EXCLUSIVE: More Details About Turk's Lawsuit Against Cash Money Revealed

(AllHipHop News) Turk is suing his former label Cash Money Records. AllHipHop.com has learned the suit includes the original Hot Boys member claiming he has not received any royalties from the company since signing with the label in 1998.

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A section of the suit reads [emphasis not added]:

Defendants have also failed to pay Plaintiff any advances, any royalties, any artist royalties or any music publishing, whatsoever in connection with the Exclusive Artist Recording Agreement.

Money Mack Music is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Turk entered into a contractual agreement with Money Mack in 1999. The lawsuit states the company was to assume payments of publishing advances and music publishing royalties for the artist’s recordings.

The suit also asserts Cash Money and Money Mack failed to register artist shares of his 2001 album Young & Thuggin’ and numerous individual songs he appeared on, such as “Ha (Remix)” and “Welcome To The Nolia,” with Broadcast Music Inc. According to Turk, the result of not having those recordings BMI registered on his behalf was the loss of “publisher’s share” and “writer’s share” of performance royalties.

Turk is requesting the defendants provide accurate accounting in order to properly determine payments owed to him. He is seeking damages of at least $1.3 million.

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  • disqus_g8JzKEBrbv

    he suing them because he broke. i bet half that money if not most gone go to j prince. how you do business with birdman to j prince? that is going from bad to worse. smdh

    • knowledgeizking

      Mostly all the cats that was signed to prince still doing alright…

    • that dude

      Broke or not, you sue for whats owed to you. So your saying little Wayne is broke? Because last time I checked he was suing Cash Money too.

      • WaterMELON_RANGER_CHRI$$$

        Lol @little go on

      • that dude

        Hahaha. You caught that!!!!

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  • TheAfroRican

    Having no publishing is an ultimate fail. Your publishing is like your 401k in the music industry. Birdman and Slim took advantage because his artists were kids (the exception of Juvenile) at the time they signed to CM. It’s a dirty game.

    • Mr. Mike

      publishing is key, but he’d only get royalties if someone used his music (in a commercial, movie, tv show etc). if no ones using your music then you dont get paid

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        You get royalties for radio spins & album sales also. He was on enough Hot Boys songs on the radio back then to have seen SOMETHING.

      • Mr. Mike

        but not if he doesnt own his publishing. if he doesnt own it he wont get money for radio spins. and unless an artist recoups his budget for their album (production, studio time, marketing, features etc) they dont see a dime. thats why all these rappers talk about getting not gettin royalties, if your album doesnt sell enough to make money back you’re not gonna get paid if the label is in the red for your album

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        I understand how performance royalties work. I didn’t ask for the lesson in entertainment law…

      • Mr. Mike

        sorry princess, eat a snickers bitch

  • i’mreloaded!

    Pretty soon Cash Money Records is goin to be I.O.U. Money Records.

  • GetYaMindRight

    We are literally watching the fall of Cash Money Records.

    • Getatme

      cash money fell when hotboys left…then mannie left…then a bunch of erroneus niggas signed to him for a check.

      • GetYaMindRight

        Wayne kept em relevant up til 08 I would say

      • Getatme

        def…turdman was tryin to get wayne to groom his replacement

      • pimpsquadpop


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  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • ancientGOD83

    i think the reason he signed with prince is the same reason that weezy signed with the Nation. it was so they could have the protection to make these moves. to many big fish to swim around alone, so they had to get sum sort of muscle so they wouldn’t be pushed around. people make fun of wayne, turk, b.g but I have compassion for them. I blame the mothers/absent fathers whom sign over parental rights to dudes like baby, and these dudes act like father figures, only to expose these youngins to drugs, sex, and rob them. I wasn’t thinking of royalties at 14, I know they weren’t. Rolexes, pocket full of cash, women, videos, fame will keep a grown man blind, esp a teenager. I hope they get all they got robbed for. even the b2k’s and other youngsters that were given to strangers at the age of 9-12.

    • Celz

      Yea I saw Raz B at a after hours spot and he looked cool.. Like he matured past a lot of that but man I felt bad for him.. Like he has some money and fame but I couldn’t even imagine what kind of mess he went thru to get it..

    • Brother Mouzone

      The only one that was thinking of the big picture back then was juvenile.

      • pimpsquadpop

        Juvenile was around 28 when 400 Degreez dropped. They say he was 24, but I highly doubt it, because he looks like someone’s granddad nowadays…

  • foshow38

    Only 1.3 mil? Just the cost of the lawyers will eat most of that up.

    • therealest1

      That’s why he should have asked for punitive damages like most litigants do so they can recoup costs, fees, expenses, etc., and then have some left for their bank account for future expenditures and needs.

      • is it too late to ask for punitive damages? how hard is it to find a lawyer that’s gonna make sure all the bases are covered. how can u not ask for punitive damages in a case like this?? smh

    • Executive

      They’ll leave Turk the .

      • JimmBeem



    When one of them accuse the other of being “GAY” is when the real beef gonna start

    • Papi Peligro

      LOL. That’s still sucker mess all pun intended. Shows you really don’t have any morals so long as a ninjas feeding.

      • WaterMELON_RANGER_CHRI$$$

        Young Thug dat u???

      • Papi Peligro

        Ninja yo name D RANGER.

      • WaterMELON_RANGER_CHRI$$$

        That comeback was atrocious

    • that dude

      Hahaha. We already think they suspect for kissin’ on the lips. Now once the “GAY” shit comes out it’s gonna be a wrap for Cash Money.

    • Celz

      Go to YouTube and search for : Birdman aka Baby “out the closet”

      And you will see one of the main reasons the Hot Boys broke up. Baby is gay, period. Young Thug might be doing it for publicity but this video is pretty much proof Baby is gay. Juvie and Manny are pullin girls on stage to twerk and Baby pulls at least half a dozen dudes on stage. He’s pullin dudes faster than they can pull females. And you can see Juvie and Manny upset and disgusted.. It’s crazy.. Way worse than I can even dedcribe.. Just watch it

      • WaterMELON_RANGER_CHRI$$$

        Fam lmao just watched it

        “Dude we need some mo chicks up here wtf is going on” -Mannie

        Baby jus flat out say “I F@UK WIT NIGGAS TOO” …… Dead

        Good look on da link

      • Htwn5440

        Saw that shit awhile back. That dude is a penitentiary punk.

  • hoeyuno

    This is why birdman wont release carter 72 or whatever it is.That maybe birdmans last chance at big money in music and if he releases it now im sure the courts can make sure all profits go to his massive amount of lawsuits.

    • baller187

      good point, there is a reason why he is holdin back, this nigga is really in financial trouble to owe wayne so much from 3 years ago

  • RichFromBX

    Where’s Dame Dash coming out and smashing Baby? He talks this game about hip hop artists being robbed by “culture vultures” oh wait, he’s got his own lawsuits for unpaid earnings.

    • Malik

      Quit with that BS. How is Baby a culture vulture? A thieving a$$ mudafuka yes but not a culture vulture, he’s a part of the culture. And leave Dame alone, lol.

      • RichFromBX

        never said Baby was a culture vulture but, he is vulture like and by saying that Baby is apart of the culture makes it sound like his actions are acceptable.

        The only difference between him and the “vultures” is that he’s black. Baby (and Dame) is doing the same exact things to artist as the vultures do but no one is calling them out.

        I would say Baby is worse because of how drugged up he kept Wayne for years.

        Maaaaan, forget Dame…all shirtless and fat dancing in videos…I ain’t never going to get them images out of my head…lol

      • Malik

        Hahahahahaha, I have no gripe with anything you just said.

      • StylesDc

        Which artist is suing Dame? It always seem like they all still coll with dame from kanye to freeway to camron. Only person with a problem was jim jones but that wasnt related to music.

        I think its one think to have a contract that isnt the best like with some of Diddys old artist but thats different from Baby who just flat out didnt pay his people lol Shi* like Cadillac records lol

      • AK


  • Joe L. Garcia

    ay plehbwoi, U aint finna get none of dat deh money yaherrmeh

    • Psyer

      Lmao! Buhleeedat!

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  • Bryan Strive Bradley

    google my name “whoisstrive”

  • Joe Lovick

    they kept all them “hot Boys” drugged up and satisfied with material items at the moment….once they got clean and sober they realize they were getting screwed over and making millions and getting paid chump change along the way

    • Executive

      Hell yeah, Birdman was giving them the Suge treatment: owe an artist millions, shower them with jewelry, cars, a couple thousand here and there but NEVER pay them.

  • bubbylana

    All them tattoos on his bald ass head courtesy of lil Turk money

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Shoulda been did this….

  • yourdad

    poverty IS A BITCH!

  • jbthegrinder .

    i would like to sign somebody to my company


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