac dissed him, said absolutely NOTHIN when MAINO called him out I mean I could keep going but I don’t wanna insult your GOD any further… my bad


    Lol Flex is going to be out of a job

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  • Greg Rollz

    Flex along with E-Ho and Rosenbitch, and Dj Mister Cee that bi-sexual bastard gots to go!!!

    • Mr. Cee already left Hot 97. Welcome to 2015

      • lol

      • Greg Rollz

        I didn’t know that. I’d stop listening to Hot 97 since 2011. Never been the same since bout 2010

  • Senior pink

    “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

    • Markus

      Nice Dark Knight reference.

  • chocboywonder

    In the words of the man above….”we don’t believe you, you need more people”

    To be honest, if it was any other news source other than MTO, i think the story would be a little more believable.

  • Celz

    So should I believe that National Enquirer story about Bigfoot sleeping with Marilyn Monroe?

  • $18916246

    Flex can take his spit flyin, flappin,,,,,,DIPSHIT nut huggin jaws….ELSEWHWERE…but where?…drop a bomb to that sucker!!!!!!!BWAAAAAAAH!!!!!FUNK “WORKER” FLEX IS TRASH!!!!!!

  • V C Pittsburgh

    Sorry to bust your bubble but it’s not true hahaha

  • Stanfield

    Fuçk Media Takeøut! If TMŻ (a solid credible news source) doesn’t report it I’m not believing it.

  • Jay-Z does not own the Nets and he does not buy Hot 97.
    Dr Dre also does not own Beats by Dre.
    And last but not least Diddy does not own Ciroc.

    They are just paid advertisers

    Same as Barack Obama is not in charge of the United States.
    He is just the announcer for the financiers.
    He simply reads the messages he is given from the teleprompter.

    • Savimbi

      Negative on Diddy and ciroc he owns 50%

      • People believe he owns 100%. If you look closely he owns 50% of the US operation. He does not own production facilities and bottling. This is all owned by the french side. Like somebody wrote here. George Foreman made a fortune with that grill, but he doesn’t own the production or technology.

      • Savimbi

        Rechecked it’s actually 50% of profits so you’re right

      • Thank you. It’s important people know the truth.

      • Nelz91

        The correlation of someone being a owner of a business does not have to correlate with the resources used in operations quite frankly. So I dont know why your trying to spread that message, and as the business owner you say you are you should know that.

      • Honestly I’m tired of broke people robbing each other, committing crime for spending this money on useless stuff that does not bring anybody further.
        The average Joe in the Ghetto wears 200$ sneakers, 250$ headphones, drinks for 100$ a night but has no money to support his family. I’m not gonna start with the women. The whole world knows how stupid we black people are. They can put a mirror in front of us and we still don’t get the picture. Look into this world. We always claim racism holds us down. Why are Asians performing 10x better than us? They are not smart, but at least they are hard working. Understand long term thinking. You have corporation who so obviously pay puppets that we trust so we believe our people are actually doing quite well and give those people more money.

        Where are black owned corporations, banks, factories, supermarkets?

        Every foreigner from India or Pakistan is doing better after just 3 years than the entire black community does in 30 years.
        We are complaining about the same issues since when?
        Looking for help from whom?
        It’s the same in America like it is in Africa.
        Larger amounts of people who are lazy and only look for shortcuts in life. Only believe in bragging with money they don’t have. It’s 2015 and
        we are doing worse than before the times of the civil rights movement.

      • Real Talk

        coming from a loser? Sit down please

      • Wtfcity

        I hear where you are coming from. Your message could have come off a little better. Owning 1% of a company is still ownership although very small. Then twisted by the media to seem as something its not. I got skewered for telling people that Diddy was not the real owner of Ciroc. Dre was an owner but only in the sense that a large part of the company he did own and used his name. Day to day running and decisions not so much.Owning important parts of the business chain is important and most blacks dont get it. They are bombarded by images of athletes and entertainers and told thats how you make it. Being the face of the brand and given a percentage but no real power is not true ownership. You can be pushed out and left on the curb anytime the real owner feels like it. The stuff about buying and spending money o things such as Korean hair, Jordans and drinking Ciroc is spot own. Most of these very people dont even own their own home. They dont get it and never will because they are the sheep that are used and preyed upon.

      • Celz

        If you knew anything about business you would know NO ONE OWNS 100% of ANY MAJOR CORP. Owning 100% of any major business is foolish because you aren’t properly divested to protect from overexposure. Steve Jobs owned more of Disney than Apple when he died. Read a book man. You sound foolish.

      • Real Talk

        Dude stop trolling,

      • Thank you. Makes it easier to ignore you from now on, since you cannot contribute anything to the discussion.

      • Celz

        There is no discussion, just you trolling and getting put in your place.

      • dude he still owns. he makes profits of ciroc. whether or not these black men own a percentage or all, seeing where these men came from to evenbe placed in a position to even make million dollar deals, not thousands, millions. that in its self is a testament to how far these men have come. jay said in best. niggas wanna talk about the 1 percent i own in the nets but that 1 percent is more than niggas have ever seen. you the type of dude to see your friend buy a house and be like but he dont have a car though. dude shut up and stop looking for negativity. go take care of your wife or something

      • Celz

        See what you fail to realize is you are part of the problem. Due to institutionalized racism and it’s generational effects African Americans were marginalized into the entertainment industry for most of the past century. With Jim Crow Laws in place and the KKK and other like minded groups having free reign; entertainment was the only viable avenue for wealth for virtually all African Americans. People are naturally social beings, we all learn by following to an extent; even us who have a free mind learn from others before us. This is why the entertainment industry is so ingrained in our culture. Something like 70% of the music in the world has African roots for this very reason.

        So these brothers that were able to take it from the entertainment industry to the business world are commendable. It’s good to see a black man get paid off of using his mind. And that’s what we need more examples of. What vast accolades do you have that would place you in a position to knock down these people?

    • SMOKE

      So true but there is too many people that believe otherwise…and that’s all they need unfortunately

    • Celz

      Dre owned a large part of beats.. And Jay was a minority owner to open a world of business opportunities. If he wants to open a sports agency why would he buy a large share just to sell in a few years? Try again..

    • D Jones

      Jay z was paid for his 1% of the nets when he sold it to become an sports agent

      Dr Dre was paid 30% for his share of Beats when he and jimmy sold to apple

      And Diddy may not own ciroq because its a brand of a larger company but he does receive 50% of all sails from ciroq which is the company’s biggest brand…not to bad for advertising

      Theses are owners and business partners not employees. And even if they are thats alot better than anything you’ll ever accomplish. Just ask President Barack H. Obama

      • Being a corporate puppet is not an accomplishment to me, even if the pay might be good..

        I do co-own several businesses, I definitely own all technology there.
        I have my own production facilities. I just don’t feel to brag about it.

        All I would like to achieve is that you people here think about your own situations. Don’t be blinded by the Media that drives your attention to useless things. Open your eyes understand technology. Educate yourselves. It’s all for free on the internet. And last but not least, be productive instead of just staying a consumer.

      • D Jones

        Ok I get it. Not only are you stupid but your racist too. I guess all blacks are uneducated consumers and any black person that attains any kind of success sold out to get it? If your so successful, im sure you own homes, cars, clothes, etc and you spend some of that hard earned money on entertainment and leisure activities… if so, that makes you an consumer my brown friend. You’re apart of the same consumer driven american economy as everyone else. F.Y.I Im 28 with a Masters Degree and Im an Production Manager for the Dept of the Navy. Your obviously blind if think all black people aren’t productive.

        “You people” are what’s wrong with this world.

      • I’m very happy there are people like you. Those who made a step forward.
        So be a good example and teach people why it is useless to brag and boast with money you don’t have. You made your own money. It’s up to you how to spend it. But look at what is happening around you. Your best friends who keep borrowing money and at the same time they wear Air Jordans and use I-phones. Smoke weed for 50 bucks a day. Just because some rappers were paid to endorse such a lifestyle. Where I live in China everybody knows that Black People are having no savings, spend all their money and are easy to manipulate into buying useless crap.

      • D Jones

        Sir…You and people like you are the ones being manipulated my friend. My friends are law students, doctors, engineers, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, military officers… I could name hundreds of young black people that I have crossed paths with that are doing extremely well or are pursuing positive dreams. Its sad that the only thing you choose to see is what the media chooses to show you. Its true that a large portion of the black community lives in poverty and the American and International media makes sure to reiterate that information. The same way they have brain washed the America public to believe all Muslims are religious extremist. In American the black community is the only community defined by its worst. What about the thousands of college graduates every year. The working middle class black families. The Historically Black College’s that produce CEO’s and community leaders. The black kid who was the first in his family to go to college or even graduate high school because his parents grew up in an even more race discriminating segregated america. The media has blinded you, people like you and the black people who buy into those stereotypes. But thats the power of the media. Its the same in every country where there is a darker group of people, it makes you easily identified. Watch television in the Middle east and Asia, everyone’s white or faired skinned and the parts of those community’s with darker skin arethe dumb lazy criminals

      • Real Talk

        You are an idiot

      • Real Talk

        Shut up loser

      • coldPissa

        Damn he kinda got u on that one

      • you sound very stupid right now. if you own several businesses as you say your goal is to one day to be corporate. some of us black people always trying to make it seem as if having money is a evil thing. they always want you to remain the underdog, stay in the hood be hood rich, as soon as you move up they hate you.

      • I don’t hate anybody.
        I just show it is not true that Jay-Z is buying Hot 97.
        He also does not own the Nets as he portrays it in the media.
        He is being paid to advertise business and gets a good
        percentage, so you the consumers believe the story and
        pay more. Headphones were not selling for 250$ unless
        they put Dr. Dre’s name to it. Would you buy Beats by Iovine?

      • Ike smith

        He is part of a investments group. Meaning he not putting up all his money. See if you looked before stating your opinion. You get those investors when you can’t or don’t want to put up your own money. Dr dre got 60% not 50% and diddy has controlling factors I run my own exterminating company and what they did was quite smart you shouldn’t knock their hustle. Lol to quote jigga

      • therealjjohnson


    • Real Talk

      Get a job nicca

    • JB

      Dre never owned beats, he just got paid half a billion to sell what wasn’t his. Right? GTFOH

    • CaMeO

      FYI A minority owner is still an owner.

  • Dinero80

    It’s chess not checkers muthafuckas

  • My Father

    “never read the Quran or islamic scriptures” Roll w devils and the highest bidders-fuck niggaz. I would sell my baby for the figures, how u figure i would give a damn about whats righteous or religious? (what jay Really saying)

    • Butch Magnus Milosevic

      Shut dafuq up!

  • Markus

    Jay-Z buys Not 97 and his first order of business is firing everybody personally. The only way that turns out better is if I’m there to capture Flex’s reaction after Jay walks through the place with The Takeover playing in the background giving out pink slips. Dare to dream.

    • poorflex

      lol thats too funny

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  • The source is Media Take Out? que?

  • Krypt Kreeper

    Flex will still be at Hot 97 if Jay-Z makes that move…but instead of pushing records he’ll be pushing a mop & bucket.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    So all that shit flex was talking, in the bacc of his mind he knew he lost the battle from the beginning!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Jay owning Hot97 would be like Benzino owning The Source back in the day, bias as fck…

  • Ramasez


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  • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    LMFAO!!!!! BRUHHHH!! This is the ULTIMATE BOSS MOVE!!! Lol!! I LOVE IT!!! Flex Ass will be GONE!! Lol.

    • UdonNo

      no he wont, he has contracts that a new owner would have to honor. or buy him out. either way Flex will be paid. Jay doesnt care anyway. jay just looking at numbers.

      • that dude

        No way, your contract doesn’t “roll over”!! Theses ain’t T MOBILE minutes dude. New owners can clean house. It’s called corporate takeover, pun inteded. New owners come in and everybody panties go up their ass.

      • Aiden_Abetting

        If it’s stipulated in Flex’s contract (which it probably is) then he’s good. Also if flex has good ratings there is no way Jay will let personal issues interfere with that….

      • Sean Taylor

        If you sell a business everything you owe is paid out too so yes, the new owners would either have to continue honoring the initial contract or pay the contract in full and let them go.

      • UdonNo

        thanks for teaching these niggiots here that dont know nothing bout business.

    • I don’t think Jay can just sack him for no reason, if he does he can claim unfair dismissal and that’ll cost Jay and the investors money. A severance pay will be a better option.

      I think Flex’s ego kicked in, how can I work for that dude; lol.

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  • tracywright690@gmail.com


    • OG_Kenpachi Zaraki


  • Dabig1

    Yall know wut Jigga man thinks about dj’s ask clue lol

  • CaMeO

    Flex wouldn’t be bold enough to talk shit about his future boss. Him talking reckless started it, Hov buying the station would end it.

  • Montezuma1

    I don’t understand how the hype translates to profits. Radio is dead. Cheap gimmicks won’t change that.

    • Advertising on radio is far rom dead..

      • Montezuma1

        You mean payola. The urban demographic in particular is struggling. There may be 2 or 3 markets holding on but if it wasn’t for payola they’d be done already. To begin with there’s a limited amount of products to promote on urban radio. I’m not even going to break it down further. You’re a DJ and you need to believe otherwise. Carry on.

      • 1. No I don’t mean payoloa. I meant what I said and what I said was advertising.
        2. There are much more than 2 markets doing just fine on advertising.
        3. I don’t need you to break nothing down for me
        4. You’re right I’ma a DJ. Which means it ain’t my job or concern whether or not radio is surviving without ads or how much payola they’re receiving. Don’t assume you know my awareness of how radio works… and that “carry on” piece is unnecessary. Now to my point. Just how you feel there are only a few markets holding on, there are only a few markets that have “Urban” stations these days. Travel outside of NY, ATL, or L.A. and you’re likely gonna hear a Taylor Swift on the same station you hear a Jeezy or YG. and as long as Taylor Swift is selling like she is stations playing her music is getting ad dollars. Aside from that as long as all these stations continue to be majority owned by the same few major corporations (ie Radio One, Emmis, CBS etc) They’ll have the power to attract advertising dollars to their individual stations “urban” or not. Because believe it or not “Urban” people need to buy stuff too

      • Montezuma1

        How can black radio prosper when black music falters? By playing non black music? Then it’s not black radio at all. Radio One has been in trouble for years but they’re not alone. That’s why Alfred made the move into TV. You can say what you want. I’ve spent money on urban radio promoting and it was a waste. I’ve dealt with them. The internet killed radio the way it’s killing TV. Advertisers know this all too well. This is not 1990 or even 2000. The entire music business is struggling but radio is just fine according to you. Take those headphones off and look around. The times they are a changing.

    • pauleyPee

      There is a difference between “dead” and sharing a market going from a monopolistic one to a competitive one. Radio is merely going through a revamp.

  • disqus_2QUp18Wrzn

    jayz is an idiot just like he bought the nets? yet only owned a seat lol, and beyonces song flawless lol kills me everytime I hear that fake bleached skinned wanna be white whore sing it kills me, bitch looks like she hulk and hov like a camel

    • TruthHurts

      Did you really take the time to write 3.3 lines of hatred on the internet about 2 people you don’t know?

  • Jonathan Cayol

    Jay-Z is not God . Jay-Z is not Jehovah . Jay-Z’s money will soon have to be placed in his forehead or right hand and He will have to swip his hand in the store one day like they tried to make Big Gipp do in that “cell therapy” video . Jay-Z is a man & he’s not above reproach . I say this because I hear too many people on Jay-Z’s line get off that man’s line , he’s not blessed he’s been given over to his desires I feel worst for Jay-Z than I do for a righteous man of God who worships Yeshua and cannot eat tonight because of his current circumstances . This life is not everything . We will soon be evicted out of our human physical bodies and our spiritual bodies will have to answer to a God whose eyes are a blaze of fire . Yehoshua is Lord .

    • Aiden_Abetting

      I don’t pray ta GOD I pray ta GOTTI !!!

    • Casor_Greener

      85% chance this dude lives in an apartment with roaches

      • Savimbi


  • Aiden_Abetting

    Jay will prob own like 1% just like what he supposedly owns of the Brooklyn Nets lol

    • Sean Taylor

      He owned 1/6 of 1%.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That was after the restructuring that allowed Mikhail Prokhorov to buy the team. All partner shares were reduced in the team, but increased in the real estate holdings.

    • Bro, its better than nothing, it all adds up mate. He’s a wise investor by not risking too much on any single venture. You have your high risks and low risk investments and he’s also diversifying his portfolio.

      Nothing to LOL about that bro.

    • Aaron Wilkins

      Even if he did only own 1% I bet it is more than what you make in a year so quit with that lame ass shit.

      • Aiden_Abetting

        Uh oh. Someone’s getting emotional….another jay z Stan to the rescue

    • TheOnlyCoop

      How much of it can you buy?

      • Aiden_Abetting

        More than you could my friend. Don’t have to be a millionaire to be successful at life….but you broke cats seem to think that and always have something to say.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        “Don’t have to be a millionaire to be successful”

        Never said different, but it helps to be one if you want to invest in a major sports franchise. But your statement is one of broke cat with no perspective.

      • Aiden_Abetting

        ^^^^^its always the ones who have the least that talk the most shit

      • TheOnlyCoop

        ^^ Yeah and your’re proof of that. ^^

      • Aiden_Abetting

        Cool …..

      • Rohan Trumpet

        Yeah same broke people that buy albums stop dick riding you look bad as to hov buying a station first of all radio stations arent major investments millionaires buy and sell them constantly and major stations flop its all about add revenue . Lastly how does this help hip hop are the investors going to be true to the music or are we gonna be flooded with the same wack bullshit we been getting and FYI flex is a major commodity in radio he would just go to power 105 which has more ratings anyway ( buisness 101 people dont sell a buisness that isnt having major problems which means the owners probably want to dump it anyway)

      • Aiden_Abetting


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  • Bryan Strive Bradley

    Money Talks!
    google my name “whoisstrive”

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  • Psyer

    “A ROCk solid source”…the irony

  • yomomma

    Omg no please….I don’t want jay z radio

  • 5% Hov

    Catch up, niggas

    Damn you fadin’ ’em, Hov. How you gave ’em that?
    Audemaurs Piguet, with the alligator strap
    Sick of y’all niggas with ya Now & Later raps
    Rap about it now, hope you get it later
    Do a couple shows, hope you niggas is savin’ up

  • Fenom


  • StatenIslandLawrence


  • TheAfroRican

    The only reason Jay-Z is buying Hot97 is to play his and Beyonce’s music all day. There was a rumor last year that Beyonce was buying a radio station in Houston to play only her music.

  • wshh administration

    flex just dropped a bomb on his foot haha

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  • Pingback: Jay Z Reportedly Targeting Hot 97 Purchase – HipHopDX | ALIBABA ENTERTAINMENT()

  • Pingback: Jay Z Reportedly Targeting Hot 97 Purchase – HipHopDX | ALIBABA ENTERTAINMENT()

  • Guest

    Who the f**k cares- It’s always somebody always running their mouth. You feedback doesn’t even get looked at by HOV. Beach chair- different levels to that man then what you are apparently on because if you were on his level you might be sitting at the same table he is at investing- Elevating more money-

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  • Southcidal

    Of course Flex doesn’t like the idea of taking orders from another black man, he’s a coon.

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