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Leaked 21-Page Lawsuit Reveals Details Of Cash Money's Contracts With Lil Wayne, Young Money & Drake

(AllHipHop News) Recently news broke that Lil Wayne is suing his record label Cash Money for $51 million. Legal documents from the conflict have now made their way online. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Wayne (born Dwayne Carter, Jr) and his imprint Young Money Entertainment.

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The docs show Wayne signed with Cash Money in November 1998, and Young Money was officially launched in February 2003. According to the papers, Cash Money and Wayne agreed to split the revenue from Young Money 51%-49%.

The plaintiffs claim there have been disputes between Wayne and Cash Money as far back as 2005. Two agreed upon settlements in ’05 and ’06 were to give the “Lollipop” rapper advances on Young Money, Wayne solo projects, and two Cash Money duet albums. A later 2008 agreement supposedly afforded Wayne further amenities such as ownership of certain master recordings.

The suit also claims a “2009 Drake Letter Amendment” split revenue from the sale of Drake’s solo recordings between Cash Money and Young Money. YM was to receive one-third of net profits from the Canadian performer.

Other details revealed via the lawsuit include Wayne was set to earn $8 million whenever he completed a solo album and another $2 million once the project was turned in to Cash Money. Wayne believes he is owed back overhead payments and revenue from Drake sales as well.

Young Money is also suing over the company having to face legal action from label artists that assert they did not obtain due payments from Cash Money.

The documents also claim Wayne turned in his much delayed Tha Carter V album to Cash Money in early December 2014, and the label is now in breach of contract for not paying Wayne the obligated $10 million advance for the project.

Wayne expressed his frustration with Cash Money in a series of tweets on December 4. The social media posts included the platinum-selling artist stating he wanted “off this label” and “nothing to do with these people.”

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  • rocnation30


    • Johnny Brasco

      As someone who grew up in New Orleans, it’s sad to think about Cash Money being no more (I mean they kind of are no more now). First No Limit, now Cash Money. I miss No Limit tho, C-Murder, Mac, Soulja Slim, Fiend, old Mystikal, Tru, I’m getting sad just typing these out.

  • so he turned in the album on the 1st and since he wasnt paid by the 4th he vented on twitter……

    • I_AM_Houston

      Sounds odd to me but at the same time the people he turned it in to knew step by step what was going on they should have been prepared. They have the money, why wasnt it already set aside. The question for me is why did wayne start a label just to split it with cash money. Baby and Slim already got they own shit. why start something just to get half of it.

      • Saiyan Prince

        Because it was his “daddy”. He felt that Birdman wouldn’t dick him. (Pun intended lol) And you know they lied and fleeced that boy. Kept him on that good green, that lean, gave him play money and jewels, set him up with “his own” label. Wayne was a mark from the beginning.

      • I_AM_Houston

        lol sounds like it. whats that saying? “hook, line, and sinker”.

      • kingofnewyork


      • Perfect Timing

        He got distribution for YM through universal due to the relationship with cash money

      • golder1

        Birdman has the distribution deal with Universal not Wayne. If Wayne did this same deal with Universal he would still only get 50% of profits while Universal get the rest. And Baby is actually not getting the full 49%, universal gets a piece of Birdmans slice. Not a bad deal in the end. Very few artist who get more than 50% profit from a joint venture with a Major.

      • odisse58

        you forgot about Motown. cash money Motown, universal

      • Perfect Timing

        Because the distribution for Young Money Still went through Universal which was negotiated by Cash Money

    • RichFromBX

      That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you read the doc you’ll see where Cash Money was to get Wayne’s approval on spending more than $300k in marketing but Cash Money went a spent millions which means that it came out of Wayne’s pockets.

      This is much bigger than just one album and besides, if the agreement is when I deliver X, you’re to pay me a couple of million dollars, you for damn sure better have my money when I show up. We’re talking millions here not someone skipping out on paying their half for a bag of weed.

    • SupaDoopaGhost1

      Because he was supposed to be paid 8 mil months ago when he started recording. He was owed 2 mil upon completion of the album. On top of the fact that Cash Money hasnt been taking care of the million dollar escrow account, the 200 thou quarterly overhead payments, and not properly registering the YM recordings and IANAHB 2.

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  • Saiyan Prince

    Whew boy, this is gettin’ good! After all that “father, son” stuff. B.I.G told y’all, “Money and blood don’t mix like two dicks.”

    • ChicaGoGetter1

      U know hes not really his father right?

      • Saiyan Prince

        LOL, of course. I’m referring to the fact that they act like family. The quote applies to close friends as well.

      • Johnny Brasco

        Act just like family, talk behind your back, steal from you, yep, that’s family alright.

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        Thats why he used the quotations dumbass

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  • therealest1

    This should be proof that sleeping with the boss and a kiss in their mouths will not reconcile their differences.

    I guess this signals it’s time for Young Thug to move in now with Birdman to be new butt buddies.

  • EniggaMA

    but what does lord jamar think?

  • LOL Therealest1 what tha heck.LOL

  • Obi Won

    This ish is about to have a lot of artist looking at their ceo wondering if they are getting screwed.

    • Johnny Brasco

      Most are. It’s been that way since the 50’s.

  • StylesDc

    Contract all *ucked up
    I guess that means you all *ucked up
    You signed to one *igga that signed to another *igga
    That’s signed to three *iggas, now that’s bad luck

    Pusha killed it lol

    • golder1

      Push T aint just signed to one person either. Kanye is his boss but Kanye answer to the major that finances his label.

    • Whodi

      Pusha sign to Kanye who is also sign to jayz. The difference between wayne and pusha is wayne rich as f*ck while pusha just a regular rapper.
      That line could had been for him but I thought it was a line for drake who also happen to be much richer and more successful then Pusha

    • acb87

      pusha t still has to send pharrell money and doesn’t own any masters . he needs to sit down since def jam, good music and star trak get a cut before he does off any of his solo work

  • Damn…. This is some around-the-corner, down-the-road, over-by-your-cousin’s-uncle’s-sister’s-house type contract f*ckery. Who the f*ck knew Baby had Weezy in a chokehold like this. Ummmm…. Yeah. Weezy gonna get dough off of this.

  • pauleyPee

    Wait. Wait. Wait…………………. It looks to me as if Wayne has his ducks lined up. Because all it takes now is a solid team of lawyers and accountants to prove there is a balance owed.

    I think Wayne is going to get a chunky settlement (significantly less that what is owed though), and will be let out of his obligation to Cash Money. The Nicki & Drake issue will drag on.

    • Johnny Brasco

      This is open and shut. Any kid outta law school could win this one.

  • Perfect Timing

    Wow! No wonder Bird Man been rubbing his hands together so much.

  • kingofnewyork

    lil wayne a damn dummie why would you start a label and give 49% away? WTF HOW MUCH DID YOU GET FOR GIVING AWAY THAT 49% EQUITY?

    • golder1

      Most of this artist that claim to own labels most are not getting the lions share of profits.

      • kingofnewyork

        damn thats messed up these dudes arent as rich as we think

  • kingofnewyork


  • kingofnewyork


    • End of Days


  • Keem

    Newsflash: Baby and Slim screws over artists…….. back to you Kirk

    • Johnny Brasco

      Even before Universal they did this. It was never news, go ask Ms. Tee, Mr. Ivan or UNLV.

  • Guest

    Waiting for Drake to drop the Dollar Signs Are Forever single.

  • Chris

    So, Drake gettin’ raped. Bruh should have taken the indy route. SMH.

  • Black Bond

    Wayne bout to get paid y’all.

  • tra mo

    Sobriety will make a ni99@ c clear won’t it lmaooooooo

    • WeakSauce

      Hahahaha I see what you did here

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    Wayne got bread, and bought to more more than he already got lol

  • Michàél Ďjåñğő Pòwéll

    Damn 💯🔥 💯🔥 💯🔥 💯🔥 💯🔥

  • chicagostyl

    remember this…

    Damn right, I kissed my daddy / I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is
    And I’m his kid, I stunt with my daddy /Call Mrs. Lee, she’s with my daddy / So diss me and don’t diss my daddy

    ‘Cause who was there when no one wasn’t? / Just my daddy
    Who was there when I needed money? / Just my daddy

    So who’ll be there when I see the money? / Just my daddy
    Who said that I be the one? / Just my daddy
    Hello hip hop, I’m home, it’s your daddy

    damn homie….in highschool you was the man homie, what the fck happened to you

  • End of Days

    10 mill advance? Son of a…

  • therealest1

    No Money Records saga continues… Nothing new, keep it moving, we know how they’ve been screwing over artists.

    They done messed up since they ran that fat black ass Bolo with an Afro who was their in-house production out.

  • WeakSauce

    Pusha T told em but nikka didn’t want to listen

    • MassConglom

      Pusha T is 1 of those niggas that won’t like you at all, but will still tell you that you got something on your lip and point to where it’s at on your face so you can wipe it off.

      • WeakSauce

        Can’t argue with you on that one bruh! #Chuchhh

  • jon dubock

    Baby meant, “lip kisses” not “dollars”….

  • The_Good_Life

    Wayne got his business in order… I can see universal buying out birdman and give Wayne the whole ship to captain.

    • Johnny Brasco

      Yeah, it only took him 18 years to see the light. But, Universal should do that, they would be dumb to let him get away. I would even suggest they handle the legal side of things too. But, from a conflict standpoint, I’m not sure they can, as Baby has the agreement with them.

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  • MassConglom

    Jay had to do the same sh– wit Dame. Took a lil while but Wayne caught on.

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  • GetYaMindRight

    Wayne bout to get paid

  • Dark Matters

    The real winners in this whole ordeal are the lawyers. I can see them salivating over all of this.

    • Johnny Brasco

      And Universal, as they finally might be able to cut Baby out of the picture. The craziest part in all this is, Juvenile actually signed back to Cash Money for the third time, after being done dirty by CM twice!

  • W.$.G.T.$

    WOW! Shit done hit the damn fan at 100mph with this one!

    All I know is – people get killed over the smallest things. This isn’t what you consider ‘small!’

    Cross your T’s, dot your i’s…stay on point!

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  • Dadon850

    Damn Drake getting fvcked over!! Good Lord!! Cash Money be raping n!ggas for real. Now Wayne getting raped he see how Juvenile and Manny Fresh felt. Baby might be greedier than even Puffy!!

    • Steelmatic

      Wayne a fool… how you going to watch it happen to all the artists before you and then let it happen to yourself…. smh.

      • Obi Won

        I guessing he thought the loyalty to Birdman would keep him covered

  • deon

    Demmm this shit is gettng out of hand now.

  • Markus

    Yet another case of someone falling asleep at the wheel and not paying attention to what’s going on with their business. Doesn’t matter who the label owner is whether they’re your best friend or family. If all you do is party and be about balling out,next thing you know you’re in court fighting for what you’re owed. And with Baby’s recent cash problems,I’ll bet a lot of Young Money funds were lost in whatever he was doing.

    • Johnny Brasco

      It’s hard when you stay on codeine and drugs all the time.

      • Markus

        That’s for damn sure.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Wack situation

  • jbthegrinder .

    wayne sign to my company

    50/50 deal

    • jomomma

      no no, wayne gets 49 i get 51, wayyy better deal right wayne?? haha

  • Q.

    They need to change that label name to YOUNG INCEST cuz your man Wayne been getting fvcked!

  • Audrey Bowman

    Well I say that’s good get off all them drugs, because I came to see you and I payed money to see you ,and you was not all that ,and you came out to club labels and I pay more ,well God had me to show up to give you a card and your man put it down on the table, I pray that God let bridman have it all ,because God have bless you and you fill the test ,think back me the black girl that ,that hit your feet me I was sent by God to see you and I prayed for you to get the card but you wouldn’t ,someone in your group take the card ,but the only thing you need to do was go on line and give one cent ,so God has a plan and I no ,well your face is on my wall ,believe it or not ,not me working but God is you well see ,The Angel


      what on earth are you talking about?

      • Mister

        Not a Book.

      • Trujudah

        i was gonna ask too but her post sounded so crazy i actually got afraid to speak to her. haha lol truth tho.

      • kela

        Lmao.. frfrl

      • Fla_Boi954

        Audrey on some Eminem Stan type shit

      • kela


    • kela

      Wtf.. are you talking about

    • jomomma

      holy shit what? God sent you to give wayen a card and because one of his squad put it down, you want bridman to get all the monies?! lmaooooo

  • I predicted that Lil Wayne was falling off since 2013 but I didn’t know it was going to be this messy…It’s just a dam shame how this time 5 years ago Lil Wayne and Young Money was unstoppable….It happened to 50 cent too, when he thought he was a part of interscope until they shut him down..Even though they are all still super rich, rappers need to be more humble and stop acting like they own things that they really don’t. At the rate Lil Wayne was going, you would think he owned more than what he actually does.

  • Audrey Bowman

    Someone said what I’m talking about well wayen knows and it is not for you to know he do have a bless day this is for little wayen to read and see only hope he do ,cash that in in Jesus Name Amen ,A Blessings is on that and God said that ,Love The Angle

    • jomomma

      lmao what are you on??! Can i have some??! GET EM WAYEN AND BRID MAN lmaoooo

  • Audrey Bowman

    Brid man fly high God have your bsck

  • Audrey Bowman

    Brid man fly high God has your back

    • Paradox V

      You come off as an uneducated, typo having, very strange woman….please get off the internet for your own good. How do you know the intentions of Wayne or Birdman? You spelled Wayne as Wayen. What are you even saying? . God bless you too but you need serious help. You want to support someone who is a known satanist and kisses adult men in the mouth? He has a red inverted star/pentagram (pentagram if you connect the dots) on the top of his bald head and is partying with 20 year olds when he is 45 years old. Move on to greener pastures and not this guy. You look like a woman who could do much better.

      • Catch the shade….lol

      • Audrey Bowman

        He’s a child to me I don’t need him not my kind ,he was told to support a Foundation by God The name of the Foundation is Heavenly Angels Open Arms Foundation, this is not me it is God and he knows what’s up ,he talks to him like I hear him so this is for him and I’m just one of God’s hand ,

      • jomomma


  • Damany G

    Everyone knows that Cash Money Records has an in depth record of ripping their artists off in a major way. The proof is in the many lawsuits that have been filed against them over the years. I don’t feel sorry for Wayne because he had his chance to leave when he was on top of his game and he decided to stay…..

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  • One Nite Stanley

    Weezy is about that action! Lol. Birdman gone learn ta-day!

    • chitown

      Did u read the contract? Weezy is definitely NOT about that action! Even if birdman paid him everything he’s still getting raped

      • One Nite Stanley

        Do you have any idea what the average industry contract looks like? Obviously not…

      • chitown

        The man has a 51/49% split of profits from his own label!!! All of that money should be his 100%. Baby shouldn’t be getting a dime from nicki or drake but he gets HALF!!!! But I can see you don’t understand so just forget it. Basically young money is just a name and a way for baby to continue screwing him over. READ MY BROTHER. A 2nd grader can see wayne is a just a rapper

      • One Nite Stanley

        Because it was a joint venture, Young Money is a subsidiary of Cash
        Money, which is a subsidiary of Universal Records. Hence Pusha T’s

        “Contract all fucked up
        I guess that means you all fucked up
        You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga
        That’s signed to three niggas, now that’s bad luck”

        And it is STILL better than the average industry contract! I suggest
        you READ and become more well versed in the inner workings of the music
        industry before trying to school someone bro.

        PS. I read just fine MS in Cyber security, pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Informatics…ijs

      • Saiyan Prince

        Cyber Security is good money. Just starting out on the road to a BS in Computer Information Systems. Gearing more towards Network Administration more than anything. Starting a new career later in life, this stuff is frying my brain.

      • One Nite Stanley

        If I had it to do all over again, I would’ve gotten my masters in health informatics. Healthcare IT is where the $$$ is bro. Look into it.

      • Saiyan Prince

        Will do. Thanks for the info.

      • Digiaddict

        stick wit it my man, i went to devry for CIS, get that bread homie.

      • Digiaddict

        very true, hell cash money might have all of their master recordings but you can believe theyre splitting their % with universal records. that 49-51 split is great, well depending on who finances young moneys projects.

        i wonder where this is gonna leave lil j prince, i know he’s suing ym over NOT beng paid for “selling” drake to young money.

        kinda funny this music biz is. wayne suing for NOT being paid, but he owes a cpl million for signing drake and he’s getting sued for not paying.

        kettle… mr. pot, i dont feel bad for him at all. manny fresh did more for cash money than anyone did. and he aint get what he’s owed.
        (tells wayne to look, and points to the writing on the wall)

        feeling kinda bad for mystical now, and busta and any other established grown artist….that aint half way gay

      • One Nite Stanley

        Cash Money dissolved their contracts with Mystikal and Busta.

      • chitown

        Of course they split a % with universal! They’re distribution!!! Young Money should be doing the same…Instead he has to give baby more than half and still pay distribution after when baby shouldn’t be getting a dime from Waynes artist!!!

      • chitown

        You just don’t get it and u obviously don’t know about the industry. Wayne has been getting raped for 20 years. He was gonna leave cash money then baby made him “president” which meant nothing just to trick him to stay. Then later he says ok well I want my own label. Then baby say…Ok let me handle the paper work for u. Then he basically makes wayne think he has his own label when indeed baby owns 51%. WHO DOES THAT?? You probably would. Everybody who knows anything about the industry knows wayne is not about that business. Birdman even said himself. “Wayne is just a rapper and knows nothing about the business part” I can see your just a fan and don’t understand. I know what the average contract look like. Even a 360 contract. But the difference is we’re talking about owners!!! Not artist!!!! There was no need for a joint venture! It was just a way for baby to keep stealing Waynes money. If u don’t get that I can’t explain it to u any better…

      • One Nite Stanley

        Um. No. I don’t listen to southern artists AT ALL. Team D-Block and Team OBH all day! And a long response doesn’t make it a correct response. Question, how were you privy to these conversations between Baby and Weezy? That’s right, you WEREN’T. So you know nothing of what was said. What I can tell you is what he is suing for (outlined in the contact, not rhetorical hyperbole from your post) is 1,000 times better than the average industry contact. Period. That isn’t open for debate. It’s a fact. $10 million per LP is NOT par for the course anywhere in music. Parent labels typically do own the lion’s share residuals (publishing, royalties, merchandising, etc) compared to subsidiary, fledgling labels. THESE ARE FACTS. INDISPUTABLE! Show me one artist that makes more money then their label, and I’ll show you a liar….

      • chitown

        D block…im with that 100% Artist of lil Waynes nature can get a 10 mill advance from any distributor that can afford it. He’s money in the bank. Artist like Taylor Swift, Adele, justin B, ect can get that advance all day. I’m sure universal gave baby at least 25 mill for the Carter 5 which wayne was owed 8 mill b4 and 2 more after recording. They give u that money so u can spend it and need them again once everything is done with. Lil Wayne has the deal he’s suppose to have with cash money. I’m not disputing that. I’m simply saying wayne is dumb for not owning YM 100%No I wasn’t there but a blind man can see what happened there. I got my degree the same place as baby. Definitely respect a dude like u handling business in school. Good luck with that. Bottom line though. Baby is a snake and there was no reason for YM to be joined with CM accept for baby to keep stealing from that man. So if dream chasers comes out with an artist u think ross gets a cut? No! He’ll get a cut from the single that meek is on but meek will own his own artist. Wayne is not a business man. Period

      • One Nite Stanley

        All record executives are snakes. There is no such thing as a label that’s all about the artist. Smaller indie labels maybe, but not Cash Money. Just because Wayne’s deal is favorable to you, doesn’t mean he isn’t a business man. Remember he CHOSE to stick with Cash Money, and turned down a deal a Roc Nation, because there was no subsidiary label in it for him with Jay Z. The contract isn’t what he’s disputing, it’s the non-compliance with the contract that he’s suing for.

      • chitown

        according to Jay Z the only reason that deal wasn’t done was cuz baby got lawyers involved. Jay said he could have signed him right there but he called baby first because he considered him a friend. So not sure where you got the other information from? I know what he’s Suing! you said it yourself no music label is out for artists. now with that being said the reason I commented ever to begin with was because you said he was about “that action” but if he was about his business he would own 100% of Young Money. that’s all I’m really saying. guess we can agree to disagree

      • One Nite Stanley

        Action as in filing a lawsuit. Never commented on his business acumen, as I don’t know him, nor am I privy to his business dealings.

      • chitown

        Well in that case…U have a point. I feel it was long overdue.
        Manny fresh
        I’m sure the lost goes on. Wayne waited a long time to be “bout that action”. Baby ain’t just now start spending that niga money. He been doing it

      • chitown

        And if he would of just dropped the Carter 5 instead of going on tour with rich gang weezy woulda been cool with tour money and said nothing as always

      • One Nite Stanley

        He didn’t amass $135 million by touring, but okay. If you say so…..

      • chitown

        I’ve been trying to give u the benefit of the doubt…baby…it’s baby who’s on tour with rich gang… If BABY would have dropped the Carter 5 instead of going on tour….follow me….lil wayne would have just let him get away with stealing his money the way he always does because he would have made money from his own tour….

      • chitown

        U tryna be too smart. We talking about the music industry though… The biggest idiots can understand and make millions from it. It’s not hard to understand. It doesn’t take knowledge. Just common sense

      • 5% Hov

        rocafella… roc nation didnt exist

      • stanley

        And it’s probably 50% of net revenue, not Gross revenue. Which means all the higher up executives with Universal gets paid first then the rest is split between Wayne and Baby. For example if an album that goes Platinum makes 32 million, Universal takes $22 million and 10 million is split between Young Money and Cash Money. Drake gets paid 20% of net, after the label is paid back for Advances and other expenses. In all Drake only makes about 500k – 1 million. Then he has to pay his team out of that lol… this is why artist tour. Unless they structure thier contract properly they won’t ever see money from album sales.

  • The_Good_Life

    You know nothing. If your not a distributer, your not an owner. Your a subsidiary. By the way, there are no black owned major media distributer in music TV or print…..

    • chitown

      WRONG!!!!! Anybody can be an owner!!! It’s all about equity. Baby owns cash money. He still needs distribution! He doesn’t distribute the album himself. Universal does that and they split the mailbox money on the back end after profits are made. U can be an owner tmrw. Just start ur own company!!! U just won’t have distribution but you’ll still be an owner homie

      • The_Good_Life

        I see what you mean….

      • chitown

        Real nigga shit. Most people on here don’t acknowledge nothing

    • Getatme

      Black people do not control their own published media/public perception. That is a problem.

      • The_Good_Life


    • stanley

      Correction: Oprah and Tyler Perry were the only ones that owned thier own Media Company.

      • The_Good_Life

        Correction! They make content, not distribute content, just like a record label. An example of a distributer would be Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, Fox, CBS, NetFlix. See the difference.

        There are plenty black owned media companies. TV & radio1, Revolt, hell even Dip Set Films…

      • stanley

        Distributing content is really nothing, although important… Maybe you should look up what that means. Distributing content to the consumers means they make the product accessible to the Consumers through placing them into stores like Itunes, Spotify, Walmart, and other retailers etc. Distribution companies don’t own the products that they sale, they only have a contract to sale them to their consumers. For example, Just because Pepsi sales their products in Walmart doesnt’ mean they own it. They make only 10-20% on the dollar in sales which comes to about 20- 30cent on the dollar, so if the product cost $5.99, they will get $1.19. Retailers actually have very low profit margins. But because of their size and depth they make alot of money in sales. In order for an artist to be successful, they must own their studio which also means they will own their”Masters”. This will give them greater control over their music in how it is “distributed” to the public. For example, If a company wants to use your song for a commercial, and you don’t own your Masters, they can go over your head and get permission from the Label without your consent. Maybe you should pick up a book and and research the Music Industry before speaking. I been a musician for over 22 years, with a BA degree in Business.

      • Johnny Brasco

        When I did a demo deal with MCA, the first thing they did, once we finished recording, was come to the studio and grab the masters. Side note, my dad works for a company that is in cataloging. Which means, they basically buy the rights/masters of songs, for the purpose of leasing those works for various reasons (commercials, soundtracks, sampling, etc.). Bob Marley, Patsy Cline, Marvin Gaye, you name it, they have thousands of masters they own.

      • stanley

        MCA? Motor Club America isn’t a record label bru lmao

      • The_Good_Life

        Now I know for a fact you a bimbo. Brasco is talking about MCA records ….You know??? Music Corporations of America??? SMDH
        You never heard of GZA??? Man you almost made me crash my damn car…

      • stanley

        I know all about MCA RECORDS. But you represent Motor Club America, you wack.

      • The_Good_Life

        You been in music industry 22 years and your comparing it to the food retail industry… You must work in the WalMart music section!!!

        I thought discovery communications GAVE Oprah a deal. I thought lionsgate and turner communication GAVE Tyler Perry a movie and tv deal. I thought UMG Gave cash money their deal. These are parent companies even if its a joint venture… You need to inform these people that they don’t need these companies..

      • stanley

        You don’t know what you talking about. You obviously graduated from ICDC College lol… You majored in Catering

    • Johnny Brasco

      That’s like saying Pepsi doesn’t own Pepsi, they don’t distribute their products either. They have smaller bottling companies that buy the concentrate from them and bottle it at their facility for distribution.

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  • kane pacino

    where ronald “slim” williams at?? that guy is just a lil too quiet for my liking with all of this going on . . yea birdman deserves to catch some heat but their joint owners so i know he has knowledge of everything that has happened over there . . big ol sleepy eye mofo

    • Django 2Chainz

      Slim is the kinda person you don’t want standing behind you in the dark

      • kane pacino

        same goes for birdman too . . fruity aint the word!

      • Papi Peligro

        Man I still can’t figure out the love thing.

    • Joe Lovick

      Slim gets his cut regardless. He lets baby run things how he wants because baby the one who going to take the blame and cover the losses. Been like that with them since the beginning. He don’t care bout the fame and recognition. he gets his cut off the top and lives life worry free.

  • Ike’s Mood

    ALL OF THIS IS ON LITTLE WAYNE!!! He thought that they wasn’t paying attention to that “work ethics” shit, putting out all that music at that pace he had been doing, oh, they were watching, noticing that that contract was up, in comes the new gay…guy…these geeks got ink & kissed each other thinking shit gone last forever. That good kush & alcohol fucks your judgment up. This shit gon be like empire…

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  • Bust_1_InyaEye

    High paid slaves are all these entertainers are. It’s sad that so many kids idolize the weak minded individuals who need guidance themselves.

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